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Into the Crypts (Skirmish in Catacombs 2)

1 year 3 months ago #247 by inboccaallupo
inboccaallupo created the topic: Into the Crypts (Skirmish in Catacombs 2)

If you wish to skip right to battle and look for the first outlined post

[12:43] Torri wandered out of the barracks, a powdery black smoky look to her hair as she scurried towards the exit of the castle. looking like she was doing something horribly wrong as she clutched a leather bag and lifted it over her shoulder. apparently she hadn't heard about the skirmish today, and was making plans to try and sneak out into the forest again.

[12:47] Jerad Teigo walked out. In full armor and seemed all puffed up and ready for something. He gave her an odd look, "Torri, where's your armor? Can't very much fight undead well in that."

[12:54] Torri froze, looking like she was just caught in the act of something. she did a weird, turn away then turn back motion before she stopped to face him, looking confused. "..why would i?.." though at the mention of undead, her face seemed to go a shade paler. "we're..going into the catacombs?.." she wanted to ask if she had to. but she'd already know the answer. at least rohan wasn't there to rub it in. yet. speaking of which! " You need to teach -Your- squire How to act around ladies. lest he become the very type of knight you strive to rid the world of. "
[12:55] Torri wouldn't say anything about getting her armor on, of course.

[13:00] Jerad Teigo nodded with a rather serious attitude even if he was confused by her antics. "Your hair..>" Yea, she probably knows idiots. Clearing his throat. "Get your armor and prepare for the skirmish. We'll need as many men as we can from the barracks. So that we don't risk lowering the count of guards along the walls and streets." As she mentioned Rohan and he sighed, "What did he do now?" He didn't even argue that the squire was perfect. He seemed to know there was A LOT to work on.

[13:07] Torri put a hand to her hair when he mentioned it, a puft of black powder floating up as she did so. oh yeah. she wouldn't explain that now. " He's been grabbing me all week." that sounded worse than she intended. " he needs to know not to touch people without asking! " she'd wander back into the barracks quickly. and probably wouldn't come out until jerad or someone else had to come and tell her. though. at least she had her armor on. if she was gonna be dragged to her death she should at least have some protection. this time, she brought a bit of salt. and a shield. "I'm telling you we should burn them.." if she was in charge, it's what she'd do! "What if they carry diseases? "

[13:12] Jerad Teigo 's eyes opened wide, "He's been what?!" Oh, that was a way to get Jerad pissed veeeeeeeery quickly. He assumed the worst apparently, "Oh, I'll knock sense into that squire!" He nodded, "Sadly, you may be right. Stabbing something already dead might not do the trick. We may need to burn them. Though their loved ones still alive wouldn't be too happy about it." She would notice jerad was carrying a huge mallet like weapon.

[13:19] Torri looked down at her sword, personally. she considered picking up one of the maces in the barracks. "..that think looks like you took it off a bedpost. " an iron bedpost. she figured, she could probably dismember them and they'd be pretty useless right?

[13:21] Jerad Teigo shrugged, "My sword was useless against the animated skeleton so...this is my second bet. I spoke with the priests as well. They said they would give us some holy water to try on the undead."

[13:28] Torri played around with her sword, if it came to that, she could always give it a murder stroke. she wondered if the beasts had weapons. those old noblemen always had their damn swords buried with them. "so there's..actual skeletons? "yeah. she was definitely bringing a torch. in fact, she'd take one off the wall soon after he said that.

[13:34] Jerad Teigo nodded, "Yes, we saw the bones assemble before our very eyes, shooting off the shelf and coming to life." As he saw her take a torch and he took one too. Royals were rich, they could afford two torches going for the sake of a skirmish.

[13:49] Torri felt like she was part of a thing. she never felt like she was part of a thing before, as she and jerad walked, and people started gathering around the graveyard. was this one of those angry mob scenarios? when she passed the smithy, she attempted to give wulfgaar a wave that looked..all too happy for someone in an angry mob. "Fire will work." she'd comment on jerads earlier statement. "fire always works."

[13:49] Wulfgaar Silverblade took the coins,not minding one bit as his fingers brushed hers...then pocketing the coins,he nodded"That would be most appreciated,say,you wouldnt know by any chance where the bank is?" he asked hopeful

[13:52] Jerad Teigo waited for the guards to call out and open the gates before he moved through into the city. His eyes shifting toward the Blacksmith's shop. recognizing the man and giving a nod. His gaze returned to the female guard, "Any idea where Corvo or Rohan are? Abram...he should arrive. Likely from the tavern." He paused at her words, "Maybe we should have grabbed some liquor to help the abominations burn." He continued his path toward the entrance of the church's garden.

[13:57] Sir Corvo walks to the guard gathering on the road, he just finished patrolling, "Greeting Jerad, and Victoria, whats going on?"

[13:55] Wulfgaar Silverblade noticed something going on when the guards met in the streets...armed to their teeth...he furrowed his brows...ready to call over,but when Amarra left quickly,he turned to catch up to was more important right now to find the Bank

[13:56] Wulfgaar Silverblade: ...he did raise his and to them though ,before he hurried after the woman

[13:57] Arnarra paused when she smelled a familiar beings scent in the streets. Her head whipped around and landed on Noel. She nodded her head, knowing surely he would have recognized her from the tavern, "Good evening" She said to him and the two other women as she passed with a slight grin, looking to Wulf, "So, to the bank."

[13:58] Torri noticed wulfgaar didn't catch her wave, but it was alright, everyone was busy. and it was good to see he had customers. her attention returned to the skirmish as she untied her cloak with one hand. "i don't keep track of either of those two.. both of them flock to danger, so i'm sure they'll be here." just then, corvo arrived. speak of the devil. "'s torri." she'd state quietly. maybe she shouldn't care that much, but if she was gonna be around him enough he could at least get her name right!

[14:01] Jerad Teigo rose his brows as he noticed Corvo, "Ah, there you are. Come along. We're heading into the catacombs." Way for him to try throwing Corvo in on the skirmish. He continued his way until he reached the very entrance of the church grounds.

[14:02] Feb Rose let out a laugh in amusement and patted his shoulder. "Mm, it does seem like there are torches and I'm highly flammable, something like that." She gazed at the people standing in the street, giving a nod to the woman who passed by. "No exploring then, as I prefer not to be wounded on my first day in town." She didn't mention that likely later she would explore the forest, "Do we want to have dinner then...or watch the ongoings without getting hurt in the progress?" Feb commented glancing at Noel with a teasing smile.

[14:03] Sir Corvo looks confused, as he was about to rest after patrolling, "wait that was today?, I should read the notice board more frequently"

[14:03] Abram made his way out of the tavern, his flask newly refilled. He gave a nod to those present outside the tavern and continued on down the road. ...And what was happening over there in the churchyard. Suspicious activity. With guards. Ehhhhhh.

[14:04] "we have a notice board?" torri looked between the two in confusion. apparently word didn't get around very well. ..damn. if she was a bit earlier leaving she could have escaped this whole fiasco.

