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Attack of the Red Rocket (Red Rocket of Redfoem)

1 year 9 months ago #175 by Hans3469
Hans3469 created the topic: Attack of the Red Rocket (Red Rocket of Redfoem)
[00:47] Abram staggered out from the tavern and left the door ajar behind him, the sound of a woman yelling at him in the background. He had to stop and lean a moment against the wall to catch his balance.

[00:51] Eden had a hat on to cover his ears as he causally wandered into the village, but was carrying a bucket of red paint and a brush.. which.. why would you be doing that at night.. right? Right past the Inn he went keeping his head down, cringing a bit seeing the guard , but trying to act like he belonged.. Now.. where was the mayors house?

[00:54] Abram muttered something under his breath and glimpsed briefly at the fellow passing by, before turning his attention to the flask at his belt. Nothing cured drink like another drink. His fingers fumbled with the strap.

[00:57] Eden: Reaching the intersection, he looked both ways, cursing to himself.. Dammit.. where was it? Then.. an even dumber idea came into his brain.. He would Ask! Well, walking back the way he came, staying more in the shadows, he asked the man who just happened to be standing there! "Excuse me sir... could you direct me to the Mayors house?" he asked. It was so idiotic it might work,

[00:58] Abram seemed to be so engrossed in his activity, that when the stranger asked, he flinched suddenly and defensively curled his hands into fists. "Wha--!?" It took a moment for him to realize he wasn't being attacked, though he kept his fists up. "What?" he asked, confused.

[00:59] Eden jumped back as well, thinking he was going to get hit. Trying to hide said bucket behind his back, he asked again "The Mayors house? Can you tell me where it is?"

[01:01] Abram closed his eyes tightly and furrowed his eyebrows before slowly reopening them. "The... mayor? Hell if I know." He squinted at the shadowy figure. "You a servant?" he ventured.

[01:01] Eden: "Uh yeah, that's it.. he umm.. uh.. wanted some painting done on his uh outhouse.. yeah, that's it" he said nervously. Sounded good at the moment?

[01:04] Abram attempted to rub the crust from one of his eyes, only to poke himself with the tip of a glove. He flinched and asked, "Outhouse.. painted?" He sighed and added, "How posh. Well g'luck to ya. Should be... somewhere."

[01:05] Eden: That was.. unhelpful wasn't it? Looked like off it was on his own again.. Down the street, around a corner and dammed if he knew.

[01:06] Abram wasn't really sure which way was home for the moment, but following the servant seemed like a good bet. Or at least something to do for now. Following at a farther distance, he walked along, occasionally stumbling over cobbles, and whispering a little swear.

[01:08] Eden zigged and zagged and went in circles for a bit before he found himself in what must be the Mayors house.. Had to be right? it was big, and fancy.. and yep, that was it. Setting the bucket down, brush in hand, he gave a quick glance around and started painting right on the doors.

[01:10] Abram followed for a while, until he began to suspect that this guy didn't know where Abram's house was. Rather, the kid went to church. It wasn't even Sunday. Was it? Bah, even if it was, nobody went to Sunday when it was still dark. He paused to give a wide yawn, shook his head, blinked his eyes a few times, and then wandered up on soft leather to stand behind the elf's shoulder and watch the handiwork. Abram *to church -Sunday *hic*

[01:12] Eden just froze mid brush stroke, eyes huge with an oh shit look. He could feel and smell the breath across his ears. Think, think, think "Uh.. yeah, im really religious" he said like an idiot, not knowing exactly who was back there.

[01:19] Abram eyed the brushing motions with a kind of quiet curiosity, and then asked, "Sorry to say, son, this ain't the mayor's house. It's the church." When the boy replied, he gave a sniff and rubbed the tip of his nose with a gloved finger. "That's good, that's good. Though why ya colorin' the door?"

[01:23] Eden: "Uh.. they wanted a holy symbol dedicated to a fertility god here, AND I need to paint the Mayors outhouse" he said, daring to just blatantly continue with the penis.

[01:27] Abram furrowed his eyebrows and let his mouth hang open, while he worked this out in his head. Fertility god? Zod wasn't that, was he? Neither was Rod. Or was he? After all, a name like Rod... He scratched above an ear and asked, "I thought fertility gods were those fat short women." He stared at the wet paint going up, forming what he could assume was the same thing he used to scrawl on walls when he was a child. "Nah nah nah," he said, stepping up and attempting to grab and guide the elf's hand. "It's like this, see?" he said, trying to redraw the head of the penis. "For a painter, yer kinda shit at this. Look, even strokes. Up, down."

