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The First Catacombs Skirmish

1 year 5 months ago - 1 year 3 months ago #229 by inboccaallupo
inboccaallupo created the topic: The First Catacombs Skirmish

[15:46] Herr Bartholomew grunted, wondering why there were so many people idling in the forecourt of the church. He approached and glared expectantly.

[15:47] Abram wasn't used to being at the church on a Wednesday, but after hearing some of the weird stuff going down in the catacombs, he thought he'd check it out.

[15:52] Dolus watched quietly as he each person came along. Nodding toward the one that had helped the night before, "Wish me to take the planks out now?"

[15:55] Jerad Teigo rest his wrist limply on the hilt of his sword. Glancing around the outside of the church. From the well to the trees it held. Finally, as others came, and his bowed his head. "Here for the skirmish as well?"

[16:03] Herr Bartholomew looked blankly to the speaker, and carefully drew his francesa. "No. What skirmish? Skirmishes typically aren't planned in town...except by bandits and their ilk." He gave a knowing look to Abram and jerked his head toward the other.

[16:04] Abram followed Bart's glance to the other two and then looked back to him. "They say the dead be rising in the catacombs," he explained. "I'll take their word for it but I wanted a look for myself." He looked toward the priest and gave him a respectful nod. He'd been raised religious, and he wasn't about to do anything in the presence of a priest that would make his mother roll around in her grave. He could almost feel his ear hurting, like a phantom tug of reprimanding.

[16:08] Dolus looked between them all, hands tucked into the opposite sleeves. Patiently waiting for the others, "One of our priests spoke of a dead one rising last night during the strange storms. The ones that reeked of death. For such dark magic near the church is uneasy to say the least." He slowly moved toward the graves as he explained, "The strange storms did not seem to be just over the village, so we are unaware if this is occurring in the cemetery or anywhere else. I have not seen if for myself, so I hope it is all a farce of some sort."

[16:12] Jerad Teigo opened his mouth to try and explain to Herr though the priest seemed to beat him to it. He paused, unsure if he should follow the priest, before doing so anyway.

[16:28] Jinx Wolf (jinxychan) walks by the courtyard, her attentions drawn to the crowd of people. What reason did they have to gather? She quietly slips over to eavesdrop on the conversations being had.

[16:29] Abram followed the priest closer to the graves, and eyed them in silence. A sudden realization hit him: His own parents, rising from the grave, decaying and undead. His father's face, perhaps even grimmer in death. He suppressed a shudder and began to reach for his flask, before he remembered he was on church grounds, in the presence of a priest. "We can only hope," he replied to Dolus.

[16:30] Herr Bartholomew sneered and started to pat himself down, alright. Arms check, eventually coming to the point of busting out a tenderbox. "So, we have some intel then... Well hopefully its wrong." He fiddled with it, trying to prime it.

[16:31] jwolf2062: *waking in the town watching as the guards walked off I'd begin to scheme and would dart into the biggest house I spotted under the door I'd begin to search the house for goods*

[16:31] Dolus noticed someone in the back, but simply nodded his head. Thinking they were simply part of the group as well. "I have a lantern you may use if needed."

[16:32] A cat immediately took notice of the gnome as he scampered in under the doorway and began to stalk after him, before giving a full out chase.

[16:33] Jerad Teigo adjusted his belt some as he looked over the others and back toward the priest, "Being able to see would help. I do believe there are some torches you mentioned down there yesterday, did you not?"

[16:37] Jinx Wolf (jinxychan) creeps a little bit closer and eyes the others. She nods to Dolus but still says nothing as she inches closer, still waiting for more information on why these people were gathered. Why would they need torches? It was still broad daylight. Granted a bit cloudy but no need for torches yet.

[16:45] The cat would skid to a halt and then leap up onto the table, and attempt to eat this tailless mouse gnome.

[16:46] Abram spied some movement out of the corner of his eye and turned to see a well-dressed woman watching them. He raised his eyebrows and bowed courteously. "M'lady. Have you come looking for me? My reputation is... quite well known." He gave her a wink.
[16:47] Abram quickly added, "For being a wonderful guard, that is." Right. Priest was here.

[16:47] jwolf2062: *spotting the cat I'd panic and rock the chest and would rock it hard enough for the lid to come down and shut leaving me stuck in the chest*

[16:49] Dolus nodded, "Indeed there are torches. Simply relight them if they've gone out. I would still take a lantern just in case. If what they say is true, it's best to see every corner." He moved into the church for a moment before stepping back outside to hand out. "Whoever wishes to lead the skirmish." He caught Abram's words toward the woman and couldn't help but smile.

[16:54] Jerad Teigo stepped forward in a slight delay, "I'll take the lantern." It made sense after all, he had the heaviest armor. With a deep breath as his nerves got to him some and he took the lantern offered. Turning to the others, "We should head down before it gets too late." He paused and looked at the woman that Abram addressed. "May we help you, m'lady?"

[16:55] Jinx Wolf (jinxychan) looks at Abrum and places her hand in front of her mouth as she chuckles slightly. Ah men, always so confidant of their... masculinity. "I wouldn't know." She says softly, removing her hand. "I was simply curious to the gathering. Might I ask what is going on?" She questions as she looks at them, a tad confused.

[16:57] Abram raised his eyebrows and replied to the woman. "It is not for the faint of heart. They say the dead are waking below us, but I'm sure it's just someone's idea of a jest. It could be a dangerous task to go find out, but were you wishing to come, I'd protect you." He stood up a little straighter and smirked. "Surely if you faint, I will be there to catch you."

