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Pie Eating Contest ((Faromkir Festival 2016))

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[18:02] Ekeos Diehraaw took her offer of a helping hand, standing up and brushing at his bottom. He peeked over to see his father and waved wildly at him. Apparently the healer was in a good mood. At the mention of a pie eating contest and he crouched down to gather all of the apples the two of them got out. Holding the long tunic up like a hammock to hold it all. He would peek over at Arisu, "Think you can eat that much?"

[18:04] Teja rolls her eyes a tthe man asking for drinks already. her eyes turned back to the child and she smiled. Cute kid. She shrugged it off and reached up She hated this mask and hood, so she pulled the mask, then the hood off, releasing the mass that was her hair. "Nah mi." She mumbled, but smiled, eager to watch.

[18:05] Arisu: thinks for a moment and nods, "I would say I have a pretty good chance of winning" she would smile and reach up to brush some wet strands of his hair away from his face, chuckles a bit. she would glance over where Ekeos waves and spotted his father as well, giving a smile and a little wave before preparing to head for the eating contest, already have paid to compete

[18:07] . Ekeos' wild waving and Arisu's wordless greeting went unresponded to, because . . . well. Dærevwyr was a sneksnek. His eyesight was sheeeeeeeet. However, his Daddy Senses must have been tingling because he was there . . . and his face was turned in Ekeos' general direction, sort of. Maybe. If you stretched your imagination a little, it could be presumed his face was somewhat angled that way. He appeared to just be listening to voices, though once Arisu spoke . . . his head turned directly her way. Yep. He knew his future daughter-in-law's voice. The goat was snagged with an arm and hauled back, so that Dærevwyr could lounge against its side while it stared at the crowd with its goat-y rectangular eyes.

[18:07] David Valentino following the man's gesture, his eyes locked on to the beverage seller and he moved that way, setting his bartering smile in place and squaring his shoulder.

[18:08] Red made a little squeaky 'nn' sound as Arisu headed off toward the pie-eating contest. She looked toward the barrels of apples, then toward the woman, and then began to hurriedly follow after her. "No apples then?" she asked, when she'd nearly caught up.

 Peyton followed after with a whistling tune before he made it toward the front of the stage. "Two copper! Two copper to Destroy Thou Enemies! In a game of chewing! Blueberry, Apple, pecan, oh my! Let's see who has what it takes, shall we?!" He turned toward those going to take seats, "Who have we here?"

[18:29] Ekeos Diehraaw was half tempted to go up and pay two copper but he was holding apples, and had apples! And he didn't really want to puke. He wasn't much of an eater. He looked over at Teja and called out, "I think they're looking for one more entry. You should try it out."

[18:31] Teja stretches her back out and stretched up. She yawned a little, but she patted her belly. "Mi can nyam." She said, stepping up behind the little crowd and up onto the stage, plopping down in a seat over between the beggar and the pretty lady.

[18:31] Arisu: takes a seat at the pie eating table and takes out a rag from her pocket and places it neatly over her lap to avoid making to much of a mess

[18:33] Ruscion would help gather up the apples and give them to Ekeos, a total of 8 for them all to share. following Ekeos back over to one of the benches, the boy would just sit down next to him, happily gripping the wooden sword that he won as he just tiredly leans his soaking wet hair topped head against Ekeos' side as he watched the match about to start

[18:34] . After a time of listening, Dærevwyr heard the word . . . pie. That had him perking. At last, he rose to his feet and wandered toward the stage. As he passed near Peyton, a hand lowered to . . . uh . . . seemingly slide into a pocket. Except there was no pocket, but hopefully everyone was either distracted or derpy and didn't notice. By the time he was near Peyton, Dærevwyr was extending a hand to offer the other man the two copper. "Do not touch my goat," was his warning whisper to the other fellow, before he . . . just let go of the rope. The goat was left standing beside Peyton. Dærevwyr ascended the steps to move toward the chairs -- those with sharp ears might hear the soft whisper of something moving across the wood --, and once he was sitting near Arisu . . . those arctic hues focused on the woman. He offered her a wink, before his eyes zoned in on PIIIIIE. His hands raised to interlace fingers and snap them; if anyone was paying attention, it might sound like there were more than eight fingers being cracked. Was probably just in their imaginations, though.