[01:29] Eden: He tensed for a moment, thinking the jig was up when the man grabbed his arm, but watched in disbelief.. as he helped him? This was a twist of events he never saw coming "S.. sorry sir.. it was my first time drawing one..I usually paint buildings, not symbols" he said.

[01:35] Abram gave a grunt and slurred occasionally. "You think you'd never seen a penis before." He released his hand when he thought the boy got it. "You've got one of your own, don't ya? Draw from real life experience." He moved over to lean against a nearby column. "Not that I paint my own. ...Although once I let a fine redhead paint it for me. Not on paper, mind you, she painted my fiddle." Fingers moved toward his belt and began to try and release his flask. "Not as sexy as it sounds. Had paint chips in my bush for weeks after."

[01:37] Eden blinked, that elven curiosity REALLY wanting to ask about that. Foooocus.. up, down, draaaaw the penis.. more like paint. And it won out about the time he was finishing the crude looking balls "Why would she put paint down there?" he asked looking over at the man.

[01:42] Abram wished he had some more light to see by, because his flask was being a pain. "Eh, I was young, and I thought it sounded fun at the time." He idly watched the dim movements in the dark, while reminiscing. "Don't get me wrong, it felt great, but then the stuff dries, and you know. 'Course it was worse for her. In retrospect... Probably shouldn't have, but you live, you learn. Can't learn if you don't make mistakes. ..Let that be a lesson to ya. Don't paint your pulling prick. 'Course if I was young, I'd do it all over again."

[01:44] Eden: Were all humans... that odd? Why the hell.. he wondered as he started writing the words to go with the giant red cock. "So.. she was painting and instrument.. then chips got in a bush?" he asked very curious now.. and what was a pulling prick?

[01:48] Abram paused at fumbling with the flask when the boys words were processed after a moment. "..Wha..? How old are you, boy? I'm talkin' about my club. What do you think ya got between your legs, a cunt?" He shook his head and muttered, "Wut're they teaching children these days..."

[01:51] Eden: "Ohhh.. you mean a penis.. Wait.. you have a club instead?" His eyes drifted down that way for a moment, before he averted them back to the work, the hat slipping a bit, as he reached up to push it back "I'm seventeen sir.." He said, taking a step back, looking.. Probably more in shock that humans were this stupid. Still why did he have it painted?

[02:03] Abram barked in reply, "That's what I said!" His irritation was quelled when he finally freed his flask and pulled out the top. "If you're seventeen, you're old enough to know what I'm talking about." When the boy stepped back, he pushed off the column and moved to stand beside him, turning to take a look at the work. "Ya all done?" He squinted to see what the markings underneath it were.

[02:06] Eden started to back off, just in case..he hadn't planned on someone standing right there watching, let alone helping. This was not good at all. Screw the paint, it could stay there, brush was still in hand, as who knew, he might need it.

[02:08] Abram nodded his head a few times in appreciation. "Not bad, not bad at all. With practice, you could be a half-decent artist," he said, and attempted to clap the elf on the back. Keeping his hand in that vicinity, he took a drink of his flask in the other hand and then said, "What's the stuff under it? Those words?"

[02:09] Eden: Shit, shit shit, he mumbled but in elven since he was about to crap himself, the hat damn near being knocked off his head with the pats since it was too large anyways "Uh.. it says.. uh.. live long and have lots of sex" he lied.

[02:11] Abram laughed and said, "Ah... youth is wasted on the young. So, now that you've done yourself a fine job of desecratin' the church," he said, attempting to get a gentle but firm grip on the back of his vest collar, "now you can take the time to wash it all off again. I'd be quick, dawn's gotta come around sometime."

[02:14] Eden: "But I was told to do it..and it doesn't come off..." he partially lied about being told to do it. Good luck getting that off with out sanding the whole door, probably stained the wood by now "Thats not fair either.. you helped" he added, struggling a bit to get away, but the man was taller and stronger.

[02:17] Abram chuckled in amusement, and though he stumbled when the boy initially began to struggle, he caught himself and planted his feet firmly on the ground. "Boy, you better hope it comes off," he laughed. "The priests wake at dawn, and you don't want to be here when they do. Now you can wash it 'til yer hands are raw, or I can leave your fate to them. I wanna say they'd be nice and not hang ya, but..." He clucked sympathetically.

[02:19] Eden (hans3469): "Ok, ok! I'll wash it off!" He said.. "Just let go". You know the saying damned if you do and damned if you don't? This was flat out F'ed no matter what with nothing left to lose.