[16:59] Dolus cleared his throat gently to the conversation being had so near the grounds of the church before speaking out. Handing the lantern over toward Jerad without delay. "If you do wish to join them, do be careful. We not know much of the speakings of what is occurring below." He nodded at Jerad's words. "He has a point, some say dark magic grows stronger at night. We need not wait for something to possibly become more aggressive then."

[17:06] jwolf2062: *sits in the chess looking out the key hole having quickly put my needle between it to keep it from locking I'd sit tightly waiting for the cat to give up*

[17:07] Jerad Teigo seemed slightly worried of the woman joining but would reluctantly agree. "If you do wish, m'lady." He peeked over at Abram with a certain look, "Try not to put our lives at risk just to impress her, would you?" He glanced over at the priest with a nod. "I am ready whenever."

[17:08] Jinx Wolf (jinxychan) smiles at the man as she rolled her eyes playfully. "If you so desire to... protect me, it would be rude of me to object." She replies lightly as she steps into the courtyard. "As for the dead rising... I would pray not. Those pour souls deserve to rest in peace, and not to be disturbed. If I may be of use I would like to come as well."

[17:10] Abram heard Jerad, but seemed to ignore him for now. He moved over and held out his hand to take hers, and if she allowed it, would attempt to kiss the back of her hand. "I am Abram, of the City Watch. A pleasure to make your acquaintance. Come, miss---? We must hurry before darkness falls."

[17:15] Dolus smiled and shook his head as he moved toward the door. Having another priest and an acolyte aid him in taking the nails out to pull the planks off. Though kept the door locked for now. Just in case. "Remember, there could be some just on the other side of the door."

[17:17] Jerad Teigo took the lit lantern to raise up and even laughed some at Abram's introduction. Turning around to follow the priest, "Jerad Teigo, we uh. need." The words drifted off as he spoke to Elissa and just continued to walk a little stiffly.

[17:20] Jinx Wolf (jinxychan) chuckles, allowing him to take her hand and kiss the back of it. "Feathren, Elissa Feathren." She says softly before turning to the others. "Just because I am a woman does not mean I am weak and frail." She states matter of factly. "Give me something to defend myself if so needed." She says as she turns to Abram. "Hopefully it will not come to that though. But alas, enough chatter. As Abram has said, haste must be taken before the sun falls." she says as she watches Dolus.

[17:22] Abram escorted her through the churchyard and toward the crypt, where they were unsealing the doorway. At their warning of danger possibly right on the other side, he slipped his hand from hers. "Please stand back, if you will, Miss Elsisa," he told her. He reached across his belt to grab the handle of his sword and pull it free from its sheath. "I'm not saying you're weak and frail, but this -is- a man's job."

[17:24] Yuki Sanada (sirrun): a young man appears accompanied by a tall woman his hair is ornge and he seems to be a young knight
[17:25] Yuki Sanada (sirrun): Ran:helo there i am Ran what you guys doing?

[17:27] Dolus waited until the last plank was removed. Reaching to grab the key and watch the others. Waiting for them to gather in front of him. He noticed a younger lad approach and spoke gently, "Word of the undead, these brave few are venturing to see if such words are true or farce." He moved to unlock the door and stepped aside for them. "Best of luck. May Zod be with you."

[17:29] Yuki Sanada (sirrun): Ran:can i join you im a paladin in training we are excellent in fighting undead?

[17:31] Jerad Teigo turned to see the younger man in armor, the kid had to be over half his age. He gave a stern nod to the boy, "Jerad Teigo. I don't believe we've met." He caught word of Abram and turned to remove something from his belt. Offering the dagger still in its sheath to Elissa. He seemed awfully quiet around her. Though when he turned toward the door again and he called out playfully toward Abram, "Is that true, Abram? I'll have to let Zanna know you said that. I'm sure she'll 'love' to hear that." When the door was unlocked. He would pull a more serious look. Pulling his sword. He seemed a little confused at the boy's words. Before nodding, "The more, the merrier."

[17:33] Abram turned his head to regard the newcomer; another person he didn't know. He gave him a nod and then turned his head to smirk at Jerad. "She wouldn't expect anything else from the likes of me." He stood ready with his cheap sword, and anticipated what, if anything, might be behind the crypt door.

[17:33] Jinx Wolf (jinxychan) glares a bit at him at the comment but would let it slide for now. her eyes are glued to the doors with baited breath as the nails are pried one by one from them until the planks fell. She nods to Dolus slightly as she waits for the doors to open. She could feel the pounding in her chest as she waits to see what was on the other side of those doors. She takes the dagger in her free han. She, holds it in her grasp, blade pointed downwards if held straight out. She was ready .

[17:35] Abram turned his head to regard the newcomer; another person he didn't know. He gave him a nod and then turned his head to smirk at Jerad. "She wouldn't expect anything else from the likes of me." He stood ready with his cheap sword, and anticipated what, if anything, might be behind the crypt door. He either wasn't aware of the young woman glaring at him, or just didn't think anything of it. He could nearly hear the beating of his own heart as well, as he breathed firmly through his nostrils, gripping his sword handle tightly.

[17:37] David Valentino hurried after the crowd, having caught wind of what might be the makings of a tale or song, or at least free drinks. He did his best to display his readiness for any danger by leaning against the statue of the cowled woman and smiling up at the stone face, giving it a wink, and asking, "Come here often?"

[17:40] Dolus bowed his head, "I unfortunately shall stay here, I believe I would only get in the way." He smiled toward the woman and tried to reassure her, "There are a few women on the guard's watch. I have no doubt in the strength you wield." Though with a step back and he simply leaned to grab the handle. Peeking at Jerad and nodding toward him before opening the door. Though luckily, nothing was there to jump out at them.

