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Meet your Mayor!

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[14:46] Corvo reply to torri, "right as you wish, but you must let people know who is in charge" he looks to jerad, "I really like match locks, I saw how Captain took down a bandit with them and multiple foes with it, when I use a crossbow it ends up breaking" looks at people finishing up the setup, "looks like the event about to start soon"

[14:48] Taryn let out a small chuckle to himself. shaking his head about something he found funny!

[14:51] Noel Dupont moved through the doors in a laugh, "Then you'll have to look at every detail so he can picture it all." He moved through each gate carefully in case they were stopped to check for weapons or anything else. Seeing all the guards and he peeked over at Ava, "Want to sit down?" He pointed toward the castle with ivy growing on the sides. He could only think how much bigger it looked from a kid's perspective. Letting out an impressed whistle to the building he usually only ever saw from afar.

 Torri massaged her face, making insecure little sounds before she poured wine into her cup and sipped from it. anxiety slowly rising as the time grew near. " People know i'm in charge, i'm in the chair." that's probably not exactly what corvo meant, but that's how she took it. taking a rather long sip of the whine, she'd putt he cup down making a sour face, shaking her hands out. "..aahh people are starting to come in.." ahh, the town trouble maker! great person to show up first. tapping her hands on the table with a nervous smile toward the slowly growing crowd.

[14:56] Madalina Alexandrescu Looked to the building her jaw fallen open in shock. after a long silent stare she would finally blink and look back to Noel. and then back to the bench, "Sure... if you want to.. isn't it disrespectful to sit in front of important peoples though?" She asked softly.

[14:58] Garfielf wanders into the courtyard, avoiding the feet of several patrons who came to watch the new lord mayor of Redfoem give their speech it appears. The cat looked around hazily before it proceeded in licking a paw...looking disinterested, but was far it.

[14:59] Abram arrived and took up a spot before the stage, to cross his arms over his chest and peer out at those who were gathering.

[14:59] Jerad Teigo let out a deep 'hm' sound as he mentioned the matchlocks being better, "Maybe there are new ones I'm not aware of. If you want them, that's on you. Just avoid battle during rainy days." He smiled toward Torri as he peeked to the crowd coming in. "Do you want me to stand guard next to you or down with Corvo and the others?"

[15:01] Corvo stands in corner of the stage, he sees as more people enter the court yard, he waves to the incoming people

[15:02] Noel Dupont noticed Torri up on the stage with the many guards surrounding her. Smiling and giving an exaggerated wave just to make it more obvious that he was watching her. Like that didn't sound creepy at all. He shrugged as he peeked down to the girl, "You can stand if you want. But they do have benches here." He glanced over at the bard and nodded, "Good evening."

 Torri 's finger tapping on the table intensified as she overlooked the growing group, stressfully smiling as her eeys peered down at jerad. "..youcancomeuphere." she'd murmur just loud enough for the guards in front of here to hear. not sure if she should sit or stand. she'd give a little wave to Noel. and everyone else. trying to make it seem like she wasn't shaking in her boots. she'd take a quick sip from her wine and push her chair out, using the table to stand up, giving the crowd a wave. " Good evening, Everyone!" some might notice a few slips of paper fall to the floor beneath her.

[15:07] Sabrina wishes Noel a good evening, wondering what the new mayor will say...

[15:07] Abram burped and tried to hide his alcohol breath that came with it with a fist against his mouth.

[15:08] Herr Bartholomew marched through the gates unimpeded, and surveyed the gathered rabble. Well, things didn't appear to be on fire, heads appeared to be attached to shoulders, and there appeared to be no middens colliding with windmills. So, the Inquisitor took a seat, anticipating for this to change.

[15:10] Madalina Alexandrescu "Ok..." she said softly and continued to stand awkwardly where she could still hear what was going on, as one started speaking, watching as the papers fell, the lady was brave Maddy gave her that, she couldn't imagine talking in front of all those people!

[15:10] Jerad Teigo nodded toward Torri and stood where he was. Resting his hand on the hilt of his sword. Them an remained silent and let her speak as he observed the crowd. Pausing to peek over at the burp from Abram's direction.

