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Retrieving Jolj's Bag (Event)

1 year 3 months ago #275 by Zod's Disciple
Zod's Disciple created the topic: Retrieving Jolj's Bag (Event)
Day 1:

[2016/11/16 16:13] Jerad Teigo looked to Jolj and nodded at being ready to go. He stared at Reeve and seemed to dare him to say more. Before smiling at Arnarra and nodding, "A drink after sounds like a plan." Before he headed off with the rest.
[2016/11/16 16:16] xXL33TPKPURESKILLAXx (worldkeeperalan) looked about the woods, noting that he had never explored this far before off the road. Hiraeus looked to the group. Noting that it was quite the size. He and his companions stayed quiet, keeping their eyes out for anything off.
[2016/11/16 16:16] And sooo... after a 15 mile walk on horses, they eventually made it to where the X marks the spot!
[2016/11/16 16:17] Or 12 miles... what's the diff?
[2016/11/16 16:18] Red had been picked up on the way by a certain individual, whose name will not be told. Just kidding, it was Reeve. And what's the difference!? Nearly an hours time!
[2016/11/16 16:22] Reeve would have picked red up, after making a big scene about bringing a woman as a guide, and how he knew the forest like the back of his hand only to get lost without her help. he just wasn't drunk enough yet! even so. he'd stay relatively quiet, not wanting to admit his defeat.
[2016/11/16 16:26] Jolj thought it very strange that no vicious wolves or even bandits that were mentioned were no where to be seen on their journey so far. His horse whinnied a bit and tramped about, pulling the reins to steady the horse. "W-whoa... easy the'..." He glanced over the map Arnarra lended him (supposedly), too busy looking over each of the maps he had to even notice they picked up a new comrade. He finally looked up from the map, glancing ahead... "M-my word..."
[2016/11/16 16:30] Jerad Teigo rolled his neck after the long ride out, looking at Red curiously like she did something wrong. Which she didn't, but he was wondering what it was about HER that Reeve wasn't being all sexist toward and actually invited along. Back toward Jolj as he pulled on the reigns, "Woah." then looked around at where they were a little unsure, "Are we lost?"
[2016/11/16 16:32] Red normally would have avoided any groups of people she didn't know very well, but she'd recognized Reeve as an ally and had seen Hiraeus and his men a few times before, despite that she never knew what they were saying. "Are we there yet?" she asked far too often. Sometimes she'd point out things on the way, like a grazing buck or a waterfall. So many things she didn't have time to claim territorially. Seeing new sights and places had sounded exciting, at least up until a few hours on horseback. Being untrained in sitting in a saddle, she'd bounced the entire way and wasn't going to be sitting right for some time after.
[2016/11/16 16:43] Reeve came to a stop on his horse, leaning in close against red's back as he pulled the reigns to get it to stop, chin probably brushing against her ear as he awkwardly inhaled through his nose. just before he attempted to grab her by the waist and hoist her up so she could hop off the horse. "it must be the place." if not, they'd raid the fancy ass looking manor anyway, no harm done. out here. kicking one leg over the horse he'd drop to the ground with a thunk, drawing his bow. "thought you mentioned wolves, boy.."
[2016/11/16 16:48] Jolj: "...Sh... shouldn't be." Jolj then moved forward on his horse, stopping suddenly as an unfamiliar voice chimed in. Holding a hinge of his spectacles, he took a double-take at Red! "W-who's s-she!?" Yep, this was their trusted guide. Go figure. And yeah, this was the only time he was tuning in to hear her inquiries. His wide eyes darted to Reeve, just... in awe. He didn't even wanna know when he picked the girl up... well, he did, but he decided not to ask. "I... I-I'm as surprised's you a'e."
[2016/11/16 16:49] Then suddenly, a small pack of wolves surrounded them! Teeth snarling, dripping with froth and eyes hungry for blood and meat.
[2016/11/16 16:55] Jerad Teigo looked to Red a moment, "Does she have a weapon to protect hersel-" The knight noticed his horse acting funny before the wolves, "Woah woaaaah!" He tried to keep the horse from freaking out at all the snarls. Putting out the sword as he looked to the pack curiously. "Isn't like wolves to go after such a large group." It made him wonder if they were really wolves or shifters. Then again, they could be near the den without realizing. Giving a sudden HA as he steadied the horse and had it move more outside the wolves. To try and force the wolves to not be able to have as much coordination with two hunks of meat moving behind one. His sword shifted in his grasp and tried to give a warning swing at one of the wolves.
[2016/11/16 16:55] Revenland Dice v1.2: Ovrik (GotYouCovered Resident) rolls a 1d100: 79
[2016/11/16 16:56] Revenland Dice v1.4: Verdot Velde (Verdot Velde) rolls a 1d100: 85
[2016/11/16 16:58] Red decided she didn't like horses. Or riding them, anyway. When the horse came to a stop, she jerked forward and then pushed herself back where she sat, just to be grabbed by the waist and hoisted up. But she didn't want to hop off the horse, it was a long way down! She clung at anything she could get at, but would land on her feet if she was set toward the ground. "I have a dagger," she replied to Jerad. She prayed she wouldn't ever have to ride a horse again, or at least any time too soon. She moved her hands around to massage her bum. HORSES. NEVER AGAIN. Then as soon as Reeve mentioned there wolves, there were wolves. She immediately pressed up against the horse and turned around to it. "Let me back on!" Horses are okay now.
[2016/11/16 16:59] Red Mentioned there were no wolves, there were wolves.
[2016/11/16 17:03] Reeve drew his crossbow as soon as he hit the ground, because he was so eager to shoot things, as he stood up straight, he'd see the creatures coming out of nowhere, it was almost as if they were ambush predators! "Ah fahk!" he aimed his crossbow, while jerad was trying to scare them off, he'd go straight for the shot.
