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Maddam Brugilda and Lady Lach

1 year 8 months ago - 1 year 8 months ago #190 by Lach it down
Lach it down created the topic: Maddam Brugilda and Lady Lach
Warning: This scene contains copious amounts of alcohol and bad decisions. And not a simple damn biscuit! Also the longest scene ever. Because if you can't be drunk all day, what can you be?

[Enter scene: Completely thrashed bandits]

[13:49] Lachlan Gael moved over with Brugo to drink up a storm while Alondia cleaned her hands.

[13:55] Rashida coiled by the fire just laying down as she pulled a book out of thin air and began reading it muttering to herself over several arcane words refreshing her memory on lesser used spells.

[13:58] Lachlan Gael would keep passing the drink back and forth with the lot before laughing some as he mentioned about his the village has this stupid tea party thing the the laaaaaaaaaadiiiiiiiiieeeeeeees.

[13:59] Brugo continued to pass the bottle and mention how he took all the clothing form the raid, and bet he woudl make a much prettier lady than lachlan.

[14:01] Rashida looked at the two of them. Conjured a bottle of clear liquid that smelled a little too strong to be water before taking a deep drink of it. "Yep I'm gonna need the whole fucking bottle today."

[14:03] Lachlan Gael glared at him, "Fock no ye wouldn'! I'm obviously ta prettiest lady!" After even more drinking and they'd probably actually start going through the pile of dresses?
[14:05] Brugo scoffed and drug his hands down his torso "look at brugo." the man offered out a creepy wink at the naga " brugo sexy." the man would yank his loincloth between his legs with a whimper to gird his loins "see. brugo sexy lady."

[14:07] Lachlan Gael was practically laughing his arse off the entire time this was happening. Tossing a skimpy dress at Brugo, "Go head, show us how sexy!"

[14:08] Red began to stir at the raised voices outside. She opened her eyes and found it was dark, with a ray of light shining through the little window. It took her a moment to remember where she was.

[14:09] Rashida took another deep drink. "You two keep at it and I'm going to turn you both into women and we'll see who's the prettier lady." She opened her mouth wide coughing from what ever she was drinking her long fangs on open display for a short moment.

[14:10] Brugo scoffed " brugo show you. just youins wait" the man draped in the skimpy dress would run off to where he stashed the clothes and throw together a shitty little outfit wearing the skimpy dress. coming back with a dress throwing it at him "lochlans turn."

[14:12] Lachlan Gael snorted and snickered like a stupid girl, "Yer jus...jealous tat we'd look be'er in ah dress than ye!" When he saw Brugo in the dress and he laughed so much that his stomach hurt. Curling over on the ground as he tried to push himself back up. Wiping at his tears some, "Wait...whot?" A dress fell over Lachlan's sight and he pulled it off, "Ohhh nonononono." Though all Brugo had to do was call him scared and it seemed to work every time.

[14:15] Rashida rolled her eyes taking another drink. "" She looked at Brugo. "'s no way the guards are going to fall for that....Are they.....They're probably dumb enough." She frowned shaking her head. She wasn't getting involved in this shit storm burying herself in her book conjuring a small white block of...who the fuck knows to distract herself.

[14:18] Brugo smirked and crossed his arms looking at lachlan "if lachlan want to admit brugo is better than fine." hearing the naga the man moved over to the pony and would carefully hop on its back with a wince in pain "they have to fall for pregnant beautiful woman riding a pony"

[14:18] Lachlan Gael was laughing so hard that the noise of it vanished from his mouth. He looked at Rashida and tried tocalm himself so he could get words out, "Ye should get us ah potion so people see som'in different? Is tat even possible?! Ye'know, tey see ladies...but we're not. Idunno!" He nodded to agree with Brugo, "Who wouldn' put a ring on tat?"

[14:20] Red shifted about on the floor and then opened the door big enough for her to scoot into the doorway and peek out into camp. Brugo was dressed differently, and she didn't recognize Lek yet. The naga was still there, so she continued just peeking out from the wagon.

[14:21] Rashida looked up at Lachlan with an incredlous look. "Anyone with two working eyeballs that's who." She shook her head. "If you want a transmutation spell to look like ladies. Bring me a hair of the creature you want to look like and I'll brew the potion. Hold on." She pushed herself up and turned pulling her alchemy table out of thin air again starting the brewers up.

[14:22] Lachlan Gael rose his brows and looked between Rashida and Brugo in a, "Hm hm hm?" sort of deal. "Wanna be pretty ladies, Brugo?" He paused, "Waaaaaaait, tis is gunna cost us!"

[14:23] Brugo heard they might be lookign different and instantly yelled "wheres red!? wes can be three sisters!"

[14:24] Rashida shook her head. "Alter self is a simpler spell. I only need a dash of Veremin and that hair. Really it can be any part but I perfer working with hair." She shrugged "I'll do this one for free just to prove my work is worth it."

[14:31] Red wasn't sure what they were up to. She wasn't very familiar with what defined men and women aside from their genitals, so it just looked like they were trying on new clothes.

[14:34] Lachlan Gael would just keep on drinking more and gave a stupid little smirk, "Haaaaaaairs ye need right?! Brugo, lets go get lady hairs!" By now and he probably already slipped into the dress and did a little model walk.

[14:36] Red stared at the bulk of the bugbear on the pony and gawked until she could no longer see him.

[14:42] Rashida began brewing quickly occasionally infusing a pot with magic and chanting the words to a spell. "Alright listen...This is how these work. When you get the hair. You open the bottles. Drop them in and shake it until it turns purple. Once it does you have twenty minutes before the spell will lose it's effectiveness in the bottle. Once drank it will last for two hours." Once she gets the base done she pours the base in two bottles caping them with a reusable cork levitating them as she pushed her table through the portal again. "Right. Do you two understand those instructions?"

[14:44] Lachlan Gael went to stumble and pick flowers to put in both of their hair as she explained everything. Nodding and nodding like a damn bobble head. "Got it! Drink an' run! out ov! Time....!" He corrected himself.

[14:45] Red could sense something exciting was going on but she didn't know what. They were running all over the place while the naga kept over by her table. She very slowly eased her way to the edge of the wagon and then took forever climbing down the ladder.

[14:46] Rashida shook her head handing them the bottles before slithering off. "I'll be back later. Going to fetch more matierals."

[14:46] Brugo came back just in time to hear the end of that and nodded. "yes!" the man forced the pony to waddle over to the wagon and would knock on the wall of it "brugo has gifts for you!"

[14:51] Red about fell off the ladder when Brugo went banging on the wall of the wagon. She clung fiercely to the side of the wood to keep mostly upright and then pulled herself into a standing position.

[14:54] Lachlan Gael lifted flowers up in the air, it was less embarrassing the more he wore it, he was also black out drunk. "JOIN US.......ONEOVUS ONEUVOSU... US!" He suddenly started laughing, "Brugo...brugo...brugo........................................................................brugo....We should...go tuaathe tea party!"

[14:57] Brugo held out a fist full of flowers to red and hearing lachlan the bugbear laughed and looked back to red "will red be lachlan and brugos sister and go eats cookies and plan water?" he figured asking was better than just ripping fist fulls of reds hair.

[14:58] Red was getting a little scared by the cheering and laughing. Leaning on the ladder for support, she reached out and hesitantly took the flowers. "Sister?" she asked, baffled. "..I like cookies and water.."

[14:59] Lachlan Gael squinted for a moment and just stared for a long periodoligically time, "I need ah disguise...." He went to finally take all his piercings out and wet his hair so it would flop down. And looked in the pile for a veil. "Think we could get passssssssssed the a the gate?"

[15:02] Brugo looked to lachlan and shrugged "well brugo dead sexy. lachlan... might need magic." he looked to red " can lachlan and brugo has a hair to look like red? then we gets to eats all the cookies."

[15:03] Lachlan Gael pouted some, "Whot! Look at me arse, it's volump...." His brain turned off for a moment, "It's ta lulivuliest ov awl ta lands!" He paused, "A wig? Wusn' one ov ta wagons we left ahv troupers an' shite...I'd think tey might ahv 'em"

[15:05] Red suddenly felt a heat crawl to her cheeks. "To--to look like me?" she asked. She opened her mouth and hesitated, before she seemed to gather her thoughts a little better. "I guess so.." She furrowed her eyebrows, still very confused as to what was happening, and why someone would give her flowers and want hair in turn.

[15:07] Brugo nodded hearing lachlan "yes. might have wigs. maybe scalp a guard?" hearing she was okay with this the man would go to pluck hairs witht the pony under him whining at the weight and shaking.

[15:10] Lachlan Gael nodded before shaking his head, "Ta gaurd's ar' men. Would.....n' make much ah difffffurenace!" He turned fully and just stared at the hair pulled, "I think tat hurts"

[15:10] Red winced at the unexpected pain of several hairs being plucked from her scalp at once. She cried out and then leaned against the ladder to rub her head with her free hand. Although overall, better than being scalped. Her stomach churned uncertainly, her anxiety heightened that she couldn't understand what they were doing.

[15:13] Brugo made his way over to lachlann after calling back to red "thank you!" he looked down at the pained pony and yelled down at it "why you so lazy!" once over to lachlan the man held the hairs in the air victoriously "brugo has hairs to make ladies!"

[15:23] Lachlan Gael nodded some as the bugbear collected the hair, "Oh...right! whot?" Yea, hee didn't pay attention..