[15:11] Noel Dupont found himself oddly drawn toward Phanuel when before it would seem to make his insides curdle to be around him. Why this flip of feelings? He looked at the man curiously and went to sit down next to him .Smiling a moment, "The arm wrestle fellow, right? Switching your white clothes out for the season?" He peeked over at Maddy in a hushed voice, "Come sit over here." before watching the Mayor speak.

[15:12] The mare looked around while grazing, she was clueless; but came to see if someone had snacks for her. If a gathering of people where somewhere, she would soon be there too.

[15:14] A stablehand looked over and realized there was a horse, all geared up, just grazing on the grass. "Oops!" He hurried over and tried to take its reins, to lead it over to the nearby stable, figuring that one of the guards' horses got loose.

[15:14] Albireo (Phanuel): tossed his body over the bench, leaning to the front with a hand on his chin, showing genuine interest on the event. Everybody began to greet each other and he just stared quietly following all those people with his eyes, not moving a muscle.

[15:15] Montegor watches the others around her, wondering how many of them are really human and how many are like her. She is relatively new to the city having bumped into it in her travels and is curious to hear what the new mayor has to say..

[15:18] A stablehand just blinked and watched as the horse ran like a bat out of hell off the castle grounds. Well... hopefully no one would blame him later... He slunk back to the stables, ready to sit on a fence post and try to listen in on this odd meet and greet.

 Torri waited for the townspeople to arrive, noting the horse, she'd let out a soft, awkward laugh. suddenly it was like she had forgotten her speech, when the stablehand scared the horse  she'd jump. "Guess that wasn't our horse!..haha. Is-- This everyone?" there were a few people missing. maybe they didn't support her. she'd give jerad a worried look. "Well!.. if this is everyone, i guess i'll start! My Name is Victoria, And i have been elected to be your new lord mayor.."

[15:22] Noel Dupont was just waiting for his moment to shine. Looking to Phanuel as he didn't seem to reply to him, and shrugging it off. When Torri mentioned being elected to be their new Lord Mayor and he clapped loudly before throwing a fist in the air in a solo, "Woo!"

[15:22] Garak wanders into the courtyard, following the last trickle of citizens, curious about what was going on and wondering if he should even be here. He spots Maddie far across the field and shrugs, figuring he was fine then. He whittles away at a soft piece of metal while listening to the fancy talk. The lad asks Bartholemew in a whisper "psst.. are the guards doin' a play? Oh, you must be the tragic villain, o-or a god?" Studying the mask.

[15:23] Montegor looks over at Garak "Quiet down, the mayor is giving a speech"

[15:24] Jerad Teigo just gave her a reassuring nod then she looked up at him unsure about the amount of people. Less the better for him, less people to study and look out for. He paused to look toward the person who cheered and tried not to smile behind the helmet.

[15:25] Albireo (Phanuel): applauds. His applause sounds particularly slow. One eyebrow lifts. Gesture too small to be really noticed by anyone. "And to think that I was trained by a great Amazon," he thinks to himself. For the first time his head spins a little to the right and... Something about Noel made him frown. Anyway, he continued to stare and pay attention to the big event. The air escaped from his mouth on what could be a loud sigh, except there was no sound at all.

[15:29] Herr Bartholomew pulled out a small scrap of parchment and started scribbling with a nib of charcoal. Best to take notes on this in case it was important. He wasn't planning on throwing the majordomo under the oxcart just yet. However, the child's words merited a response. Tragic Villain? God? He'd prefer to think he was a hero, but in many people's narratives, he probably figured as the villain. "I am but a servant of the gods. Here to witness the events of today." If this were classical play structure, wouldn't that make him the chorus? Although, he certainly didn't feel like dancing, and if you said 'Spirit Fingers' to him, he'd probably cut yours off, thinking your digits possessed.

[15:33] Montegor starts sipping from her wineskin as she continues to glance around and listen to the speech.

[15:33] Garfielf blinks lazily, really in the mood for some lasaga. Inwardly, the cat was shocked to see who the new lord mayor was, but too lazy to express such. He laid over the soft grass, clawing the ground a few times. Yep, just a normal cat here.

