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Building of the Bandit Brothel/Tavern

1 year 6 months ago #214 by Zod's Disciple
Zod's Disciple created the topic: Building of the Bandit Brothel/Tavern
[15:32] Red was back, another day, another bout of work. The hours had gone by at a snail's pace, the day before, and it seemed like she'd gotten so little done. There was the teeniest bit of satisfaction that part of the labor had been hers, but only when she was resting and exhausted afterward. And then there was the dread of the next day to come. Her hands were already sore and become calloused, and her muscles were screaming. Now tomorrow had become today, and the work didn't become much easier. The repetition of struggling to saw, the straining of her arms as she carried more wood to the site. It seemed to never end.
[16:21] Red's hands were sweaty as she sawed wood. So far she found the key was to applying the right pressure. Not too much or the blade stuck in the wood, but not too little or the blade would hardly register. It still took a while to get to the bottom of each log. She had to fight the urge to just try and snap it, because it'd leave a bit splinter that she'd have to saw off anyway. Sometimes it happened anyway as she was finishing up, and then she'd just break the splinter off before she lugged the wood to its pile.
[16:23] Father Brennos Wu Gong lurched onto the construction site and tried to survey the work in progress. He wasn't above manual labor, and appreciated it at times. Now would be one of those times. Prepared for a multitude of activities, as always, the priest brought tools. But would they be nicessary at this point? Yes. He saw Red with the saw, and went to go get the larger two man saw. "Let us proceed to cut timber." Okay, that was a little too ominous for a construction project. But it was happening. At any rate, being in on the ground floor, as it was, would enable him to do some interesting things with the wards.
[16:24] Red grinned at seeing Brennos arrive. Setting aside the saw, she took the other half of his. It went a LOT easier with two people working it, and had more power driven behind it. She hadn't been willing to ask anyone else for help; she doubt she had earned the right to receive it. Luckily there was the cleric. Sawdust began to fly into the air as they worked.
[16:29] Father Brennos Wu Gong cutting wood took a while, but it was finished in due course. Laying the foundations though, that was something more difficult. "Are there specifications for a basement? And I'll be assed if I don't get the foundations right. They are important." The priest lay down his staff and broadened his stance, facing the north. Inhaling deeply, then expelling a blast of violet smoke, the priest threw his arms up as if he were a composer, humming and thrumming some arcane melody.
[16:31] Red opened her mouth wide and then closed her lips, to blow air out in a pbbbt sound, while she shrugged her shoulders. "I don't know," she said. So helpful.
[16:44] Father Brennos Wu Gong shrugged in return. "Well too bad if they want one." A building did need foundations though. Drawing his breath in, the priest's hands opened wide, opalescent amber beads forming beneath the dessicated flesh. Glowing brightly for a moment before they detonated with a gout of pus, coolant, and preservative, the ground began to rumble gently as the stones oriented to the priest's command. "Run to the mountain, it will not hide you. Run to the sea, it will not have you. Run to your grave, I promise, it will not hold you." He rumbled, threatening the earth into submission more than anything. Larger slabs of bedrock emerged at the surface, smaller pieces of stone retreating beneath the soil. The cracking and splintering of rock resounded, almost deafening at times. But within 10 minutes or so, the foundation rose to meet the surface, rather than being lain. Manual labor was good and all, but he didnt' want to be out here for weeks digging a hole and filling it with rocks.
[16:53] Red set the saw aside and watched him curiously. Although when his hands began to glow, she backed the hell off, and well out of the work site. Usually things exploded when he used his kind of magic. She clamped her hands over her ears at the cacophony of sound, but watched in awe as rock rose up out of the earth. Sweeeeet. Once she thought he was done, she began to sidle closer, though cautiously. "What can you do next?" she asked, excited at the idea of less manual labor.
[16:56] Father Brennos Wu Gong blinked slowly, thought carefully, and laughed. "I can do a lot. But what I'm going to do, is start taking measurements for us to put a frame together. So go rustle up some nails and get the timber together." Okay, lets see...pacing around the site, he marked some seemignly arbitrarily, but rather evenly spaced and linear points with chalk on the stone. "Load bearing on the Xs, corners are the Ls, and Doorways are the | |. Lets get to it."
[17:20] Red scrambled about to find some nails. There were already piles of log, both uncut and cut. She was pretty much running around like a headless chicken, unsure what to do unless told. She'd never made a building in her life!
