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Apple Bobbing Contest (Faromkir Festival 2016)

1 year 3 months ago #249 by inboccaallupo
inboccaallupo created the topic: Apple Bobbing Contest (Faromkir Festival 2016)

[14:27] Ruscion held on tightly to Arisu's hand, trying to tug them all along to hurry so they all could go and see what the festival would consist of. his bare feet padding across the cobblestones and up to the gate. Ruscion's mood would seem to change nearly instantly as they approached the gates, the boy seeming to grip tighter on the elven womans hand and even stepped in closer to her side up until they passed the guards.... which didnt seem to be paying much attention to begin with. "dont worry, ill stay close. and its alright, id really like to see what the food is like here" he commented before noticing all the stands set up around the field "Woah... what is that?" Ruscion muttered and tried to let go of Arisu's hand as he would bound down the hill and across the field to see what everything was

[14:29] Ekeos Diehraaw smiled lightly, "Yes, entertainers don't really seem to be around....maybe it will be later. If you two wanted to browse about while I set up a stall." He paused to see the boy so quick to hurry off and explore. "I'm sure the baker is selling some pastries."

[14:33] Arisu: notices Ruscion trying to break free from her grip but she was concerned for the child's safety. She would let go but giving him a warning, "Remember... stay close to us and no running off. You don't want the ogres to gobble you up" she couldn't help but use the old 'ogres will eat you', a common saying the older elves would say to her when she was young and traveling with her clan. She would smile still holding happily to Ekeos's hand, her stomach giving a little growl at the mention of pastries, nodding her head, "Should we look on the pastries first?"

[14:38] Ruscion would hold onto Arisu's hand only as long as she would keep his. before deciding to take off he would look up to the woman with a smile upon his face, clearly excited about whatever this... festival thing was. "but ogres cant get into the town" was his simple, smart-assed answer to his guardians on the matter of safety... then he was gone, off in the field, looking at what there was to explore, including the barrels full of water and apples

 Peyton noticed a family or group of some sort heading his way. Hoping through the rings playfully before he would land at the end. Giving a majestic bow toward Ruscion as eyes narrowed toward the three. A sing song voice escaping the merchant, "Good evening! And Happy Faromkir! You look like an agile boy! How about these jump rings! Or challenge one of your parents there to an apple bobbing contest, hmmmmm?!" 

[14:41] Ekeos Diehraaw laughed lightly at the mention of ogres, and moreso to the boy's remark. Looking away suddenly in case Arisu glared at him for encouraging the boy. He would quickly move toward the stall they told him about to set up there for a moment.

[14:45] Arisu: nearly had her jaw open as she hears the boy's remark, but it was Ekeos's laughter that made her look towards him with a slight glare, her cheeks a little puffed. He would soon walk away quickly which she would just give a little exhale of a sigh before following after Ruscion. Approaching the barerels and rings, she would look up towards the merchant and smiles to watch for the boy's response, "The rings look like they might be fun, why don't you give it a try"

[14:48] Ruscion was about to reach into the barrel of watter to pluck out an apple when a voice interupted the boy momentarily. curiousily the wide eyed boy would stare between him and the rings that the man was talking about. "oh hello!" the child spoke up, a smile coming across the boys face. as far as his appearance, with the redish hair it was probably easy to assume Eekos could be the boys father, but there was no real relation there, as Arisu came up behind him, the boy would happily look back to her, unaware his comment before meant anything sassy. "it sounds like alot of fun. hmm... whats this Faromkir and how do you do the jump rings? and can i have an apple?" the boy said in a line of questioning, clearly never haveing been apart of one of these festivals before

 Peyton smiled delightfully as the boy asked, leaning forward to be more at the boy's level without ever bending his knees, " Faromkir is the holiday itself of course! Looks like Zod's gave us a blessed harvest this year, so we celebrate and thank him!" He paused to look at the barrels with a tap at his chin, "hmmmm, you can have the apples you collect! Only 2 copper for both of you to verse each other. It's rather win-win, both of you keep the apples you collect and the winner gets a ticket for a free slice of pie or a toy sword!"