[2016/11/16 17:03] Revenland Dice v1.2: Cace Tribbles (SimonTribbles Resident) rolls a 1d100: 50
[2016/11/16 17:04] Revenland Dice v1.4: Verdot Velde (Verdot Velde) rolls a 1d100: 37
[2016/11/16 17:12] One of the wolves took an arrow to the flank, yowling aloud in pain and dripping blood messily from its fresh wound. The wolf closest to Jerad managed to avoid the blade swung in its direction, lunging up at the knight with teeth bared (1st roll) as the third one (2nd roll) attempted to tackle Jolj off his undoubtedly panicking steed to maul the poor scribe to death.
[2016/11/16 17:12] Revenland Dice v1.4: Verdot Velde (Verdot Velde) rolls a 1d100: 88
[2016/11/16 17:12] Revenland Dice v1.4: Verdot Velde (Verdot Velde) rolls a 1d100: 7
[2016/11/16 17:12] Revenland Dice v1.4: Ed Yoshiro (Ed Yoshiro) rolls a 1d100: 12
[2016/11/16 17:16] Revenland Dice v1.2: Ovrik (GotYouCovered Resident) rolls a 1d100: 32
[2016/11/16 17:17] Jolj tried to steady his panicking horse as he unbuttoned his tunic and drew forth the concealed matchlock pistol he carried, aiming the pistol at the wolf who JUST NEARLY flew right past him in an attempt to take his life, making quick work to set the ignition powder, gunpowder, and pellet before taking aim at that wolf who previously came at him, positioning himself so his horse was not within close earshot before unloading the pellet towards the wolves head with a sharp bang and rise of smoke from the barrel and flash pan of his weapon. "P-piss off, mutt!!" Mean Jolj is mean.
[2016/11/16 17:17] Revenland Dice v1.4: Ed Yoshiro (Ed Yoshiro) rolls a 1d100: 58
[2016/11/16 17:17] Revenland Dice v1.4: Verdot Velde (Verdot Velde) rolls a 1d100: 89
[2016/11/16 17:21] Jerad Teigo tried to veer the horse away as the wolf seemed ready to retaliate. Though he was too late, the beast reaching up and getting it. Barking in pain as he tried to rip the wolf away. He looked over to see a wolf attacking Jolj and hurried over to try and trample the thing with his mount while he recovered from the bite.
[2016/11/16 17:21] Revenland Dice v1.2: Ovrik (GotYouCovered Resident) rolls a 1d100: 28
[2016/11/16 17:22] Revenland Dice v1.4: Verdot Velde (Verdot Velde) rolls a 1d100: 56
[2016/11/16 17:23] Red got her foot in the stirrup and stood up on it, but she had no idea how to mount the horse. Putting the wrong foot in the stirrup probably didn't help. She tried to grabbed onto the saddle to keep from falling, but she couldn't raise her other leg high enough to get around the back of the horse. Finally admitting to herself she wasn't going to succeed, she pulled herself up enough to slide her foot out of the stirrup and then dropped to her feet. Backing away from the horse, she moved over to stand next to Reeve, while pulling her dagger out of her belt. She held it out before her, as if wolves would honestly feel threatened from this.
[2016/11/16 17:34] Reeve's horse was apparently pretty damn chill. and potentially, definitely kind of drunk, since his player didn't rp it freaking out. "Haha!" he exclaimed as he went to reload his bow, planting his foot in the ring as he pulled back the string, preparing for another shot. wincing at the blast, he'd look up to make sure he wasn't being attacked by wolves. "The fuck's got a musket?!" less 'who the fuck' and more calling jolj a fuck. he'd give red a wink when she came up to him. making a kissy noise at her. he didn't have the habit of taking things as seriously as most people, and should jolj or the other one happen to get mauled to death, he'd probably laugh.
[2016/11/16 17:42] The bleeding wolf growled ominously at Reeve and Red, circling around them cautiously, eyes wide with rage. The wolf contending with Jerad was just as feisty and after getting a good bite from the knight, not allowing it to attack it's comrade by trying to tackle him off his horse with teeth bared again (1st roll). The one after Jolj was quick to vault away from the blast of the gun the scribe had trained on it, snarling with seething anger before it tried again in knocking Jolj from his horse (2nd roll) with a diving tackle.
[2016/11/16 17:42] Revenland Dice v1.4: Verdot Velde (Verdot Velde) rolls a 1d100: 61
[2016/11/16 17:42] Revenland Dice v1.4: Verdot Velde (Verdot Velde) rolls a 1d100: 43
[2016/11/16 17:43] Revenland Dice v1.4: Ed Yoshiro (Ed Yoshiro) rolls a 1d100: 99
[2016/11/16 17:43] Revenland Dice v1.2: Ovrik (GotYouCovered Resident) rolls a 1d100: 89
[2016/11/16 17:50] Jolj managed to overcome getting bitten or tackled by the mangy beast again, but had trouble reloading his pistol let alone aiming with his panicking horse! With a groan of annoyance mixed with fear of dying, Jolj reholstered the pistol in his tunic before grabbing the reins of his horse, using all his focus to have his horse trample the 2 wolves attacking Jerad and himself! "Hyaaa! Hyaaaah!" He'd be damned if he was going to die after just discovering the whereabouts of his bag! (( 1st roll = 1st wolf, 2nd roll = 2nd wolf))
[2016/11/16 17:50] Revenland Dice v1.4: Ed Yoshiro (Ed Yoshiro) rolls a 1d100: 3
[2016/11/16 17:50] Revenland Dice v1.4: Ed Yoshiro (Ed Yoshiro) rolls a 1d100: 39
[2016/11/16 17:51] Revenland Dice v1.4: Verdot Velde (Verdot Velde) rolls a 1d100: 98
[2016/11/16 17:51] Revenland Dice v1.4: Verdot Velde (Verdot Velde) rolls a 1d100: 13
[2016/11/16 17:53] Jerad Teigo turned the horse to move away a moment and use his shield to bash the wolf. Preventing it from harming him or the horse. While the wolf lunged toward the shield though and hearing it successfully hit that instead of him and he moved his body and arm a long way around the side to slash at the wolf on its way down.