[14:05] Dolus watched as the guards neared along the entrance of the holy grounds. A smile finally forming over his features as he waited for them.

[14:09] Noel Dupont gave her a curious look, "Highly flammable? Don't go washing your clothes in alcohol and that wouldn't happen!" He paused to think at her words, "Depends where the ongoings are. Safe distances from deadly entertainment preferred. We could cheer them on. Come up with little rhymes. How about 'Two, four, six, eight. Don't increase the village deathrate!'?" He peeked over at the man leaving the tavern and waved, but his attention seemed distracted by Sabrina. "Undead...?? Still fits the rhyme!"

[14:13] Jerad Teigo looked over at Torri rather confused, "We do have one." Smling at Corvo, "Better late than never." And then catching Abram in the distance. Speaking of late AND never, "Abram! Coming along?!"

[14:13] Sabrina Gagliano: When the guard fights the undead, They will win for sure, I bet...

[14:15] Abram felt it was too early in the day for anyone to be jolly, and tried to ignore Noel's little chant while he peered over at Jerad and Torri. He liked uneventful days; it looked like today wasn't going to be one. He sighed and finally just went over.

[14:16] Torri peeked over her shoulder at the crowd gathering. a nervous look about her. especially when one of the group mentioned something about a death-rate. she spoke quietly. "can't we just order some bombs and roll those down there?.." she suggested, albeit sarcastically. she really wanted to. even if it risked collapsing the church. it was just a church, after all.

[14:17] Feb Rose brightened at his words and smiled wide, grabbing Noel's hand to pull him down the street. "I like that idea! Within a safe distance away as not to attract any undead stragglers and still be able to watch what's going on." Clearly she had no worries about watching the battle, more for amusement then anything and if it meant she had someone to watch it with? That's even more fun! Feb stopped in her tracks to simply look around then at Noel. "That song sounds nice, but I prefer we not attract too much attention - we'll have to be quiet."She mumbled, looking at Noel with amusement of the ways she could shut him if she wanted to.

[14:19] Sir Corvo "I suppose I should join now, yesterday a dragon came close to walls and stole a balista by the way" looks at another guard approach, "Greeting Sir"

[14:19] Arisu: would make her way up to main road with her basket for herb collecting swinging from her arm from each step she takes. Humming an elven tune in quite a cheerful mood. It was until she neared the church, she took notice of the crowd, slowly calming to a nervous stop. She would begin to look around to see what might be the commotion, hoping to not find someone injured. Feeling her duty to aide anyone who may be, she slowly approaches, taking in the surroundings while trying not to cause a comotion as she normally tended to do when others spotted her pointy ears

[14:22] Noel Dupont leaned forward as he caught the words from Sabrina, "Thing about bets, you can lose. And I would -much- rather lose some copper over my life." He gave a sudden 'huh-' sound that was forced out like he was punched in the gut when Feb grabbed his hand and pulled him down. Stumbling after, "At least buy me dinner before you do what you want with me!" He nodded finally and looked to watch them all, "I'll save my rhymes for when they return. That way I can exclude any missing limb jokes if....well they have missing limbs coming back."

[14:29] Jerad Teigo was surprised at the crowd unfolding. Lifting his hand as if to wave, but was holding a huge mace. "Bombs? It would likely crumble the Church above it." He made it sound like a serious deal, because it was to him. then his attention moved toward Corvo, "Stole a does..." He sighed, "We should have men on those at all times. To shoot said dragons." Seeing the priest though, he would move forward. It was odd having the crowd near but he would pretend to be unbothered by such.

[14:31] Abram scratched his eyebrow and just glanced to those present, while listening. So far this... wasn't up his alley. He tried to refrain from going to his flask just yet.

[14:35] Sabrina Gagliano: .
A ghoul living beneath the city
Was telling a friend, feeling witty:
”I’m glad having read
That Ghouls are undead
Cause i think that that Zombie just bit me!”

[14:36] Torri would've mumbled something about it not being a big loss. though it would be near silent. she didn't want the people around her thinking she was something unholy. as they approached the priest, she'd draw her weapon. now she kind of wished she had brought a mace. oh well. if she was going to die down there, it was going to happen regardless.
[14:36] Abram: That. That right there led Abram to drinking in the afternoon.
[14:36] Torri too ^^
[14:37] Sir Corvo follows the rest of the guard, he draws out his rapier and lantern, he looks to the priest, "Greeting"

[14:38] Abram heard someone singing about ghouls and zombies and pulled off his flask. Taking off the top, he took a swig, while he followed the other guards.

[14:39] Dolus waited patiently. Lifting the quiver in the air, "We have the vials of holy water as requested. Hopefully it aids you all in your quest." He watched as each guard came in one by one. Looking at Torri a longer moment before bowing his head, "We shall pray for your safety. And all of Redfoem is grateful for your bravery."

[14:41] Jerad Teigo looked back at Sabrina with her song, smiling slightly. At least she was trying to lighten the mood. So he wouldn't seem upset by it. Looking toward the priest and he smiled, "Thank you." Looking around, "Who wants the quiver on their belt...or moreso who wishes to throw vials of holy water at the undead?" He looked at Torri. Torri likes throwing things, "Things that can burn." Torri.
[14:41] Abram turned his head toward Torri.

[14:42] Torri listened to the priest speak. her stress meter rising to about 100 by now. when he stared at her, she'd give him a dirty look, and thumped abrams shoulder softly. beckoning toward his flask. "..may i?.." they said that drinking cured cowardice. But it probably wouldn't help her situation. but maybe it could help with the stress. she'd raise her hand.. she liked throwing things cause it put her further away, but over the years she had gotten pretty good at it too.

[14:44] Sir Corvo rolls his eyes being over confident, "lets get this over with"

[14:44] Noel Dupont laughed and clapped his hands at the bard's song, "Bravo! Bravo!!" He huffed suddenly as he was dragged again close toward the gaurds. Tensing up...because, well, guuards! He wasn't exactly a man that made an honest living. He went silent as well. Looking down at his arm as her fingernail tapped against his flesh.

[14:45] Sabrina Gagliano calls out, from behind the wall: "Remember to use your swords and axes aginst zombies, but use bludgeon weapons should you meet skeletons!

[14:49] Dolus moved with the other priests and the guard that was originally guarding the door to remove the many planks nailed in. Pulling them off one by one. Once they were all settled in a pile, he reached to pull out a key and unlock the door. Stepping aside with the bow of his head.
[14:49] Sabrina Gagliano gasps

[14:52] Jerad Teigo peeked back at Sabrina and smiled. Lifting the large mace in his hand. Put as the planks were peeled off one by one, he couldn't help but to grow nervous. Especially after last time. "Abram, keep that flask ready." he wouldn't mention it in front of the priests. He looked toward the priest with a nod and awkwardly reached for the handle with a weapon in hand. Opening it just a creek before he used a spike on the mace to open it all the way. Readying the torch in case something lunged at him.