[15:24] Red: Brugo's legs were so long and big compared to the pony, that he could practically carry the pony in his buttcheeks and just walk it anywhere. She slowly limped after the two, holding up a bouquet of flowers for some reason.

[15:26] Brugo blinked "ugh. brugo thinks we eat some then drinks some in magic bottle?"

[15:31] Lachlan Gael grimaced a little, "Eh...tat sounds horrible.... I'mma mix mine in some food."

[15:32] Brugo grunted"bitch"cough and popped 2 in his mouth and rolled it up into a ball and swallowed. as he looked for the potiony things

[15:34] Red 's face suddenly changed from slightly confused to utter bafflement, once she realized they were going to EAT strands of her hair. She was pretty sure that was not food. "Why do you do this?" she asked of Brugo. She limped closer and gave them each a look, like they'd gone mad. But she also hoped they weren't trying to do some magic against her.

[15:34] Lachlan Gael barked, "Whot?!" And glared before he popped them in his mouth to prove a point, chewing slowly and obviously grossed out. When he swallowed and he coughed some. Hurrying to find some rum to drinking it down. "Felt like focke..." He didn't want to bitch about the pain of the hairs or he might be called a bitch again. So he gulped his potion down. "Awlright, les go!"

[15:38] Brugo fallowed suit with lachlan and drank his down as well tossing the empty bottle over his shoulder. he shrugged "snake lady said to? makes us look like you" the man looked down at himself confused. "it work? maybe it mix inside us?"

[15:39] Red made a bit of an eeeehhh face as she watched Lek try to down... drink with hair. "Why do you wish to look like me?" At least they hadn't used any little orange hairs that may have been clinging to her clothes here and there. Who knew what that would have done. "And where are you going?"

[15:40] Lachlan Gael slowly nodded at the mention of it mixing, "Makes sense, like when ye pour two drinks in yer mouth an' swish em 'bout ta mix'em!" He shook his head, "Didn' kick in yet....maybe errrrrrr only NOT US people see us as ladies?" He paused and drank more rum, "So we get free tea'n'biskerits!"

[15:41] Brugo shook his head and made a duh face at red "said it was for plant water and cookies."

[15:42] Red perked up at the mention of free food. "I want to come. Can I come?" She moved a little closer to put her hand near the pony's face inquisitively.

[15:43] Lachlan Gael lifted the rum and flowers high, "Aye, invade ta village! As gorgidi...ous ladies!"

[15:46] Brugo offered his hand out to red "we storm the village on horse back!" if she hopped on the horse with him there was a good chance the pony would collapse like a steel chair leg bends out under a rally fat person

[15:48] Red had some trouble getting up on the horse--no idea why she was still holding flowers--unless he helped her up. And then that poor little pony...

[15:59] Red didn't think they looked at all like her, but then, it was her hair. Maybe she would be immune from seeing the effects.

[16:00] Lachlan Gael smiled and tried to strike a pose. "Oi RED! Before we shit, who looks prettier>?"

[16:00] Brugo helped red up onto the pony causing it to buckle like a little bitch causing brugo to look down and yell at it "you is a lazy horse! what good is war pony if cant hold little girls?" the man would dismount the collapsed pony and wipe his ass off "lazy, lazy pony!" he looked to lachlan "you knows brugo look prettier"

[16:02] Red didn't consider the weight load already on the pony. Like she knew, but it hadn't clicked that she would be the straw that broke the camel's back. She about fell off, and then pulled herself off its poor collapsed form. "..What if I ride the pony on my own?" She looked over toward Lek as he yelled, and then looked from one to the other. "..I don't know. I..." She furrowed her eyebrows, still looking to each of them. "How do you tell what is pretty?"

[16:03] Lachlan Gael shrugged, "Who would ye wanna mate with? If ye were ah man!" Oh god that made him sound way too gay, he was too drunk to care.

[16:04] Brugo nodded "you ride worthless." lach may have sounded gay, but brugo acted it swaying his hips and rubbing his body to try and win the competition

[16:05] Red 's expression of confusion only deepened. "If--If I were a man...?" She squinted her eyes. "But you are both men. You cannot make babies. But as I am, I would mate with you," she explained, and pointed to Lek.

[16:09] Lachlan Gael opened his mouth agape in shock as Brugo tried to steal the competition. Bending at his hips to give a side view of of his butt sticking out and covering his :O face to look all innocent. When she pointed at Lek and he threw down the bouquet of flowers like he made a touchdown and spun to face Brugo. "HA! I'm ta pre'e'er lady!"

[16:10] Brugo threw his flowers at lachlan "bull shit! lachlan won man contest. not woman contest!"

[16:11] Red furrowed her eyebrows and let her mouth hang open in confusion. She wasn't sure she got the question, or if they were taking her answer right. "But you are not a woman," she repeated, confused as all get out. She slunk-limped over, shirking a bit from the yelling, and tried to cup his crotch with her free hand to see if that'd changed.

[16:16] Lachlan Gael 's brows rose suddenly as a hand cupped at his junk. He might have been free balling under the dress so she would end up feeling quite a bit. "Oi! Whot ar'e..." Oh god don't make little Lek happy! He backed away and looked down to make sure it wouldn't make a dress tent.

[16:19] Brugo through his arms up "not how this works!" the man went to gather his flowers back up "noone wins. brugo just wants cookies!" he mumbled under his breath "brugo wins..."

[16:19] Red 's eyebrows shot upward. That answered her question. And then it hit her like a ton of bricks. "Oh! You are disguising yourself as a woman!" Like lightning had just struck her brain. She backed away and looked toward Brugo. "And you are too?" Thaat's what they'd meant by 'sisters.' Or at least she hoped to, because if this mystery had any more layers, her head was going to pop. "I want cookies too!" she decreed, and moved over to the pony to try and get it ready. Which meant trying to pull it up if it was still on the ground, and if it was standing, struggling to get on top. It was practically impossible, what with her hurt leg.

[16:21] Lachlan Gael pointed at her like a game show host, "Ayeee, ye got it!" Ye'd help her get on top of the pony. He smirked stupidly at Brugo, "Let's go make awl ta other girls jealous, aye?!" And off he went running through the forest in a dress.


[16:24] Brugo stayed close to the pair cus there was a chance this might go very bad "youins think they see us as ladies?" maybe they didnt see it cus they were all involved in the potion process

[16:34] Lachlan Gael was still unsure but his cognitive reasoning or care was at zero right now. Reeking of rum as he approached the gates. Likely getting double takes from the archers, "We took ta potion, aye? It should work!"

[16:36] Red sat on top of a pony, her wounded knee all nicely bandaged. "Hello," she said meekly to a stationed guard. "My sisters and I want to come in for tea and biscuits."

[16:36] Red held out a bouquet of flowers to him.

[16:37] Brugo fallowed the group to the gates rubbing his bely and holding it out far as he could trying to pass him self off as a pregnant bearded lady from a freak show just in case the potion didnt work, which it wouldnt... he just nodded as red spoke...

[16:37] Bilbo Teabaggins (germanguy123) slowly ambled his way up to the main entrance of the city, hands clasped together in prayer as his navy shawl swayed side to side when he stepped. He suddenly stopped in the middle of the street and his mouth fell agape. Without speaking, he heard the woman in red clothes explain the situation at hand to a guard. He opened his mouth as if to speak, but no words came out and he closed it soon after. He gawked at them with a quirked brow.

[16:42] Lachlan Gael tried to made a female like giggle and batted his eyes as she explained the situation. Giving a higher pitched voice, "Ohhh no bicuits fer me, I'm watchin' me figure."
[16:47] Red was just left with her arm extended in the offer of flowers. She looked over to Lek and said, "But I thought we came for the biscuits."

[16:48] Bilbo Teabaggins (germanguy123) exchanged glances with the guard and eventually winced outwardly, nodded, then shrugged lightly. " Erm... " They did appear to be humans. His eyes settled onto Red and he reluctantly asked, " Are these your... eunuchs? "

[16:48] Brugo spoke up in a high pitched raspy voice after lachlan "brug...ilda eating for two now." the man would rub his belly and offer his attempt at a giggle. they really should have practiced this.

[16:55] Lachlan Gael cleared her voice and nodded lightly, "Uh...yes!" To the man's words. He was trying, trying wasn't enough. He was starting to get the feeling that MAYBE the potion didn't work. He tried to flap long hair out of his face. The long hair that wasn't there.

[16:57] Red mouthed the word 'eu-nuchs' with a confused expression on her face. "Uh... yes?" she eventually guessed. "We are sisters," she repeated, forcing a smile. "We'd like some tea." She leaned forward and tried to offer the bouquet of flowers to the Inquisitor with a sheepish smile on her lips.

[17:00] Bilbo Teabaggins (germanguy123) rose his brows and smiled politely. Everything checked out, in that case! "Very good, then!" He turned to the side and gestured with his arms for the trio to pass into town. He accepted the flowers, though, he had no real use for them. He would place them on the burial mound of one of the guards killed in the dragon attack. " Blessings of Aod upon thee. "

[17:02] Brugo stayed quiet and nodded as red spoke making a mhmm sounds that hurt his throat. seeing red pass off flowers the brute figured he would fallow suit and offer his up as well and wait to fallow them both inside. no way in hell he was taking point on this one.

[17:04] Lachlan Gael looked between the guards with a just as puzzled look as they might have. It worked! Maybe the potion did work?! "And Blessings to youu." His voice scratched a little as he made his way into the village. Trailing behind Red and gazing about madly. Mostly to see if arrows came their way.