[2016/11/16 17:53] Revenland Dice v1.2: Ovrik (GotYouCovered Resident) rolls a 1d100: 6
[2016/11/16 17:53] Revenland Dice v1.4: Verdot Velde (Verdot Velde) rolls a 1d100: 61
[2016/11/16 17:54] Red was the opposite of Reeve's calmness; she was completely panicked, beginning to sweat, and gripping her dagger so tightly that in her adrenaline, she didn't yet notice the pain. She didn't leap forward or anything as foolish as that with just her dagger. She just kept it before her, in a hope to defend herself. "Gah! GAH!" she yelled at the wolf that was circling them, hoping it'd distract or scare it. She didn't note their strange behavior; in her paranoid eyes, everything was out to kill her.
[2016/11/16 17:56] Reeve watched the beast as it circled. "Come on ya fuckin tit.." loading crossbow with a second bolt, he crouched his legs slightly. preparing to fire. stomping toward it, he'd let out a battle cry. "ARRRRHHHG! I'LL PUT MY DICK IN YA!" raising the crossbow, he'd shoot his second bolt at the wolf.
[2016/11/16 17:56] Revenland Dice v1.2: Cace Tribbles (SimonTribbles Resident) rolls a 1d100: 24
[2016/11/16 17:56] Revenland Dice v1.4: Verdot Velde (Verdot Velde) rolls a 1d100: 80
[2016/11/16 18:00] The bleeder managed to pounce away just in time before the arrow struck something vital, but the other two wolves were having some trouble with Jerad and Jolj just as the scribes horse came trampling around in a whinnying flurry of recklessness. The horses got a few good kicks in before eventually the trio knew this group was too much, scrambling off with yelps and defeated barks...
[2016/11/16 18:04] Jolj: "Huff... huff... th' b-bloody 'ell..." Jolj managed to calm his snorting, wide-eyed horse after the wolves ran off in a hurry. That was rather scary... but was glad they were all mostly alright from that skirmish. "...E-ev'ryone well?"
[2016/11/16 18:09] Jerad Teigo sighed and took a moment to evaluate the bite on his arm, "Well enough.." The padding kept the wolf from taking any severe bite or chunk of flesh but he was still bleeding quite a bit from the attack.
[2016/11/16 18:12] Red couldn't take her eyes off the wolf to look at the other men, or to peer at Reeve, but her eyebrows arched in confusion as he threatened to put his penis in a wolf. As they yipped and ran off, bloody and hurt, she turned to look at Reeve. "Does that always work?" she asked. "You yell you're going to put your penis in something and it runs away?" She looked toward Jolj and said, "Think so." Everyone seemed to be standing and relatively unmaimed.
[2016/11/16 18:15] Reeve scoffed, bending to reload again. he didn't have a lot of bolts left. things kept running off with them. "Fuckin' things got ma bolt.." walking up to the one that buried itself in the dirt, he'd pluck it out and stick it in the nock. "you best reload ya peashoot'r now, boy. Before we run into anymore of your friends." hearing red's question, he let out an abrupt "HAH. works most times!" he did a wanking motion with the hilt of his sword as he approached her. "Maybe i could show ya how it works sometime." giving another wink wink.
[2016/11/16 18:17] xXL33TPKPURESKILLAXx (worldkeeperalan) dusted himself off, along with his companions who would sling their shields back over their backs along with their spears. Making sure they were tied tightly to their backpacks as they would silently converse amongst themselves again in their native tongue, all looking back into the group. The group of men didn't speak much, and when they did, it was usually amongst themselves.
[2016/11/16 18:20] Jolj sighed heavily, adjusting scarf, glasses, hood, and even the horses ears for some strange reason. They were crooked! He took heed to Reeve's advice before they continued, moving towards the house with his poor startled horse he somehow managed to be on while reloading his matchlock pistol up along the way. "L... let's k-keep goin' then, 'right..."
[2016/11/16 18:22] Jerad Teigo nodded, "We came all the way out here, there's not much turning back now. If those were the wolves then we must be close by."
[2016/11/16 18:22] Red looked over as Reeve piped up, and then down to the stroking motion with his sword. "Alright," she replied. What? Nobody had ever showed her how a sword worked before. She had assumed it was like using a bigger heavier dagger, but maybe he knew something she didn't. She tried to scan their surroundings, but night had fallen rather fast.
[2016/11/16 18:26] Reeve's eyebrows furrowed. "eh?.." he never tried with red before. not with lachlan always on his tits. getting a grin on his face, he'd go to grab his drunk ass horse by the reigns. "well okay then." he hoped this manor was empty, cause he was about to break one of these rooms in. Oh yeah! he whistled softly as the horse lugged stupidly behind him.