 Torri continued to smile like her cheeks were being pulled back " So, as i'm sure you're all interested in knowing that there may be a few changes around here, as there have been with passed mayors. "...oh good, people were clapping, that meant she was doing well, right? " I've got a lot of plans to set in motion over the next year, to make Redfoem great once again!" (ohgod.) hoping to rile the crowd up in a good way, she'd continue onto the next subject. " I don't want to take up everyones time, so i hope to make this as quick and comfortable for everyone as possible, Does anyone have any questions about the coming events, concerns?" clasping her hands together, she'd attempt to stare at one of the benches to avoid making eye contact with any particular people.

[15:38] Madalina Alexandrescu Shuffled over to Noel as the important women continued to stand, but continued to stand more or less awkwardly simply leaning on the bench as if that would make Noel feel better.

[15:38] The mare would of raised her hoof, but its not how her joins worked. She wanted 2X the amount of food she got a day.

[15:38] Galaexius (saeg.ghost) walked over seeing Noel . Having seduced a guard to have her escape finally from her cell, she was here to see the Lord Mayor's speech. "Noel." Speaking quietly as she placed a hand on his shoulder. She'd slide her vision to the man sitting next to him for a moment before looking back,

[15:40] Garak "I was whisperin'!" he stage-whispers, far too loudly this time, pouting petulantly over at Sabrina. If he got 'the look' from anyone bigger than himself he'd soon be shutting up though. The lad nods at Herr Bartholemew's reply, facing the front again but with a faraway smile as he ponders the servants of gods. Some of what the guard-lady says sinks in, so his face looks confused, mainly at her great acting skills as he perceives it.

[15:40] Noel Dupont just smiled in reply to any look that Phanuel gave him, just glad the guy's aura didn't seem to draw him away anymore. He wasn't aware of the boy over yonder pushing his luck with an inquisitor or else he would be laughing already. He listened and would nod with a smile slowly forming before standing up and waving like a hyper child to get her attention. And before she could call on him and he spoke, "Is it true that there was a famine? Are the farmer's truly protected with that second wall? What are you plans for the upcoming Full Moon and growing nonhuman problem?" He sat back down with a smirk, only to peek over as his name was called and frown to see Gale. Obviously having questions but he couldn't say much at the current moment.

[15:42] Montegor sits quietly in the bench waiting for the mayor's answer.

[15:43] Albireo (Phanuel): smiles back to Noel. Notices the lady right behind them turning to see her. Grins, and slowly turns his attention back to the new Mayor to see what she would answer.

[15:43] Jerad Teigo continued to stand there, seeing a child speaking with Bart had most of his attention. He couldn't imagine the inquisitor as a kid person. His eyes bounced from one person to the next. Staring at the man with a dozen questions. Grumbling, 'one at a time' mostly for Torri to hear in case she felt overwhelmed.

[15:45] Sabrina smiles at Garak, after hearing his loud stage-whisper... Yet her attention is quickly drawn to the stage again, after someone asked the mayor some questions...

[15:46] Abram raised his eyebrows at all the questions from Noel. Ah, this ought to be amusing, he figured. He resisted the urge to turn around and look at Torri, and instead just continued gazing out over the crowd with a semi amused expression on his face.

[15:47] Galaexius (saeg.ghost) could only look at Noel with sorrowful eyes. Shortly after, she noticed a tiny person zoom by and looked down with a grin. If Ava had allowed, Gale would swoop her up by her underarms to hold.

[15:52] Madalina Alexandrescu Wouldn't stop Gale, mostly because she didn't see it coming being to lost in the whole speech and all of Noels even more confusing questions, though she would let out a surprised squeak when the women lifted her off the ground. She wiggling her legs for a second out of instinct before crainning her head to see who it was, and quickly relaxed when she saw the familiar face, "oh ...Hi miss..." she whispered and smiled sheepishly.

 Torri 's eyes opened a bit wider at all of the questions that noel spouted out, that little shit. reaching down with her slightly shaky hand, she'd lift the cup to take a sip of her wine. those close to her probably could tell that her cheeks were already starting to flush from the alcohol. " While the palisade is a relatively temporary structure i believe that there is no reason for concern on the farmers being attacked, so far it seems to be enough of a bother to keep the bandits from coming into their land. During the full moon, i would suggest you all bar your doors and windows, speak to your local guard and he will give you proper lockdown instructions on the best ways to keep save during the full moon. " so many questions! noel was overwhelming by himself. "for the nonhumans, I have a plan! and it's a great plan! Next question?"