[17:26] Father Brennos Wu Gong had made lots. And lots of bad ones. This wouldnt be one of the bad ones. He'd Show Red how to take levels, make joints of all sorts, dovetails, T, Square, and how to reinforce them. Wattle and daub was easy enough, but that came later. For now, it was just constructing the frame to fit the lot, and also making ladders to get to the second story. Roofing it would be annoying if it wasn't thatch, but he wasn't sure on the specs.
[17:28] Red didn't like the levels part. If she had her way, she would have just thrown everything together, cut without measuring, nail without prejudice. Although the times she got away with it, she found she had to redo it, because it just didn't work right. She got frustrated a few times and flung ruined pieces outside of the work site, screamed, stomped, taken a water break, and then gone back to work under his supervision.
[17:40] Father Brennos Wu Gong was a patient teacher. Except when he hammered his thumb. That meant a lot of swearing and cursing. But it was part of the ordeal. After showing Red some basic safety precautions and helping her establish a partial floor to work on, Brennos went about setting the wards for the place. This was what he had really come to do. Magic dampeners, energy suppression, arcane sinks, psionic scramblers, interference emitters, the works. But, and this was important, being in at the creation of the wards meant he could insert some loop holes. One, of course, for himself. The other, for limiters. If a Dragon wanted to come in not as a dragon, well that was reasonable. But that was about the only extent of it. It was a lot more work than to just create an antimagic zone, but that wouldn't go over will with a lot of the clientele.
[17:44] Red winced as he suddenly exploded in profanity, though she was now learning more than just building, and would file those words away for later. She breaked occasionally to rehydrate, she wasn't used to working this hard. When he went to work on the wards, she set out to the task she'd been set to do, such as measuring wood, cutting, placing planks, and nailing things down. Occasionally she had to wait until he had a moment so she could yell a question, and would use the time in the meantime to rest.
[18:04] Father Brennos Wu Gong hours had passed. They had more accidents. They eventually decided to use wooden shingles because they had too much wood in the first place. Someone else would furnish it later. There were problems with the building, sure. But not as many as Brennos anticipated. Mortaring the stone was restive work for him at least, and if Red wanted to help too, then all the better. Eventually, seeing as how they were still not done and time was running against them, Brennos called in reinforcements: skeletal laborers. More agile than zombies, and not falling to bits to boot. They certainly helped move the supplies around faster, if nothing else.
[18:20] Red was thankful for more of the reinforcements. The bandits had enough fun looting and traumatizing passerbys, but few seemed to want to put in the actual work. She tried to work alongside them, after she got over her initial curiosity of them being skeletons. A few times she had an accident just because she became too fascinated just watching them. But along the way she loosely learned how to create mortar--it smelled terribly--and how to apply it between rocks. It was tedious but at least she got to crouch for most of it, giving her legs a rest while her arms worked.
[18:27] Father Brennos Wu Gong slapped mortar on carelessly, scraping it back up with the trowel and reapplying it. It was tedious, but it was not too challenging and it allowed for some mistakes. The arch would be harder, and Brennos wasn't about to tackle that without 3 other skeletons helping him hold it in place while they got the keystone ready. The fireplace though, that would take some doing. "Did they give you an account to buy anything or do we just have to make it ourselves?" Bloody fireplaces were a hassal and a half in the priest's eye. "We gotta cut the floor upstairs to allow for it is all, and we do need to finish that."
[18:30] Red was actually taking her time with the mortar, making sure it was generously and carefully applied. Though the cleric would get more done via his own method. When he asked her about the fireplace, she looked up. "I don't know," she replied. Again, so helpful. "I don't think he expected it to start getting done this fast," she said, and gestured to one of the nearby skeletons. She set down her tool and scratched behind an ear. "What if you didn't?" she asked. "Like..." She began to make gestures with her fingers. "What if it just went out the wall? Instead of through the next floor?"
[18:37] Father Brennos Wu Gong shrugged. "Doable. But the top floor would lose some heat as a result. Also a lot easier for us. But we still have to make the damn thing. "Assuming they didn't give us anything to but something with, then cheap and easy is the way to do it. And that would be cheaper and easier. We don't have to wall that area, we just have to plaster the corners." More mortar, more stone, more walls. Urf.
[18:39] Red bit her lower lip and made a face as she thought about it. "How.. do you get the heat upstairs? You mean the tall thing that comes up from the fireplace goes through the second floor and heat comes off it? Or do you do a second fireplace?" She didn't know squat about architecture, but it was kind of interesting. At least in theory. In execution, it was just damn tiring.
