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The Belthámir Festival! [Event closed]

1 year 8 months ago - 1 year 3 months ago #186 by inboccaallupo
inboccaallupo created the topic: The Belthámir Festival! [Event closed]
The Festival will begin the 4th with running events up until the 6th!

As the frosty nights finally come to an end, the hills and castle walls would light up, the orange hue glimmering like fallen stars. Bonfires lit to signal the coming of summer, and Belthámir. A celebration and planting festival occurring between the two solstices. The villagers won't stop talking about it, and it has easily spread throughout Revenland. Word of pie eating contests, sword fights, archery, and even hopes of a joust or carnival! One could hope as the days are counting down.

Please see the Calendar for more information of day to day times and events!

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