[15:57] Montegor wanting to know more asks "What is this plan you have?"

[15:58] Albireo (Phanuel): raises his hand roughly. "Bandits", Albireo begins, his voice as sharp as a knife. "There are more than whispers about bandits attacking on the path to Redfoem and as major I think you are familiar about the many stories related to them. You say the farmers will not be attacked INSIDE our land, but what about the travellers? What are your thoughts on that... unfortunate problem of ours?". All he wanted was to live enough to see the day the entire Redfoem army would kick Brugo's ass, too melancholic and vengeful to think about Izonth'i and the others he had nothing against. Albireo did not wait for the answer, for now his attention was on Galaexius and Noel. He half-closed his eyes, finally understanding, and nodded to them again, trying to see if they got his gesture.

[15:59] Jerad Teigo shifted in his stance while he stood straight off to the side. A smile forming as he heard the way the Lord Mayor handled the barrage of questions. Nodding in approval. She was learning how to be a politician quickly. Wait...what was that last answer she gave? He looked over at her curiously. Then hearing Karma and he knew Torri walked into that one. He eyes moving to each person that asked questions.

[16:02] Garak seems to finally be coming around to the idea that this was really happening. A guard for mayoress[!]. That was kind of cool. He looks around for other questions, too shy to ask his own burning mystery just yet. Then when bandits were all that were asked about, he finally raises his hand, so timidly you'd be forgiven not even seeing it.

[16:03] Garfielf 's ear twitches at the sound of a "plan" for the nonhumans, leering up at the lord mayor Torri with some concern...

[16:04] Herr Bartholomew and heeeeere we go. He had questions. And intended to get them addressed. At least right up until Noel busted out a metaphorical press hat and started belaboring the Lord Mayor about the face with inquisitiveness. Well, that would take some time to unpack. Regarding the non-humans, he'd let that point slide, pro tem, and stood to speak. And got sandbagged by the kid now. He could't miss it, being right beside him, and sat right back down. Blech.

[16:05] Garak rather suddenly lowers his arm when the inquisitor stood so tall.

[16:06] Noel Dupont listened to each answer but huffed at the vague answer at the end. Though as Montegor asked for her to elaborate on her plan and he smiled. Peeking over at Gale and Maddy a moment before he caught Phanuel's look after the questions. Nodding in approval. Wondering if he could tell about them now that he was one. He peeked at the many guards again. Now he raised his hand and seemed to at least wait for himself to be called on since she would likely be busy speaking to all the other questions.

[16:08] Herr Bartholomew sighed, and looked to the kid, shaking his head, and stood again. "I believe this young man had a question." If the kid wasn't going to ask it himself, he'd have to encourage him to do so. Fair was fair, and even if it meant waiting, he wasn't going to skip.

[16:10] Galaexius (saeg.ghost) placed the girl to sit upon her hip, having a secure grasp. Chuckling at the noises from the child. "Hello, my sweet girl!" speaking in low coos . Knowing the child still was uneasy, but Gale payed no attention to it really. She looked to Noel as he asked the Lord Mayor his questions, and couldn't help but smile almost deviantly. But soon it would become apparent that she had to speak to him. "Noel.. I must apologize. I cannot stay long here. But please find me when this is over. There i things that i must say to you. " She looked serious about it

[16:13] Madalina Alexandrescu Smile grew a little bigger. "You come to see the important lady person to miss?" she asked still keeping her voice at a soft whisper. Though when the little girl heard that the women couldn't stay long her bright smile turned right over into a frown...