[17:43] Yuki Sanada (sirrun): Kenshin looks at David and saying "this stone woman is no good why don't you look at a real woman like me"
[17:45] Yuki Sanada (sirrun): Ran looks at the door his hands are a bit shaking it is clear to see it is his first real battle

[17:49] Jerad Teigo kept his sword ready and nodded to the priest. As the door opened and all of his muscles tensed for a moment. Preparing for something to leap. Though nothing was there. Relaxing and he looked over at the younger knight. He took a few steps inside. Holding the lantern out in front of him with his left hand. Right hand wielding the sword. He tried to listen out for anything. "Keep on edge men...and women." He peeked back to catch the glare if Elissa continued it and quickly looked away. Oh yea, he would go into the catacombs and face possible undead. He was definitely NOT brave enough to face a woman's scorn.

[17:50] Jinx Wolf (jinxychan) lets out a sigh and relaxes once the doors open, almost disappointed yet relieved. She looks to the others. "Shall we go then?" She asks as she lets her arm lower a bit back to her side. Her glare had fallen from her face and was certainly not meant for Jerad. She followed after the group down into the crypt below, knife raising defensivly as she went.
[17:51] Abram heard a 'Come here often?' and ripped his gaze away from the door just long enough to see a man in red standing there, flirting with the stone statue. As much as he wanted to make a quip, he had to force his gaze away, back toward the door, as it was opened. ...Nothing was there. That was a relief! "Come if you're coming!" he said to those around. He stepped forward and followed them into the catacombs.

  As the door was opened, only the light from the outside lit the way. And just around the corner, where nothing could reach pass the steps, it turned into a deep darkness. The sounds of the village slowly escaped them. And instead an unnerving silence. though if listened closely and there would be strange noises. Perhaps just the crackle of a torch below. Perhaps simply a piece of the steps tumbling down to the bottom. Whatever it was, it echoed throughout the dark catacombs.

[17:53] David Valentino followed the crowd, having no clue what they were about. As he trudged down the steps, he called out loudly, his bardic trained voice echoing in the narrow passageways, "So! Is this a funeral mayhap? I know some wonderful dirges, and can play them for a small fee, of course."

[17:58] Yuki Sanada (sirrun): Ran follows the group he seems uneasy Kenshin than puts her hand on his sholder and saying "Ran if you are unsure of your skills you can still come back but if you insist going down there than ill protect you after all i was hired by your father to be your body guard" Ran looks at her and replys "im not a child any more Kenshin i can handle my self!"

[18:01] Jerad Teigo paused as he heard the boy's body guard speak to him, smiling lightly under his helmet. Though as the sounds of the catacombs came up the stairs and he stiffened some. Walking far slower as he spoke in a hushed tone, "Somewhat of a funeral, just a possibly more lively one than we want. Did they mention how many undead there might be..?" He thought he heard something again and moved down the steps in a whisper, "Speak quietly if you must, we don't wanna give ourselves away."

[18:02] Jinx Wolf (jinxychan) glances at David as he follows, raising a brow. "How drunk are you? Or are you just stupid?" She asks with a slight hiss before returning her attention forward and continuing down the passageway and the noises below.

[18:03] Abram was craning to listen for anything as they descended. Though suddenly David's loud voice called out, and seemed to echo on further down the passageway. He turned his head sharply toward the man. "They say the dead are waking. If they aren't, they are now," he said. He looked around at all of them, clustered in the tiny passageway, and remarked in a mutter, "Hope the way opens up more... This is rather cramped.. "As they slowly continued forward, he asked low, "And how are you doing, my lady Elsisa?"

[18:06] David Valentino arches a brow at the mention of undead, then leans toward the woman beside him, Jinx, and speaks in conspiratorial tones, "Undead is it? How dreadful! They are typically a boring and dreary lot. Though vampires can be lively enough. I once knew a vampire was her name..", his voice trails off as he thinks, then he waves a hand in the air, "No matter. If it's zombies or ghouls or ghasts, well..tiresome to say the least. Ever try talking about current events with a ghast? And the smell..." He gives a dramatic shudder.

  Some torches in the room were still lit, some flickering softly while others brightly ablaze. Bodies lie on stones, coffins resting in the walls. There didn't seem to be anything amuck. The tunnel after was incredibly dark. All of the torches seemed to be completely out, and everything beyond its reach. The sounds seemed to echo more within the darkness than the lit room. Fire played along the stones and cracks of the walls, which may play illusions on the eyes of some.

[18:10] Jinx Wolf (jinxychan) looks at the man. Yes, definitely drunk. She returns forward, ignoring him for now. She looks about as the fire casts it shadows on the walls however. "I am perfectly fine Sir Abram." She replies as she looks about. "Tis but a bit musky down here though."

[18:11] Yuki Sanada (sirrun): Ran looks at Jerad and saying "excuse me sir knight have you faced undead before? if yes can you give me a tip?"

[18:12] Jerad Teigo took a took breath before coughing at the stale air, at least it wasn't as clustered. He gave a quick 'sh' to the talking as he tried to look around and make sure nothing was among them. And then the bodies. Many bodies. His lantern moved around the room. To the pile of skulls before speaking in a hush again, "Never much faced the undead. But with how many deceased are down here, let us hope its only one."

[18:16] Abram asked, "Are you going to talk the whole time?" in a low tone, as David began to go on about the undead. He nodded in agreement at Elsisa's words, it wasn't a good smell. Once they reached the bottom of the stairs into a more open space, he took a lit torch with his spare hand and lifted it high. He began to move slowly through the room. Raising his sword arm, he poked a corpse on a slab with the point of his blade.

[18:19] Yuki Sanada (sirrun): Ran walks with Kenshin and look around than he see a scroll he grabs the scroll and shout with Excitement "hay! guys! i found a scroll!"