[2016/11/16 18:27] xXL33TPKPURESKILLAXx (worldkeeperalan) nodded to his men and relayed the talk of the others, one could easily determine what Hiraeus said to them was to the effect of, "Take your muskets out," because they did just that. Hiraeus looked back, looking at the moonlight cutting through the woods. He looked to the rest of the group, "It has grown incredibly dark. I believe we have made this search monumentally harder." Hiraeus then slung his musket back onto his backpack as he removed the rope that sat on the back of his belt and handed it to Lenmaris, who did the same with his musket as he tied the rope to his belt, and undid his rope and so on with Kystones. The men were tied together and made sure to stay close in the dark as the brought their muskets back off their back. The light of Jerad's torch only helped so much.
[2016/11/16 18:32] Jolj: As the sky grew dark, so did Jolj's fears... What was beyond the strange regal manor ahead was anticipated yet somehow left the scribe reluctant to enter. He led the group onto the courtyard, slipping off his horse while reholstering his reloaded matchlock again, tying the reins to the well before making his way towards the doors. "..." He looked up at the ominous building a moment, getting a real strange presence... They all could feel it, but it drew them in against their better judgements. He proceeded to knock on the door politely...
[2016/11/16 18:41] Red would help lead a horse along if needed, while trying to keep tabs on Reeve. She didn't really know much of anyone else and she didn't want to get lost so far from home. Of course, if she actually knew these people, she probably would have banked on keeping safe over near Jerad; he had a more innocent mind and Reeve would have thrown her under a carriage if it meant saving his own skin. In the pale moonlight, she eyed the manor as they approached. "..That is.. huge," she remarked.
[2016/11/16 18:45] Reeve: "i'll show ya some'n huge." he'd give a snicker. watching jolj knock on the door, he'd wander up and brush the boy aside rather casually. "Here. Let me knock." and thus, he proceeded to smash his foot into the door next to the doorknob, in an attempt to bust it open. taking multiple kicks if needed.
[2016/11/16 18:45] Revenland Dice v1.2: Cace Tribbles (SimonTribbles Resident) rolls a 1d100: 12
[2016/11/16 18:46] It was already unlocked... so the doors swung open, breaking the knobs off.
[2016/11/16 18:51] Jolj stumbled to the side when brushed off by Reeve, just glaring a the man in astonishment. Was this man truly a guard of Redfoem? "...Th-thanks." He spoke sarcastically, but he was thankful still, especially if nobody was home or going to answer. He stepped inside first, looking around... in awe of what he saw. "W-wh... uh... h-hello? S-sorry... but m'friend broke y'door I b'lieve!" Nobody, of course, would reply... There was only an unsettling silence.
[2016/11/16 18:52] Enter the survival horror.
[2016/11/16 18:52] Jerad Teigo moved off the horse and tied it to the well. Moving back over and smiled at Red as she moved closer to him. Every now and again, he would look down and flex his arm to see if the bleeding stopped, though for the most part and it did. but canine bite had a way of hitting nerves and making it hurt to use the muscles near the wound. He watched Reeve move to kick just as the doors opened, "Well, Sir Kicksdowndoors, you first." He moved inside, noticing how eerily quiet it was. "Something doesn't feel right."
[2016/11/16 18:55] Red tied up the horse nearby with the others, and returned a light though uneasy smile to Jerad. When Reeve said he'd show her something huge, she waited expectantly for him to pull something out of his coin bag or something, but he just walked away. Well what the heck. Say something and then not do it. She hadn't seen anything wrong with Jolj just knocking on the door--she really had no idea why they were here, she just wanted to see new sights!--but then Reeve went and kicked the door open. This seemed like a prelude to hostilities, so she tried to move to hang in the back of the group. She edged forward behind them, patiently waiting her turn before she could see what the inside looked like.
[2016/11/16 19:01] Reeve watched the doorknob roll across the floor and come to a stop, raising his eyebrows at jerad, he readied his crossbow and stepped into the room, crossbow at the ready" Do ya have time to listen to the word of our lord and saviour, Zod?!" he called out, turning left and looking behind the door, he'd jump with a light huff, poking the suit of armor with the crossbow, before he'd put it down at his side and attempt to take the lance out of it's hand. because looting.
[2016/11/16 19:01] A suit of armor stands beside the exit, a steel sentinel of the manor. It's empty upon inspection.
[2016/11/16 19:22] Jolj could see nobody was home, or maybe asleep. They'd find out eventually. With a sigh, the scribe proceeded to look around while calling back to the others, "Search th' manor, 'f ya would. Somethin' is v'ry off 'ere..."
[2016/11/16 19:27] Jerad Teigo couldn't help but actually snicker at Reeve's Zod's witnesses impression. Moving into the building and holding out the torch to see further. To inspect if it was already lit inside or pitch black. He eyed the suit of armor curiously a moment before going to look around, "We should still stick close in case something tries to pick us off one by one." Though he didn't even think of traps if there were any.
[2016/11/16 19:28] Red gave the head of the group a curious look as he started talking about Zod, the joke flying right over her head. Finally she stepped inside after everyone else did, unwilling to straggle about outside alone. She looked about at what limited things she could see within the torch's light. "Are we in someone's home?" she whispered. "What is this place?" She'd never been in a building bigger than the village tavern before. That and the place looked so much nicer than it. She moved across a plush rug while craning to listen for shouts that they were trespassing.
[2016/11/16 19:37] Reeve stamped about he room quietly, having gotten no reply from his entrance, he'd casually enter further into the house, looking for expensive things that appeared to be pocket sized, as he looked about. "someone's home, but where would they happen to be at this hour.." he mumbled. clicking the butt of the lance against the tile floor.
[2016/11/16 19:38] Jolj gazed over the pictures on the walls a moment before he stepped back towards the others, deciding Jerad's advice was wise considering what they already met today. Damn wolves... probably ate Ben and Tiberius to bones then buried the bones or something since they haven't come across them at all, even from the spot where they were attacked and supposedly killed a week ago before Jolj escaped to Redfoem. "Some'ne...'ncredibly wealthy, p'rhaps. Why th'live out 'ere's anybodies guess..."