[18:37] Red frowned and moved over toward Peyton. "I guess I owe another coin," she muttered unhappily. Her hands moved to her coin purse and loosened the drawstrings, before she reached in. Was there a small "Ow!" inside that pouch or was it just a trick of the mind? Pulling out a copper coin, she held it out to Peyton with her face in a slight pout. "Here you go," she mumbled. Then she headed up the steps to go take a seat. She wanted the one furthest away from the people but someone had already taken it.

[18:37] Red of course gets to have the chair closest to the festival, go figure.

 Peyton took the copper happily clapped his hand loudly together and lifted them into the air, "Well look at that! We have four contestants!" He moved to the stage in a hop, skipping the steps. "And the contestant names are-" He would gesture dramatically to each one to give their names. "Is everybody ready?!" He likely heard Dae's warning but pretended not to hear for the sake of his theatrical appearance. He would move back to the goat after though, glancing to it like it held the deepest darkest secrets. He took the last coin from Red and nodded. He paused and looked around. Then down to the goat. Did that goat just say ow? Perhaps it is magical! The magical bean goat. "Get ready, get hungry.......GO!" He went to swing the sword down before realizing it was gone. Wups.

[18:39] Revenland Dice v1.4: MιϾнι's Mᴀʏнᴇᴍ (Dhuanolil Resident) rolls a 1d100: 50
[18:39] Revenland Dice v1.4: littlenixie (littlenixie Resident) rolls a 1d100: 61
[18:41] Revenland Dice v1.4: Vashti CupQuake Satsujin (Itonami Hilltop) rolls a 1d100: 91
[18:45] Revenland Dice v1.3: Aяiѕυ Keᴎg (SayaBanpaia Resident) rolls a 1d100: 32

[18:43] Ekeos Diehraaw watched as the two he knew went up there and dropped an apple as he stood up quickly, "Woooo! Go Arisu! Go Dae!" Sitting back down to finally bite into one of the apples. Offering one toward Ruscion.

[18:47] Arisu: taking a deep breath before she begins to shovel in mouth fulls of the pie. The flavor caused her to pie a moment making a 'mmm' sound before she returned to hurrying to eat. Managing to scarf down her first entire pie

[18:47] Teja pulls a few pies to her way, eyeing the little goat like it was the most beautiful, fluffy.... juicy little thing on the planet. This is what happened when she didn't eat meat for a few days! She took in a breath, swallowed all of her pride, and dipped right into the pies, cutting and swallowing down slice after slice of pie. One, two, three. Bit by bit three pies are shoved into her pie hole (called that for a reason) and down into her gullet, quick and slick, without even a bit of hesitation. All the while she was eying up that succulent goat. What good stew that thing could make~ ah! Yum.

[18:47] . When Peyton briefly looked down to the goat, he would find her staring up at him. Those dark, triangular hues bore into his own eyes . . . a piercing, cryptic gaze which the longer it was held, became deeper and darker, a growing heaviness which bordered on dreadful as though some ancient, terrible being stared out from within their depths . . . knowing, perceiving, plotting, remembering ancient days now long gone and knowing a future that was far too terrible for any mortal to conceive without going mad. Frightful, carrying a chill which could gradually seep into one's blood to travel to the marrow of the bones. A foreboding, a foreshadowing, of some wretched and wicked thing, possibly a glimpse through those eyes into another reality within those eyes . . . The goat belched, then stretched out her head to try to nibble the side of Peyton's boot, oblivious to Teja's staring. Peyton called out, and Dærevwyr promptly faceplanted into his pie to go into a feeding frenzy. Omnomnom.

[18:48] Red opened her mouth to say her name, but she made sure to say it so quiet, it was doubtful anyone would hear. Gah, why was she doing this, she wasn't supposed to be drawing any attention to herself in Redfoem's territory. ..But.. but pie. Couldn't remember the last time she'd even had any. As soon as he said go, she forgot the use of utensils and just curled her hand into a pie. At least they'd been out here cooling for a while or that would have been a handful of pure pain. She pulled her hand forward and hungrily ate, parts dropping off onto the table. Her fingers and mouth turned bluish-red from blueberries. Oh gods, oh the pure bliss! The first bite tasted so rich she couldn't stand it! She gave off a small orgasmic groan and chewed quickly. Then she started licking off her fingertips before she realized there was more pie she could have instead! She grabbed another handful with her right hand, then her left, the latter on standby while she stuffed her face. She reached with her right toward a pitcher of

[18:48] Red water, and rather than pour it into a cup, just tipped it back and greedily drank. Water streamed down both sides of her chin. Thing is, she didn't realize it was a competitive eating contest. She just thought it was an all-you-could-eat buffet for merely two coppers! Oh she planned on taking so many pies home.