[18:19] David Valentino frowned at the armored figure up front who had 'shushed' him, then mutters as he looked about the room, "Reminds me of an Inn in the city of Skanis that I once stayed in.." At the guards question to him, he nods, "Most likely." He moved to a sarcophagus and began digging around a bit, rilling the dry husk of a corpse off the lid, "I wonder if they bury them with any valuables.."

  The corpse remained still, as they all did. Though in the dark tunnel and something would fall. Pushing up a smoke of dirt if the light was shined in that direction. A jaw on the ground. Though nothing else seemed to be going on. Perhaps a rat, there were plenty down here. The smell of death grew denser as they lingered within the catacombs.

[18:21] jwolf2062: *I'd enter the next house having shaken off the cat I'd sneak in looking for something else*

[18:23] Jerad Teigo took a deep breath again, before once more having his lungs clouded with the smell of death. Clearing his throat as he investigated around. At the mention of a scroll and he moved toward Ran to look it over. "A scroll? A strange thing to be down here. Are you sure it wasn't in a coffin, some loved ones leave letters for those in the afterlife." At the sudden noise and he jerked around toward the tunnel. Extended his lantern and readying his stance. Only to see something small was on the ground. He squinted to try and get a better look. "I suppose there's only one way to go but forward? So far it all seems in our heads."

[18:25] Jinx Wolf (jinxychan) nods as she looks about. "I am glad at least these folks still rest easy, bless them." She says as she heads for the opening to the next room, following after Jerad.

[18:26] Abram was really not digging the smell, but between the torch and the sword, he didn't have any way to cover his nose. He craned to listen for any unusual sounds, but between David's talking and the young paladin shouting, it was amazing he heard anything at all, like the small crash to his left. He turned sharply toward the sound, half-expecting one of them to have caused it. He squinted forward at the hole of darkness in the far side of the room, where a tunnel began and the sound had occurred. "Yes, that's not ominous at all," he remarked.

[18:32] David Valentino perks at the mention of a scroll, but was more concerned with coinage, and wasn't finding any. He gave a sigh and followed the group further in, asking no one in particular, "So, shouldn't we just leave the dead, or undead as it were, laying about? I mean, this seems like a fine place for them after all.."

  Something was different about the tunnel. Increasingly silent, it caused a pressure in their ears. The shadows of each corner crept and pulsed where the fire didn't hit.

[18:36] Yuki Sanada (sirrun): Kenshin looks at the laying body at the first room whispers some thing to Ran. Ran than saying "wait guys come back to the first room we need to chack some thing first" and than Ran and Kenshin starts to stub the laying corpses wail suspecting this are undead pretending to be only dead but actly alive as much as alive you can be as an undead

[18:37] Jerad Teigo peeked back to look at them. Keeping a look between the tunnel and them. At least talking took his nerves away. It helped to give the illusion that this was all just some stupid joke, "If we left it down here, who would know when it would decide to break the door upstairs and attack citizens. Its bad enough to have the nonhumans outside the wall. We don't need enemies under our feet as well." He paused as Ren mentioned to come back and began walking into the first room. He watched the two approach a corpse and didn't expect the stab at it. Did he see it move?! He prepared himself in case the corpse retaliated.

[18:39] Jinx Wolf (jinxychan) sighs. This David fellow was annoying. She continued to ignore him as they walked on down the hallway. The silence, other than the idiot's babbling was almost deafening. It was odd, even for a crypt of this size. She returns with Jerad to the first room, horrified by what she saw. How dare they disrespect the dead in such a manner! There was no proof that the corpse was alive or not!

[18:40] Abram muttered, "Think I have to agree with the bard. The dead still seem... pretty dead." He moved to another slab and poked another corpse with the end of his sword. Although the young paladin seemed to take it to another level, as he began to outright stab the corpses. "Hey kid, calm down--the priests might take offense if you start desecrating the dead. Besides, they look pretty not undead to me."

[18:46] David Valentino watched the stabbing of corpses, and sighed, shaking his head, "You should at least wait until the ladies backs are turned, then you could claim you slayed the foul undead." He moves to peer down the next corridor, "I don't suppose anyone brought any wine? No?"

  The corpse would remain still, the only movement it gave was any flesh left on it being pushed and pulled by the knife. Again the tunnel would have a loud crashing noise. More tumbling now. One, two ,three, four. More bones scattered on the dirt ground.

[18:48] Yuki Sanada (sirrun): Kenshin smiles and Replys "no wine but i all ways bring some good sake care to drink with me?"

[18:51] Jerad Teigo watched the boy stab the corpse and winced a little as it made no movement. Now it just seemed disrespectful to the poor soul. Though as the others spoke and he would try to reassure Ran, "Don't worry, it was sharp thinking. We need that sort of cleverness." He froze at the sound coming from the tunnel again. Turning once more to see more bones on the ground. Looking at Abram with a frown, "Definitely ominous." As others tossed words here and there through the dark crypts and he would slowly move forward to investigate the bones.

[18:52] Jinx Wolf (jinxychan) glares at them, feeling her blood boil. "Show some respect for the dead." She snarls. "What if that was YOUR family and someone came around and started stabbing holes into them?!" she growls as she turns away from them, hearing the loud crashing noise. Her anger quickly fled from her being as a twinge of fear replaced it. "What was that...?" She asks quietly as she follows after Jerad down the path towards the sounds.

[18:54] Abram looked over toward Elsisa, who was reprimanding the young paladin. "Ah, listen to the lady," he remarked. He was considering keeping his flask a secret for now; more for him. He was going to need it soon, if that tunnel kept making any more noises. "Probably just some kids," he reasoned aloud. As perturbing as the tunnel ahead sounded, he didn't hesitate to follow after Jerad, with his sword ready in one hand and his torch high with the other.