[19:03] Father Brennos Wu Gong paused to explain some basic physics and architecture. "Heat rises. And heat will radiate from the fireplace. And from the chimney that it rises from. If it's inside, then 3 of the sides will be inside, and that means more heat inside. But, it's also harder to do. Either way, we can either use bricks, or stone slabs if we get some good ones. But I'm not going to chisel those out, and I'm not going to pay for them out of my own-" The priest stopped mid sentence to catch and support a beam that was a bout to slip from the second floor flooring. "Be a dear and go nail this in properly will you?"
[19:05] Red wasn't getting what he was saying, as it was. She just stared slack-jawed, failing to envision what he was saying. When he suddenly snatched the beam, she immediately pointed toward a skeleton. "He did it. Or didn't do it," she accused. "Oh no wait, not him. It was the one with the chip on his shoulder, he did it," she claimed. But regardless, she went to go get the right tool for the job, and then would hurry back over with some nails, and climbing up a ladder, tried to balance herself and nail the wood in at the same time.
[19:22] Father Brennos Wu Gong waited, and after she nailed it in, he gave it a firm shake to test it. Satisfied, he tested th rest of the beams similarly, and then begrudgingly set to work on the fireplace, stacking stone and loosely mortaring it. "Hold this while it settles." Pile it up carefully, balance the rocks, nope, as it crumbled to peices. "Okay, Im gonna build some scaffolding." That'd prevent it from collapsing at least.
[19:28] Red went about nailing down the beams she thought seemed a tad loose after he tested them, even if they didn't really need it. When he told her to do something, she set aside the hammer and ran over to hold it carefully. And then it went and crumbled anyway. "Sorry," she muttered. She moved over toward the pile of cut wood. "These?" she asked, and picked up a piece.
[19:32] Father Brennos Wu Gong nodded, using some leather straps to tie it together or nail it together to make a rectangular scaffolding. "Nothing too big, just something to hold the shape of the fireplace and chimney while we build it." Small, thin, rectangular, but still firmly three dimensional. "We build it around this, and then build out from there to the chalk marks right there." He nodded to said chalk marks.
[19:33] Lachlan moved down the path, his brows lifting as he saw the finished foundation. A shit eating grin coming over his face as he moved around and went 'in' to approach them. He looked around a moment before going himself to start taking his tunic off, "Whot ar'ye guys workin' on now? Fireplace?"
[19:34] Red's face lit up, as she dragged the wood over. "To hold it in place while the stuff dries!" See, she was getting it! Just slowly. She propped it up by the rocks and then said, "If you get the straps, I'll hold it." She was used to seeing movement about, since Brennos had brought in his skeletal aides, but when she actually heard a voice, she flinched. She looked over and spied Lek, which just made everything worse. She didn't say anything, but just tried to pretend occupied, her gaze elsewhere, as if she didn't hear. Brennos could handle it.
[19:45] Father Brennos Wu Gong nodded, and slathered some mortar on the stone heavily before adding another one. "Correct on both counts. Nearly finished. Been working most of the day." Skeletons continued to labor upstairs, hammering away mindlessly. Free labor was one of the many perks of necromancy, and a boon to the impatient. "I got the place warded up against most everything, and did what I could considering there was no budget. Most of this stuff is salvaged or just dug up. Not high quality stone, but it's up to standard." Not code, since those didn't exist yet. "Red was here a few hours before I showed up. Also, you fine with wood shingles? I ain't going to gather thatch, and if you want slate or ceramic, then you're gonna pay through the nose."
[19:51] Lachlan folded his arms across hsi chest as he listened, glancing to any skeletal aids at first defensively before realizing they were working on the home. And for Brennos' words to confirm it. As he mentioned Red being there hours earlier and he glanced over at her, but there was no glare. "Wood shingles ar' fine. I'd rather tey foundation be stronger than anythin'. I don' mind addin' ah bit ov ah budget. We still ahv moni from ta raids an' ta first ransom coin." He kept the amount out, since it'd just make him look greedy like he is at making Red pay the second ransom money back. He looked around and began moving about the area to inspect things,
[19:56] Red kept her gaze on the work, while she chewed dead skin from her chapped lips. It wasn't much for the moment, just holding up wood to give the mortar a chance to dry. She listened to talk of budgets and shingles, and hated all of it, because it meant this project was never going to end. She was going to work at this the rest of her life and it just blew. She wanted to be running around eating earthworms and chasing mice. She let out a sigh, that surprised her when her breath ran up her nose. "How long do we have to wait?" she asked Brennos.