[17:04] Bilbo Teabaggins (germanguy123) As he watched them leave his presence, he reflected for a while and pursed his lips. He came to the conclusion 'sisters' was more of an endearing nickname for her neutered servants than something to be used in a literal sense. Now he had collected a toll of flowers. He examined them closer and took a few curious whiffs.

[17:05] The gate guard narrows his eyes and stares at a passerby. "Wait, I know you... Aren't you the barber from Main Street? Ah, I knew it! Go on through."

[17:06] Bilbo Teabaggins (germanguy123) mumbled something under his breath, something about them being 'exotic.'

[17:07] Brugo wa sweating bullets and stayed awkwardly close to lachlan as he fallowed behind red. the man was reay to run away horrified or hit someone, but he id his damndest to stay calm

[17:09] Lachlan Gael cleared her voice and gave a little purr like growl in a wanna be sexy manner toward the inquisitor as he passed. His eyes moved to the shirt hanging and hurried a little forward to knock on the door. Only to hurry behind Red almost shyly.

[17:12] Bilbo Teabaggins (germanguy123) shifted from leg to leg with his arms crossed, eyeing them warily. Lachlan was armed to the teeth. That was common for a eunuch, of course, but it still worried Edwin. He observed them as they knocked on the door of the tailor's building.

[17:13] Vera sighed as she boiled up a teapot, hearing a knock and lifting her dress to hurry down the steps, "Coming~" All the other ladies seemed busy today, but maybe some found time to show up! She opened the door with a smile that flipped upside down rather quickly. Looking at -her- broad shoulders. "Can I, help you?"

[17:13] Brugo avoided all eye contact. and stayed very close with his back arched holding his belly walking all waddle like. thinking of random things to say that prego women complain about
[17:16] Lachlan Gael arched her back and adjusted her shirt to the best of her abilities. "We came for...the tea party. Crochet an' whotnot, yes?"

[17:18] Bilbo Teabaggins (germanguy123) couldn't hear what any of them were saying, so he took a few quiet steps closer.

[17:23] Vera tried hard, so very hard, to keep her composure. Trying her best to not come of as rude as she resisted to stare. "Oh....well, yea. The Ladies' gathering resides here in the tailor shop. I din't think I've seen you three before."

[17:25] Red was on a pony! "We're new!" she squeaked. "We came for tea and biscuits," she added in declaration.

[17:26] Brugo nodded slowly as to not flail his vale about to show off his beard "yes" in a raspy high pitched voice. he smelt like a slightly minty dog. arches his back and held his belly "can wes sit? brugildas feets is sore." hoping for pity. he would piggy back off reds response "we thinks it good ways to get to know peoples..."

[17:30] Lachlan Gael seemed shy as he just looked around at the village, not much seemed to have changed. It felt strange being here again. He would seem to let Brugilda and Red speak. Lol Brugilda

[17:31] Vera nodded slowly, at least Red was pretty. "Oh, I just love your pony." She smiled lightly at it, "What's it's name?" Her eyes bounced between the two burly dressed....people and stepped aside, "Do you know how to cro....oh-" She looked to al the swords, "Are you a fighter?"

[17:32] Bilbo Teabaggins (germanguy123) silently monitored the conversation going on. He had his suspicions about the whole tea party itself, however. He suspected it could be a secret meeting for a coven of witches! Right under the nose of the baron, no less. His mouth drew into a frown and he narrowed his eyes.

[17:34] Red passed a little nervous glance over her shoulder, and saw the man at the gate was still watching them. She suddenly looked forward as the woman asked the name of the pony. She couldn't even really pick a name for herself, let alone for it. "Horse," she replied, and awkwardly patted the pony's mane. "The uh.. it's for my protection," she quickly added, referring to the fighter part.

[17:38] Brugo would step up to cover goign to gently pat reds shoulder "this our little sister. pride of family." looking to the horse as she named it horse and then back to the door "she not very creeee,aaaye,ugh,tive... creative! not very creative." the man would put his hand back to his puffed out belly

[17:38] Lachlan Gael let out a deeper, "Uh." Before nodding toward Red's words, "Yes...we're..." what was the word that the inquisitor used, "Eunuchs." Why did that word sound so familiar?

[17:40] Vera just stared at the name for the pony, "Very...original." The woman tucked her lips in as she listened, before grimacing softly at the mention of Eunuchs, "Ohhhhh..." That explained a whole lot. Maybe she should change the tea party to women on a certain list. He peeked out at the inquisitor in a 'save me' like look on her face as she opened the door fully for them to enter. "You may seat yourself upstairs."

[17:43] Bilbo Teabaggins (germanguy123) was consoled a bit when both Red and Lachlan corroborated their explanation from before. She certainly seemed to be telling the truth at this point. His comfort was immediately broken by the hostess' distress look shot his way. Was she not a witch? He was drawn closer to the stone building they entered.

[17:44] Red leaned forward and was having some trouble raising her bandaged leg to get off the pony. "Want down," she whispered. And if helped down, she'd smile to the woman and then limp inside.

[17:45] Brugo easily helped pick the girl up and set her down on the groudn then again placed his hands to his belly and would fallow in last after lachlan.

[17:46] Lachlan Gael was almost zoned out before he followed Red inside, his eyes wandering around the shop. "Lovelyplace." He nearly tripped going up the stairs. About three times.

[17:49] Vera stepped aside a little more as they all entered, slapping her hand over her face and turning her head at Brugo's smell. Coughing lightly. She watched them in awe as the eunuchs hurried in.

[17:49] Vera would also ask what was wrong with Red! Considering her limping.

[17:54] Red was in awe of all the furniture. She moved over and almost touched the spinning wheel, until she realized Lek was heading upstairs. She turned and limped over, and then ascended the stairs slowly, taking care not to apply too much pressure on her bandaged leg.

[17:56] Brugo made his way upstairs and took a seat. he really wished this woman wa sin the caravan last night. he wanted nice things not actor hand me downs! he just sat and waited unsure what to do.
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[17:56] Lachlan Gael was flabbergasted as he continued to gaze around the shop, though he didn't like such a small space. He was so used to an open world 24/7 now. It made him feel claustrophobic. Eunuch Eunuch,......why did that word sound so familiar? He still tried to think on it. Sitting down and he was startled at the sudden rocking. Then suddenly it hit him, EUNUCH. He tensed up and scooted his seat over to be closer to Brugo. Leaning forward to try and whisper before the others came up, "Brugo....I don' think ta potion worked."

[17:58] Vera smiled softly, "You like the spinning wheel? Your clothes, they are lovely. I like the threading and the style. It's very unique. you need help.." She would try to help the woman up the steps. Smiling to the group, "I will go grab the biscuits." Hurrying right back downstairs to take a deep breath and try to just prepare herself for this.

[18:01] Red 's clothes were dirty and smelly, but they were nice! Stolen, but nice! "Thank you," she said. She flinched away from the woman at first, but then gradually accepted the help as they climbed up. Once she met with the other two and the woman had headed back downstairs, Red shook her fists excitedly and limped over to them. "She's getting the biscuits!" she squeaked. She didn't see a chair next to either of them, so she took a seat at the opposite side, at the nearest chair.

[18:02] Bilbo Teabaggins (germanguy123) grunted and jogged over to the thick door, then leaned ahead and pressed his ear against it, listening in on the 'women' to see if they were doing nefarious things. He was disappointed to hear them talk about buscuits and not much else. He eased up a bit.

[18:04] Brugo had no idea what that word meant, he assumed it was just foreign. hearing lachlan the man froze and whispered "what do we do?" then made a motion like ringing a chickens neck with questioning eyes. "brug... ilda would like biscuits..."

[18:08] Lachlan Gael clenched his teeth and started to panic a little, especially since alcohol was starting to wear off some. "I dunno.....Eunuch means man wit no balls...or som'in. So.....we're obviously not ah bunch ov Reds! I can' let people se me like tis!"

[18:09] Vera was waiting desperately for the inquisitor's help, where was he?! She, after waiting a moment, went to go open the door. Slightly shocked to see him right there. She looked up at the second floor before going to slowly and quietly close the door behind her. So that they were outside together. Her voice hushed as the smile dropped from her face. He got to see the sophisticated woman's sass, "What is this? Is this a joke? Because it is far from funny, and absolutely....unacceptable! The ladies' gathering is for the women in this village to learn from each other and to uphold traditions to pass down to their daughters. So tell me why there are two EUNUCHS in my home. They are abominations and I. Want. Them. Out." Oh yea, she was livid.

[18:10] An apothecarist glances up briefly as someone passes by, before continuing to work.

[18:10] Red wasn't sure what was going on but Lek seemed alarmed. She leaned forward, eyes darting between the two. "What's wrong?" she whispered hurriedly, assuming the woman would be returning soon.

[18:14] Brugo looked to lachlan and shook his head "relax..." he looked to red and waved it off "we fine. they dont know. we all are reds." if anything bad did happen he would point to the drib near by and look to lochlan

[18:15] Lachlan Gael leaned forward and gestured a bit frantically, "Ta potion didn' work! My name...oh my name is no longer drenched in blood but in tea!" His reputation is stinging so hard! He glanced toward the crib and tried to semi-stand to see if a baby was inside of it.