[14:52] Abram muttered, "You may not," to Torri. Fuck that shit, he had a finite supply! He took another sip while trying to keep the act hidden from the priest, before putting it back on his belt. "You're not old enough for this stuff," he commented to her. Then looking over to the rest, he said, "Let me get this straight. Our weapons do nothing against magic undead skeletons, but we're going to throw some vials of holy water at them and assume that we have enough to wipe out anything and everything down there?" in an incredulous tone. "If anything, let us wet our blades with the stuff, than risk throwing it all away and getting cornered by masses of undead."

[14:57] Noel Dupont watched intensely for a moment before glancing over, "they look like they're going to fight in a closet. So best we don't get stuck down there. Tavern it is? We'll hear any screams, surely. And being inside a building during a possible undead festival is better than out on the streets." He peeked at Sabrina's encouraging words and tips. "You really love those guards, don't you?"

[14:58] Torri pouted when he denied her request. selfish bastard. "not old enough to drink..but old enough to die in a hole..At least we'll be in the catacombs already. Hah." she laughed uncomfortably. and would probably try and be the last one into the cave. "I like abram's idea.. coating the blade seemed like a good plan." she could throw empty vials. might be distracting.

[15:00] Sir Corvo agrees with one of the guards idea, "my rapier could use some of that..maybe it will work" he looks to the priest, "so why do the undead keep rising?"

[15:00] Dolus stood watch, though notably took a step back as one guard opened the door. Nothing would lunge at him and the guard bowed his head, "The other priests and I will be here to pray, do take care." He smiled toward Abram, "Good idea, if the holy water is effective, then piercing such into the undead would be even more effective." there was an eery silence down the steps. Like a darkness was trying to claw its way into the village. A reflection against the wall on the bottom showed a glimmer of some fire even further down. Though there hasn't been anyone down there to keep the torches lit.

[15:03] Feb Rose clicked her tongue and looked at Noel, deciding to nod her head. "Tavern it is then, since we won't be able to see much like you said. Can settle down and have a nice a nice chat don't you think?" She smiled at him. A moment of looking towards the entrance of the building then looking towards the tavern, before deciding to move in that direction. "I guess it is time for you to pay for dinner then, sir Noel." Feb teased while slightly in her head wishing the guards luck.

[15:03] Jerad Teigo relaxed as nothing was there. But he still remained on guard. Peeking between Abram and the entrance to the catacombs rather quickly in a back and forth manner. "Fair enough. And even if we don't defeat them, we could lessen their numbers. Last time we tried using swords and daggers against the skeletons because that was all we had. We saw how much damage the squire's lance did last time. So brute force against skeletons and the fleshy ones...we'll have to figure out." He slowed the door temporarily just so nothing would charge up as corvo asked a question, "They don't 'keep' rising. They were risen....and it's bad enough we have to protect the village from dragons and nonhumans. We don't need the undead beneath our feet while we sleep at night. This needs to be taken care of."

[15:06] Torri stood next to abram, looking between him and corvo as jerad just went down. she waved her sword, beckoning toward the entrance, looking at corvo expectantly.

[15:08] Abram took a step aside to pull out an average sword, probably taken from the guard armory. "So who wants to wet my sword, eh?" he asked.

[15:11] Sir Corvo looks as Gerad climbs down the catacomb entrance, he also comments on the undead, "Rohan told me about some necromancer when we were burring the homeless man at the gravyard, you think its the same necromancer rising the dead?"

[15:16] . There was more commotion down in the catacombs than last time. Bones rattling, groans, it wasn't the dead silence that followed them from the first skirmish.

[15:18] Torri was, apparently holding the vials of holy water, holding her hand out with a vial with a huff. "you're a dirty bastard. i'm not doing it for you now." she'd literally toss one of the vials at corvo, whether he caught it or not was his problem now! she'd pop the cap off her own, and drip the contents carefully onto her blade. so sparing, was the church of their precious holy water. she'd guess it was too much to just go in and dunk their weapons in the vessel. "Rohans a cunt." and that's all she'd say on that topic.

[15:19] Jerad Teigo would go to bring his hand out, waiting for a vial before looking over at Abram. Whenever one was handed to him and he smiled and looked over at Abram with his deep voice, "I'll wet your sword Abram." He sighed though as Rohan was called a cunt, "I'll speak with the boy, Torri. And it may be Corvo. Or let's hope. We don't need more than one necromancer afoot."

[15:25] Abram frowned and said, "Oh come now, don't be like that," to Torri. "You know you want to." When Jerad piped up, he waggled an eyebrow at him. "You can wet my blade anytime, Jerad," and angled his sword upward like it was erect. And then quickly looked around to make sure none of the priests had heard that. "Let's hurry and get this done with, I don't plan to spend all night in the catacombs."

[15:27] Sir Corvo catches the vial Victoria tossed at him, he opens it and pours it over his rapier, he comments on the idea, "looks like most of it keeps falling off hopefully this will do, although holy oil would be a better choice"

[15:32] Torri held the last vial out to jerad, after taking a while to make sure she got her sword nice and wet. (huehue), she'd scoff at the two of them. obviously trying to keep back a smirk, though. her cheeks flushing softly as she nearly forgot that they were all about to go and die. "at least i can die with a couple of fucking jesters. "

[15:36] Jerad Teigo laughed at Abram's words, "Don't make me blush!" He then paused as Torri was there, unsure if she waas used to being around male guards while they were...being men. He took the last vial and went to pour it over the mace. Turning it to try and get much of it on all sides. "If some spills off and it's fine. Especially if the fact of it being holy alone has any effect on them." He gave a weaker smile to torri's words and handed back the vial. "ALright. Let's get this over with." In a sigh and he moved to open the door and move down the steps. Ready to bludgeon anything. He saw a reflection of fire against the wall and slowly peeked around the corner.

 The catacombs would still give its gentle ruckus as groans and shifting could still be heard. Bone against stone. It was like they had not noticed the voices so near.

[15:42] Abram gave a high-pitched chilled "Oooh!" sound as Jerad sprinkled water on Abram's sword. "You've done this before," he said, waggling an eyebrow at him. He followed them down into the catacombs; probably not the last of the bunch, but certainly not leading the group down into the catacombs.

[15:46] Torri would definitely be the last one to follow in after the others. last one in, first one out, right?..right.. she gripped her sword tightly and scurried down into the hole. "..should i close the door?.." what if someone locked it?

[15:47] Jerad Teigo would laugh at the jest between him and Abram before they ventured down. Listening as he would whisper, "The torches down here are still lit.." Who lit them? They should be out by now. Was someone down here? He moved slowly down the steps. Readying his mace. He could hear the groans and sounds. They seemed more restless this time. "Close it." He said briefly as he moved to the first room.

[15:50] . Jerad would be able to see a skeleton leaning against the wall and scratching at the ground. Creating a sound like one grinding their teeth. Though something else was dragging its sword along the ground. Roaming endlessly as it bumped into walls. its head lulled backward as eyesless sockets stared at Jerad a moment before those bones rattled to hurry at him in a lunge.