[20:05] Father Brennos Wu Gong grinned, having seen to that personally. "You'll be pleased then. I commanded the bedrock to rise and warded it myself." With all that it entailed. " Hammers continued to bang, saws continued to chew into wood. "Not that long. 20 minutes for it to solidify, but I can handle this. You go make sure the workmanship upstairs is up to par." Unfurnished as of yet, the first floor was done, the second around 80%. The frame had been in place for awhile, and barring the earlier accident, things had proceeded smoothly. The stone brick flooring wouldnt need to be grouted, thankfully, and the freshly sawn scent of wood battled with Brennos' stench for supremacy.
[20:10] Lachlan now felt silly being shirtless as Brennos asked him to manage more than work. Pouting a moment before going to grab his shirt and bundle it up toward a tit as he shrugged, "I spose I can." He looked around again, he was obviously please through the stupid smirk on his face. Finally snapping out of it and he proceeded up the steps. Carefully though, as he inspected each one all the way up.
[20:12] Red's face contorted at the mention of twenty minutes. She didn't want to wait that long! Thankfully he was cutting her loose. Now she'd have to figure out what up to par meant, in terms of the architecture she'd only learned today. Though as she turned to move for the stairs, she realized she was forced to have to interact with the Bandit King. She stopped short of the stairs and looked back toward Brennos, now unsure who he had actually been directing. She slowly followed after, trying to move quietly and draw less attention. Once he was up the ladder, she poked her head up to peer around the second floor. Work aside, it was fascinating how buildings started off looking nothing like buildings, and then began to come together.
[20:16] Father Brennos Wu Gong smirked evily to himself. This was how you created your own entertainment. Hopefully it wouldn't just be awkward silence. That was boring. Holding three large rocks in place, the priest prodded conversation into play. "Red, tell him what you learned!" Also a good chance to evaluate what she did learn.
[20:19] Cera whispers to someone, "If you want a little extra service in your tent tonight--get bent."
[20:20] Lachlan proceeded up the steps, still keeping a bit of distance from the skeletons as he watched them carefully. After getting more comfortable that they wouldn't try to eat him and he would move closer. Watching their handiwork and making sure nothing was unstable or placed wrong.
[20:24] Red was a bit at a loss for words. She climbed up the rest of the ladder and moved very carefully over the floor, because she wasn't 100% that this was actually stable. Sure, she'd nailed most of it down, but a person could still make mistakes. That and she didn't know how well these skeletons were actually doing their work. "Oh, uh.. I learned you have to have a foundation... to hold stuff up. And you have to measure stuff right.. or it won't fit. And you have to be careful when your fingers when you hammer..." she began to drone on. "And the stuff for the rocks has to be mixed a certain way or it doesn't stick good enough... and that fireplaces on the first floor can heat the second floor." Somehow. She wasn't completely knowledgeable on that bit, but she would take Brennos's word for it.
[20:42] Father Brennos Wu Gong hoped some of the more technical aspects had stuck with her. The fireplace was stable, enough, at this point, and he rose to his feet, grumbling. Well, it'd be solid soon enough, but it was stable now. The skeleton's workmanship was adequate, not expert or masterful. It wouldn't collapse, and it would need repairs in due time. But it got the job done. "First floor is done as far as I can see! How's it look up there?"
[20:47] Lachlan scratched at his greasy head as he watched him, cringing a bit at being too picky before realizing free labor. "Not bad, I might need tae bring ta bandits an' me ta secure ah few things but if it gets it done an' it gets it done. Long as it isn' gunna fall on us." He paused and looked over at Red, staring at her a long while in a more unwelcoming manner than he actually meant. He looked off and toward the skeletons as if annoyed and gave a brief, "Mhm." to too poor girl. But he would at least add, "Ye been at tis awl day, huh?" He was obviously still pissed at her but at least TRIED to make conversation.
[20:50] Red slowly began to grit her teeth as he stared. While he probably didn't mean to, she was taking it as a sign that he wanted her to shut up and get out of his sight, and it was making her feel ill. "Yeah," she answered. She headed back for the stairs and began to climb back down.
[20:57] Father Brennos Wu Gong conveniently blocked the stairway, inspecting the lintel above the door, and tapping it carefully. "Needs some dowels, nails." A skeleton trundled up and provided them, or more accuratly, he pulled it off the bag of bones in passing. Insentient drones, animated but not possessing any semblance of knowledge their lives. "Quite so. Been a busy day. Good to get out of the fane and study, out in the...fresh air." Blegh. It was daylight too. Completely screwed up his rhythm.