[18:16] Bilbo Teabaggins (germanguy123) 's dark blue eyes widened as he heard the familiar voice of one of the eunuchs deny his own career path. Then, at once, after a flurry of footsteps the door swung open and hit him in the side of the face. He stumbled backward and heard Vera's rant with an alarmed expression. " B... but that is what they are? Eunuchs? " He lowered his brows and peered inside the home, over her shoulder.

[18:19] Vera threw her hands up in the air like she completely gave up on life, "I don't know, it seems so....what else could they be?!" She shuddered at the thought, "The woman is welcome, but her servants should wait outside if they mock the very meaning of my gatherings. I really don't care what they have...or don't have. Though they are not exactly ladies, and thus should be politely escorted out." She let out a huge sigh of relief. "I do not need my shop to turn into a laughing stock, thank you."

[18:20] Red pursed her thins into a thin line. She leaned back and drummed her fingers nervously on her lap. Then she leaned forward and asked, "But they let you be here, so it must be okay! Right?" Her natural state of being was to worry, so at this point she was unsure whether to stay as is or just panic.

[18:23] Brugo was confused as to barricade the upstairs or to stay sitting and waiting on his god damn cookies. the man opted for a happy medium and stood up. he paused a second and decided to move to the crib to see if there was a baby in there. if to great they had a hostage. if not then there was something to throw if things went south.

[18:24] Lachlan Gael lifted his naked shoulders up high, "I dunno...well yea...but tey think we're balless manboys....or som'in! I remember......from ah joke. Why did ta Eunuch farmer wake up late. Cause he ahd no cock!" He took a deep breath and went to gulp at some tea, getting up and examining the windows to see if he could break them easily.

[18:26] Bilbo Teabaggins (germanguy123) rose his hands in a non-threatening way and nodded. " Of course. But... " He lowered his hands and looked at her with a less friendly look on his face. " You let them in. " He gestured upstairs. " Howbeit, I may tell them to avaunt, should you wish... " He said this as if doing it was a menial chore.

[18:28] Vera huffed softly, "Of course I let them in, I do not want an altercations right outside my shop." Oh, so she didn't want confrontation but wants the inquisitor to deal with it. She nodded to his next set of words ad clasped her hands together, "That would be lovely, thank you." She didn't seem to care if it was a chore. The crib would be empty, as it was only for visitor's children.

[18:28] Bilbo Teabaggins (germanguy123) cupped his hands around his mouth and shifted closer to Vera's face. " They have weapons... " He whispered, matter-of-factly.

[18:29] Vera shrugged, "They seemed polite...I just don't want them there." How nice of her.

[18:29] Red stared at Lek; she didn't get the joke. She turned her head to look at Brugo as he investigated the crib, and then twisted in the other direction to watch Lek go to the window. She grabbed onto the arm of a chair and craned to listen, but she didn't hear anyone moving noisily upstairs yet. She'd never before been in a persony situation quite like this to know what to do. And there didn't seem to be any way out except the way they came. "What do we do?" she hissed.

[18:32] Brugo laughed at the joke afte the man took a good moment to figure it out. "tell another." the man paused "oh wait" haring red he motioned to everyone upstairs then made a motion like he was strangling someone, fallowed by pointing down stairs"

[18:39] Lachlan Gael tried to see if there was a way to move the wood or unhinge it from the window. Just in case they needed a jumping escape route. The fact that the woman was taking awhile was making him more nervous. Maybe she was baking them. Were they baked? He looked at Brugo and furrowed his brows, "I dunno whottat means.."

[18:42] Bilbo Teabaggins (germanguy123) figured he would fulfill his duty. " Mm. " He gave her, before brushing by her shoulder and entering the business. He glanced around at an empty ground floor of stone walls and licked his lips placidly. After a pause, he stomped up the wooden staircase, fists clenched. " Hoohoo, eunuchs! Take thine plundered beanbags elsewhere, I say! " He bellowed from the stairs, and once at the top, gave them an odd look when they desperately tried escaping from the hinges of windows. " It seems your tea time has come to naught. " He pointed at the stairs beside him. " I demand a forthwith departure. At once! "

[18:46] Brugo looked at lachlan and finally just yelled it at him "strangle the woman and flee!" SHIT the man from the gate house was at the top of the stairs. this made the bugbear freak out more and grab the nearest thing that was to him which was a rocking chair and hurl it at the man in horror "SCATTER!"

[18:46] Vera just sighed in relief as the inquisitor made his way upstairs. Hearing the man's voice faintly and nodding in agreement as she made her way back into the shop. Only to freeze as someone yelled to scatter. What was going on?

[18:51] Red suddenly flinched and stiffened at the sound of loud footsteps coming up the stairs. The voice definitely was not that of the woman. Her chest suddenly began to heave, as if she were about to hyperventilate. She slowly rose out of the chair, leaning on the table for support, and with dread that plunked down into her stomach, saw the man's head bob higher and higher until he was standing at the top. She shrieked when suddenly a chair went flying past and looked toward Lek, since he seemed like the alpha when shit went down.

[18:52] Revenland Dice v1.3: Scott McBride (ScottyPagan Resident) rolls a 1d100: 94
[18:54] Revenland Dice v1.4: Bilbo Teabaggins (germanguy123 Resident) rolls a 1d100: 48

[18:55] Lachlan Gael shouted, "Whot!?" And paused, frozenfor a moment like a deer caught in headlights before seeing a rocking chair go flying. He jolted forward with a dip of his head to try and punch the inquisitor under his jawline to stun or hopefulyl knock him out. "We gotta run! Hurry up Red!" He forgot she was injured and quickly added, "Piggyback ride me!" He spun around to try and go toward her so that she could hop on for a free ride.

[18:55] Revenland Dice v1.4: That Bloody Pikey (Rafiel Sporaciao) rolls a 1d100: 19
[18:55] Revenland Dice v1.4: Bilbo Teabaggins (germanguy123 Resident) rolls a 1d100: 26

[18:56] Vera heard some loud thuds and screaming from all around, "What is going on....!" She fearfully tried to peek up the stairs to see what was happening.

[19:01] Bilbo Teabaggins (germanguy123) " Sca- ? " was what he got out before he was so rudely interrupted by Brugo's huge frame hucking a rocking chair at him from across the room. A loud sound of the chair legs cracking off and Edwin's body tumbling down the stairs could be heard. He screamed shrilly and held his sides at the bottom of the staircase. " GUARDS! " He shouted, rolling around on the wooden floorboards - gazing up at Vera.

[19:06] Brugo looked to red and lachlan "got red?" if so the man would book it down stairs and go to kick the man who was down "we just wanted cookies!" the man was hoping to be a shield for the others until they could get to the door.

[19:06] Revenland Dice v1.3: Scott McBride (ScottyPagan Resident) rolls a 1d100: 12
[19:06] Revenland Dice v1.4: Bilbo Teabaggins (germanguy123 Resident) rolls a 1d100: 96

[19:06] Red knew fleeing well, although she couldn't do it well in her current state. Luckily Lek wasn't about to leave anyone behind. Although it spread pain through her leg like fire when she applied pressure to it, she tried to jump up and wrap her arms around his neck and her legs around his sides, like some spider monkey backpack.

[19:09] Lachlan Gael crouched down some until he felt the wrap around, he put his hands to cup under the back of her knees to help hold her up. Making his way down the steps in a hurry. Going to try and jump on the man on the way out to at least knock the wind out of him, "Guards ar' gunna be headin' 'ere.....Take ta back door!"

[19:09] Revenland Dice v1.4: That Bloody Pikey (Rafiel Sporaciao) rolls a 1d100: 95
[19:09] Revenland Dice v1.4: Bilbo Teabaggins (germanguy123 Resident) rolls a 1d100: 96

[19:14] Vera let out a high pitched scream as the inquisitor came falling down the steps. Trying to fan herself as she was overwhelmed with what to do. She quickly moved to the door and hiked up her dress to run, "Guards! Guards!"
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To help you immerse in this very intense scene

[19:17] Bilbo Teabaggins (germanguy123) grasped around the bumpy terrain surrounding his head to push himself up with his now dirty hands. Once he was on his elbows, he heard the thumping steps of Brugo once more. He clenched his jaw and rolled to his side, then caught the behemoth's bare foot when it swung to hit him. He groaned and shoved the heavy, brown leg off of him. He heard more haste footsteps, then glanced up to see the armed eunuch, carrying the girl, leap toward him. He barrel rolled a few feet to the left, then pushed himself up with the help of the staircase, a growl emitting from his mouth. Nathaniel the guard ran up the door, so Edwin brushed his church finery off, then pointed at the back entrance - with its door open. " SEIZE THEM! "

[19:19] River had been in the street when Vera had started screaming and running out of the building. "Oh! Hey! What's going on.?" She came over to Vera as Nathaniel had bolted directly past her almost knocking the small river over. Thankfully she had a decent balance so all she did was spin around a bit comically before she found her footing again.

[19:21] Brugo growled as the man caught him, and stared at him a bit slack jawed at the mans skills on the ground heard the order to take the back door and nodded. he wasnt leaving empty handed tho and grabbed at a roll of cloth to sling on his shoulder before trying to fallow lachlan and red out the back

[19:23] Red was scared senseless that he was going to go tumbling down the stairs from the extra weight. Like more than anything; it was bad enough she was higher off the ground. She held on tightly, her head pressed awkwardly against her arm and his neck. Despite the pain of her knee, the adrenaline was overriding most of her senses. Once they reached the bottom, now she got to be scared shitless that he was going to trip and/or they were going to get caught. She had no idea what would happen if they were, but she bet it involved death. Annnddd she piddled herself. Sorry Lek.