[14:59] Ekeos Diehraaw finished laying a few things out on the table before he would turn to realize there was a man talking to the two, slowly making his way toward the three as he spoke out softly. "How about 2 copper for the apple bobbing and the jump rings on top of it." He made his way closer and stood at the other side of the boy. Listening to the prizes.

[15:04] Arisu: smiles toward Ekeos, "How about 4 copper coins and you try the the apple game as well" she would dig in her money pouch to take out the coins. She wasn't sure about doing the games herself, but watching them play might be just as much fun. She would offer the coins to the merchant

[15:06] Ruscion was completly entranced by what the man was saying. his eyes wide as the emerald looking globes stared intently. he didnt exactly know what a Zod was... but being a child he didnt much care. the apple and the sword made his interest all the more, but what was a toy? he didnt much question things and thought nothing of it. "oh and what is the jump rings? do i gotta jump through them or something?" hed further question. even as Ekeos came over to join the family outing to the festival. though looking back to Arisu as the jingeling of coin was offered up to the merchant, the boy would perk up, waiting to know what was going on first

[15:11] Peyton turned around to see another approaching, "Ah! Greetings." He instantly recognized it was the man that came with the other two, "Of course of course! Jump rings are a short sort of glory! Anyone can try it for free. Ring tossing though is 2 copper for 5 turns!" He paused as the woman offered four coppers and bowed his head to take it. He seemed to notice the ears just then and paused, though the merchant would take money from all equally! "What are the names of these two challengers?" He paused and jerked a thumb over his shoulder, "The jump rings are directly behind me. You can jump through them if you want but you can't let your foot in any way touch the rings or you lose!" He paused to peek at Arisu, "We COULD make the game much more interesting, and amusing for you, for one more copper. Or stick to the traditional apple bobbing without the jump rings mixed into the challenge."

[15:13] Ekeos Diehraaw watched as she handed over the coin and smiled lightly, "Alright alright, just so you can laugh at us. Right?" He paused and smiled as the man asked the names, "Ekeos." Though even he looked a little confused at the mention of jump rings brought into apple bobbing. "Perhaps stick to the traditional apple bobbing. Ruscion has never bobbed for apples before."

[15:16] Arisu: handed over one more copper coin without much delay, or hearing Ekeos's words, Just proof she wasn't to good with money and saving it. "Interesting sounds like it could be much more fun" she would smile cheerfully, her ears giving a light twitch as she would turn around to the boys, "And this is Ruscion, he will be doing the rings" she looks towards the boy. "Do your best"

[15:22] Ruscion didnt know what was much going on, but the boy bobbed from one foot to the other as he anxiousily wanted to know what was going on and what this game was all about. he silently and shyly looked between Ekeos and Arisu, not sure what they were signing him up for, but he could get things out of it thats for sure "what is this apple bobbing anyway. you said i just had to get the apples right? cant be that hard" the child said before simply reaching into the barrel to pick up a big juicy apple, which he would hold it up triumphantly "I got one!" he said excitedly

 Peyton gave a hearty little laugh as she mentioned Ekeos doing apple bobbing and the boy doing jump rings. Taking the copper quickly in case she changed her mind, "Oh no! They will both be doing the jump rings AND the apple bobbing. Now this is the -new- game. Each opponent will start at the barrels." He pulled out small rope with a charming smile, "Oh it isn't that easy, child. Hands tied behind your backs! You'll have to get an apple out WITH your MOUTHS and onto the floor. THEN you will have to get up and jump through the rings. If your foot hits the ring and you will have to start over. You'll want to finish the end of the rings to get back to the barrels. And you won't be able to get back to the rings until you get another apple out!"