[15:50] Revenland Dice v1.4: This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo Resident) rolls a 1d100: 54
[15:53] Revenland Dice v1.2: Ovrik (GotYouCovered Resident) rolls a 1d100: 88

[16:02] Abram murmured, "Doubt it was the priests," in reply to Jerad. He fell quiet, craning to listen as they ascended the stairs. It took a moment for his eyes to adjust once they reached the larger room, but he had his sword out and ready.

[16:04] Sir Corvo looks at the undead rushing to jerad, he quickly goes into combat position, "didn't see that coming, good thing it didn't charge at me first"

[16:08] Torri 's shoes clicked softly against the steps as they huddled together down the steps, she moved stiffly tossing salt from a water-skin on the steps until they got into the room, to see figures already moving in the dark, she'd spread out from the group so they weren't all clustered together and stabbing at each other. she made a quiet whining sound. subconsciously as she watched the scene. unfolding between jerad and the creature.

[16:10] Jerad Teigo moved the torch forward to see better, but it wasn't too difficult with the other torches in the room strangely lit. He watched one scratching at the ground and winced to the sound of bone grinding on stone before one caught his attention. It looked like...a guard?! As it lunged at him and he would sidestep. Trying to swing the mace like a backswing right into the skeleton's face.

[16:10] Revenland Dice v1.2: Ovrik (GotYouCovered Resident) rolls a 1d100: 13
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 The Skeletal like guard missed and stumbled forward. Lifting its shield to take the blow of the mace. Stumbling before it gave a shriek and swung lazily at the man again. The Skeleton that was scraping at the ground suddenly Shot its gaze up. Giving an even louder scream as it hurried to a stand and sprinted straight at Torri to try leaping on her.

[16:13] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): Skeletal Guard:
[16:13] Revenland Dice v1.4: This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo Resident) rolls a 1d100: 54
[16:13] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): Second skeleton
[16:13] Revenland Dice v1.4: This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo Resident) rolls a 1d100: 99
[16:15] Revenland Dice v1.2: Ovrik (GotYouCovered Resident) rolls a 1d100: 30

[16:17] Abram: As his eyes focused, he saw movement ahead. Suddenly Jerad was being attacked. A second thing came running forward toward the group; specifically at Torri. He stepped forward and half-turned to swung his sword in an arc, to try and intercept the second skeleton.

[16:17] Revenland Dice v1.4: littlenixie (littlenixie Resident) rolls a 1d100: 28

[16:19] Sir Corvo attempts to help jerad with the first skeleton, he attempts to slash quickly, he surprised as another skeleton rushes toward Victoria

[16:19] Revenland Dice v1.4: Corvo (PunkDude80s Resident) rolls a 1d100: 55
[16:20] Revenland RP Dice v1.0: Scary Tarri (Kiba Noonan) rolls a 20
[16:22] Revenland Dice v1.4: This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo Resident) rolls a 1d100: 98
[16:22] Revenland Dice v1.4: This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo Resident) rolls a 1d100: 88

[16:26] Torri winced at the screaming, how did skeletons scream!? with the first loud noise distracting her, she was caught off guard as another came directly at her. as her eyes had just finished adjusting to the room, a skeleton rammed into her, slamming her into the wall with the clatter of steel, she'd let out a scream. more from fright than pain. but now she was off balance, she couldn't think of anything to do but try and stick the torch in through the bottom of the skeleton's jaw.

[16:26] Revenland RP Dice v1.0: Scary Tarri (Kiba Noonan) rolls a 46
[16:26] Revenland Dice v1.4: This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo Resident) rolls a 1d100: 54

[16:28] Jerad Teigo admittedly expected trouble further down as they seem suddenly bombarded by the skeletons. Grunting as the skeleton's sword slashed through the leather piece on his arm. He heard a commotion behind him. Seeing Torri hit against the wall. He faced the possibly dead guard and heaved over top to try and smash its skull in with a loud grunt.

[16:28] Revenland Dice v1.2: Ovrik (GotYouCovered Resident) rolls a 1d100: 53
[16:28] Revenland Dice v1.4: This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo Resident) rolls a 1d100: 100

 The first skeleton was slashed at. It seered through the cloth but it would make it obvious that it actuall went between two ribs. It was smashed over the head with a mace. Crumbling the skull into itself. It stumbled about as shards of bone fell to the ground before beginning to swing more blindly. Now toward Corvo. meanwhile, the Skeleton Torri had to worry about was trying to claw at any flesh it could see.

[16:29] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): Skeleton guard:
[16:29] Revenland Dice v1.4: This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo Resident) rolls a 1d100: 82
[16:30] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): Second Skeleton:
[16:30] Revenland Dice v1.4: This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo Resident) rolls a 1d100: 57
[16:30] Revenland Dice v1.4: Corvo (PunkDude80s Resident) rolls a 1d100: 76
[16:30] Revenland RP Dice v1.0: Scary Tarri (Kiba Noonan) rolls a 73

[16:31] Abram failed to intercept the skeleton as it ran past and tackled Torri into the wall. He couldn't swing again without risking cutting her, so tossing his sword aside (and forgetting it had holy water on it), he quickly approached and attempted to place a foot on the skeleton's hip, with his hands moving to try and pull the thing's head off.

[16:31] Revenland Dice v1.4: littlenixie (littlenixie Resident) rolls a 1d100: 47
[16:32] Revenland Dice v1.4: This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo Resident) rolls a 1d100: 92

[16:34] Torri squealed and kicked her legs wildly as she lay on the floor with a skeleton on top of her, arms covering her head as it scratches at her, tearing a bit of expensive fabric that display her family sigil, as she hid, she'd push hew arms outward, in an attempt to seperate the skeletons arms enough to grab its head with her hands, and kick it in the ribcage hoping to pull its head off, cause it seemed like it'd be easy!

[16:34] Revenland RP Dice v1.0: Scary Tarri (Kiba Noonan) rolls a 21

[16:35] Sir Corvo failed to attack the first skeleton, now grabbing its attention it charged at him, he had a poor balance, so he fell to the ground

[16:35] Revenland Dice v1.4: This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo Resident) rolls a 1d100: 94

[16:36] Jerad Teigo seemed to hit it...but then it didn't stop the Skeleton. "SHIT." He backed up as it began to swing frantically at them. Waiting for a chance before he would step in to try swinging at the dead guard's shoulder. Hoping to get its arm to fall off that was holding the sword.

[16:36] Revenland Dice v1.2: Ovrik (GotYouCovered Resident) rolls a 1d100: 12
[16:37] Revenland Dice v1.4: This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo Resident) rolls a 1d100: 38

 The Skeletal Guard was flailing so frantically that it luckily missed a downward swing at its shoulder. Now that Corvo fell and its swings toward him began to continuously miss. More bones from its shattered skull crumbling down. Hitting the stone beneath while breaking into even more piece. The Skeleton attacking Torri just scratched at air or armor, never reaching her flesh. Its head, suddenly being peeled back from someone, had not yet came off. It squirmed against him. trying to bite and lock onto his hand.