[19:26] Lachlan Gael didn't even notice that she piddle at first until he was out the door, there was a strange warm sensation over his back but maybe it was sweat. Or adrenaline. Or something that didn't come out of Red! He would look at the fence with a, "Fock.." Letting go of her knees momentarily so that he could lift his dress and awkwardly step over the fence. Glancing back to make sure Brugo wasn't far behind. He heard, seize them, and he began to go into survival mode. Moving to draw his khopesh.

[19:27] Vera looked at the woman a little puzzled before screaming out, "Two crazy eunuchs are ruining my shop! Those...those balless maniacs!" She continued to run off and scream for guards.

[19:29] Bilbo Teabaggins (germanguy123) frowned deeply and snatched the dagger from the backside of Nathaniel's armor before he set off to follow them. " You dirty scullions, the lot of you! " He bellowed angrily, clutching the broaddagger in his palm. He stomped in the direction they were fleeing, in pursuit.

[19:31] River blinked as the mention of Balless unuchs were ruining her shop. She knew she'd get in major fucking trouble for getting involved in these kind of shenanigans. But she was already in major trouble for skipping out on lessons so....In for a penny in for a pound? She darted around the building curious what the hell was going on but not wanting to get too close.

[19:35] Brugo booked it with the pair for the back yard and brugo was smart and wore basically a miniskirt with his junk tied up so the man could hurdle the fence much easier than normally. making the bugbear think he might dress like this more often. the man stayed near the group and held the cloth bolt kind of like a club just incase.

[19:35] Red didn't expect him to let go of her legs, so she probably started strangling the front of his neck with her arms while her feet fought for purchase again. Damnit, why was he so tall!? And all the while under her breath was a faint, "EeeeeeEEeEEeeeeeEEee" sound of panic that seemed to have no pause.

[19:37] Lachlan Gael was choked a moment before he went to hike up her legs back up, "Wrap 'em!" The man figured the front gate already heard the screams and were prepared, hopefully most were already going through the front of the tailor shop. He thought about the back gates, but the longer they were here and the more guards that would pile up. "Awl ...fer...focken...biscuits!" The more he sobbered up and the more he realized what a terrible idea this was. He saw someone go around the corner of the shop and scanned her for weapons for a threat. Once he noticed the blades and he gripped harder to the one in his hand. Though they were still sheathed so it gave him time. Yup, a guy in a dress with a lady on his back and a's getting cold...why was his back cold when the wind hit it? Huh. He gave River a death glare, as if daring her to step in.
[19:43] Cedany Blackstone was completely and utterly lost. Her memories felt flooded... some things she could remember, others was as vivid as a dream. She gently propped the walking stick down to her as she seemed to stare out into a day dream. The area felt so much like home, long ago, when she was a child in the open fields. Her feet made her step to the gates and most likely stopped which made her snap right from her day dream to a blink with a stare. "... Huh?" Though before she could inquire of anything, there was commotion beyond the gate that left her even more confused. "... what's...?"

[19:50] River let an item slip down from the inside of her sleeve....If lachlan saw it gently gripped in her hands as he moved up towards her he would see a black egg. She'd quickly toss it directly at his face before she kept walking. If all went well the egg would hit him and shatter as eggs are wont to do. However instead of white and yolk it was filled with sand and ground up glass and a little water making it want to stick to skin and difficult to rub off. Though when the inquisitor jumped the fence she hit the wall looking scared. "They're going towards the main gate!"

[19:50] Revenland Dice v1.4: Xalithra Vinitail (Xalithra Resident) rolls a 1d100: 1
[19:50] Revenland Dice v1.4: That Bloody Pikey (Rafiel Sporaciao) rolls a 1d100: 5

[19:53] Brugo paused and looked to lachlan "we like cookies!" as they took off the man fallowed shortly after. the bugbear would screamed running at river aiming to just steam roll her

[19:53] Revenland Dice v1.3: Scott McBride (ScottyPagan Resident) rolls a 1d100: 41
[19:53] Revenland Dice v1.4: Xalithra Vinitail (Xalithra Resident) rolls a 1d100: 7

[19:53] Red loosened her arm-hold from strangling to firm when she got a grip on his sides with her legs. She continued to lean in close, jostled lightly as he ran, the grip with her arms tightening again. The stress on her knee was already showing as red blossomed through the bandage. She couldn't think of anything helpful or clever to say, so she just tried to cry "Coming through, please don't kill me, I don't want to die," except that in her panic, it came out as, "Keese comin' through no kill ka-ka-gonna die!"

[19:56] Lachlan Gael huffed a little as he tried to take off as fast as he could. Trying to keep his ears out for when the inquisitor might be getting too close for comfort. But he couldn't hear much between the adrenaline, shouts, commotions, and his own running. His eyes caught something falling. He didn't know what it was but he would jerk his shoulder to dodge it and continue on. His khopesh still in his hand in case he needed to officially attack. But he knew it would slow him down. If there was still a guard when he turned the corner and he would try to slash at him quickly on his way out. Hopefully to catch them off guard and leave one less person to try grabbing him. He'd just notice someone directly ahead of him. Giving her a look like she was the oddest looking person alive. Because men in dresses were far more normal than leaves on someone, according to his skewed face.

[19:58] Revenland Dice v1.4: That Bloody Pikey (Rafiel Sporaciao) rolls a 1d100: 20
[19:59] Revenland Dice v1.4: That Bloody Pikey (Rafiel Sporaciao) rolls a 1d100: 7

[20:00] Cedany Blackstone "What exactly is...?" She would see the corner to someone that was very familiar in face but it didn't register as a man... or the most buffiest woman in the world that came barrelling out that way and to her, he was the most oddest looking person that ever existed in this very moment. "W-What's... What in the bloody hells is going on!?" She yelled out with her face turning a deep red in confusion.

[20:01] Bilbo Teabaggins (germanguy123) winced as he watched the ape-like man use his assets to attack a familiar face. "Zounds!" He exclaimed, sidestepping away from the two of them in order to resume running after Lachlan with loud, clacking footsteps. His face appeared determined, though there was a nagging pain in his sides.

[20:03] River realized she was going to get steamrolled and rolled backwards as he came at her to mitigate some of the fall like her friend showed her....Which she found out worked to some extent...of course the ground was by far and large much much less forgiving than the bugbear was and she hit her head pretty hard agianst the pavement making her almost see stars...that was going to need to be looked at. However she was atleast alert enough to try and do something. This was way more than she bargained for but too late for that. She drew her shorter of her two blades slashing on the draw to hopefully swipe at the back of the leg of the bugbear to slow his movements down he passed over her staying down for the moment.

[20:03] Revenland Dice v1.4: Xalithra Vinitail (Xalithra Resident) rolls a 1d100: 46
[20:04] Revenland Dice v1.3: Scott McBride (ScottyPagan Resident) rolls a 1d100: 21

[20:08] Brugo was sprinting full speed a head only to get slashed in the back of the leg casing him to go for a tumble into the road rolling to a stop where he would get up and hobble towards the exit a lot slower the bolt of cloth still shouldered as a makeshift club leaving a nasty trail of blood behind himself

[20:09] Red: And is if Lek didn't appear odd enough, he had a human backpack. Red's legs were strapped around his waist and her arms digging against his shoulders as they were looped before his neck. Her arm-grip kept tightening as her leg-hold was loosening. She just prayed they could get far enough away from here before she fell off. That and she was getting the familiar itching under her skin, and being in the village was the last place she wanted to be. God speed you Lek steed. She heard a shout up ahead and yells behind, but she could see very little from this position.

[20:11] Revenland Dice v1.4: That Bloody Pikey (Rafiel Sporaciao) rolls a 1d100: 92

[20:11] Lachlan Gael was so happy he still had his fur boots under this dress and didn't get way too in character with trying on girly shoes or they would have been locked up by now. The woman didn't register in his haste, except for seeing something she might trip him with. With the guard slashed and he turned to see no Brugo, which meant he was probably lagging behind. Hopefully that was all it meant. "Wrap em tight Red!" He would let go of the backs of her thighs again when he felt a tight grip around his sides and reached for his dagger with his right hand. Glancing back toward Edwin to throw it. More to distract or bunk him than anything as he moved slightly back toward the village to slash at his side. Trying to give the bugbear some time, "Com'on Brugo! We're almost tere!" Though it didn't take much to see red trailing behind and realize he was hurt. Shit, when they were so close!

[20:12] Revenland Dice v1.4: Bilbo Teabaggins (germanguy123 Resident) rolls a 1d100: 76

[20:15] Cedany Blackstone saw more faces and became even more confused. She took a step back with her hands gripping her stick tightly as her memories felt flooded as she looked to a manly woman with a familiar face with a woman on his back, someone else with a blade... so much shouting that was making her head hurt. A name lingere din the back of her head until it hit as she could only watch this chaos with a perplexed look before she called out. "K... Killian?" She spoke more in surprise and... shock to see what the heck this man was wearing. It was a name she could remember though.

[20:22] Bilbo Teabaggins (germanguy123) when he felt the earth shake, accompanied by a loud thud, Edwin's attention was diverted from Lachlan's back, and to Brugo, who had fallen behind him. When he turned around, he was met with a dagger. It smacked into his upper chest by the side of one of the two edges on its blade. It tore some of the fabric of his long coat, but it was the hilt jabbing into his sternum that irked him. He stumbled and put his hands out in front of him, then landed on his knees. After a momentary halt, he pushed himself up from the ground and bolted once more, but farther behind Lachlan's tail than before. He glanced over what seemed to be a druid blocking Lachlan's path with confusion. " What a comedy is thy defiance! " He barked at Lachlan, rubbing his chest with fervor.