[18:59] David Valentino smiled at the woman with the drink and gave her a wink, "Keep it handy! I may have to dispatch some ruffians in a moment." He finally drew his thin blade and moved down the corridor, observing as he went, "You know, I've heard priests are good at this undead hunting. Any of you the worshipful sort? Maybe splash a bit of holy water around?"

[19:03] Yuki Sanada (sirrun): Ran finaly stops to stub corpses and saying "ok ill stop i just a bit nerves thats all" he than follows the group and stays silent Kenshin hands to David a small bawl full of Sake and saying "or honor and glory" and than drinking her bawl of sake in one shot

  The pile consisted of many different sections of the human body. Just missing flesh. It seemed to have fallen from one of the walls. And a femur even seen halfway hanging off the shelf that was the culprit. The further down the tunnel they went and the longer it seemed to become. The barely visible gargoyle at the end of the tunnel seemed to only stretch further and further away as they continued on. Though as they approached closer and more seemed to nearly be thrown from the shelf. A tibia, ribs, radius, pelvis. It was like some invisible force was trying to clean off the shelf. And not before long as they moved forward, the bones on the ground would begin to rattle. Vibrating as the dirt shifted underneath them. Then one began to shake and vibrate toward another. Then another. Connecting from skull to madible. To neck. Feet to ankles. To tibias and fibulas. It slowly built up before an arm slammed down to grab the other. Standing up to connect its arm to the shoulder. The skeleton stared at them, jaw taking a moment to fully lock in before it gave a loud shriek and charged at the closest one(Jerad) to claw at. 

[19:12] Revenland Dice v1.4: This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo Resident) rolls a 1d100: 35
[19:13] Revenland Dice v1.2: Ovrik (GotYouCovered Resident) rolls a 1d100: 64

[19:16] Jerad Teigo peeked back at the others, "The priests didn't seem so fond us joining us." He continued forward before looking over the bones. Then there was a sudden poltergeist like activity. Stepping back and readying his sword. The wall wasn't that deep? Nothing could be hiding and throwing things. Then he watched as the bones began to vibrate and reconnect. "That can't be good...." He shouldn't have hesitated, but it wasn't exactly something he saw everyday. And before he knew it, the skeleton was staring him down and attacking him. Quickly jerking his arm to try and smash the thing off of him as his right hand winded back to slash at the monster's neck.

[19:16] Revenland Dice v1.2: Ovrik (GotYouCovered Resident) rolls a 1d100: 47
[19:19] Revenland Dice v1.4: This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo Resident) rolls a 1d100: 72

[19:20] Jinx Wolf (jinxychan) eyes widened as she raises the knife. "By the gods..." She gasps as the skeleton forms before them. "Gods have mercy on you, you poor soul." She whispers softly as she adjusts her pose, knife raised and ready to strike should the chance arise to send the being back to it's eternal slumber.

[19:22] Abram held the torch high and peered up at the shelves and bones as random ones got thrown out into their path. He couldn't see anything alive up there, it was like they were just being tossed by an invisible force. Then something skidded across the floor and he stopped short and took a step back. At first he figured it was a rat, but it was pale and shaped rather like a bone. It wasn't the only one--other bones were skittering and sliding across the floor... piecing themselves together. It was beginning to resemble a skeleton. "Nope." The skull fastened to its neck and the thing was up on its feet. "Nope." Without hesitation it ran at Jerad. "NOPE." He didn't want to get in the path of Jerad's sword and his hands were full, but he hurried forward to try and lean back and kick the thing, aiming for its ribs.

[19:23] Revenland Dice v1.4: littlenixie (littlenixie Resident) rolls a 1d100: 30
[19:25] Revenland Dice v1.4: This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo Resident) rolls a 1d100: 32

[19:26] David Valentino was trying to peer through those in front of him and missed much of the skeletal assembly, but did see the bony figure charging the armored fellow. He gave a rousing, and he hoped encouraging call from the back, "Have at it good sir!" After a moment, he added, "I've got the rear covered against any sneaky jack-a-bones!"

[19:30] Yuki Sanada (sirrun): as Kenshin and Ran notice the situation Kenshin puts out 3 Kunais and throws tham on the Skeleton's and (the one that holds Jarad) wail Ran swing a blant swing on the Skeleton's left leg trying to criple it

[19:30] Revenland Dice v1.4: Yuki Sanada (SirRun Resident) rolls a 1d100: 34
[19:33] Revenland Dice v1.4: This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo Resident) rolls a 1d100: 31

  The skeleton let out an inhumane shriek as it was bucked away from clawing at the man. As it was slashed at and it hurried forward again. The sword possibly missing or going through its rib cage where it lacked any vital organs. As Abram kicked it, a few ribs cracked and the monster gave another loud shriek that echoed the tunnel. Though as Ran swung with the larger and more blunt weapon at it and it was far more effective. The leg cracking and crumpling under it as it fell to the ground. It tried to piece itself together again, but the blunt forced left the leg weak and cracked as it tried to grab Ran's leg and pull him down with it.

[19:35] Revenland Dice v1.4: This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo Resident) rolls a 1d100: 30

[19:37] Jerad Teigo grunted as he fought to keep the thing from trying to claw at him and heard David's cheerleading in the back as he grumbled, "Some help would be appreciated!" And then Abram helped to kick the thing away. Huffing out a 'thanks' as he looked at how his sword had went between the ribs. How does one kill something that was already dead? Watching Ran attack it and how effective it was, he would reach down to try and stomp on its skull. "Blunt force! Stabbing the damn thing won't do much good without any flesh and innards!"