[16:40] Revenland Dice v1.4: This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo Resident) rolls a 1d100: 15
[16:41] Revenland Dice v1.4: littlenixie (littlenixie Resident) rolls a 1d100: 67
[16:41] Revenland Dice v1.4: Corvo (PunkDude80s Resident) rolls a 1d100: 58
[16:41] Revenland RP Dice v1.0: Scary Tarri (Kiba Noonan) rolls a 34

[16:42] Abram was having no luck trying to pull the skeleton's head off; and now the thing was snapping wildly, trying to bite him. He released it suddenly and then recalled the holy water. Moving to swoop down and pick up his sword, he turned around and tried to poke the thing, while cautious not to bring the blade too close to the woman's body.

[16:42] Revenland Dice v1.4: littlenixie (littlenixie Resident) rolls a 1d100: 8
[16:42] Revenland Dice v1.4: This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo Resident) rolls a 1d100: 4
[16:45] Sir Corvo on ground he attempts to move his leg to trip over the skeleton
[16:45] Revenland Dice v1.4: Corvo (PunkDude80s Resident) rolls a 1d100: 89
[16:45] Revenland Dice v1.4: This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo Resident) rolls a 1d100: 20

[16:46] Captain Zidane Arionnias would find his way down into the crypt, a pistol drawn and his cutlass ready to attack. He'd prepare to open fire on the first creature he saw, squeezing the trigger.

[16:46] Torri continued to kick and flail her feet and yank on its head as it did a slappydance on top of her, she couldn't even tell abram was there with this thing on top of her. perhaps the both of them pulling just kept its head in one place. though now it was only her, and pulling its head off still seemed the best bet.

[16:46] Revenland RP Dice v1.0: Scary Tarri (Kiba Noonan) rolls a 68
[16:46] Revenland Dice v1.4: This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo Resident) rolls a 1d100: 12
[16:46] Revenland Dice v1.4: Captain Afro (Zidane Radek) rolls a 1d100: 90
[16:46] Revenland Dice v1.4: This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo Resident) rolls a 1d100: 4

[16:50] Jerad Teigo huffed as the mace went through the air. Leaning away again as the thing was frantically swinging at nothingness. "Stay there Corvo! Aim at it's ankles!" though as he tripped it and that worked too. "Or that.." He hurried forward and tried to stomp the crap out of it with his boots. First aiming toward its shoulder to attempt dislodging the armed creature."

[16:50] Revenland Dice v1.2: Ovrik (GotYouCovered Resident) rolls a 1d100: 95
[16:50] Revenland Dice v1.4: This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo Resident) rolls a 1d100: 98

 The holy water didn't seem to effect the creature but the stabbing did. He seemed to get between the bones that locked its arm with its ribs like a little skeletal kebab. It tried to wiggle free wildly and was only ripping its own bones apart. Jaw chattering as it tried to swing at Abram with a lean. Though suddenly it was shot. Making even more bones shatter and get thrown toward Jerad and corvo like bone confetti. It wasn't until its head was pulled off that the bones slowed down until they seemed motionless. The Skeletal guard fell down at the trip. Trying its best to find a way to stand up. It was suddenly being stomped on. But that didn't seem to end the creature. He failed to dislodge the arm from its shoulder as it went to stab at him.

[16:51] Revenland Dice v1.4: This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo Resident) rolls a 1d100: 64
[16:51] Revenland Dice v1.2: Ovrik (GotYouCovered Resident) rolls a 1d100: 60

[16:55] Abram saw his life flash before his eyes as bones exploded. So many nameless tits. He jerked away, arm moving up to protect his head, as fragments rained down. When he looked back, he looked down, then to Torri, then around the room until he spied the smoking gun. "For Zod's sake, you nearly blew my head off!" he shouted at Zid.

[16:57] Torri kicked the sack of bones off of her and pushed herself back across the floor into the corner, throwing the skull at the body as she ran her hands through her hair hysterically and mostly deaf with her ears ringing from the sound of a musket firing. she would have needed a moment, before she grabbed her waterskin and began salting the body, grabbing her torch, she'd go to set the bones aflame.

[16:58] Sir Corvo as the skeletal guard falls to the ground, since it was focusing on Jerad, he got up from his back quickly grabs his rapier and attempted stab the skeleton in his head

[16:58] Revenland Dice v1.4: Corvo (PunkDude80s Resident) rolls a 1d100: 14
[17:01] Revenland Dice v1.4: This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo Resident) rolls a 1d100: 61

[17:04] The Inquisitor stood there for a moment, keeping the gun level as the smoke cleared. He'd look around the area for a moment, holstering the spent pistol as he'd growl over the commotion. "Quit yer whinin'! I know how to fuckin' shoot." he would then step back, raising his pistol to charge a spell. The barrel of the pistol would take on a shimmer, as he channeled.

[17:07] Jerad Teigo winced and grunts in pain as the sword stabbed into his thigh. Moving away and keeping out of range from the thing lying down as he threw down the mace hard at the creature. Mainly to have a free hand to hold at his thigh for now and try to check on how bad it was.

[17:07] Revenland Dice v1.2: Ovrik (GotYouCovered Resident) rolls a 1d100: 73
[17:11] Revenland Dice v1.4: This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo Resident) rolls a 1d100: 43
[17:11] Revenland Dice v1.4: This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo Resident) rolls a 1d100: 31

[17:13] Abram couldn't hear a damn thing except for the ringing in his ears. Torri looked okay (trauma builds character! he reasoned) so he looked over across the room, where the others were struggling with another reanimated creature. Striding over, he'd weave around one of the slabs and crouch in attempting to bring his sword down against its neck, because what else could he do? It had no heart to stab.

[17:13] Revenland Dice v1.4: littlenixie (littlenixie Resident) rolls a 1d100: 72

 The shattered skull skeleton wiggled on the ground before a few mace smashed right into it. With the force of Jerad and gravity, it just splattered bones and sprawled out like a boney squished bug. The room was quiet for now. Though they would be able to hear the many others' bone rattling down the tunnels. Which didn't seem to screech or come running in their direction. As Abram came over at the Skeleton that twitched, his sword to neck finished it as it finally went limp. Unable to defend itself from such an attack with a mace crushing it. The many other dead in the room didn't seem animated at all. But they may have remembered last time. Two scrolls were very obviously in sight. Resting. They weren't there from the first skirmish. Someone, or something, had placed them there.

[17:21] Captain Zidane Arionnias continued to charge that spell of his as he watched the last animated creature get it's skull smashed in. He'd move while his psychic ability channeled, looking around. "My apologies for my tardiness..other matters needed to be attended to before I came." he'd look around slowly, as the air around him would illuminate a bit from the spell he would 'keep' in his pistol. "Lord Inquisitor everyone alright?" he'd stop in the middle of the room, turning to look back at the group, recognizing Victoria with a nod. A look to the barrel would show a bit of light shining from within.

