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Poor Doggo

1 year 3 weeks ago - 1 year 3 weeks ago #337 by inboccaallupo
inboccaallupo created the topic: Poor Doggo
Throughout the past two weeks and villagers have watched the once happy and lively stray's fate:

Event Log

 A stray within the city, one usually playful. Who would beg and wait until you weren't looking before snatching up some food and running for the hills. The pup that would have the butcher waving his knife as it seemed to drag behind a roll of sausages. Though now the poor pup seems tired, laying down in a sulk as if gives whines to those passing by. 

 There is obviously something wrong with the poor, once lively, stray dog. Her chin scabbing and seeming to fall off. The fresh skin bleeding and causing the dog to cry out as it curls in a ball. Its paws swollen, and ears bleeding. Illness wasn't enough to describe the poor infection that the pup was enduring.

The stray dog that was once so playful and happy has disappeared. Citizens seem upset. It may have been a stray, but in a way and it belonged to all within the market. Paw prints are seen on the cobblestone, imprinted in blood. A visible stumble seen in the tracks, as well as the body print of an animal. Suddenly, a painful howl echoed out of the direction of the wagon within the slums. 

 The creature on the ground, didn't seem to much move from the two attacks. Sabrina's attack made it fall limp for a moment, still twitching a few times before the stabbed to the throat from Jerad made its breathing shallow before there was none left. The body began to rot rather quickly, like a fast forward occurring right before their eyes. Its bones crumbling, stomach bloating before deflating. Furless skin bubbling as dark spots began to appear and nearly eat at the monster. 

I am a big poopy head.
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