[20:25] River saw the red on her blade which told her all she needed to know. Rollin up she reversed her grip on the blade in her hand as her other hand went to her belt pulling out a single small slender knife to the back of his other knee. There was no way she was going toe to toe in a strength competition with a bugbear. But she could hopefully wear him down with lots of little cuts in the right places though her head hurt and likely made her aim difficult but she was going to try. If she was going to get in trouble she was going to have something to say that she was actually helping and not just getting herself into trouble usual.

[20:25] Revenland Dice v1.4: Xalithra Vinitail (Xalithra Resident) rolls a 1d100: 59
[20:26] Revenland Dice v1.3: Scott McBride (ScottyPagan Resident) rolls a 1d100: 11

[20:31] Brugo looked back to edwin "brugilda gives you flowers and offered you seats! let him, HER go!" the man just moved fast as he could and tried to keep up with the others tho was nowhere as fast. then BAM! the bugbear screamed out as he was impaled in the back of the knee making walking impossible the beast again collapsed to the ground and gave up on fleeing yelling at the others "leave brugo!" he knew they couldnt carry the fat oaf and they would have to back track for him. the man let the bolt of cloth go rolling away from him and yanked the dagger out of his leg with a roar and rolled over aiming to defend himself while keeping others away from his teammates...

[20:35] Red found this much easier when he was holding her legs, but when he yelled, she tightened her grip until her muscles were feeling strained and buried her head against him, hiding her face, of which her nose was beginning to grow longer and the pupils of her eyes more slitted. It wasn't often she had complete faith in someone, but she found she had to do it now. She didn't expect him to swing around; her legs slid down a little over his hips. A moment later and there was an inhuman scream piercing the air, followed by a shout by Brugo.

[20:43] Bilbo Teabaggins (germanguy123) While Edwin paused to study the earthy woman, the swift eunuch had turned around to face him. The curved blade swung around to tear at his upper side. He let out a cry and the momentum of the blow threw him off balance, and into the stone arch where they stood. The broaddagger clattered beside him and he slouched forward, holding the bleeding wound on his torso with both of his pale hands. " Unnnhh! " He breathed heavily with his back to the wall. " Never was I so bethumped with mirth... " He sneered up at Lachlan, kicking his legs in pain.

[20:49] Lachlan Gael watched the bugbear scream and fall down, contemplating rather he should stay and fight or not. But decided to not take Red down with him. At hearing Killian and his body swung around wide eyed. Finally beginning to run right along the wall to give the archers nothing to see. Letting Red down, "Go Red, stay along ta wall an' run back. Got it?!" With all this craziness and he tried to ignore whoever knew his -other- name. Now Brugo was down, and no he couldn't carry him. At least like this. How many years has he been able to hide what he was even to most of the bandits? And now he threw it all away in fear of Brugo being killed. The man stumbled forward and started to seemingly hack as if something was caught in his throat. His nose wrinkled and mouth opening as his shoulders pulled back. Falling on all fours as that dress started to look far more voluptuous. In a, bone breaking, fur growing, body shifting sort of way.

[20:51] River watched the knife fly towards the bug bear. "I got it! I got!" She almost forgot she was in the fight as she celebrated like the carefree woman she was at heart. "Oh right I should probably knock him out." She moved up towards the chaos and slammed her hilt into his face. She really didn't know -how- to knock someone out so she was kind of winging it and hoping for the best. She didn't try to bypass the bugbear not wanting to give it an opprotunity to sock her in the face because that wasn't going to go over well.

[20:51] Revenland Dice v1.4: Xalithra Vinitail (Xalithra Resident) rolls a 1d100: 55
[20:52] Revenland Dice v1.3: Scott McBride (ScottyPagan Resident) rolls a 1d100: 7

[20:53] Cedany Blackstone had seen the man had... fallen, with an accent all too familiar to her as this was making her feel confused. "Killina, what are--" She watched him go to the side and she recognized exactly what this was though never in all her years she would imagine of all people, it was... it was.. "... Of all the revelations...!" But she would look to Red and to those ahead nad all she could do was flail out her hand and wave her stick wildly. She didn't even see the leaves or anything attached to her body with wide eyes. "RUN! Just... If thee wish to live, abandon thy folly and RUN! JUST RUN!" But to anyone she was probably som ecrazy druid flailing her arms without any context what so ever in a panic.

[20:59] Bilbo Teabaggins (germanguy123) 's eyes grew wide as he exchanged glances with both Red and Lachlan, a worried expression on his slight face. They were turning into beasts right before him - and all this time, he thought they were merely human, like him! Inquisitor zealotry and paranoia + 200. He snapped his head to the Druid as she spouted an urged warning to all around. That was enough for him. He announced to any guards nearby as well, " Fellow constables! We are routed! Fall back! " He hoped they would recognize his voice. He scurried along the ground, a small trail of blood lingering behind him. He was still 1/3 HP. He could run away from this mess and hunt them down at a later date. He groaned as he pushed himself up with his legs and jogged off, twisting his torso with each step, still holding his wound.

[21:00] Brugo laid there half sitting as he flailed the blade around aimlessly. the man looked back to make sure they were getting away, then looked back at the attackers only to be greeted to a pommel to the face, falling backwards limp on the ground bleeding on the floor.

[21:05] Red hit the ground with her feet and moved to hop on one foot before she lightly touched the ground again with her other foot. She gave Lek a frightened and uncertain look, and seemed torn between what to do. A few hairs had elongated on her face, her nose had drawn downward, and two small black bulges had began to poke out of her hair. Her fingertips had already grown black fur. Someone had been masturbating! ..'Cause that's what happens when you do, right? You get furry? Yeah, musta been doing that a LOT. She began to limp off as quick as she could, ready to get the hell out of dodge. The situation was far too dangerous for her to help out. Her charge had run out, her form was failing, and she was growing smaller with every step. She suddenly stopped, uttered a hiss under her breath, and looked back. Damnit all. She left behind a pile of clothes that mostly had to be shrugged off, as the fox came bounding on three legs, with nine-tails bobbing behind it. It made an 'ouw!'-sounding yap at Lek and rushed right past, to try and bound back into the city.

[21:08] Lachlan Gael started to realize this was a bad idea as Cedany's voice finally clicked. Shit. What if he was shifting and they'd just let Brugo go?! He could have made a trade offer later for Brugo! But knowing the humans, he didn't want to chance never seeing the bugbear again. But he was already mid shift. His mouth and nose stretching out painfully into a snout. Fur grew out of every pore. His thinking started to become less complex, into something more primal. The colors of his eyes didn't change much, but they shined differently in the light as he glanced up to see the nine-tailed fox, "RED, GO!" The voice was halfway a roar as he fully shifted. Scars still among the left of his face and scars slashings across his back as a large beast shook itself. It lifted up slightly, on paw limp in the air as it sniffed toward the entrance of the castle. Seeing the familiar fox enter.

[21:13:08] Cedany Blackstone could only watvch the INquisitor make his exit though she would soon look for the woman in red only--wait, a fox. Her one eye widened as her mind had begun to process all of this as she nearly stutted. "What... what is going on? Is nothing as it seems anymore!?" SHe yelled out more to herself and all she could do was look aheadc to the woman in blue with a mad gesture with her staff, a flailing of sorts. "Forget thy folly! Just... Just go or else be slain a gruesome death! Abandon thy folly!" She tried to stress this as best as she could.

[21:19] River had leaned down to yank out the knife out of Brugo. At first the womans speech made absolutely zero sense and she paid it just about as much heed as reclaimed what was hers. Of course when the inquisitor began yelling to retreat she frowned. But they were winning. And she took down a whatchacallit! Of course the roar was more than enough to explain -why- the inquisitor was running and she held one blade behind her and the other had the knife cradled in it as she started to back up slowly. She didn't pay the fox much heed though.

[21:19] Brugo laid there knocked out dreaming of large hairy women

[21:21] Bilbo Teabaggins (germanguy123) stumbled down the street, steadfast toward the church. He gave shot terrified glances behind his shoulder as he retreated, with a longing yearn in his eye as he looked at River. As if he wanted her to follow. That didn't last long, and he turned his blonde head to the north once more - and to his home.
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Lach it down replied the topic: When you realize you done goofed
[21:23] Mangy male werewolf looked at Cedany, and even if she looked different and her scent was caught far more keenly as a beast. Recognizing her easily. There would be a loud gallop like sound from the other side of the wall before a large hairy beast came into view. Sliding sideways some with its right hind leg kicked out to stop itself from sliding. The beast already looked more than battle scarred from the ones on its face, to its back, to the missing pinky on it's right hand...paw hand. It's eyes instantly moved from Brugo to River. It's pupils dilating as it locked onto her. Letting out a loud roar as it suddenly began racing on all fours toward her. Reaching out to swipe sharp claws in her direction once close enough.

[21:31] The fox went skidding as it approached the gate and rolled onto it side. It scrambled up onto its feet and dashed through the gate with a werewolf hot on its panicked heels. It ended up weaving around its arms and legs, by the mercy of the gods avoiding getting kicked or stomped--so far, anyway, and went and leapt onto Brugo's face. Saved! Now they can go home.