 Torri 's hands twitched as they asked what the plan was, taking a moment of silence for her crushed soul as she tried to think. she had an idea for that, but had forgotten it in the stage fright. looking for her note cards, she'd find them on the floor at her feet, and specifically step on them as to hide them from the crowd, or the wind. " It's a plan, of dealing with the nonhumans based in tiers." still a vague answer, she'd go on. " as far as town safety, i will be implementing new laws based on what we can do to protect our city, and what you can do to help us. in ways that it could be beneficial to everyone." frowning about the bandits, she'd not really know how to answer that question. "The bandits Are a tough subject, as for right now, all i can provide is reassurance that there will be increased Guard patrol on the outside perimeter of the palisade. while we focus on tactics To Remove the head off the snake, and take down the bandit's leader. " looking over noel's raised hand, she'd rest her eyes on Bartholomew and point toward Garack. and the inquisitor. "questions? 

[16:18] Garak looks briefly like a rabbit caught in the moonlight when the inquisitor heralded the lad's wish to speak up. He gets awkwardly to his feet, wiping grass from the ass of his tunic "Are.. are the dead still walking? That old-timer in the tomb said he can't fight 'em alone. But I met a really nice ghost girl, too! So um.. we can't just lump 'em ALL into one basket of horribles! Maybe.. half of 'em. But we gotta put the bad half back to rest."

[16:24] Albireo (Phanuel): rolls his eyes. "The head of the snake? That is not Brugo", he thought disappointed. "That is Lek. I want the spinning lower part of the snake, darn!"... Albireo sighs, this time loudly. But he pays attention again when the dead are mentioned and waits for the answer.

[16:28] Abram moved up against one of the draped clothes over the railing to muffle a fart.

[16:28] Noel Dupont looked up at Gale to her words and not a single expression moved across his features as he gave a nod and calm, "I will find you." He noted others chosen before him, though to be fair and they raised their hands first. As well as he already went. So he smiled toward Maddy and tapped on the seat next to him. He looked over at Phanuel as he seemed to spew out two names. Then back toward the stage to raise his hand again.

[16:34] Galaexius (saeg.ghost) looked at Ava and smiled almost sadly as she saw the frown. "Oh, do not look so unhappy, child. I do hope you remembered to think on what i have said to you. Don't forget. Remember." she said to Ava, hoping that she did remember.

[16:37] Madalina Alexandrescu "I remember.." She said sheepishly, as she brushed some fallen dirt off of Gales dress. "but.. well... you said you couldn't stay long." She explains and begins to lightly nibble her bottom lip, "and I... well...don't want you to go ..." she didn't know why she didn't want the women to go, but there was something that pulled the usually skeptical little girl towards the women.

 Torri took another sip of her wine, noticing the goblet had now become empty, she'd place it on the table and lean slightly onto her chair, looking quite a bit more comfortable now with the crowd as she looked over them. "The undead are still in the catacombs, yes.. And i have heard rumor of such a ghost. with every skirmish we become one step closer to figuring out the truth behind the whole mess! and--" she'd stop herself abruptly. shit. maybe she went overboard on the wine. knees wobbling slightly as she'd move to take a seat, she'd been standing too long. "Regardless, a spirit unrest, will become decrepit, as it ages. it too will be put to rest, with the others."  she'd raise her hand suddenly. " On that note, The City is hiring guards, if you are interested, let someone know as you leave today! " she'd give jerad a sort of pleading look before returning her increasingly blurry gaze to the townspeople. "anymore questionsss?~"

[16:45] Garak nods, seeming satisfied that the words rest were used and not something more destructive especially about the ghost-girl. Garak points silently at Herr Bartholemew to help the man get heard after him.

[16:46] Jerad Teigo looked to the Lord Mayor with a smile and nodded as she gave him a pleading look. Waiting for now before he'd move toward the gate in case anyone was indeed interested in joining.

[16:49] Herr Bartholomew took this moment to finally get at least one of his questions answered. Even if the Lord Mayor looked a little tipsy. He would have more, harder questions later, but he'd softball this one in. "You have spoke of allowing a tiered approach to allowing non-humans entry into the city and to extend city" he hammered that singular word," guard patrols into the forests to scourge the Bandits who harry travelers who are not our direct responsibility. Are you planning on increasing compensation for these increased risks?"

