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× Listed here are groups that fall under the faction of Revenland Forest.

Broken Arrow Gang

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Group Name: The Broken Arrow Gang

Faction: Revenland Forest

Founder: Chief Sicko

Bandit King: Lachlan (rafiel.sporaciao)

Group Description: A group of bandits, mostly composed of criminals, outcasts, and misfits of varying species. Though possessive of their territory, they also share the forest with the faeries. Travelers are at risk at being robbed, enslaved, or killed if they do not join. They have a history of pitting people against one another in their arena.

Method of Recruiting: Join the Broken Arrow Gang group (secondlife:///app/group/2fa78c9c-51bb-32bc-fef7-23a0cd33e470/about)


In days of yore, bandits roamed the woods of the Kingdom of Revenland under many banners, numbering very few and often at odds with one another.

But those few bandits that live to see their elder years speak of a legend, the King of banditry itself. A monstrous man known only to his cohorts as Chief Sicko.

It is said that Chief Sicko sought to unite the banners of all that would claim their livings from the purses of others, who would drench the forest in the blood of those foolish enough to enter it. His method? An all-out war for control that saw much of the Bandit Lords slain, including Chief Sicko himself.

With the forest-dwellers in disarray, control was seized by one known as Broken-Arrow Slicks, who united what remained under his own banner, forming what we now know as the Broken Arrow Gang.

Slicks led his band to fame and riches throughout his long life and grew into something of a legend himself. Some say he had the blood of a demon. Others say he only slept an hour a night, or that he once sought to be King.

Since then, many leaders have come and gone, the title of Bandit Lord passing from one set of shoulders to another, never a safe weight to carry.
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