[21:33] Revenland Dice v1.4: That Bloody Pikey (Rafiel Sporaciao) rolls a 1d100: 15
[21:33] Revenland Dice v1.4: Xalithra Vinitail (Xalithra Resident) rolls a 1d100: 58

[21:43] Cedany Blackstone could only watch as the wolf charge dforward and she would keep her hands on her staff as she could only look on. "... If you are in there, just... do what you must and go. Don't murder anyone...!" Though this was coming from a very confused woman that could only watch people and this city she's never seen before.

[21:46] River blinked before her eyes widened as the werewolf came barging around the corner where it came. Right show time was over River. Time to serious the fuck up and get out of here with Edwin. She was about to bolt when the werewolf decided that it was going to come right at her. "Werewolves? Are you for real? Edwin don't think runnings an option!" She knew she wasn't going to outrun a werewolf and things got worse when it suddenly started swipping at her. Quickly rolling out of the way she threw the hidden knife into it's chest whether or not it hit she drew the other blade in her other hand intended now to dual wield.if she was going to have to fight a werewolf she didn't want to do it with just a short blade.

[21:46] Revenland Dice v1.4: Xalithra Vinitail (Xalithra Resident) rolls a 1d100: 82
[21:46] Revenland Dice v1.4: That Bloody Pikey (Rafiel Sporaciao) rolls a 1d100: 81

[21:47] Brugo winced while out cold as the fox landed on his pommel battered FACE

[21:49] Bilbo Teabaggins (germanguy123) periodically glanced behind himself and down the street once more, but this time he gasped loudly and stopped in his tracks to double-take. He hunched down, knees bent, and uneasily spectated what would likely be his acquaintance's death. The canine monster came for her... but she skilfully rolled around and fought back! He smirked in admiration, but abandoned her without a twinge of guilt. He turned his back on her and fast-walked away, twirling stole and all. He went to the church.

[21:53] Mangy male werewolf roared as a knife stuck into it's chest. Moving from all fours to stand up on it's hind legs. It almost looks like peoples. If peoples were huge and furry and snarled drool out of their large sharp teeth. Poor human brain would facepalm and want to save Brugo, but now there was sharp things in its chest. It reared up to pounce at her and try to sink it's teeth into her bicep.

[21:53] Revenland Dice v1.4: That Bloody Pikey (Rafiel Sporaciao) rolls a 1d100: 81
[21:54] Revenland Dice v1.4: Xalithra Vinitail (Xalithra Resident) rolls a 1d100: 41

[21:55] The fox was protecting Brugo! But he wasn't moving and that wasn't so good, so it hopped off his face, sat down on its haunches on the ground, and began to tap his face with a little black paw. Hey. Hey. Hey. Wake up. Hey.

[22:00] Cedany Blackstone "Killian!" She called out to the wolf with a worried look to see the knife stabbed into his chest but then watching him lash out. Though she would see the little strange fox with a... large one in a dress. She would carefully step over and went to kneel down gently to look out to Buro carefully.. "... I wish I had something ot tend to him. Will he be alright? ........ why in the bloody hells is he in a gown?"

[22:08] River watched edwin smirk in admiration as he left her. "Are you fucking kidding me! Coward!" She was going to have major words for Edwin if she survived this. Turning back she barely had time as the wolf lunged at her. Bringing her blades up in an inhuman reaction speed she managed to block the bite from finding tender flesh. Of course the sheer force of the pounce still pushed her back and into the ground painfully slow for her light frame. Her mortal enemy today as now she was on the ground with a massive werewolf on her. This was bad. If her friend was here she wouldn't have such a pain in her side. unhooking the blades from the wolfs face she forced herself to slide down him and through his legs slashing her two blades along each of the inner of his legs as she rolled to her knees behind him. "Any guards that aren't cowards would be appreciated right now!"

[22:08] Revenland Dice v1.4: Xalithra Vinitail (Xalithra Resident) rolls a 1d100: 79
[22:09] Revenland Dice v1.4: That Bloody Pikey (Rafiel Sporaciao) rolls a 1d100: 59

[22:10] Brugo winced several times until the man opened his eyes and brought his hands to his face groaning in pain. the man seen a fox and a woman looming over him. the man didnt say a thing and just forced himself to roll over and began to crawl away. after being hamstrung and stabbed int eh back of the other knee he wasnt going to be walking anywhere.

[22:10] Bilbo Teabaggins (germanguy123): * James the gate guard shifts a little where he stands. *
[22:19] Mangy male werewolf let out a loud yelp as the blades hit the back of his legs and tried to plop a large hand right over her face. Bearing all his weight if he did, in order to try and get up. Ears suddenly twitched as it watched several guards in a large group heading their way. That was enough to take him out of kill mode. Moving toward the trio as he tried to grab Brugo's leg and hurry toward the forest. Like a caveman dragging a club behind him on three legs....just a bugbear instead of a club.

[22:20] Revenland Dice v1.4: That Bloody Pikey (Rafiel Sporaciao) rolls a 1d100: 84
[22:20] Revenland Dice v1.4: Xalithra Vinitail (Xalithra Resident) rolls a 1d100: 25

[22:25] Cedany Blackstone blinked to the multi tailed fox. "T-Tis alright, Tis---" She could only fall on her rear end and crawl backwards when the wolf went straight for his friend and she would sit there as she watched them go. She was too shocked to move... and so the "druid" sat there with a perplexed look on her face and a look of confusion to all of this. ".... where... where--how---WHY....." So many questions. SO MANY QUESTIONS!

[22:30] River the slippery had finnally been caught under the werewolfs paw. She let out a yell as he bore his weight on her before going quiet. Blood trickled down her scalp as she lay limp under his paw. She was alive and aware as the blood trickled down her face however she was playing possum as she heard the guards coming. She was going to have hell of a headache once the adrenaline wore off but that would be the least of her problems. It wouldn't be untill she heard the guards running past her that she would let the fact she wasn't dead be revealed so for now she layed there letting the bandits think she'd died with a death grip on her weapons.

[22:30] Guards were coming out of the woodwork. The back of the city here wasn't guarded as much, so after the alarm began to spread and the sounds of growls began to scare citizens, guards had to relocate from their posts to investigate. And what a terrible sight--there was a lycan, right at there back door! And.. and that's where you don't want it to be except that one time you experimented with Frank but you two promised never to tell anyone about it again 'cause it was just that one time. As they rushed forward, swords and clubs drawn, a few readied their longbow with some arrows, tipped the bow up, and fired in Lek's direction.

[22:31] Revenland Dice v1.4: littlenixie (littlenixie Resident) rolls a 1d100: 14

[22:31] Brugo was still crawling away with a fox bumping into him, but he was mostly worried about you know, everything else. when all of a sudden the man was grabbed and yanked from his position screaming wildly and ragdolled across the ground as he clawed at the floor trying to save his own life, he had noidea what the hell was happening.

[22:31] Revenland Dice v1.4: That Bloody Pikey (Rafiel Sporaciao) rolls a 1d100: 33
[22:33] Revenland Dice v1.4: littlenixie (littlenixie Resident) rolls a 1d100: 59
[22:33] Revenland Dice v1.3: Scott McBride (ScottyPagan Resident) rolls a 1d100: 43
[22:34] Revenland Dice v1.4: Xalithra Vinitail (Xalithra Resident) rolls a 1d100: 3
[22:35] Revenland Dice v1.4: littlenixie (littlenixie Resident) rolls a 1d100: 18

[22:37] Mangy male werewolf let out a roar as arrows hit his back as he just started dragging Brugo outside of the village, but he did not stop yet and continued his limpy arse toward the forest. He gave a snarl to Cedany's words and who knew if he understood any of it or not. Or what the snarl meant as he tried to hurry the flippity flap out of there.
[22:40] The fox: And they left a lovely trail of blood behind on the cobbles. It hurried alongside the bugbear on three legs, its body low to the ground. If it hadn't already emptied its bladder on Lek's back, it probably would have pissed itself all over again. What exciting times to live in.

[22:40] Mangy male werewolf 's back hairs are stuck together a bit from fox pee*

[22:41] Cedany Blackstone saw guards were rushing about and there were arrows flying about. One almost hit her in the leg that sent her kicking about. "Oh bloody hells..." She had to scramble. She pushed herself up to her feet as she was quick to do what seemed the logical thing to do -- try to get the hell out of there. She couldn't catch up to a werewolf but she just wante dout of there, somewhere to just... as long as it wasn't there.

[22:42] Bilbo Teabaggins (germanguy123) had heard the uttering and shouts of many guards, and a sea of footsteps outside the church grounds. He shoved open the twin doors and peered outside into the darkness. As his eyes adjusted, he focused on the lanterns by the arch full of people... fighting. He slowly ambled along with some of the straggling guards, hands damp with blood.

[22:42] River clenched her teeth as she felt the biting of an arrow. Seriously?! They hit HER. She was going to find who shot that arrow and tried as hard as she could to maintain her visage of being dead untill the maelstrom of chaos stopped around her and she could seek medical attention. Yep she was gonna be confined to home after this fucking stunt for sure though they were likely going to think she was expecially dead now. At the least she could probably pull off one hell of a 'I thought you were dead' moment later.

[22:43] Brugo flailed his arms as arrows pelted the earth next to him. the bugbear looked down at the lycan not knowing or caring what this was anymore and yelled "FASTER!"