[16:49] Galaexius (saeg.ghost) nodded to Noel as he said he'd find her and then looked back to Ava to respond. " Oh, my dear Ava." Looking to the childs eyes giving a hearty and sensible chuckle. "You are so sweet. Surely you know. " she grinned slightly. Looking to the Lord Mayor as she asked if anyone else had any more questions. There was one she had in mind, but it was far too blunt. She turned to Ava once more. "I'm not supposed to be here, little one. And if people know I am -- they won't be too happy. I wish i could say it any other way. But do not worry.. Soon i will be free to see you, and you see me when ever we'd like. " she placed the little girl down and bet her head before glancing to Noel and the man who sat next to him. "Until we meet again." Then she was off.

[16:52] Noel Dupont squinted, his arm weaving a little like it was growing tired. Finally it flopped down, rubbing at his shoulder a moment before he was ready to call out. Though to the inquisitor's questions and he seemed more interested in that. He seemed a little confused at the words from Gale but wouldn't look at her.

[16:53] Corvo spacing out during the event, a wind blows from the west, making one of torri paper land near him, he picks it up and read to himself, he thinks the contents of the paper are really interesting, he speaks loudly and clear, "you might want to present this great idea to Redfoam residents"

[16:55] Madalina Alexandrescu Sighs disappointed as she was placed back down, it seemed the women could never stay in one place for very long, she had seemed to forget that they were there for a reason, plopping down by Noel but staring off in the opposite direction were Gale went.

[17:01] Albireo (Phanuel) looks to Herr Bartholomew as he makes his question. Then to the Lord Major. Travelers were not Redfoams direct concern, but business were of course. Besides, if Torri reconsiders what she just said, Brugo would escape his vengeance... again. So Albireo waits for the answer with renewed interest.

 Torri slumped slightly in her seat, elbows up on the table and hands on her cheeks as she stared at the inquisitor. analyzing his questioning for probably a little too long, almost like she might fall asleep, before she forced herself up, clearing her throat softly. it sounded like he was accusing her of something, though the horrible sense of anxiety was dropping, it almost made her want to cry for some reason. " No, what i mean is.. a solution of ridding ourselves of our nonhuman problem, in tiers of difficulty. 1 Being The small, dumb, angry, barely sentient types, and..i dunno. say 5 being Big scary crush you with one hand types." shit she was getting really casual about this. " i would not condemn the guards to patrol deep into the forest. But i suppose if they were willing, they could be compensated better. they're your men, and i trust you are capable of deciding what you wish to have them do, and i will stand by it.. Nothing is set in stone as of yet. my primary concerns are Raising our economic condition plans are still in process." at this point, she was ready to go to sleep. though she tried to look alert, that single glass of wine was doing a number on her.

[17:11] Herr Bartholomew would want to hammer out the details of this tier system later, lest they find themselves unable to stake a vampire or knock out an elf's teeth. A brain damaged goblin being used to muck out stables wouldn't be too bad, but still needed to be watched. "Very well then. I look forward to discussing these issues with you later." The Inquisitor nodded stiffly and waited to see if anyone else had anythig worth contributing before heading off.

[17:13] Abram caught wind of his own earlier fart, and gave Taryn an accusing look.

[17:14] Taryn made quiet choking sounds.

[17:14] Noel Dupont peeked over at the little girl as she sat down and smiled. Curling his fingers at her in a playful wave before he listened to the Lord Mayor's plans a little more in detail. He was actually quiet for once.

[17:14] Corvo was being ignored, holding the paper up high, "so does anyone want to hear what it has to say?"

[17:16] Abram looked over at Corvo and perked an eyebrow. He wasn't sure if the man was about to sabotage the new lord mayor or help her, but could be fun either way. Still, he'd turn enough to pass Jerad a look over his shoulder, and then turn forward to give the Captain a look as well.

[17:17] Garfielf slowly raised a whiskered brow at hearing the nonhuman "plan" that was brought up earlier, but attention was easily taken by the man holding up the paper.

 Torri heard corvo saying something, she'd give a distracted nod to the inquisitor, and stand up quickly in her chair, pointing at corvo and beckoning to him. "bring that here.." nearly falling over in her seat as she went to scrounge up the rest of the notes. if corvo brought it, she'd speak quietly. "you really think i should read it?.."