[2016/11/16 19:38] This painting shows a squire being knighted by a beautiful queen.
[2016/11/16 19:41] Jerad Teigo's eyes explored the building, "It looks like it is." To Red's words, "Reeve's right, who wouldn't be here after sun set." He moved over toward the painting of the man being knighted. Finally he moved and thought he spotted a part of the floor not much shining. Moving toward it to see the blood. "Over here..."
[2016/11/16 19:42] Red moved further inward, hesitant to wander from the group. She idly wondered where people in a place like this might keep their coins, though. It would be nice to return to Lek not empty-handed, especially after having come out this far and suffering a sore ass in the process. The place was big enough that everything seemed very spread out. She moved right of the entrance, toward some double doors. Leaning against one, she tried to slowly open it, backing up to pull if it didn't respond to being pushed. Okay, so maybe she was straying a wee bit.
[2016/11/16 19:47] Reeve's eyes wandered to see where dat booty go, watching red wander off slightly in a different direction, he'd tap his shoulder with his crossbow, looking between them before he'd stray after her. getting up close, he'd lean in and whisper with a mischief filled grin. "Hey there. wanna nip off ' round the back and fool around?.." looking around his surroundings to see if anyone was looking. he'd try to honk dat booty. yeah, seriously. in a time like this. he'd break the thick air momentarily with thoughts of sex.
[2016/11/16 19:47] Revenland Dice v1.2: Cace Tribbles (SimonTribbles Resident) rolls a 1d100: 98
[2016/11/16 19:48] Reeve probably would've had to lean his lance under his armpit for that one.
[2016/11/16 19:48] Revenland Dice v1.4: littlenixie (littlenixie Resident) rolls a 1d100: 91
[2016/11/16 19:53] Jolj noticed Red stray a bit but paid no mind to the mysterious girl who found her way into their party, following Jerad towards the darkness that became illuminated by Jerad's torch. He, too, could see the blood staining the tiles... and looked up as the light brought more of the manors mysteries to fruition. He stared in awe at the statue... obviously evil incarnate which caused the scribe to stumble away a moment before then taking notice of what looked like a cloth-wrapped body resting in one of the stone hands of the morbid statue. "D-dear... Zod..."
[2016/11/16 19:53] A morbid statue of some vampiric creature. It's holding a wrapped corpse in it's hand. Looks to be some kind of sacrificial offering.
Upon further inspection, a small pedestal can be seen within the statues mouth. Perhaps something must be placed on it...
[2016/11/16 19:55] Jerad Teigo frowned as he inspected the statue and the poor soul draped in its grasp. "Well, now we now the people who live here aren't too friendly. Stay on guard." He glanced back and frowned at the other two.
[2016/11/16 20:01] Also, all the doors are kinda locked and require keys... except for the front door because the key for that was Reeve's foot, apparently.
[2016/11/16 20:01] Red wasn't sure what to expect on the other side of the door. She was trying to move it slowly in case it was the creaking kind. She heard the general soft padding and clicking of shoes as the rest of the group explored, but didn't pay it any mind. Though when Reeve whispered near her ear, she nearly jumped out of her skin. She turned to make sure it was him and not one of the others she didn't know. She brought a hand over her chest, heart racing wildly, and took a moment to try and catch her breath. "You scared me," she whispered. "Alright." Sweet, she was going to learn what the new phrase meant. She hoped it involved something jestery. She glanced past him, then jumped again as her ass was grabbed. She made a sound like a hiccup mixed with a squeak. Oh. Okay, she could guess what fooling around might mean. Leaning forward to stand on her tiptoes, she tried to bring her hands over his shoulders so that she could, in turn, try to whisper into his ear. Her hot breath against his
[2016/11/16 20:01] Red: skin as she whispered, "...I'll let you do whatever you want..." and then added, "for two silvers." Bam.
[2016/11/16 20:08] Reeve wrapped his left arm around the lance and leaned on it smugly like it was an oversized cane. eyebrows raising in surprise yet again. speaking quietly still, but probably loud enough that it'd be noticeable that they were fucking around instead of working. "If you keep talkin' like that i'm gonna tear a hole in ma pants." he'd give another squeeze before he gave her a playful push toward the door, hips brushing up against her side as he towered over her. then she named her price. Fuck!.. how much were they going to get paid again?.. Hell yeah! he could afford that after they retrieved that boy's shit! reluctantly he drew himself away. "Alright, where's the boy's bag, let's get it and get the HELL outta here!~"
[2016/11/16 20:11] Jolj seemed too fixed on the statue with the... corpse it held, not aware of Red and Reeve's assgrabbery going on behind them. The scribe took slow steps past the bloodstains and over to the table beside the window, lifting the sword laid there a moment to test its weight before setting it down to examine the chalice. They both reeked of blood... but there wasn't a trace of any on either the sword or chalice. Eventually, he heard Reeve, glaring back at the man just before he'd get his act together. "D'ya thin' this's th'time f'that?!" Jolj then proceeded to look over the books, seeing if anything of merit was written in any of them...
[2016/11/16 20:12] The pile of books are mostly novels, but the three on top consist mainly of unholy sacraments written in an unknown dialect (French). If one might be curious enough to look through the first book, they'd discover something cryptic written in blood:

'Thine path to enlightenment; red and flowing. Blade cut to innocence; cup filled with sanguinary unbridled.
Revel and soak that of rich pouring life; but cleanse in turn for thine Lord, O child of darkness. Thy Lord thirsts.'