[19:37] Revenland Dice v1.2: Ovrik (GotYouCovered Resident) rolls a 1d100: 59
[19:37] Revenland Dice v1.4: This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo Resident) rolls a 1d100: 1

[19:38] The kunais would stick to its bone, but didn't seem at all effective compared to the damaging blow from the swing. --add
[19:41] Jinx Wolf (jinxychan) yells out. "The head! Try to remove the head!" and with that she tries to take a slice at the accursed thing. She swings with the knife, attempting and hoping to slice through the neck bones and remove the head. One would hope that would drop the creature and it would return to it's original deathly state.

[19:44] Revenland Dice v1.4: Jinx Wolf (Jinxychan Resident) rolls a 1d100: 83
[19:45] Revenland Dice v1.4: This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo Resident) rolls a 1d100: 42
[19:46] Revenland Dice v1.4: Yuki Sanada (SirRun Resident) rolls a 1d100: 69

[19:46] Abram just tried to back the hell away as everyone else came charging in. Too many cooks! There was whacking and swinging and slicing, and he knew better than to rush into a fray with so many people going batshit crazy with their weapons. He spared a glimpse down the tunnel, raising his torch above his head to squint forward.

[19:47] David Valentino furrows his brow at the call for blunt force, looking down at his thin, light rapier, made for stabbing between joints of armor and getting to the meat of the matter. He turns to peer behind the group, into the chamber they'd just left, trying to remember if there was any thing usable as a weapon there. "Perhaps we can lead these miscreants to the tavern..."

[19:56] Yuki Sanada (sirrun): Kenshin jumps up and slashs with her sharp Katana on the skeleton skull trying to cut it to two wail Ran do yet another blant swing to brake the Skeleton second leg

[19:56] Revenland Dice v1.4: Yuki Sanada (SirRun Resident) rolls a 1d100: 24

 The skeleton was too focused on trying to yank the younger one down. Now noticing the large foot coming to smash down at its skull. The face planted into the dirt. Back of the skull crumbling in and pieces falling through to the ground. Then the knife moved between the neck. The thing struggling to get up, and succeeding to do so! But without a head! It stumbled about, as if suddenly blind while the jaw still moved and clicked on the ground to try and get its body's attention. Abram would notice as he squinted down the tunnel that more bones on shelves were rustling and vibrating off the walls and to the ground. Then more, and more, piles among piles. All collecting and putting themselves together in the distance. David may notice a groan, then moan, coming from the room they just came from. The skull would be destroyed but the body had stumbled back and out of reach of Ran's attack.

[20:01] Jerad Teigo moved his foot from the skull and watched it get dislocated and then finished off by the others. Facing the skeleton more fully, only to relax as he saw the thing just pathetically stumble about. He moved toward and lifted both fists up to smashed down on the skeleton with the hilt of his sword and arms.

[20:01] Revenland Dice v1.2: Ovrik (GotYouCovered Resident) rolls a 1d100: 22
[20:01] Revenland Dice v1.4: This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo Resident) rolls a 1d100: 78

[20:02] Jinx Wolf (jinxychan) lets out a small shriek as the damn thing stands. Devils be damned! Would this thing not fall?! She backs away the best she can, to get out of the way of the others. Without a proper club, she doubted she would be of much use.

[20:04] Abram made a small wistful sigh under his breath at the mention of the tavern while he stared at all the bones vibrating and dropping to the ground. "I think we should go. Preferably..." He gave it a dramatic pause and then finished, "now." He looked toward the group and then a double take to the disoriented headless skeleton. He took a few steps forward to try and grab Elissa's arm and pull her with him as he tried to move back the way they came.

[20:07] David Valentino cocked his head, listening intently, as he heard what could be ominous noises from behind. Turning to Abram, he suggests, "We should make sure our escape route is clear. I'll go ahead, and you take my place as rearguard eh?" Before the fellow could answer, he was already moving in a silent, crouching glide along one of the walls, his odd eyes helping him avoid scattered bones and such.

[20:08] Yuki Sanada (sirrun): Ran shouts to David "David there is a great sword that couled easly crush that skeleton on one of the bodys in the first room take it and than come back here and help us!"

[20:08] Jinx Wolf (jinxychan) turns down the hall where more were forming. She gulps and nods. "I think we may be out numbered, and with no strategy prepared, running would be the safest bet for now!" She agrees as her arm is grabbed as she moves with him a few steps back.

  The many bodies further down the tunnel would slowly push themselves into stands. Some preferring to be on all fours before they all gave loud shrieks that rang and bang back and forth between the walls and their skulls. Those in the previous room would begin to sit up from their platforms. And banging could be heard from those in the coffins.

[20:21] Jerad Teigo was about to go ahead and finish off the stumbling one before hearing the others. Looking up to see just down the tunnel that an army was forming. "I think we've found out far more than we thought, we need to stay alive long enough to seal that door and report this to the Baron!" He backed up. He didn't want to retreat, but if they all died and it would leave the door unlocked for this lovely lot. He turned quickly and kept the lantern high as he headed toward David, slowing down as he say the more fleshy ones sitting up. "We should huddle side by side, and backs facing others. Looks like we're fighting our way out."

[20:23] David Valentino spots the very unwelcome sight of more undead rising behind the party and is torn between a quiet and swift escape, his mind already making up a heroic tale of how he managed to fight off the horde but was sadly the last survivor, and alerting the crew to their impending doom. With a scowl, he pauses at the edge of the room and calls loudly, again using his bardic training to make his voice carry, and fill the enclosed chambers, "We are surrounded! Death from the rear! Make a run for daylight or perish!" His duty done, he dashed for the stairway leading out, trying to nimbly evade any grasping skeletal limbs.

