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An Unexpected Welcome

1 year 9 months ago #179 by Kyl'rae
Kyl'rae created the topic: An Unexpected Welcome
Kyl'rae looked down from the hill on which she stood on. Shortly after speaking with Sir Geoffrey, she became restless and eager to find out why the city beyond the wall was so unwelcoming to (as Sir Geoffrey nicely pointed out) “her kind". Partly, she knew the answer, but to hate the unknown sounded absurd. Even for her. Surely there had to be a reason for their lack of hospitality. “I’m going in”, she thought out loud. Being alone for so many years had earned her that annoying habit. Eyes narrowed, she bit her bottom lip lightly as she contemplated her next move. She knew it was a reckless idea, especially considering her quest. Did she really need to know what kind of creatures inhabited beyond the wall? Yes. The need was so great that she couldn’t distinguish it from a wanting. This occurred often when curiosity got the best of her.

After managing to conceal her ever-so-noticeabe ears with a cloth wrapped around her head (like a bandana), she made her way down the sloped hill until she reached the stone gates. Annoyed by the piercing sun, she sucked in a deep breath between her lightly parted lips and stepped forward. The guard to her right inspected her thoroughly, patting and cuffing more than she liked. Luckily, she traveled light: her bow, arrows, and a small bag of supplies. None of which seemed harmful, to the guard at least. After what seemed like several moments, he granted her entrance to the forbidden city. She lifted her chin, as was her custom, and walked right through. “This is too easy”, she whispered to herself in amusement. Without her pointy elf ears, she looked like an ordinary human. Well, perhaps not ordinary, but definitely human.

In front of her stood a blacksmith. He looked like an ordinary human. No claws, no muzzle, not even chains. “Hm”, she thought with a quirked brow and moved along. As she made a left, she could’t help but notice a building that stood several yards away. She never understood religion, from either side. If she were to choose a god, it surely wouldn’t be one she couldn't have contact with. Maybe that’s what gods were composed of, nothingness. Just mental constructs for order. Whatever the case, she approached the the tall building cautiously. For she wasn’t meant to be there in the first place.

With her head now lowered, she proceeded to the doors of the church. Nervously, she felt eyes on her. “Oh no, they can see my ears”, she mumbled in panic. But she kept walking till she reached the front steps. She glanced up to push the wooden doors open, but she froze in place. Kyl'rae squinted her eyes for a brief second till they widened in mere surprise. “Is that…?”. She knew what one looked like. Even though her first encounter with the member wasn’t pleasant or merely educational, she knew. Her nose twitched in that ponderous way. Before she knew it, she had reached into her supply bag and pulled out a small container. She called it ‘the magic stick’. Using beeswax, rose petals, and dye, she managed to make her own lip stain. When ever she applied it, it would seem that both men and women (of any species) noticed her in a way that was almost mesmerizing. She wasn’t sure if the effect was due to the ingredients, for the dye was acquired by an old woman deep in the forest on her journey here. She glanced around her slowly, as not to be noticed, and dipped her finger into the substance. She closed her eyes as the aroma hit her senses and reached for the wooden door.

Her finger moved in a not-so-perfect circle, making an oval. She then dipped her finger once more before striking a line through the center of it, longways. To finish it off, she dabbed her pinky into the stain and flicked her finger three times over the top part of her creation. She licked her fingers clean as she stood back to admire her work. Quickly, she put her container away and darted for the gates. This was beyond the most reckless thing she had ever done. And it felt so good.

As she made her way quickly towards the exit, she kept her head low as she whispered to herself, "I don't know why anyone would draw a red penis on a church door, but it sure looked lonely".

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1 year 9 months ago #180 by Nixie / Abram
Nixie / Abram replied the topic: An Unexpected Welcome
Abram Rominati was on guard duty at the time, patrolling about town. When he noticed Kyl'rae in passing, he had to do a double-take. Dat ass. He grinned to himself and nodded lightly in appreciation, before continuing on his way with a big smile on his face.

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1 year 9 months ago #182 by Kyl'rae
Kyl'rae replied the topic: An Unexpected Welcome
((Lol nice))

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