[2016/11/16 20:23] Jerad Teigo glared toward the other guard and grunted through the deep voice like that inmate you didn't want to drop soap around, "Now isn't the time. Keep it in your pants until we've made it out alive." He looked around at the other items around until trying to read the books. Finally he saw something actually written in common. "Well, isn't that friendly." Though he did pick up the sword. Cause... sword.
[2016/11/16 20:25] Red straightened up with a surprised little jerk as he squeezed her again, and bumped up against the locked door at the little push. She gave a coy smile, not meeting him quite in the eyes as he loomed over her. As he moved away, she moved over to join the rest of the group. ... That was... a lot of blood on the floor. And then her eyes drew upward toward something strange. She wasn't quite sure what it was, though once she caught of the wide-open mouth, she flinched violently and drew backward. But nobody was freaking out and the thing wasn't moving. A statue? She stared at it, unsettled by the size of its mouth and teeth. She didn't know where the hell they were, but suddenly the idea of being hours away from home, in a strange manor with mostly strangers, with a creepy statue surrounded by blood, began to sound like a very bad bad thing.
[2016/11/16 20:28] Lifting the lid of the urn, a few gold shillings could be seen inside.
[2016/11/16 20:29] Reeve cha-ching motherfuckers! reeve picked up the pot absentmindedly, twisting it in hand, half tempted to drop it when he heard a jingle inside. looking down and shaking it. his hands were getting full. so he'd put the lance against the wall and pop it open. pouring the contents into his hand, he'd suddenly make a noise like he was choking. clasping it shut and holding it to his heart, oh lord he was dying and going to heaven!. he'd blink a few times as he looked around the room. stuffing the coins in the top of his boot like nothing happened. "Whots goin on here? blood? wow that's a lotta blood!"
[2016/11/16 20:29] Blood. Hope this is not Chris' blood.
[2016/11/16 20:29] A painting of a queen and her royal court. When you stare upon her face, one cannot help but feel her stare back.
[2016/11/16 20:34] Jolj offered the books to Jerad after skimming through them, taking note of that cryptic message left in the first one. It meant something, but what...? He stepped away from the table with a grimace, wondering why the map led them here. Was his bag really in this place? So many questions, but very little time. "L-let's... check th'upstairs?" He glanced to the others, wondering what plans they should take since warfare was more their... bag! Oho!
[2016/11/16 20:37] Jerad Teigo looked at the books and then to the goblet, he picked the goblet up and looked over at the statue. Then to the corpse. About to stick the goblet in the mouth out of curiosity before stopping when Jolj mentioned upstairs. Setting the goblet lazily in the mouth where it would probably just fall inside and walking away to follow.
[2016/11/16 20:38] Red glanced over toward Reeve as he made a strange sound, and then back to the statue. She stepped forward, crossing over the floor where the blood had long-since dried, toward the statue. There was something in what she realized now was its hands. It was something like a blanket or canvas, she wasn't quite sure until she approached to inspect it. At first she suspected it was just rolled up, but as she touched it, it felt hard. "What is... Hey, what is this?" she asked, and looked over toward Jerad, having completely missed what they already said. Red, always late to the party. Or, well, on time to the party, early even, for the free food, but late to the gathering. And on time to get kicked out. You know how it goes.
[2016/11/16 20:39] The goblet placed in the statue's mouth didn't seem to do anything...
[2016/11/16 20:44] Reeve would pick up his lance again after placing the urn back where it came from. he'd wander up to the corpse and give it a little poke at it's head with the lance. just to see if it was dead right. when they talked about checking upstairs, he'd watch jerad leave. repeating red's question. "whot's the book say?" because reeve couldn't read!
[2016/11/16 20:45] Red one-upped Reeve's cluelessness with, "What book?"
[2016/11/16 20:52] Jolj sighs and shakes his head, headed towards the exit. "W-we should... pick this up t-tomorro', I think." Jolj hadn't taken anything from the manor, but he had those words from the book memorized. "Th' books a'e 'n French... b't one o'them said 'Thine path to enlightenment; red and flowing. Blade cut to innocence; cup filled with sanguinary unbridled. Revel and soak that of rich pouring life; but cleanse in turn for thine Lord, O child of darkness. Thy Lord thirsts.'... Somethin' t'think 'bout." They had a long ride back to Redfoem already and the moon was well raised into the night--too late to continue, but they'd be back.
[2016/11/16 20:57] Red could smell the death on the fabric. Yep. Dead body. She eased away, not so much scared of a corpse, but more so for her life. She moved toward the stairs, and then paused as Jolj began to speak. She furrowed her eyebrows and said, "So... blood of a virgin?" At least, as far as she could translate; the rest were words she wasn't educated enough to know.
[2016/11/16 21:00] Reeve stayed behind for a moment, thinking about it. whilst poking the dead guy in the head with the lance. scratching his scruffy beard, he'd give a shrug and follow. he cut into a lot of innocence. "maybe it means virgin blood." he'd mutter quietly, hoping to avoid jerad hearing, lest he get the shit kicked out of him by the burly knight. "perhaps we could bring the lord mayor in, and have her squat over the cup." he chuckled quietly, trying hard not to laugh too loud as he stared at the back of the torch bearer's helmet.
[2016/11/16 21:05] Jolj nearly facepalms at Reeve's vulgarities, but both Red and Reeve made valid points to the inscription. "M'ght be. It'll need t'wait a ne' day." Jolj then looked to Jerad, advising he'd better get his arm looked at in town or it might get infected. He then proceeded out the door, waiting for the others before closing them... although they were ajar now with no knobs in place.