[20:24] Abram let go of Elissa's arm and said, "Go ahead, love, I'll take up the rear." And speaking of, would watch hers in passing, before he moved to follow, sometimes walking backward to keep an eye on the forming group behind them. "Hurry, hurry..." he urged. Ironically David's exact thought process had occurred to Abram; that the man would rush ahead and leave them behind to their deaths. But then he thought he'd give the man the benefit of the doubt. Probably unwise, but it looked like they were in luck!

[20:25] Jinx Wolf (jinxychan) nods and quickly runs past the lot with almost inhuman speed, dashing for the exit and out of the courtyard. One could probably find her much later somewhere about town.

[20:25] Yuki Sanada (sirrun): Ran than remembering what he read in that scroll and shouts "the rat its the rat he is the one who controlling them all he is the necromancer kill that rat!"
[20:28] Yuki Sanada (sirrun): Kenshin grabs ran holding him and jumps above the skeltons with Ran in her hands all the way outside

  There were a few rats, but they just ended up scurrying and running for their lives as well at all the activity. As David and Elissa ran off and the fleshy undead sitting up would try and swipe at them lazily. The skeletons however, seemed faster as they ran after the lot! Pushing pass the headless skeleton that spun around and fell to the ground. Stampeded by its own brethren and crushed to death.

[20:33] Jerad Teigo ran into the previous room, looking back at the hurrying skeletons. He was quick to try and shove or punch any fleshy undead that were trying to stand up. He wasn't going to try stabbing or fighting. Just anything to get them away from the group as they rushed to the exit. "Hurry! Seal the door! ....w-well after we get up there!" Damn they were quick to leave.

[20:33] One skeleton getting up had another scroll stuck in its eye +

[20:34] Yuki Sanada (sirrun): Ran and Kenshin was waiting near the door outside to Jerad
[20:35] Yuki Sanada (sirrun): and the others

[20:35] Abram wondered if the kid had suddenly gone mad, as he started shouting about rats. He was a bit amused that Kenshin just grabbed the kid and ran; there was loyalty for you. He didn't much like bringing up the rear; it meant he was subject to the pace of the group. He noted the skeletons behind them were picking up speed and began to shout. "MOVE YOUR ASSES!" He took a few whacks with his sword to any skeleton that came too near. And though he didn't normally talk in battle, he managed to say, "It occurred to me... What can a skeleton do? They have no weapons." As he continued to try and poke and whack anything that lurched toward them, he added, "But then I thought, what if they have like freak strength and can pull you limb from limb? Is that a scroll?"

[20:35] Yuki Sanada (sirrun): prepering to creat a fire bom from the sake to block the skeletons from going outside after the heros

[20:37] Jerad Teigo bucked and shoved his way, "Do you really want to stay to find out what they can do?" He spotted the one skeleton with a scroll in its eye as Abram mentioned it. Did Ran throw the one away or was that another one? He reached forward to yank the scroll out and rushed up the steps. Though likely far slower than Abram with all this armor on. He was far more on strength than agility.

[20:39] Abram yelled back, "No, and that's my point!" As soon as the man ran for it, Abram broke into a sprint up the stairs. "GO GO GO GO GO!"

  One of the zombies, far slower than the skeletons, was holding them up as it moved up the steps. One of the skeletons trying to crawl over it. Though the second the group went out of view for the army and they all completely stopped. Going to wander around the catacombs. They would notice nothing coming up the steps after them if they looked back.

[20:43] Yuki Sanada (sirrun): after all the heros got out Kenshin grabs Jerad's tourch takes her vasa of sake throws the sake into the tomb and than throws the burning tourch on the alcoholic sake hopes to creat a great fire down there to block the advance of the skeletons and might burn tham to dust!

[20:43] Revenland Dice v1.4: Yuki Sanada (SirRun Resident) rolls a 1d100: 38

[20:47] Jerad Teigo hurried up the steps, getting the lantern yanked out his hand as he was more worried with the monsters behind him than that. As it was tossed and he turned to see the sake thrown as well. He didn't see any of the creatures, but maybe he was faster than he thought. With loud huffs and he would slam the door shut. "Get the planks! We need to nail this back shut!"

[20:47] Revenland Dice v1.4: This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo Resident) rolls a 1d100: 22

[20:49] Abram burst through the crypt and into darkness; night had fallen. He tossed his sword onto the grass and then held out his torch to Kenshin. "Hold this," he demanded. If she took it, he'd start grabbing some planks and tossing them over near Jerad.

  A grumbling noise was heard as the fire erupted, apparently catching onto one of the fleshy undead just out of view. As they rushed out and the priests would hurry. Not far away and previously kneeling. Seemingly praying for their safe return. Dolus would hurry to lock the door and call for the other priests to help them nail in the planks.

[20:51] Yuki Sanada (sirrun): Kenshin did as she told with no questions
[20:51] Yuki Sanada (sirrun): wail Ran just stood there and watched

[20:52] Jerad Teigo pressed his heels into the ground and pushed his shoulder to the door in case any tried to run full force at it. As the priest locked it and he would just move and shit some to allow access to the keyhole. When Abram handed him a plank and he tossed his sword on the ground. Going to press the plank to the door. "Hammer anyone?! Fuck it..." He used the metal of his gauntlet to try and bang on the nail to push it back in in the meantime.

[20:55] Dolus stepped back quickly after locking the door. One of the priests ran over after awhile with a hammer to help bang the nails in the door. Another going to grab another plank to hold up across from the previous one.

[20:56] Yuki Sanada (sirrun): Kenshin than stabbed the planks to there places with her Kunais insted of nails

[20:56] Abram picked his sword back up again and moved over behind where the priests were hammering the nails into the door.