[18:49] Ruscion sat there on the bench, idly kicking his feet out as he examined the wooden sword that he had won. maybe he didnt know what a 'toy' exactly was, but he was trying to figure it out. "hey Ekeos?" he says, pausing to accept the apple offered to him "whats the point of a sword if it doesnt cut anything?" he mumbled, pointing out the flat edges of the toy

 Peyton gave a whistle as he watched, "Looks like the last contestant in is a pie eating monster! Oh boy she is even going for another one! Ms. Lady in Red here is second place so far as the last two are only one pie behind! Pace yourself folks!" Peyton would also give a girl like scream as the goat tried eating at his shoe. Taking off his hat and shooing at the thing.

[18:53] Revenland Dice v1.3: Aяiѕυ Keᴎg (SayaBanpaia Resident) rolls a 1d100: 11
[18:53] Revenland Dice v1.4: Vashti CupQuake Satsujin (Itonami Hilltop) rolls a 1d100: 14
[18:53] Revenland Dice v1.4: MιϾнι's Mᴀʏнᴇᴍ (Dhuanolil Resident) rolls a 1d100: 65
[18:53] Revenland Dice v1.4: littlenixie (littlenixie Resident) rolls a 1d100: 85

[18:53] Ekeos Diehraaw laughed loudly as he watched them all, "You can do it!" He looked down at Ruscion with a smile, "Yes?" Looking to the wooden sword at the question, "To play with. You can do pretend sword fights with friends or anyone while being safe. So you don't hurt people you want to play with. Playing with real swords would be terribly dangerous."

[18:55] Arisu: apparently ate a little to fast with her first pie that she had to hold her cloth up to her mouth for a moment, giving a little hic cup. She would look down at the pie, not to fond of this one's flavor, only managing to scarf down half of it, stopping unable to eat another bite of the yucky flavor

[18:56] Teja takes a breath and she sits upward. That start would be her end. She groaned and breathed out, closing her eyes, but continues to eat anyways. She didn't get far with just half a pie. Crap, she was good starting, and already falling back!

[18:58] . No screams, Peyton; only dreams now.

Two of the women were being proper little ladies and going wild with their pies. It was terrible, fit to give little pielings nightmares.

Dærevwyr had soon inhaled that single pie and when he raised his head, leaving the crust empty and his face splattered with food, his arms reached out to extend toward two more pies.

Winning? Ha! He was Naga, he automatically won at life. He just wanted pie. The two pies were pulled close to him and amidst the carnage caused by the ladies, there was a soft clicking sound. His mouth began to open, extending wide . . . a little wider than normally should have, though it wasn't exactly a Gaping Maw of Destruction.

A single pie was pushed into his mouth, his cheeks spreading to allow it entry. The entire pie was soon tucked in his mouth, cheeks strangely spread around it. There was a swallowing motion, and . . . uh. Somehow that pie was swallowed. There was a bulge in his throat as it was crushed and downed, but he soon had the second pie being lifted. It was shortly being crammed into his mouth, just like the prior one.

Meanwhile, the goat wandered off to go graze near Ekeos and Ruscion.

[18:59] Revenland Dice v1.4: MιϾнι's Mᴀʏнᴇᴍ (Dhuanolil Resident) rolls a 1d100: 90
[18:59] Revenland Dice v1.4: littlenixie (littlenixie Resident) rolls a 1d100: 93
[18:59] Revenland Dice v1.4: Vashti CupQuake Satsujin (Itonami Hilltop) rolls a 1d100: 44
[19:01] Revenland Dice v1.3: Aяiѕυ Keᴎg (SayaBanpaia Resident) rolls a 1d100: 27

[18:59] Red normally would have stopped at half a pie and saved the rest for later, but these other people were eating all her potential take-home pies. They were being so rude! Despite that her stomach was probably going to explode later, she continued to eat, now more out of spite than hunger. These people were assholes! she decided. She suddenly stood up out of her chair, the legs screeching over the floorboards, and bending forward, really focused on pulling pies to her and desecrating them with her hands while she ate.