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1 year 3 months ago #276 by Zod's Disciple
Zod's Disciple replied the topic: Retrieving Jolj's Bag (Event)
Day 2:

[2016/11/17 14:44] So, Jolj seems to have found another group to assist him on reclaiming his belongings. Upon explaining they'd be paid for their time, they set off to the manor from Revenland, having little trouble along the way thanks to the map Arnarra had lent him. As they stood at the courtyard after tying the horses to the well, the scribe put away the map a moment to speak to the others, "Right then, um... s-so, as y'may all know, we're 'ere t'break in n' get m'bag. 'opefully... it's actually 'ere. Now then..." He turned back to the manor, noticing the door was still ajar from before as if nobody had returned after he was here last night...
[2016/11/17 14:49] Krastor De'Guisarme's lips purse, looking to the manor. A sneaky break in seemed out of the question. "Safety first." The helmet hanging from his back by a strap is pulled up over his head and fastened in place. Though as he stares from the narrow visor, he noticed the door ajar as well. "I think perhaps, someone beat us to it. No one's salleyed forth to greet us yet either. A place like this ought to have a sentry or six at least."
[2016/11/17 14:51] Reeve eyed the people they picked up along the way wearily, particularly the dark armored one, which he had a hard time deciding if it was male or female. but they had a sword, and he didn't recognize them! so caution felt necessary. doing the awkward movement to get off his horse and then help red down like usual. "if by sentries you mean wolves, the place was practically abandoned the night before.." drawing his crossbow, he'd rather casually step towards the door.
[2016/11/17 14:53] Red allowed herself to be helped down off the horse. The blanket and the trousers were better on her arse this time around, especially with all the untrained bouncing in the saddle. She was grateful when her feet were touching the ground again. She looked over toward Krastor and said, "Wolves attacked us right here and then ran off." She glanced over at Reeve, recalling the threat he'd shouted at them.
[2016/11/17 14:55] Lara: Catching her breath having run behind the horses approach she would stop a moment. Looking up at the windows she sees no shadows of movement, no waving curtains, no pinpricks of shining eyes. She certainly hopes the house is empty as she has no weapon on her. Her plan is to stay behind the ones that were armed and search each room carefully.
[2016/11/17 14:55] Enya had landed not too far from the skies down to the ground. As she learnt of the mission she decided to attend, even be it as a silent member. As she transformed into her human ranger form she emerged from the forest as though she was a member with the group. Quietly she joined the back of the party and observed.
[2016/11/17 15:02] Jolj was luckily not offended by non-humans participating, he just needed that bag back. Or wanted it back... it was hard to say. It was conflicting! "Y-yes, th' sentries y'speak of; wolves... 'least s'fah. We mus' search this mano' well, friends." He tried to sound as encouraging as possible before he, as bravely as possible, made steps towards the door, glancing in briefly before pushing the squeaking doors open... "R... right, it's no' 'r nev'r then..."
[2016/11/17 15:05] Krastor De'Guisarme turns his head slightly to eye Reeve and Red sidelong. "...Wolves? What kind of wolves? Because if its the shapeshifting kind I have no complaints with walking away until our pay is doubled. I've been mauled by their ilk enough to know I don't like it." Pushing humans like himself around was one thing, they died or surrendered when poked enough times. But the idea of some supernatural shit visibly perturbed him. Enough to slide his sword from the sheathe and hold it out as his side as gingerly as a three and a half foot rose. "...Bloody hell!" He mutters, double taking at Jolj just walking right up to the door and opening it. "Are you soft in the head!? At least a modicum of caution would sere you well here." Krastor jogs to catch up, stepping past with the weapon raised defensively as he scans the hallways and passages of the foyer.
[2016/11/17 15:07] Aluria moves slowly staying with Lara. "why are we here again?" she asks softly.
[2016/11/17 15:08] The door appears to be locked. The keyhole is ebony. Struggling to open the door is pointless; a key must be hidden somewhere
[2016/11/17 15:10] Reeve turned his head to look at the slaves, murmuring toward them "Pack mules." wouldn't literal pack mules be better though? he figured it would be easier to have other people to carry all their shit. that way they could grab more stuff. he watched jolj open the door, and followed after him, crossbow up and ready to kill, he'd step around the boy. figuring he decided to get there first before reeve went kicking in doors again.
[2016/11/17 15:14] Red moved her hand to pull out her dagger, but decided against it for the moment. Too many people she didn't know crowding through the doorway, seemed like a prime opportunity for a miscommunication. She followed them inside, taking note of all she couldn't see when it was so dark the night before. So many rich reds! So many nasty gold colors. She jumped over the part of of the rug that was trimmed in gold. She liked money, but fuck that color. ...Color of pee and stuff. She immediately moved toward the stairs and stopped before them, to peer upward.
[2016/11/17 15:17] Lara would curl her nose at the man's comment and turn to Aluria. "No chivalry from that corner then?" She moved on to answer her question in her most prim and proper voice she could muster. "It seems, That man there in the hood has lost his purse." She would follow behind the others until an area was cleared of danger before she would begin her search.
[2016/11/17 15:20] Enya entered in behind them moving up pass the weaponless slaves, As she peered inside it seemed simple enough. Even though it was rather grand in riches and structure. As she entered into the house she couldn't help but wonder "exactly what is so important about this bag that it requires so much resources to retrieve it?" Her earth brown eyes lifted to Jo as she asked before she took to observing around the mason. Moving off to the side in an alert and cautious manner.
[2016/11/17 15:29] Jolj nearly dismissed Krastor's concern before he'd reply, "Sir Reeve, th' red one, n' myself were 'ere las' night alr'dy. I'm fairly certain this home's vacant." Of course, they haven't really made much progress before, but that would change. "M'bag has m'life savin's... m'work... m'journal... irreplaceables. N'we musn't tarry much longa'." Jolj then stepped in after the others, cautiously moving towards the eastern section of the 1st floor where their progress was left... "Th' statue... it 'olds answers fo' what w'seek."