[17:19] Corvo walks into the stage handing in the paper back to torri, whispers to her, "its a really good idea, go ahead nothing to lose"

[17:20] Jerad Teigo wasn't too sure of the parchment himself, looking at Corvo curiously. Then to Abram with a shrug before listening to her. He stepped forward a moment as it looked like she was going to fall before falling silent. Maybe he was a little curious of these plans himself.

[17:20] Madalina Alexandrescu blinked as the man waved at her, and half turned back to the conversation, only to hear the whole comment about ridding themselves of the nonhuman problem... and she suddenly felt slightly uneasily were she sat.

[17:23] Montegor realizes she has somewhere else she needs to be and attempts to quietly leave the area, but trips and falls on her face before sprinting away embarrased

[17:23] Herr Bartholomew snickered as the woman fell on her face. Hahaha. Well, pratfalls were funny. But he had some soup calling his name.

[17:25] Garak bites his lower lip as details of non-human treatment come up in debate. He was worried for someone he knows. The lad turns and runs off.

 Torri took the note, rubbing her eyes a little before clearing her throat as she read over it, "Noel Dupont, i often catch your eyes staring at me on patrol, i have feelings for you, but i must know, do you like me? circle yes or no." she'd look up at corvo looking confused. "Corvo, I didn't know you held such feelings toward another man.. We shall hold a celebration! " she'd raise her cup.

[17:26] Albireo (Phanuel): seems curious about the parchment of paper. Scratching behind the ear he waits. He hears some noise and turns to see Montegor on the ground. And when Torri speaks, his eyes moves from Noel to Corvo, and again to the first, with amusement.

[17:26] Garfielf cheekily raises a paw for the lovers...then pretends to swat at a bug or something.

[17:27] Abram would have choked if he were eating or drinking something. He turned around to stare at Torri and Corvo.

[17:29] Noel Dupont remained quiet still, staring at the paper that the guard was handing over to her. When asked if anyone wanted to hear what it said and he cupped his hands over his mouth, "Wooo! Read it! Read it!" Though as the parchment was actually read out loud and he just stared a long moment. His eyes squinted and head looming back to crank it in Corvo's direction. It took him a moment to regain his happy go lucky demeanor as he called out, "It isn't a celebration yet, I never got to circle my answer! It's not like he even bought me a drink,sheesh!" He stood up rather playful, "I did have one more question for you Lady Mayor. There is rumor that you forcefully evicted a couple from their home in order to move into it yourself. Is this true?"

[17:34] Jerad Teigo tried to peek and read at the parchment before listening to Torri's words. His brows furrowed before he gave a sudden cough. Looking at Corvo and then down as he started the snicker. Trying so hard not to laugh.
[17:34] Jerad Teigo also gave Torri a strange look at the mention of the eviction.

 Torri 's mischievous smirk died down some when noel came back with his questioning. fingers intertwining as she thought on his question, looking a bit clueless. wondering what noel was playing at. "i'm afraid i did not hear this rumor, though a couple did approach me yesterday morning as i was moving in, with complaints about being evicted and moved into the house next door, i paid them handsomely for their misfortune to aid with the next month's worth of rent and any damages.." she rubbed her chin. "do you think they were scammers?!" she'd suddenly call out. " Perhaps i should send the guards to seize it back.."

[17:42] Abram rubbed his nose with a gloved finger and looked away at the mention of the eviction.

[17:44] Albireo (Phanuel): takes an apple from his bag and eats it, the crunch noise punctuating the Lord Major's speech. Albireo did not give a fuck to evicted couples but liked very much to see the uncertainty Noel's words have caused.

[17:46] Sabrina says: "Perhaps the beggar who used to sit in front of what is now the Lady Mayor's house knows more about the couple... He seems to have moved to the market; perhaps a member of the guard can question him, if needed..."

[17:48] Sabrina Gagliano listens to the crunching of the apple...

[17:49] Noel Dupont went silent a moment as she played the card of getting them arrested for scammers as he continued to smile, "With the many witnesses and arresting people on true events would look just a touch like a tyrant, don't you think?" He smiled at Sabrina, "Ah yes! That and all of their neighbors."

[17:51] Madalina Alexandrescu tugged on noels shirt lightly, "I uh... think i should go look for my brother now..but thanks for inviting me to some see the mayor lady." She whispered softly before sliding of the bench and attempting to wobble off on her tiptoes, unless stopped.