[19:00] Ruscion looked over the wooden sword curiousily as Ekeos explained the meaning of the sword. this had the boy canting his head curiousily as he gave a light swing through the air "oh i get it." he mumbled and looked up to the contest, seeing Arisu seeming to be getting full. "Come on Arisu, you can do it!" the child shouted just as she had done, coaxing him on through the match. the boy would even go to stand up on the bench, waving the sword around in the air "Come on, you cant get up yet!" he cheered

[19:04] Arisu: hearing Ruscion's cheer, she would give a smile before pushing the last pie aside, she pulls the next one forward, taking more of a liking to this one. Though she was already becoming quite full, she ignored that feeling and began to shovel it in. Finally taking the last bite, she couldn't help but give a little belch, holding the cloth to her mouth in embarrassment, "E-Excuse me"

[19:10] Teja grumbled a little as she pulled one omre pie towards her, her face messed, and it was even in her poor hair! She grabbed the pie and pulled it from it's crust and tasted it. She paused a little and grinned. This flavor. Bumbleberry~ How sweet. She shoved it in her face, most of it getting in her mouth. She stopped half bite and watched the man next to her dislocation his jaw. She's seen that before. It was... vexing, but... still very, very frightening. She stared rudely as the man ate. A grin crossed her lips as she watched the man with bloodberry stained fingers, pie steadily pushing into her mouth until she finished off her sweet pie, sadly.

[19:10] Ekeos Diehraaw smiled as he watched the boy, mainly when he stood up on the bench and waved his sword about, "Go Arisu! Go D.....Go.....ohgod." He saw Dae's new technique as he started to devour pies and just facepalmed. This could end very badly.

 Peyton looked back over, "Oh look at this! It looks like the pie eating monster might have bit off more than she could chew. Remember to pace yourselves! Oh! And Ms. Lady in Red is gaining speed here! Will she be able to keep it?! Aaaand we have her gaining momentum! She's going for the gold! The others are falling behind and it looks like....he's,....." He stared at Daerevwyr a moment. He didn't realize the goat had left as he just stared with his jaw dropped.

[19:20] . Oh, Dærevwyr was getting into the zone. He liked food, and these pies would keep him fed for two weeks . . . maybe three. Maybe he wouldn't have to eat anyone this month!

Either oblivious to, or ignoring -- probably ignoring, since apparently he didn't give a damn about unhinging his jaw; angsty rebel sneksnek -- , the looks given him, he simply devoured. Three more pies, one by one crammed into his mouth and swallowed. Soon they were gone, and he leaned back in the chair.

A hand moved to pat his stomach -- which didn't appear the least bit swollen --, and he contentedly belched. After a moment he rose from the chair, a positively pleased expression in his pale features. The dirt-smudged man sashayed past the ladies and down the steps.

As he came near Peyton, his horrid eyesight focused just enough on the man to see the stare and open mouth. His pale eyes slanted at the man, and he raised a hand to shake a finger at the other fellow.

"Did your mother not teach you staring is rude?" was his dry reprimand; as his hand lowered, he added, "Stop looking like that. Your face might freeze that way."

His eyes darted about before his lips pressed into a frown. ". . . you lost my goat," he muttered, before he turned to wander in the direction that he'd heard Ekeos' voice drifting from.

[19:21] Red 's stomach was starting to realize what Red was doing. It was so hard to continue, she felt like she was going to be sick, but these asses were eating her pies. She felt her eyes begin to water, and then next thing she knew, she was crying while she ate. Pies, pies, her pies. She had no idea that the guy on the other end of the table was eating whole pies, for the moment. She was already stressed out as it was with her hate-eating. She was feeling like her sides were about to split, and she had a feeling that some of the pie wasn't even getting past her esophagus, like she thought she could still feel it in her throat.