[15:36] Ekeos Diehraaw was just about to go to his knees before she handed over another coin, pouting lightly as he can only imagine how jump rings would be mixed into apple bobbing. When he heard about jumping through them to the apples and it sounded like some strange cardio routine. He laughed at Ruscion's much easier apple bobbing, "I wish it was that easy but..." As the merchant explained and he nodded, "Think those chompers can win, Ruscion?" Whenever whoever came to tie his hands behind his back and he would put his wrists together to make it easier. His face already going red as he thought about faceplanting in the middle of all this.

[15:43] Arisu: chuckles as she assists the merchant by going behind Ekeos and tie-ing his wrists together behind his back and kisses his cheek, "Go easy on him, but also do your best" she smiles and goes to help Ruscion tie his hands behind his back. She pets him as she gives him some words of encouragement as well. "Give it your best, and have fun" she would ruffle his hair slightly in a playful way before walking over to stand beside the merchant to watch

[15:48] Ruscion rolled the apple around in his hand and would go to simply slide it into his pocket while he got all eager and bounced around, ready to play these games. "with our mouths?" he questioned, though sounded intrigued and astonished like.... whoever came up with this game was a genius. "ok so get an apple, and go through the hoops. easy peasy" the boy chuckled as a large grin grew across his face. looking over to Ekeos he too would follow suit and kneel down at the edge of the barrel. lightly biting his lower lip as he gets all excited even as Arisu ties his hands together "ill try!" he says to her happily, even with her words of encouragement

[15:50] Peyton smacked his hands together in a job well done before moving between the two barrels, not seeming to notice the pocketed apple from the boy. "On your knees!" He moved into the grass to grab something before raising a wooden sword, "On your mark! Get set! BOB!" Suddenly, the man swiped the toy sword down in the air, creating a whishing sound.

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[15:53] Ekeos Diehraaw peeked behind as Arisu helped to tie his hands behind his back, "Well this is new." He looked to Ruscion with a laugh, "Go easy on me!" He would look up toward the merchant and awkwardly to down to his knees. Watching the countdown of a sort and he couldn't help but smile, even a tad in embarrassment at any other festival goers watching. The moment the sword was swatted downward and he would go to try and grab at an apple. His teeth scrapping at a few but they would seem to keep bobbing down and away.

[15:55] Arisu: would cross her arms and bring her one hand up near her chin,watching at the two boys begin to bite for the apples, she couldn't help but start chuckling, finding it quite silly but in a fun way. She nticed Ekeos having a hard time as he seemed to be missing the apples. She would look over to watch and see how the boy was doing

[16:01] Ruscion was still bouncing, even when he sat on his knees, ready for the game to start, lightly biting his lower lip as he stared down to the water and all the juicy apples. "hehe no mercy!" he laughed to Ekeos and tensed up, waiting for the countdown. at the word go the child instantly slammed his face into the water, headbutting an apple or two as he gnashed around blindly several times bitting at water, water, water... then APPLE!. his elongated canines sinking into the flesh of the apple, the child sits up, water immediatly spilling down his body from his soaked hair. coughing a bit he leaps up to his feet and drops the apple to the ground as he makes a mad dash to the rings. then after hop and hop and hop again, but on the third ring he bounced to he landed on the ring, it curling up to lightly smack against his shin "aww" he mumbled, a smile still on his face at the game, because at least he was still ahead

 Peyton watched and brought his hands up together a little excited, "Look like beginner's luck as Ruscion gets an apple! Oh, he touched a ring! Back to the beginning! Aaaaaand we have Ekeos here struggling to get an apple! HA HA! You can do it! Don't let the boy beat you!" 

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[16:07] Ekeos Diehraaw was trying his best not to laugh through it all, seeing Ruscion already up and about as he was still struggling. His face blushing as he laughed before going to the barrel more determined. The apples would keep pushing down and popping back up somewhere else before he finally got a hold of one! Moving to drop it on the floor as he shifted to a stand. Seeing the boy making it across this time and he would move to hop through the rings all the way through without touching anything.