[17:24] Sir Corvo thinks the room is cleared and its safe, looks over to the tall thing? "what the hell are you? with weapons I never seen in my life, but I do appreciate the help" he looking around the room if they are possible threats

[17:24] Torri stood up all wibbly wobbly as the bones burnt on the ground, salt turning the flames bright yellow. she'd scurry across the room and go around the back of the slab jerad was fighting behind and sling salt on it. kneeling to light that one on fire too. covering her nose and mouth with her hands. the more fabric or flesh, the easier they'd be to set aflame. when the inquisitor said something. she narrowed her eyes and tapped at her ear. " What?" it honestly wasn't as bad now. but there was still an annoyingly shitty ear ringing.

[17:28] Jerad Teigo watched the other go motionless and limped over to try and pick up the mace. Quickly dropping his torch soon after to let it roast at the bones. JUST in case. He looked about to see the scrolls, "Those weren't there before..." He looked over at Abram, seeming sweaty and in pain, before looking to the others. Nodding as he saw backup came. Which they gravely needed. He looked about, "Any of these could come to life at any moment...stand ready..." His breaths were growing heavy and he leaned his weight on a slab as his eyes tried to focus at the dark tunnel ahead. "Someone collect those scrolls...I'll..." he limped further ahead to the tunnel, "Keep a lookout." He did NOT seem alright. In the slightest. "We're alright. Thanks for the help. We're outnumbered down here."

 The light from the torches flickered and danced. Though if anyone paid attention and each time the torches would begin to grow dim, they would almost seem to get life breathed back into them again. Even with the ones they held. Nothing else seemed to move, it was peaceful for once.

[17:33] Abram was still hearing a lot of ringing in his ears. People were trying to talk but they sounded far away. At least nobody was flailing about in alarm, that was a good sign. He moved over toward one of the corpses on a slab and tried to poke it with his sword. If there was no reaction, he'd touch the edge of the blade, unsure what parts of metal the holy water may have contacted, if there was any still on there at all.

[17:38] Captain Zidane Arionnias looked around slowly, inhaling and exhaling slowly as he'd take a look around the room. Time to Inquisitor! He'd keep the pistol charged in his hand, sheathing his blade to look around the room. "I have a bag..I'll keep the scrolls until we get top side." the Inquisitor would begin to gather them, keeping his pistol ready in case he'd need to use it.

[17:41] Sir Corvo sees the inquisitor grab the scrolls, he questions the group, "should we trust this guy with possible valuable information?" he seems to distrust the inquisitor as it hes first time meeting, he put his lantern facing towards the tunnel, "it seems clear so far"

[17:43] Young Spirit: fades slightly into view as she plays around the church cemetery, running across the grass and her hand causing the low branches to stir. giggling slightly as she is clearly enjoying playing alone

[17:45] Torri wandered around the room, seeing abram poking the corpses made her want to stab them. or burn them. but jerad was finicky about that so instead, she'd spread a bit of salt over each of them, maybe it would keep them from being ressurected later. she'd notice the odd flickering. though pay no mind to it right now. she'd step over to jerad. "you're sure you can continue?.. let me look." it wasn't an ideal clinic. but hey! nothing was ideal.)

[17:49] Jerad Teigo would nod, "I'll explain about the scrolls to you once we get back up." Though since Jerad was bleeding a bit badly and he would start to explain a little now. JUST in case he didn't live. He didn't want to be one of those people that knew one thing and then died with it, "I have two others we found last time. Though with the torches still lit down here...and these new scrolls and it's like someone has been down here while it was sealed shut. And they very well still be down here." He looked over at Corvo to the words and then back to the inquisitor, "Unless there's two large inquisitors in town, then I believe he is the one we can trust." He's heard about him, and the descriptions fit pretty well. Jerad would feel like a fool if there were two gigantically tall inquisitors which an eye on their hat though. He glanced over at Torri and nodded. Keeping his eye on the tunnel as he would let her look. The stab wound in his thigh wasn't too deep but it was a stab in a thigh. Where so many muscles were. And bleeding rather badly.

 Nothing seemed to react to any pokes or prods. The corpse on the slab remained motionless. Though whenever they looked down the tunnel and it would always seem like the darkness in it was trying to engulf their flames. The fire flickering down to show a few skeletons curled up and rocking. Corvo may notice one skeleton banging its head against the wall over and over until its skull cracked and it fell lifeless on the ground. Zid grabbed the two scrolls in the room, but when he reached for the third on the corpse and it would spring to life. Trying to grab his arm and sitting up quickly to try stabbing with with the engraved sword he once rested in peace with.

[17:53] Revenland Dice v1.4: This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo Resident) rolls a 1d100: 68

[17:55] Abram: Don't mind Abram, he was just over there bopping his ear with a hand and making 'mawp' sounds. He looked over to the rest of the group and noted the big guy picking up the scrolls. "Oooh the rat did it, the rat's the necromancer!" he lightly wailed in a falsetto tone. And then one of the corpses was sitting upright. It took him a moment to process that it was not a guard, and not a prank. He strode forward and arched his sword around in an attempt to cut the undead's oustretched arm off.

[17:55] Revenland Dice v1.4: littlenixie (littlenixie Resident) rolls a 1d100: 92
[17:59] Revenland Dice v1.4: Captain Afro (Zidane Radek) rolls a 1d100: 54

[18:01] Captain Zidane Arionnias would be looking over the few scrolls he'd find, snorting at the lack of trust. "Whether you trust me or not, I'm here to do my work. I'd prefer to not have to worry about your blade in my back." he'd speak in a matter of factly sort of tone, picking up what he could and stuffing it under his coat. The eye upon his hat twitched, as he'd look up and around, keeping alert. Jerad's words made him slightly smile, as he'd give him a nod to regard him, turning back to pick up the last scroll. He'd watch as the skeleton came to life, unable to deflect the attack in time as he'd catch a blade to the side, gritting his teeth and attempting to use that spell he had charged up earlier in the pistol. He'd whisper a few words, triggering the light to blast from the pistol.

[18:01] Revenland Dice v1.4: Captain Afro (Zidane Radek) rolls a 1d100: 59
[18:02] Revenland Dice v1.4: This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo Resident) rolls a 1d100: 47
[18:02] Revenland Dice v1.4: This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo Resident) rolls a 1d100: 80

[18:06] Sir Corvo hears a very loud noise echo in the room,turns over to the source, "you know that weapon, makes awfully loud noise, it could keep attracting more of those undead"

[18:08] Torri unfortunately hadn't brought anything with her that revolved around treating wounds, usually she was more prepared than that. " i'm gonna need you to take off your pants." she'd stare seriously for a moment before shaking her hand. "just kidding. oh what's that though?" the direction she pointed, just happened to be where the corpse jumped up and tried to grab someone. squeaking. though..entirely effective. if jerad looked in that direction, she'd stick the flaming end of the torch directly into his leg wound. though as the gun's blast echoed through the tunnels again. she winced. she was going to have hearing problems if she made it out of this alive.