[19:23] Ruscion grinned, seeing Arisu go onto another pie. "Yeah! kick that pies ass!" the child continued to yell and cheer, jumping up and down on the bench as he waved the wooden sword about, even kicking a foot out to simulate the pie ass kicking he cheered about. though during all this he might have absentmindedly looked past the jaw hinging and people even slowing down as he cheered for who he wanted to win

[19:25] Teja begins to lick her fingers and flicks her eyes to Peyton and she chuckled. "Gimmi meat an rum an mi 'ill devour dat inna bite or two.... Or gimmi dat goat and five minutes." She chuckled, jesting of course. Her stomach was now upset, but she was full. She gave a little growl as she stood up. "Denk yu fi de food." She said looking over to Peyton, who was the only one she could really thank for the pies that now lay in her stomach.

[19:27] Ekeos Diehraaw peeked up toward the boy, "Ruscion, watch your language please...." He forced a smile as he realized a few people saw what Dae pulled and slapped, "Good job everyone! Good job Arisu!" He watched as his father came over and sighed, giving him a REALLY?! look as he lowered his chin and pouted up at him. Huffing his breath. As long as no one looked ready to tell a guard and he was safe...for now.

[19:29] Arisu: cleans her mouth and makes her way off the stage knowing very well she lost she would smile towards Red as she passes, "Congrats! it was a fun contest" she would make her way over to the others, still holding the cloth to her mouth feeling a little sick now

 Peyton blinked a few times as he straightened up and shut his mouth, forcing more blinks to the words. "Oh....AHAHAHA SORRY!" Maybe he was a registered nonhuman, hopefully, because Peyton was lucky he had brown pants. He would moved toward Red and reach for her hand to lift, "At a victorious and impressive EIGHT pies! We have our winner!"

[19:31] . When Teja 'jested', Dærevwyr's voice drifted over toward her as he called from across the field: "/Stay away from my goat!/" He must have heard her.

The viper -- er, excuse me, hooman -- was soon near Ekeos, and lo and behold, the goat was there. He reached out to take her rope and pull her close, and he stopped to stand beside his son. While a hand lifted to wipe berry juice off of his face with his arm, he murmured toward Ekeos, "Your mate needs to learn how to eat like a true woman. She can be taught in time."

Then, upon noticing the /look,/ Dærevwyr squinted. "What?" Soon, a berry-juice stained hand was reaching out . . . aiming for Ekeos' head. If the healer didn't dodge, he'd soon be getting a lot of berry juice in his hair as those scarlet tresses were ruffled.

Whether or not the hair-ruffle succeeded, Dærevwyr would turn to clap for the winner named Red. As he did so, he leaned over toward Arisu and whispered, "You must learn how to eat more. How else shall you successfully feed the offsprin
[19:31] . in your womb when you are pregnant?" There was a delicate pause. "I refuse to have malnourished and skinny grandchildren."

[19:32] Red felt she'd won the territorial game in that everyone else was leaving the table. These pies were HERS. Tears continued to stream down her cheeks when Peyton grabbed her hand and raised them. She gave off a choked sob and then stumbled away, creeping down the stairs, and then had barely swung around the corner, behind the stage, before she puked blue-red with beige chunks a few times.

[19:35] Teja turns tot he woman who won and she grinned. "Congratulations!" She chirped in such strange straightness in her words that was uncommon with her accent. She perked her ears and turned to the dirty man. "Nuh promises! ah such ah lovely goat afta aal!" Her words started again to slip back into the normal pattern she is known for. She stepped off the stage and turned away from the winner. Poor thing... Wasting so many pies, and so noisily.

[19:36] Ruscion piped down a little as Ekeos spoke to the boy, the child simply smiled and shrugged it of for now, but remained standing on the bench as Arisu got up and walked towards them along with the man with the goat "You did Amazing!" the boy yelled and flailed his arms about in the air a moment before hopping down on the ground, going up to try and wrap his arms around Arisu in a hug to congradulate her, spreading the water that soaked the young boy to her. least this was before he turned his head to glance towards the man and his goat

[19:43] Ekeos Diehraaw clapped happily as Arisu was making her way over, "Great job! You ate far more than I would be able to!" He shot a look over at his father, "Like a true woman? She ate more pies than I could!" He winced and squirmed under the hand. Blue mixing in with the red hair, luckily Ekeos didn't put two and two together yet. "You know what!" He paused and blushed at the sudden mention of her womb and grandchildren, "I'm surprised you didn't win, father, considering your big mouth."