[17:51] Jerad Teigo stood stiffly as he listened to the citizen and the Lord Mayor seeming to go back and forth about the eviction. Clearing his throat and looking straight on.

[17:52] Garfielf glances from the stage to the man eating an apple a moment before the cats fragile attention was again taken by an actual bug that time, swatting at it just as it flew away.

 Torri chimed in to sabrina's words. " That's a good idea, Miss i'll send taryn to look into it!" stand up slowly, wobbling on her heels " I never made claims that i was going to have anyone arrested. though i believe that's enough questions for today.. lots of work to be done. anymore questions and concerns can be brought up." What a little shit that Noel was. she could tell he was going to be a rebel rouser when he showed up. "Thank you all for coming, as i said before, if you wish to apply as a guard, speak with Jerad as you make your leave. " now well drunk, she probably wouldn't realize until after she woke up how much of a fool she made of herself.

[17:58] Sabrina applauds

[17:59] Taryn looked up when his name was mentioned. bowing his head slightly, he'd make his exit to find that beggar, and probbaly have a nice conversation with him over a hot meal. literally. says the dice. " M'lady."

[18:00] Sabrina Gagliano Salutes!

[18:01] Albireo (Phanuel): stands up and faces Noel. "Good thing i saw you here, Noel. I remember you from that night... Well, sort of". He remembered how drunk he was, which means he did not remember what happened. "I must talk to you but not here nor now. Can we meet again later?"

[18:01] Garfielf hops up and scurries off after the festivities of the evening drew to a close, but it was interesting to know who'd be running things to say the least...

[18:02] Corvo speaks loudly, "Citizens don't stay to long in the courtyard as you might be arrested for loitering, have a good day everyone"

[18:03] Abram glanced over to Corvo, before he unhooked his flask from his belt. He took a swig and then walked away. Time to go get shit-faced drunk.

[18:04] Noel Dupont looked over at Madalina and smiled with a nod, "Alright, take care." instead of being concerned of a 5 year old wandering off like most might do. He paused to look at the cat as it began swatting at a bug. Finding it overly amusing. Listening to the way she diverted things again with an overly amused smile. He showed utmost interest as she mentioned applying to be a guard, "Of course! Why didn't I think of that?!" He would stand up and look over at Phanuel with a more genuine smile as the other man mentioned meeting again later. "Of course, in the tavern or elsewhere?" He peeked at Corvo and moved around the bench, "We can walk and talk for now."

[18:08] Jerad Teigo sighed as he listened between the two of them and walked down the steps as they were all beginning to depart. Waiting until the citizens were gone before he watched Torri and spoked in a whisper, "I wouldn't have brought a pitcher if I knew you didn't have good self control of your drinking." Oh yea he noticed.

[18:09] Abram would remark in passing to Torri, "Not bad, kid. You didn't throw up or anything."

[18:11] Albireo (Phanuel): was leaving the courtyard but came back as he remembered to apply as a guard. "Well, you are Jerad, right? I offer my services to Redfoem's guard".

 Torri turned on her heels to face jerad as he mentioned self control, eyebrows knitting in a confused look. "..but i only had one cup.." that was all it took for her. whispering back, probably a bit loudly, as she wandered down the steps, and attempted to head for the gate as well. having to hold onto the column as she went down the stairs. probably not exactly capable of making it all the way to her new home. but she didn't think that.

[18:14] Jerad Teigo laughed lightly to Abram's words before noticing one citizen moving closer. He stood more on guard just in case, moving further to the edge of the steps. "Yes I am. May I have your full name, and can you read and write?" He peeked at Torri, a little surprised to her mention of one cup and then back to Phanuel.

[18:17] Albireo (Phanuel): smirks, crossing his arms proudly. "Yeah, read, write, fry cookies and so on. Oh, by the way, my name is Albireo. Albireo Ceph, at your service".

[18:19] Jerad Teigo nodded and moved down the steps to extend a hand, "Pleasure to meet you, Jerad Teigo. Were you born here in Redfoem or elsewhere, and how old are you?" Apparently this was turning into an interview.

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