[18:08] Young Spirit: would linger behind the bones of an deceased soldier, her small body almost hiding completely behind his corpse, though peering out watching the intruders to where her own body may be laying in rest. Almost restless as she hides

[18:12] Jerad Teigo laughed weakly to the mock that Abram did on the last skirmish. Only to look at Torri with wide eyes to the mention of taking off his pants, "Wh-what?!" He huffed as she mentioned it was a joke. Great. Embarrass him why don't you!? He looked over at the corpse that suddenly came to life. Only to feel a burning pain that caused him to abruptly shout in queue with the shot fired. He would have attacked the corpse, if he didn't have someone sticking fire in his wounds!

 The zombie's flesh began to melt at the spell in the gun, but it seemed just as lively as ever. Between the shot and the shout from Jerad, there was a sudden many shrieks and screeches echoing through the tunnel. Which would crawl and burst into the small room they were in. Corvo the most would hear things beginning to crawl, run, and bones rattle like crazy down the tunnel. One thing they all heard, was a sudden roar. No bone chatter, no zombie groan, a loud unmistakable gurgling roar. The young spirit would notice something strange about the deceased soldier. Or really, the entire cemetery. Something just didn't seem right. The dead weren't resting as they should. There was darkness the spirit would be able to notice more than any physical form. Meanwhile, the corpse on the slab would lunge at the inquisitor. Trying to rip at any flesh it could find now that it was missing an arm. They would notice all the others resting in the room were beginning to stir and awaken.

[18:17] Revenland Dice v1.4: This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo Resident) rolls a 1d100: 92
[18:18] Revenland Dice v1.4: Captain Afro (Zidane Radek) rolls a 1d100: 49

[18:22] Abram was suddenly blinded without warning, as a flash of light exploded in front of his eyes. He stumbled backward, his balance unsteady while his vision seared white.
[18:26] Abram shouted, "FUCK!"

[18:26] Captain Zidane Arionnias would now struggle with the skeleton on him, stumbling back against another slab of stone as he'd try to wrestle it off, and slam it into the dirt, all the while cursing it in an old tongue.

[18:26] Revenland Dice v1.4: Captain Afro (Zidane Radek) rolls a 1d100: 51
[18:27] Revenland Dice v1.4: This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo Resident) rolls a 1d100: 38

[18:30] Sir Corvo hears the loud roar coming from the tunnel, he shines the tunnel with his lantern again, he can see a bigger skeleton slowly approaching the room, "guess thats enough for the day, we have the scrolls..", he prepares to run as the coward he is, he makes a run for the exit

[18:31] Torri hadn't been looking directly at it, though now she was seeing spots, she whined at jerads screaming and pouted. "i'm sorry! i just thought--" she'd suddenly see movement next to jerad, and step to his swide as the corpse behind him started to shift, she'd swing her blade down on its neck in an attempt to butcher it's head off. with all the noise and shit going on down here, she was beginning to wonder if the catacombs were gonna start shaking or something next. " They're waking up!" seeing corvo running first, a surprise, for a man who could barely limp, she'd attempt to take jerad's arm and help. corvo had the right idea. they had to run!

[18:32] Revenland RP Dice v1.0: Scary Tarri (Kiba Noonan) rolls a 70
[18:32] Revenland Dice v1.4: This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo Resident) rolls a 1d100: 49

[18:34] Young Spirit: though her life may have ended countless years ago, the young spirit still seemd to be able to feel mixtures just like the living. The darkness that seemed to linger around the living corpse made her very uneasy and terrified. Perhaps strong emotions were what made it possible for her misty form capable of clutching her small hands to the bones of the deceased soldier she continued to hide behind. Her resting place was not as it should be, perhaps that is why she now stood in the realm of the living. To have the living among her tomb was a disturbance to the dead at times, but the living corpse was bringing a strong uneasy-ness to the tomb. Something she didn't want and would want to be rid of it, though her emotions prevented her from actually doing any action. Still quite afraid, not quite ready to attempt making any advance in perhaps aiding the living, though what could a small child even do? Her eyes would rest upon the deceased soldier's weapon, her mind still wondering if she should take any attempt

[18:34] Young Spirit: in aiding them if she was able to touch the weapon for even just a moment. As she grew more restless, her body would move as if trembling, her hold on the skeleton would also be found slightly trembling from her action

[18:37] Jerad Teigo looked around, just like last time?! He watched as Torri attacked one and went to slam his mace into the skull of another. He was planning on staying and fighting as long as they could...that was...until all those noises in the tunnel and then that roar. "We should go...We should go!" He limped back and tried to keep his torch. He paused and looked over in their direction, "Abram. hand me your flask!"

 The scuttering noises continued to grow louder and louder. Shrieks and screams erupting from the tunnels. It sounded like some crazy mob coming after them. The torches began to flicker. Starting to die at a rather rapid pace. The young spirit seemed to help ease the one undead as it seemed to restrain from moving. Though there were many others. A few motionless in their resting spots, mainly only the ones that were attacked while waking up. Others leaped from their slumber and instantly rushed over to try attacking the inquisitor. All of them seemed attracted to him. That roared echoed far louder as footsteps could be heard taking slow steps somewhere in teh catacombs.

[18:49] Revenland Dice v1.4: This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo Resident) rolls a 1d100: 46

[18:49] Abram had most of his hearing back, enough to hear the screams, yells, and something... downright inhuman. The white of his vision had faded to blurriness with colorful spots. He threw his hand behind him but there was nothing there to steady him. Closing his eyes tightly, he moved for his belt and felt around for the flask, though fumbled in trying to remove it. He tried to move toward the sound of their voices and hit his knee against another slab. He hissed suddenly between his teeth in pain. "Well if you're leaving, don't leave me behind, or I'll haunt your ass forever!" he shouted.

[18:49] Revenland Dice v1.4: Captain Afro (Zidane Radek) rolls a 1d100: 56

[19:03] Captain Zidane Arionnias would manage to slam the skelton down onto the ground, noticing the group of skeletons around as he'd start to move back. He'd take Abram under his arm as he'd move, all the while thinking of reasons why these skeletons would be attracted to him. "The fuckin' scrolls.." the Bastet muttered, as he'd pull his sword free to repel the attackers. "They are attracted to the scrolls!" he'd call out to them, trying to carry Abram. He'd reach into his coat, pulling the scrolls out into his palm, and tossing it away toward the ground behind him. He'd then try to turn to guide Abram away from harm

[19:11] Torri would aid jerad to the staircase at least if he needed, leg wounds were hard to move with, she watched zidane throw the scrolls onto the floor, and considered going after them.. But she wasn't a fucking hero, and it was amazing she stayed down there that long. taking her water skin out, she'd sling it in a wide range throwing salt everywhere. although it never seemed to work before, it gave her hope.