[16:10] Arisu: continues to giggle as she watches the boys continue to bob for the apples. As Ruscion managed and apple, she began to cheer for him, "Go Rusion! you can do it-awe" she noticed him hit the ring, but smiled seeing how the boy appeared to be having fun. As it was Ekeos's turn to get the apple, she began to cheer for him as well, "Yay! go Ekeos you can do it! You both can do it! i believe in you!" she would continue to cheer

[16:10] Red sadly had to wait until she had finished most of her shift in town before she could get to come out to the festival. She'd never seen one before so she hurried up, trying her best not to run; she didn't want to draw the attention of the guards. She made her way through the fields toward the gathering of people.

[16:11] Ruscion was having some serious giggle fits as he hopped out of the rings and had to run back to the start. a light squeak of laughter seeing Ekeos stand up, which ade the boy rush even more. with presumibly Ekeos on his heels, Ruscion hopped back through the rings, this time actually managing to not trip as he ran back to the barrel to start the next round

 Peyton gave a loud and drawn out, 'ohhhhh' as they were both already at the barrels again, "This is going to be a close one!" He noticed another woman approaching and threw up that charming smile, "Oh hello! Interested in joining the challenge? Maaaybe-" He pointed the toy sword to the two women, "You two could go against each other? Hmmmmmm?!"

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[16:16] Ekeos Diehraaw was on a roll it seemed, Going to reach and grab the first apple after kneeling down. Moving his head and dropping it to the ground. He stumbled on his way to a stand and hurried toward the rings. Oh goodness he was not in shape for this. He made it through the rings carefully but was already panting softly as he struggling to kneel back down.

[16:18] Arisu: chuckles as she continues to cheer, watching Ekeos make it once again. She would notice as the merchant called out to another. Taking her eyes away from the two boys, she would look over taking notice of the friendly face she had not seen in quite a while. She would let out a slight gasp as her smile grew brighter. She would call out Red's name but only to cringe as the merchant suggested she play, not sure how well she would do with sticking her face into the water. She would then look to Red noticing how she looked overworked and smiles again deciding to give her some fun, "How about it? Care for a little fun challenge with an old friend?"

[16:20] Red furrowed her eyebrows when she saw a boy hopping over some rings and then run to a barrel full of apples. On an off note, it made her stomach grumble because she hadn't eaten during her shift. She looked up, startled, as she was addressed by a man with a feather in his hat. "Uh," came a squeak of a reply. "I don't know how to... play," she admitted. She followed his gaze toward the other woman, and then froze once she realized it was Arisu. There were a handful of people who knew of what went on before the Castellan died. The woman didn't seem the type to start trouble, though, so she hesitantly smiled back. "If--If you show me how.." she said. She didn't think participating would be wise, but if there was a chance you could eat free apples, her stomach was all in.

[16:24] Ruscion ran back to the barrel and made it back just after Ekeos did. jumping back down to his knees, the child would sink his face back into the cool water, this time aiming his face for a particularly delicious looking one. his kiddy like fangs sinking once again into the red flesh of an apple, he hops up and goes to acrobatically leap over the barel to try and catch up with Ekeos, dropping the apple off on the way, hopping through the rings, this time right on HIS tail as he made his way back to the barrel. though with everything going on, he wasnt particularly paying attention to whats going on around him... that and being partially blinded by water and his own hair

 Peyton pointed the sword playfully toward the newcomer, "The game is simple! Hands tied behind your back, you'll have to try and collect 5 apples before your opponent! With your mouth of course! You can also add in a copper to add these jump rings into the challenge! Even the loser wins, you see, as they keep any apples they've gathered during the game. The winner gets the apples as well as a toy or a ticket for a delicious pie!"

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[16:31] Ekeos Diehraaw got yet another apple without a problem and opened his mouth to drop it on the floor. "This is tiring...I'd think this was part of training for soldiers!" Ekeos soldiers at least, because he wasn't exactly a tough guy. He moved over with a stumble forward and hopped more carefully through the rings. But didn't hit any of them! He was on a roll! Moving right back to plop down at the barrel. Panting even more before he gave a huge tired breath and went back at the apple delicious victims.