[02:21] Abram kept his grip for the moment, and replied, "You think I don't know you'll make a run for it?" They always ran. "Here, I'll strike you a deal. Give me something of importance, and when you're done, I'll give it back."

[02:23] Eden: Fair enough he thought.. what did he have? Oh yeah that. Reaching into a pocket, he produced a cookie.. yeah, dont ask, those were almost as good as sex, and held it out "It's my last one and its REALLY important to me" he said.

[02:23] Abram peered down at the thing held in the boy's hand. It didn't look like a bag of coins, that was for sure. "...Is that..." He rolled his eyes and sighed. "Is that the most valuable thing you've got?"

[02:25] Eden Nodded "Yes sir.. I don't have money or anything..I don't even have a home" he lied. Maybe looking so young because he wasn't one of them might have helped.. Oh and giving him them big, green, innocent eyes... full of utter bullshit.

[02:27] Abram grunted under his breath. Another troubled street rat. "Afraid that's bad news for you, boy. Homeless or not, the church doesn't smile kindly upon blasphemers. So get to it or face your fate." He pulled the collar back so that the boy would be forced to turn. "There's a well over there," he said, pointing with flask in hand toward the well in the churchyard. "We're gonna walk over there and for all I care, you can use your tunic as a rag."

[02:29] Eden: Screwed screwed sooooo screwed he thought, just... nodding.. What else was he going to do now? Nothing yet apparently "I promise I won't run" he lied, yet again.

[02:33] Abram laughed and tried to pull him along with him, while partially leaning on him. "Sure sure sure," he commented, and began to rant a bit as he made them walk forward. "Now don't get me wrong, I did my fair share of pranks in my youth. I saw my share of the switch. Still, I knew my place. You can scrawl what you like on the mayor's house, but you draw on the place of the gods and their liable to strike you down where you stand, boy."

[02:37] Eden: "Wait.. your saying you would let me paint giant red penises on the Mayors house?" he asked as he was pushed along, putting up as much of a struggle as possible. What he said next was out of shear panick, it had to be later, the sun would be up soon wouldn't it? "No body cared when I painted the outside wall!" he shouted.. then shut the hell up.

[02:40] Abram smirked and said, "Unfortunate, I was hoping I was looking at a younger me. Rule #1: Don't admit to your crimes. Rule #2...." He paused a moment as he lost his thought. "Oh, yeah, Rule #2: Don't get caught. Live by that. And if you do get caught, use your brains. For example, not angering the gods is a good starting point," he continued, as they headed over to the well. "I'm gonna let you go, so you can bring the bucket up. If you run, I gotta chase, and I don't really feel like it right now. If I gotta chase you, I'm gonna get angry, and I'd like to think I've been pretty pleasant so far. Chipper even!"

[02:42] Eden: You know.. he was actually getting really annoyed himself right now. Who did these humans think they were "Yeah.. fine, whatever... lets get this done" he said blandly, a snide tone in his voice.

[02:43] Abram muttered something about off-duty and took a sip of his flask, while he watched the boy. "Next smart thing would be to find an apprenticeship. You're a little old for it, but someone might take pity."

[02:45] Eden (hans3469): Oh, that was it.. that was over the edge it. Eden turned, losing his temper for only the second time in his life "You stuck up! Loud mouthed! -insert a whole load of crap in elven that wasn't nice-, human!" he shouted a little too loud, then turned to run.

[02:47] Abram about thought the kid was shouting in tongues until he got called a human. "Well of all the things," he remarked aloud, his tone feigning offense. Then raising his voice, he called after him, "Don't get caught next time, boy! Don't let me see your face again!"

[02:48] Eden: A middle finger was given over his shoulder as he ran like the wind for the gates, hopefully getting the hell out of here and into the woods. By the gods! Now he knew why the others didn't like them! Plus they smelled!

[02:49] Abram wasn't going to chase after the boy; he was off-duty and in his late forties to boot. If anyone asked, he hadn't seen anything. He'd gone straight home after the tavern and seen nothing of importance along the way. And to ensure that story stayed believable, he headed off to disappear before anyone might come to investigate the shouting.

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The deacons of the church were absolutely furious of such blasphemy. Graffiti, on their own front door! "Young people, with no respect for Zod!" cried some. "'Tis a sign people have lost their way!" cried other priests. It took days for poor acolytes to scrub the paint off the wood. They did the best they could, although if one knew what they were looking for and looked rather closely, they could still see a faint red dye in the wood.
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