[19:44] Arisu: "E-Ekeos, that's not nice to say, specially to your father" she would smile as she lowers her cloth and wraps her arms around the boy to return his hud. She felt her heart sink a little as she heard his whisper, but soon would smile and glance at Ekeos, She would gently place her hands on Ruscion's shoulder while still attacked to her hip so Dhuanolil could get a better look at him, "Speaking of Grandchildren... Ekeos and I are thinking to adopt Ruscion here... as our son" she gives the boy a gentle squeeze and smiles down at him. "That is if he will allow us" she would then turn her head to the side as she brings the cloth back to her lips again almost gagging, the pie not sitting to well with her stomach. Perhaps since she rarely ate junk food and was not use to it nor such a big portion of it

[19:47] Peyton looked over toward Red and handed her three tickets, "These will work as coin for whatever stall you sih. Congratulations!" Though he had to run to the wagon to change his pants after the jaw unhinging bit.

[19:48] . Ruscion, truly, seemed unnoticed by Dærevwyr; the snek was focused solely on Ekeos and Arisu, and on pretending not to hear Red blowing chunks over yonder. "Ekeos," was his level comment, "one thing about females is that they are stronger than males and able to do more. They are quite fearsome. They devour not only many pies, but destroy worlds and consume hopes and dreams if they are angry." He squinted at his son. "Why else do you think we males attempt to confine them to the kitchen? It is the only way to protect the earth from their wrath. So it is no wonder she ate more pies than you." The comment of a big mouth soon had him leaning nearer toward Ekeos. "You inherited it from me." When it was commented that Ruscion might be his new grandson, he turned to squint at the boy.

[19:52] Ruscion spreads the wet hug around, clothes still soaked from the apple bobbing contest. glancing over his shoulder to the goat man, remembering slightly that he perhaps had met once or twice. when he felt a light preassure on his shoulders, the child would slowly turn around and shyly stand closely to Arisu, defensibly. he knows that this was discussed last night and after an amazing day at the festival he probably wouldnt say no if the two really wanted to adopt him. but looking up at the tall man, his eyes would go wide as attention was put upon him. but instead of saying anything he would just lightly raise a hand up and give a shy wave

[19:53] Teja hums and yawns, stretching her arms up and then folding them over her head. "Mi needa nap..." She mumbled to herself and placed a sticky hand on her sword and she looked at the others. They seemed consumed in their own conversation so she turned and headed back up towards the town if she were not stopped.

[19:54] Red tried to hold it in the best she could, but her face was growing hot and her stomach was churning. She knew she had to do it, knew she had to, but she didn't want to. It didn't take much to prompt her into spewing up more and more. Dear gods, how had she even managed to eat that much? She'd never had a reaction like this, but then, she'd never overindulged like this before.

[19:58] Ekeos Diehraaw pouted some at Arisu's words, "What? He does have a big mouth, figuratively and literally. I should know, I get mine from him." He grimaced as he heard someone over there hacking up some pies. Then he heard Dae say Ekeos inherited it from him, "See! Told you." He paused as Arisu announced their discussion and smiled, looking over at the boy and ruffling his hair softly. "It's up to you Ruscion." He looked over to see his father squinting, knowing his sight was crap. Though he actually had no idea how his father would act to all this.

[20:01] Arisu: would pet the boy as she smiles down at him, though her smile faded a bit hearing his explanation about why woman are int he kitchen, though with Arisu that might be the worse place to keep her. She gives a sigh pretending not to hear and focuses on they shy child before looking to await for his response on the news.

[20:05] . After a moment of studying the boy, the viper at last inclined his head. "Well met, Grandson," was his simple, calm response. Welp, according to Dærevwyr then, Ruscion ws already a part of the family. While Red was still dying over there, the snake abruptly shoved the end of the rope into Ekeos' hand. "Watch my goat." With that, he turned and made a beeline toward where Red was trying not to shower the world with more destroyed pies. Once he was near her, standing about a foot to the side, he squinted those pale eyes at her. "Are you dying?"

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