[16:34] Arisu: chuckles as she nods her head, "It sounds like it will be fun, but I don't think I can do the rings in these cloths" she thought best not to tire Red out more then she already appeared. She would hand over the copper coins for the two of them to play after the boys were finished. She would then return her attention to check on them, chuckling and clapping as Ekeos got it once again, "Don't give hum Ekeos! you can do this!"

[16:35] Revenland Dice v1.4: Takari Kagamine (Shinta1217 Resident) rolls a 1d100: 77

[16:38] Red asked, "H--hands tied.. behind your back?" Sounded like some overall devious trap for catching non-humans. Though when she looked over toward the boy and Ekeos as they ran around, she didn't see anything particularly bad happening to Ruscion. Didn't see any dark figures or guards around either. Though her brain still said no, her stomach said bitchmehongry. Hearing Arisu, she thought she might have a better chance of winning just making her do the rings. So evil. She moved for her coin purse and took out a copper, before moving over to hand it to Peyton. She looked toward Arisu after. "What, sorry? I didn't hear you, what did you say?" she said, keeping her face blank.

[16:41] Ruscion manages to make it back to the barrel and once again drops down to his knees, but unlike Ekeos he didnt stop to take a breath, the child simply went to dunk his head back into the water. when breaking back out the surface of the water, he splashed water every which way, this time as he gripped an apple by the steam instead. dropping off the delicious fruit he laughed as he ran up to catch up with Ekeos or perhaps try and step around him on the rings in attempt to slide under the mans feet to get ahead

 Peyton gave a loud, "oh ho ho hoho!" As he moved to take and pocket the extra coin, "Looks like you'll have to make the dress work, ma'am! I believe in you!" He turned and moved out of the way for the two opponents and gave an, "Ohhhhhh-" to the boy's methods, "Someone is trying to run their opponent off the ringed road!"

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[16:46] Ekeos Diehraaw tried to grab another apple but no matter which apple he aimed and and whatever angle and he just kept scraping at them. His teeth pushing them away. He huffed and stopped for a breather. Peeking up to see who Arisu was going to go up against.

[16:46] Revenland Dice v1.4: Takari Kagamine (Shinta1217 Resident) rolls a 1d100: 65

[16:57] Arisu: continues to cheer from the side lines watching them happily, "Your almost there, you can do it!"

[17:00] Red moved around Arisu to try and get a better look at how many apples they had on the ground. It looked like the kid was winning. She heard the woman root but wasn't sure who she was rooting for. Unsure what it was proper to do in this moment, she just stood and watched, letting herself get wrapped up in the rush.

[17:01] Ruscion got back to the barrels and practically dove into them as he burried his face into the water once more. when sitting up, he grasped another apple in his teeth. snuffing out the water on his nose and glancing briefly over to Ekeos who had stopped for a breather. staring idly for a moment a grin peeked out from the sides of his mouth, seeing that this was his chance as he hopped up to his feet and ran through the rings once more

 Peyton gave a long and whipping whistle impressed, "Looks like the apprentice is surpassing the master here! Hoooow's it going to end?! One more apple for Ruscion! Ekeos looks like he's losing stamina over there!"

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[17:03] Revenland Dice v1.4: Takari Kagamine (Shinta1217 Resident) rolls a 1d100: 17

[17:04] Ekeos Diehraaw looked up and smiled as he saw the boy winning, he would go and hook his teeth into an apple, peeking up to see the boy still going at the apples in a bit of a struggle. He would let go of the apple back in the water and pretend like he was struggling as he scraped and pushed at the apples as they bobbed away again.

[17:05] Teja quietly steps out into the field, arms crossed under her chest. She said nothing as she watched the goings on of the festival and its peoples. It was all odd. The people, the activities, the outfit she war, but it looked fun none the less, and she watched, grinning quietly at them all.

[17:08] Arisu: takes notice of Ekeos's actions for the boy and smiles, cheering some more, "You can do it Ruscion! Your one mroe to go!" she claps her hands as she continues to cheer for him.

