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2016 Comedy RP Contest Info

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inboccaallupo created the topic: 2016 Comedy RP Contest Info
The contest begins November 11th and will be closed TBA, final votes may take up until TBA.

Contest Theme: Comedy


RP logs HAVE to be from Revenland sim roleplay.

One entry per player, no repeated scenes.

It is recommended to ask the player for permission to post the log, but required to ask them if it is an adult scene.

You character has to play some role in the funny scene (Can't be an entry for you as a player if your character was hiding behind a rock during all of it)

RP logs have to be posted in the appropriate area on the website:

Example of an RP log

Please have "11/16 Contest" in front of your topic title and "Adult" if it has adult content
Example: [11/16 Contest] The Awakening of The Meat Dragon (Adult)
Winners will be chosen and announce around December 15th ((Or two weeks after at least 5 entries)) for the top three funniest scenes.

First Place: $L 1000, 3 Strange Coins and 2 Chipped Coins
Second Place: $L 500, 3 Strange Coins and 1 Chipped Coin
Third Place: $L 250, 2 Strange Coins

I am a big poopy head.
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