[21:00] Jerad Teigo continued to push against the door as the priests worked on nailing the thing shut. The scroll still clenched in one hand. He waited until the door was sealed enough. Stepping away slowly to inspect it and making sure there was no banging from the other side.

[21:02] Abram listened intently, with his hand gripping his sword tightly. He had expected something to crash into the other side of the door, but none came. Still, he wasn't letting his guard down yet. The unexpected always came when you did.

[21:02] Dolus and the priests finished up sealing the door. They would also wait and look amongst each other to wait for any noises or trying to escape from the other side. The way the fighters ran out told them all they needed to now. Dolus turned to face the others, "Then it is true?! The poor souls are forced to walk again?!"

[21:08] Yuki Sanada (sirrun): Ran was confused and unreasonable he opened his mouth and sayed "its true and there leader is a rat! a necromancer rat!" Kenshin than slapped him on the head and said "don't be rediculous Ran! its fools talking comes out of your mouth! good thing i got you out or your father the duke of Lioness wulled execute me on my return"

[21:13] Jerad Teigo moved to pick up his sword and sheath it. "It's true. And not just one, but seemingly every body lying down there." He looked at Abram a moment, "How exactly would we tell the Baron there's an army under our feet?" He looked at the scroll in his hand and then at Yuki. "Did you drop this?" Though he didn't realize it was actually a different scroll. He froze though and stared at the mention of a necromancer rat, "A rat? Have you gone mad?" He paused as Kenshin spoke about a duke. Furrowing his brows as he looked at the boy, "A duke? Tell me boy, you seem pretty young for a knight. Are you a squire?"

[21:14] Abram remarked to the priest, "Well it wasn't a bunch of kids dressed up." He overheard the kid ranting on about a rat and shook his head. He'd seen it before in his lifetime. Kids who rushed headfirst into battle and got more than they'd bargained for. Overhearing Kenshin mention his father being a duke, he remained silent, until Jerad asked him a question. "-We- don't. Send a messenger. If you have bad news, you always send a messenger."

[21:18] Yuki Sanada (sirrun): Ran takes a deep breath and replys "i am a knight an elit knight" Kenshin than slap him agine and saying "he is lieing he is Ran Wolfblade the son of Elthon the duke of Lioness he is just a rich and pumpered boy of even more rich man and its my job to keep him out of dungers and if he gets into dungers its my job to guard him"

[21:21] Dolus looked between the many and bowed his head as they discussed amongst themselves, "There must be something causing such terrible magic." He paused to look at the boy, "Wolfblade. The name sounds familiar."

[21:24] Jerad Teigo arched a brow as he listened to the young boy being an elite knight. Though even tensed a little at Kenshin's slap as if he could feel it himself. He listened to the others and nodded at Abram. "We could simply send letter to the Baron. Or the boy." He paused a moment, "You don't become knight just because you say you are, Ran Wolfblade. And I do need a squire, if you were interested in joining my side."

[21:25] Yuki Sanada (sirrun): Ran roles his eyes and say in sarcasm "jee thanks alot Kenshin for blowing my cover"

[21:25] Abram suddenly began to laugh when the kid said he was an elite knight. He still looked amused when Kenshin corrected his lie. "You've got your work cut out for you," he informed her. He rolled his gaze from the two over toward Jerad, as he mentioned squirehood.

[21:31] Yuki Sanada (sirrun): Ran than takes a little sack that looks realy full opens it and takes out 6 gold coins than handle 2 gold coins to every person around him outher than Kenshin "for your silence" he than saying

[21:33] Dolus smiled and tried to keep himself from laughing at the others. But seemed to remember what they said about under the Church that caused it to fade quickly. He simply shook his head if any money was offered, "I'll consider those words as confidentiality. Though we of Zod do not take money." Unless it was an actual confession of course. Or during mass. or donations.

[21:34] Jerad Teigo shrugged and smiled toward Abram, "We could use more on the watch. Besides, if he was your squire and he'd possibly end up even more of a pervert and drunk than you." He paused as the boy offered two gold. Reluctantly taking out his hand to take the coin and sighed. "Yea, you've got quite a handful to learn kid."

[21:36] Abram 's eyebrows raised as high as they could go. He was suddenly tired and too sober for this. He stared from one person to the next, before accepting the two pieces of gold. "You ever had a rich squire?" he asked Jerad. He scoffed and said, "Just a guard. I'd have to be a knight to take on a squire. Besides, he'd just get in my way."

[21:36] Yuki Sanada (sirrun): Ran looks at him and replys next time we fighting undead ill bring some extra weapons like maces and such to give

[21:38] Dolus nodded and bowed deeply, "I must part. But I will send word to at least request a guard for the door so we may all sleep in peace."

[21:38] Yuki Sanada (sirrun): "any way i must take my leave from you hope you will call me next time you go adventureing it was good fight at your side Kenshin we are going to the closest inn"

[21:40] Jerad Teigo called out before the boy left, "Ah wait, the scroll. What did it say?" Though he would nod at the mention of maces. They'd be far more useful for the skeletons.

[21:41] Yuki Sanada (sirrun): Ran turns around saying "here you can have it and hand it o Jerad

[21:41] Abram took a moment to sheath his sword and then without even waiting for them to leave yet, lifted a gold coin to his mouth and bit it. "You heard him. The rat is king. Er, necromancer." He looked over to the kid and woman and gave a nod of his head toward the street. "Inn's right there, so you won't have far to go." And then to the priest, "Good night, Father. Be well."

[21:46] Jerad Teigo takes the scroll, "Thank you." He nodded a farewell to the boy and turned toward Abram, opening One scroll to read. His brows would slowly flattened. "Not a very friendly scroll. It doesn't like like something a loved one would put in their coffin." He peeked up at Abram, "Read over drinks? We've got some gold coin after all."

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