[17:11] Red noted how competitive this game was, people were really putting their all into it. Finally she weakly piped up, "You can do it!" and clapped her hands like Arisu was.

[17:11] Ruscion must have been getting ahead of himself or overconfident in his apple getting abilities. dunking his head into the barrel this time he could easily feel his teeth peck and scratch the skin of the ripened fruit. but try as he might, this time he didnt manage to get an apple this time. And unlike Ekeos this time, the boy wasnt able to peek at his apple picking opponent

 Peyton didn't catch the man spitting the apple out as he watched, "Still struggling? Use those teeth! You can do it! One more apple and you are the victor!" 

[17:14] Revenland Dice v1.4: Remus (MeshSouls Resident) rolls a 1d100: 1
[17:14] Revenland Dice v1.4: Takari Kagamine (Shinta1217 Resident) rolls a 1d100: 65

[17:17] Ekeos Diehraaw must have been out of breath as he breath in suddenly while underwater. Ripping his head out with soaking hair as he coughed water through his nose, shuddering a little at it. He tried to open his eyes through all the water and saw Ruscion about to win. "Go-oh ack ack ack Rusackackiciacakc!"

[17:19] Teja steps up to the group to see what they were doing. She looked over the competition and she chuckled. Where she lived, this would happen in one barrel and heads were always hit. She'd sit to watch, but this cursed skirt probably wouldn't allow her. "Looks fun." She said, watching man vs child.

[17:19] Arisu: couldn't help but bring her hand to her mouth, trying to muffle her laughter as Ekeos appeared to have snorted some water. Turning to look back at Ruscion she continues to cheer, "Almost there! you can do it!"

[17:22] Red studied the participants very closely. She didn't want to risk breaking a rule and being disqualified, or making a fool out of herself by not knowing the way the game worked.

[17:29] Ruscion flung his head back from the cool barrel water with what he must have thought was one of the biggest apples in the whole barrel. he held it triumphantly as he sprung to his feet, lept over the barrel for the last time and tiredly ran through the rings for the last time, carrying the apple all the while in his mouth. the child looked so happy as he spat the apple to the ground, the fifth and final one. glancing back to Ekeos he grew a giant grin upon his face and began excitedly jumping up and down "I won I won!" he shouted enthusiastically

 Peyton lifted the sword high into the sky with a point as the boy got one more, "Oh! There's teh apple! But can he make it through the......there he goes! Flawless victory from the little Ruscion! And a nose snorting loss for poor Ekeos! At least Ekeos gets to bring home 3 apples. Now Ruscion. Would you like a Pie Ticket or this toy sword here?"

[17:34] Ekeos Diehraaw stood up and coughed wildly as he felt like water was trapped and flooded his brain. He tried to move toward toward the group as he shouted out encouraging, "Good job Ruscion!" But with all the water on the grass as he hurried and the healer would slip and fall right on hit butt. Cringing in pain, "Owkay...I don't think these barrels like me."

[17:35] Teja raises her brows as the little one seemed to have won and boasted in his victory. "Mi hope dem lef ova apples a made into pies." She smiled at the little one. "Well don."[17:38] Arisu: cheers, "Yay for Ruscion! I knew you could do it!" she would flinch as she watched Ekeos falling onto his rear. She would walk over with a chuckle and kneel down to help untie his hands, "Are you alright my love?" she would offer her hand to help him onto his feet

[17:39] David Valentino moves out of the city gates and down to the green, where there seemed to be some sort of festival in progress. He was suffering from his 57th hangover in a row, and stopped near those gathered, squinting, then managed a feeble smile and greeting, "Hail peasants! Happy...", his voice trailed off realizing he had no idea what they were celebrating, and ended with a lazy gesture of his hand, "...whatever..."

[17:40] Red followed Arisu's suit and continued to clap as a winner was declared. She flinched when Ekeos slipped in the wet grass and clapped for him too. She looked around now that their match was over, and spied some new people. A woman in black and a man in red.