[21:00] Lachlan put a simple, "Good." and looked around. Trying to now pull away his pissy mood at her. He knew she'd been working hard but it would obviously take awhile to forgive her. "We're gunna ahv ta comawp wittah name ye'know.....Ta Whalin' Wrench? Salty Seamen? Tits n' Ale....Blisterin' Boner. Whot'do'ye think Brennos?" RED WAS RIGHT THERE. ACKNOWLEDGE HER YA DICK.
[21:04] Red stopped in the middle of the stairs as Brennos appeared. She really hoped he wasn't planning to come up, that would be awkward, since she was in the way. "I can get them," she said, but then a skeleton approached with the very things. She slowly began to frown while puckering out her lower lip. Great, now they were just having a conversation back and forth while she stood there on the stairs. She tried to maintain a calm disposition but inside she had lost her calm, and was raging. She had a headache from all the noise, she was tired, sweaty, calloused, and she thought she could kill a bitch right here, if she had to. She just stared at Brennos while they talked, as if psionically trying to knock him back from the stairs. Not that she had that power, but she wished very hard that she did.
[21:08] Father Brennos Wu Gong visibly cringed at the title. "I'm sure that the patrons would enjoy that." This was true. But he did not audibly share his thoughts on the name. Redirecting, he leisurely looked towards Red. " Which of those options do you like? Whalin' Wrench isn't completely abhorrent." For his efforts, he looked unphased by a day of hard labor. Granted, he'd spent a lot of energy, and beneath the robes there was a lot of solid waste that needed to be scraped off his chassis, and he needed to actually consume something, but hey, no sweat and minimal wear. After lassoing Red into the conversation, he stood aside, grinning or grimmacing.
[21:16] Lachlan smirked, "Soothin' Slit.Geitit? Like-" He pointed at Red's crotch all nonchalent and as she was asked her opinion and he peeked at her a little. A slight curious look. short post be short
[21:18] Red slowly began to cringe at Brennos' words. "They're all just wonderful," she said, without looking away from him. She began to hastily move down the steps, and would pause before the cleric. "Excuse me." Luckily for her, she missed the gesture.
[21:21] Father Brennos Wu Gong had run out of tactful ways to amuse himself, so he stood aside and let her past. "I'm sure I have no idea what you mean." He knew exactly what he meant, but he wasn't going to give him the satisfaction of saying it, the prude that he was. Obviously, he was not associated with many fertility gods and goddesses. Come to think of it, none. "The Dancing Troll would be my suggestion. Partially because that mental image is amusing. And if you have that sort of dancing, then it will be even more amusing." Or mortifying.
[21:33] Lachlan snorted a little as he just explain, "Vag." Though he lifted a brow a moment and folded his arms again in a little inspection as Red's dismissal, as if he had to make sure the skeletons made her securely as well. It was a judgey look. "Red." It was blunt and quick.
[21:34] Red wasn't sure if that was part of one of his titles or if he was saying her name, so instead of finding something else to do, she stopped next to Brennos and turned around to see if he was talking to her.
[21:38] Father Brennos Wu Gong took this moment to direct the skeletons mutely, gesturing occasionally, and tacitly ignoring the other two. Man, making other people talk who didn't want to was difficult
[21:39] Lachlan rose both brows now, "Get Cera ta go to the beach wit ye if ye wanna clean up, but yer done fer ta day." It was a command, but he actually wanted her to rest. He glanced over at Brennos as he finished bossing her around, "Aye an' Brennos, ye ougghta rest yerself."
[21:47] Father Brennos Wu Gong looked away from the skeletons to Lachlan, and considered his words. "No rest for the wicked I'm afraid." One of the advantages of mechanization and undeath, rest was more about time and energy management. Shoving something flammable down his gob was good enough, and with enough heat, anything was flammable. Sure, it was unrefined, but it was good short term. "If that's the all clear call though, I do need to go observe some rituals. And devote a few hours to study. Just going to do some last minute checks." Mostly on the mortar on the fire place and some places on the walls. A few ginger kicks, and then a solid one, and no real results. Good.
[21:49] Red was internally relieved. She was tired as hell, greasy, dirty, and more than anything she just wanted to lay down somewhere and relax. And thank goodness for Cera and her female-ness, because lately she'd taken a lot more of an aversion to males. At the dismissal, she looked toward Brennos. Kind of for a secondary dismissal. "I can go to the beach?" she asked him.
[21:49] Father Brennos Wu Gong grunted, nodded. "Sure."
[21:55] Red grinned big and would wait for Cera to finish up whatever she was doing, before the two would head off.

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