[19:11] Revenland RP Dice v1.0: Scary Tarri (Kiba Noonan) rolls a 92
[19:11] Revenland Dice v1.4: This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo Resident) rolls a 1d100: 62

[19:11] Young Spirit: would look rapidly among her fellow nabors, those who once rested in peace just as she had, now shrouded in darkness as well. The tomb was no longer as it was... the sounds of the shrieks and screams, the rising of the dead. There was no one that could stop it, the living were in danger, and her home was being destroyed. As the undead rose to attack, she took notice to the one that remained behind her, unable to join with the others. She was unable to think... she did not know what to do... though... her body seemed to know how to react... her feet began to rush quickly among the dirt floor, though her new form allowed her to almsot glide in her rush. Perhaps it was from her strong emotions to protect the living from this nightmare, that would allow her voice to be heard... almost like a scream... a plea... just maybe loud enough for them to hear her young child voice over the surrounding sounds. "Run! You must escape this place!" She would attempt to follow after them, maybe she would be able to slow them down with her aura... even just a little bit. It seemed to feel it was her duty to get them to safety, though leaving her tomb in darkness. For a ghost, she was aware... she would be mistaken for a living being if not for her deceased body and ghostly form. The chance of them seeing her was unknown to her, but she would continue to follow behind them as if they could

[19:17] Jerad Teigo felt his teeth clenching nervously as those noises got louder, "Abram! Give me the fucking flask!" He turned around tried to take it from him if he could. His eyes went wide at the mention of the scrolls attracting the skeletons. It made sense. It was like last time when they picked the first two up. He hurried toward Abram and grabbed the flask(got consent). Struggling a moment to unhook it before finally getting it. When the scrolls were thrown down though and he would try to push away from the aid to grab them. Knowing what the last ones said. If he succeeded in grabbing them and he would try to hurry out. Spilling the alcohol at the bottom of the stairs before dropping the torch there. He looked up and heard someone. Was someone down herE? He looked ready to risk his life to save what sounded like a child. Then he saw the ghostly form. Shit shit shit. He seemed to assume that would attack them as well as he bled up the stairs. Groaning and biting down in pain as he forced himself up the steps.

 The undead fell to the ground from the large inquisitor and seemed to move slowly as he tossed the scrolls on the ground. It wasn't until Jerad picked them back up that the catacombs began to shriek again and come toward him. though at the flames and two fleshy zombies burned on top of it. Still on fire as they tried to crawl up the steps before becoming motionless. The other undead waiting for the fire to calm before they would proceed.

[19:20] Abram felt someone grabbing at his belt and pulling him forward as they tried to get the flask off. "Whoa whoa, I'm not that kind of woman!" And then someone was grabbing him, literally sweeping him off his feet. The hell!?

[19:35] Jerad Teigo made his way out and slammed the door shut once everyone was safe above ground. Likely slamming it shut right in front of the poor ghost. Going up all those stairs with a stab wound in the thigh took the will to live to get up. And now that he was safe and he fell to the ground. Groaning in pain as he dropped the mace. "We have to seal it back shut!"

[19:47] Dolus and the other priests were startled as the others came bursting through the door. Hurrying to shut it and begin nailing it back shut with the aid of the guard that watches the door. Dolus would move to look them over. "Do any of you need help to the healer?! The holy water, did it work?!" Though by the look of the crew and it was looking liek a big fat no.

[19:50] Captain Zidane Arionnias would stand with Abram under his arm, bleeding from his wound on his stomach as he grunted. "I'll be alright, it? He needs help." he'd finally have him set down, simply letting him lean on him for support he needed it. "We have several other wounded here.."

[19:52] Young Spirit: would continue to hurry after the living beings, not aware she may be causing them more terror just by the site of her. It was when the site of the exit came into view, did the young spirit feel some relief, though knowing the darkness could still be close behind. Just nearly reaching the exit, she would find the door being slammed shut. In her speed of pace, she was unable to come to a full stop, but instead of colliding with the door her body would faze right through it along with the person on the other that shut it. They may feel her aura pass through as she passes, soon circling around when out in the open. Opening her eyes, she would look around and sigh in relief before gliding closer towards them, though holding to one of the gravestones almost as a source of protection. Her eyes watching them curiously though currently remaining silent.

[19:54] Corra hadn’t been far from the scene when a ragged voice found its way towards her ears. The wolf-dog had immediately launched upwards onto her paws, growing distracted from whatever she had been doing at the time and had broken into a loping bound towards the growing voices. Some were frantic, a few unfamiliar- some familiar. With paws smacking along the stone until she spotted the group of men, Corra was quick to skid to a slow, turning into the graveyard and moving through the grass and tombstones. The stench of blood rose up into her heightened senses, causing a narrowing of her own pale blue eyes. They were injured, it was obvious enough. Though, she’d immediately turn to find Jerad. Concern obviously spread itself across the intelligent canine’s expression as she moved to raise her head upwards, attempting to assess his wounds- her mind not upon the others.

[19:55] Jerad Teigo slammed his palms on the dirt and tried to keep himself upright. Though his vision kept getting blurrier from the blood loss. Dropping to his elbows before pushing himself onto his back to make the blood harder to push out of his thigh. He had yet to notice the ghost, if it was still able to make itself visible. Ripping off his helmet, and wishing he could take all the armor off with this sweating. Suddenly a big pup face came into view and he forced a smile. Weakly petting her, "Hey Corra..."
[19:56] Jerad Teigo would also add in pain, "Holy water...didn't work."

[20:00] Dolus frowned and looked between them all, "I'll go get the healer." He paused, thinking he saw a soul. Instead of embracing or praying for it and he rushed off toward the apothecary. As fast as a man in robes could go.

[20:16] Young Spirit: looking upon the injured, she would find herself moving closer to get a better look at the blood. Something she had not seen in perhaps a very long time, did she once have that inside her physical body? With her ability to feel concern and worry, it may be enough for her voice to be heard once again, though it sounded more like an echoe then a normal voice. As for visiblity, her appearence may just be visible enough for them to see her "Are you alright...?"

[20:19] Corra had immediately bend downwards towards Jerad as he said her own name faintly. Her eyes switched back and forth across his near-pale face, pressing herself forwards as if to offer support. When some came to bring him somewhere she nearly growled, though kept by his side as he was taken away, only glancing once back towards a faint voice in which had felt as if it’d been whispered into the cool air around the group. It caused her posture to stiffen, but she was gone with Jerad. There was no way Corra was going to stay behind as they carried him away, the scent of blood slowly sickening her stomach.

[20:24] Jerad Teigo saw some shift in the scenery from the spirit, hearing the voice. His brows furrowed tightly as he tried to make out if it was from blood loss or real. Nodding slowly as npcs helped him to the apothecary. He would mutter toward Corra and try to calm her when she growled at the people coming to aid him. "It's alright's alright..." He wouldn't fuss much and was taken away.

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