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The Sea Creature

1 year 5 months ago - 1 year 3 months ago #227 by inboccaallupo
inboccaallupo created the topic: The Sea Creature

The mer hurry toward the shallow waters. Staying in ponds, near the caves, or even forced onto land. They speak of a large beast within the deeper depths of the ocean. Even the fish have flocked to try and keep away from it.

Both the nonhuman, mainly the mer, as well as the citizens of Redfoem have gone to seek aid in the situation of the Sea Beast. Larger ships do not seem to have any issues, but smaller boats and fishermen are restrained on where they can travel. Leaving less fish, an important food source for Redfoem, lacking. The mer and other creatures in the forest are also questioning what to do about the beast. Though in the end, it is up to their leaders.

The humans have yet to take any actions, meanwhile the nonhumans discuss their actions.

I am a big poopy head.
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