[17:41] Ruscion hopped about from one foot to the next, though with his hands still bound behind his back he was having trouble doing a whole lot as he tried to calm down from his victory. young and impressionable, the boy would look at the merchant and his prize, though at first glance he was a little suprised by the weapon. it didnt look like it could cut anything. "hmm that thingy in your hands" he said with a smile, choosing the wooden sword. looking about to the others, hearing a few congratulations, the boy would run over to where Ekeos and Arisu were "hey can you untie my hands too?" he muttered to one of them, trying to pull himself free from the rope cuffs

 Peyton looked back toward David with an exclaimed, "AHOY!" as he lifted the sword to stab at the sky, before spinning his wrist in a bow to hand toward the boy to take, "As you wish, Abolisher of Apples." He paused to see the man on his rump and laughed heartedly, "The apple gods have forsaken you it seems."

[17:45] Ekeos Diehraaw laughed lightly in embarrassment, "I'm perfectly fine....I'll just need my hand untied in case I fall face first next time." He looked over at the wooden sword and smiled. "Oh, might want to untie Ruscion's first so he can take the sword." He paused to peek over at the newcomers and smiled, "Happy!...Faromkir!"

[17:47] Teja turns her head to the man that came down and greeted them in such a way. She was about to say something but she paused, speaking slowly, and as clearly as she could. "'ail, bwoy." She didn't take kindly to be called commoner, oh well. She chuckled to herself and shrugged. A little toy sword, what a splendid prize, though she'd take the pie in a heart beat.

[17:49] Arisu: chuckles as she pauses to untie Ekeos and reaches to undo Ruscion's rope from his hands. Setting the rope on the grass and reaches up petting him, "You were amazing Ruscion, I'm very proud of you" she looks over at the toy sword. "Why don't you go get your prize" she would return to removing Ekeos's rope as well, standing up to offer her hand to him

[17:52] . There really wasn't much pomp or show about Dærevwyr's arrival. He merely had exited from the city, bare feet quiet on the stones and then grass as he waded through the tall grasses to head for the festival. A goat trotted at his side, led by a rope tied around his neck and its end clutched in one hand. Between the ragged shorts / pants, the dirty skin, and wild hair on Dærevwyr . . . the goat was the better-looking of the two. Upon arriving to the festival's edge, he came to a halt and moved to . . . well. Just plop down there on the ground to sit and watch, legs outstretched in front of himself while the goat grazed nearby. There was the slosh of liquid as the viper -- er, human; yes, he was totes human -- unslung his flask from the sash about his waist, and raised it to his lips to take a swallow of whatever liquid was within.

[17:52] David Valentino frowned at the apparent name of the festival, or perhaps some local celebrity of sorts, "Ah! Yes..Far Rump Cur to you as well." he glanced around for a stage, spotting one across the way, and thought maybe he'd try and part the rubes from some of their coin. But a drink or three were needed first. he had some sour wine in a skin, but licked his lips at the thought of a cool ale and asked, "Say...good folk. Any celebratory beverages to be had?"

[17:53] Red rubbed her wrist nervously. She'd watched them compete as closely as she could, and was trying to remember the instructions. Now that it was her and Arisu's turn, she didn't feel as ready as she wanted to be. She looked around to those gathered again, and then looked over toward Arisu.

[17:55] Ruscion would turn about to get his ropes untied, the boy smiling as his soaked hair was pet and he received Arisu's kind words. "this was so much fun" he laughed, bouncing a bit as he ran over to claim his prize from the merchant who was hosting this event. once claimed he would swipe the sword through the air and spin around to run back over and practically try and tackle Ekeos to try and hug the man, Ekeos probably just as soaked as the boy was

[17:57] Peyton looked over the crowd curiously, "Hmmmm, are any of you interested in the apple bobbing contest? Or how about...A PIE EATING CONTEST?! We do need four contestants! Now what say you lot?!" He paused and leaned forward to spy at David a moment before waving a theatrical hand toward the ale booth behind him, "If you have the coin."

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