[22:43] Guards were waiting on top of the wall, unable to get a good target until now. "Over here!" one of the yelled. They rushed to one side and raised their arrows above their fingers, to pull back the string and aim. The targets were moving, but they had moved far enough away from the wall in their panic to be sighted. Arrows began to fly.

[22:43] Revenland Dice v1.4: littlenixie (littlenixie Resident) rolls a 1d100: 24
[22:44] Revenland Dice v1.3: Scott McBride (ScottyPagan Resident) rolls a 1d100: 91
[22:44] Revenland Dice v1.4: littlenixie (littlenixie Resident) rolls a 1d100: 93
[22:44] Revenland Dice v1.4: That Bloody Pikey (Rafiel Sporaciao) rolls a 1d100: 69
[22:45] Revenland Dice v1.4: littlenixie (littlenixie Resident) rolls a 1d100: 93

[22:47] Mimi (mimisinclair) was incredibly bored at the camp and she had looked everywhere could not find Lach or Brugo. So if they weren't in the fores... then they were probably drinking somewhere else. Although the only other place to get alcohol was the tavern in the town. Would they really? She stomped up to town only halfway there when she saw a werewolf. and stopped dead. Oh hell no. No. She cant. The one thing she cant handle. And was the Brugo at his feet? WHY? Her feet couldn't move at the sight of the werewolf and then suddenly arrows started raining from above and she looked up in shock her face white as snow.

[22:52] Cedany Blackstone would feel another arrow whiz on by her with a yelp and that one eye widening. They were firing at her too!? She would just keep running with her stick in hand as all she could do was to keep rushing into the darkest night after them with hands holding the stick close to her chest to keep up with the mighty band of animals. It was all she could do at this point despite her confusion. She may be lost but she felt this was her only shot... she certainly didn't want to hurt anyone!

[22:52] Mangy male werewolf continued off as he roared and drooled some in a run that sounded like two horses galloping at the same time. The tall grass shifted as hopefully all of them were running through it. His path straight toward the camp. The werewolf looked at Alondia and gave a sudden roar as it continued southwest past her.

[22:53] The fox tried to zip through Alondia's legs! And maybe have given her a bushy welcome with its tails, oops.

[22:57] Mimi (mimisinclair) was sure her heart stopped as the werewolf roared at her. Now she couldn't breath. As the fox ran between her legs she nearly fell over on top of it! She dodged an arrow or two miraculously and started to run, away from the wolf because eff that and back somewhere else, breathing heavy and about to have a panic attack.

[23:07] Mangy male werewolf dropped Brugo rather roughly as its' fur started to seemingly shrink back into its skin. All the other bandits stood up drunk, startled, but ready to fight. At least until Princess Brugilda was visible. Then the fox that was in the cage the other day. Only unfamiliar person was Cedany and possibly the werewolf. The bandits backed up as the werewolf crawled on all fours in a limp, roaring out in pain as the snout started to retreat back into his face. The mangy back, with fur receding, would become more obvious of all the slashings and scars across his back. Muscles shrank as the body broke and rebuilt itself into. Mainly the feet. That shit hurt!

[23:08] The fox was laying on Brugo's body as he was dragged back, because one shouldn't turn down a free ride. It flicked its tails as they entered camp, feeling a moment of bravery for one second before it returned to skulking low on the bugbear's chest.

[23:09] Cedany Blackstone propped onto the stick as she panted heavily, taking gulps of air as she would watch the werewolf change slowly back to the form she knew all too well. Though with the panic beginning to set aside did her eyes wnadered to the cross dressing Brugo, the fox, and other bandits about. Her only eye observed the details of the wood and other little detail. It was... different. She remained quiet though, letting things settle.

[23:09] Brugo landed with thud and groan, not that it mattered he was just drug face down through the forest screaming from stab, slash, and drag pains, not to mention any brambles they ran through. the man just laid there a battered bleeding pulp on the ground starign up at the sky this had to be bugbear hell...

[23:09] Alondia skirted along the edges of camp for a bit, too scared to actually go back to her home if the werewolf was there and for now she hid behind the wagon, watching with pure terror on her face.

[23:16] Mangy male werewolf continued to shift as his neck shrunk and vertebrae near the top of his spine realigned itself. That shit hurt too! Fuck, it all hurt. The roars and snarls turned into into strange half shifted noises before finally a man's groans. The tail easing back into nothing but a tail bone. The man huffed as he tried to stand in a stumble but to no avail. The slash at his legs in human form left him fallen back down before he could even get up. Collapsing back as his fingers dug into the dirt. A familiar form now butt ass naked as it hunched over while on its knees. Shoulder blades pushed together as hand to elbow resting on the ground. His head hung down as he tried to catch his breath.

[23:20] The fox hopped off Brugo's body and kept low beside it, tails flattened against the ground, in an attempt to draw as little attention to itself as possible.

[23:20] Cedany Blackstone took a deep breath after she finished taking in the surroundings before she would look to 'Killian' with him fully transformed back with her stick held in hand and a good long stare. "... Killian, what was--why were you dressed as a woman? Why is he dressed like a woman? Who was that man slumped by the wall? Where am I? What is all this!?" ... so many questions and she would be the last one that should question a man to dress in feminine attire.

[23:21] Brugo laid there staring up at the sky and ripped off the hat and face cover. "cookie... all for cookies." the man covered his face "didnt even get cloth bolt." the man was about to start sobbing and couldnt focus on anything besides the past event

[23:22] Alondia watched the transformation for afar. She had seen it so many times, but on Foalan. not Lek. On Foalan it was normal. But when Lach did it, her heart ached for him but it also scared her so bad. She was quite literally shaking as she half hid behind the wagon, half watched in fear. Lachs nakedness was the only thing that added any color to her pale cheeks.

[23:26] Lachlan Gael took slow and deep breaths as he tried to regain his composure, not moving at all to look at her as she spoke. " wait?" He seemed to notice something as he peeked from under his bicep before the arm stretched out to gesture at something. A bottle of black rum. Yea, numb the pain. Even if alcohol got him in trouble the first time!!

[23:28] The fox heard the bugbear mumble something. He was alive! Continuing to sink low, it hurried off on three legs, to go hide underneath the wagon. Although noticing some legs on the other side, it would sneak slowly up and try to sniff at Alondia.

[23:29] Cedany Blackstone parted her lips as she wanted to say more but then hearing Brugo start sobbing and her gaze slowly looked over to Lachlan/Killian... and she felt a sudden tiredness come over her. She was exhausted from all of that. Her shoulders sagged with an exasperated exhale. "... Aye. It can wait until the morn." She let her gaze looked out to the wood before to the others with an awkward stance. "... Nice to, uh... meet all of you. I won't be far." She murmured before she would turn and let herself move from the camp.

[23:31] Kisruk: The Imp had been following on watching these odd creatures for awhile now. They were interesting to say the least! Not to mentioned they had funny looking, brightly colored skin! At least one did, and other was a shape shifter, and another was a funny looking tree at the same time! Leaning waaaay over the edge of the roof it was perched on to get a look, Kisruk extended a bit too far, which in turned caused the thing to do an Olympic style high dive, involving a couple flips through the air before thudding into the ground. Not as if something so small would make much noise as it was. Grabbing and ankle it began rolling on the ground, crying out in a tiny voice "Ow! my balls!"

[23:32] Brugo was still sobbing in failure on his back "someone give brugo metal!" the man had been bleeding from both his legs for a while now and the man wanted to stop that.

[23:33] Alondia looked down when she felt something hear her leg and smiled once she noticed the fox although she was still scared shitless. "Hey." She whispered, reaching down to scratch behind its ears if he let her while she still watched the two men and the woman at the camp. What was she even supposed to say to Lach now? And wait... was Brugo crying? Yeah, she was happier back here with the fox although she was probably in view of the guys now.

[23:40] Lachlan Gael peeked up at the bugbear as he started to sob, "Yer awlright, big guy..." He went to crawl toward the alcohol. Looking around for metal. But his muscles felt weak, he was having trouble just moving. Another bandit at least went to give Brugo some metal in an entire uncertainty. Lachlan would nod toward Cedany's words as he tried to say something. Though his eyes were growing heavy. He tried to slowly make it to his tent. Pausing a moment as he thought he heard something. Did Cera kick one of the other bandits in the balls again? sounded like it was comning from the anvil..was it? His head was pounding and it was hard to tell. But he was too injured and exhausted as he would literally just pass out butt naked if no one helped him make it to his tent or threw something over him .

[23:41] The fox froze when it realized it'd been noticed, and when she moved, it jerked back and hid further beneath the wagon. It laid down and slumped its head on one if its arms, ears cocked sideways, as if it were depressed. Suddenly it heard something squeak, a little voice, and its ears perked.

[23:41] Cedany Blackstone didn't say much else as she would move to the wood -- just far enough but least close to the camp to settle by a tree in a near curl. Her eye felt heavy as she would find herself passing out quick by said tree.

[23:43] Brugo ripped off his dress and wrapped it around the metal to shove it into the flames of the fire using it as a handle, and once the metal was hot enough the man would reach behind himself and fumble about to burn his wounds and pass out for the pain

[23:44] Alondia frowned when the fox shied away from her. She just wanted to be friends. "Fine." She muttered and finally walked into camp picking up a sausage and tossing it under the wagon so the fox could have it. Then she walked to her tent, picked up her cloak that she had gotten during the raid and laid it over Lach covering him before she ran off to her tent.

And that my friends, was the day that the bandits STILL didn't realize they had a drinking problem.
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