[2016/11/17 15:36] Krastor De'Guisarme steps off to the side, sliding his sword into the eye slit of one of the display armors. Just in case someone was pulling that ole scooby doo gag on them. Jolj draws his attention to the statue though and he peels away to have a look at it for himself. "..Ah fuck me." That was a demonic effigy if he'd ever seen one. Normally he had misgivings about using his artificed fake eye in front of strangers. Was bad enough a few people mislabelled him as a vampire already, but it was best to use it now than have any nasty surprises. Flipping his visor open, he pulls the crystal eye patch up revealing a glassy fake eye. The surface shimmers, then disappears into a black void illuminated by a single red laserpointer dot as it inverts with its presence in the ether. Which should reveal any hidden poltergeists, spoops, or otherwise lingering funky energy to him.
[2016/11/17 15:37] Aluria snorts and when the guy who called her a pack mule turns she offers him the one finger elven honor salute. grins at lara. "so a rich man couldn't hold onto his stuff. isn't that just typical." she jingles as she rattles her way in. looking around to see if there is anything worth stealing. and smacks Red's butt
[2016/11/17 15:39] Reeve listened to jolj as he listed things off, bobbling his head back and forth rather mockingly. as he wandered in, he'd beckon one of the slaves over. "spose there's one more use for ya.." taking a right, he'd approach the statue from the night before. "Who's not afraid of a little blood, show handsies." he did a little fluttery motion to the two girls wearing rags.
[2016/11/17 15:42] Red chewed on her lower lip as she peered upstairs, but all she could see were the railings and some windows. She seemed hesitant to take the first step up the stairs, and instead looked over her shoulder to the rest of the group, just as someone slapped her ass. She whirled around and then looked surprised to see it was Aluria. Then Reeve was beckoning one of the slaves over. It took her a moment to realize just what he might have been up to. Suddenly she piped up, "Okay, who's a virgin?" at the group. Did not realize how out of context that would sound, though.
[2016/11/17 15:45] Lara went pale at what she thought the man had intended to do. She may not be worldly but she did have schooling. She peeked at the statue around the corner and shook her head only to have her jaw drop as Red called out for a virgin. Well she knows the ones she knows aren't. She backs into the corner shaking her head trying to melt into the wall.
[2016/11/17 15:52] Enya hummed to the explanation given. it seemed futile to waste lives over material like that. Still humanity was new to her even though she herself was ancient. As she moved up towards the statue she studied it. Upon hearing the man taunt the slaves she observed him "leave them be." she spoke in a melodic tone of voice before her eyes lifted to Red "why do you need a virgin?" The statement eluded her. Her attention shifted back towards the dark statue as she felt a dark aura emanate from it. She seemed focused upon it waiting to see if anything more dark came out while noticing Krastor, she simple noted it but said nothing of it.
[2016/11/17 15:53] A morbid statue of some vampiric creature. It's holding a wrapped corpse in it's hand. Looks to be some kind of sacrificial offering.
Upon further inspection, a small pedestal can be seen within the statues mouth. Perhaps something must be placed on it...
[2016/11/17 15:54] The door appears to be locked and there doesn't seem to be a keyhole either. Struggling to open the door is pointless; there must be a another way to open it.
[2016/11/17 15:54] Jolj glanced over to Krastor, perplexed what he was doing by lifting the visor to his helmet only to stare intently at the demonic statue ahead. There was no doubt about it though; the statue was cursed... and some type of sacrificial altar. Jolj felt a bit uneasy about the whole place, but he kept moving, glancing back to check where the others went. "I adv'ce ya t'all keep close please." When Reeve brought up 'blood' and Red chimed in with 'virgin', he'd elaborate what they spoke of, "Th' goblet 'n th' mouth o' th' statue; w'believe it needs t'be filled wi' virgin blood... Any volunteers?" And hell no, Jolj wasn't volunteering.
[2016/11/17 15:59] Krastor De'Guisarme promptly shuts his visor. The eye didn't tell him anything he didn't already know just by the way it looked in the real world. "...What does any of this have to do with retrieving your bag?" He lets the question linger as he steps up to Jolj and adds on to it with a certain menace in his voice. "I think you ought to explain some things to me, because the lot of you have clearly been here before and totems to dark gods are not something I take very lightly."
[2016/11/17 16:00] Aluria huffs in annoyance but walks up to him and shows her covered hands. Chocolate brown eyes look up at him as she cants her head knowing this may hurt. she looks back at the others for I dont maybe some help. sighs as Lara hides. so much for a rescue from her.
[2016/11/17 16:12] Red thought it was a very straightforward question, she didn't see how it might be taken the wrong way. Looking toward Enya, she replied, "There was something someone found in a book yesterday." She listened as Jolj explained and then craned to listen for a response to Krastor's words, because they raised some good points. Meanwhile, she ducked around the pillar to see if Reeve was about to do what she thought he was going to. "Maybe we shouldn't?" she asked in nearly a whisper. Suddenly she furrowed her eyebrows, seeing Aluria with her hands out. "If you are looking for a virgin, you may wish to try again!" she stated boldly. "I've heard several things in the last few days," she murmured, peering at Aluria accusingly.
[2016/11/17 16:14] Red has a big mouth.
[2016/11/17 16:14] Reeve extended his hand to take Alu's rather tenderly. a pleased grin revealing itself as he moved to guide her to the statue if she'd allow it, slinging the crossbow onto his back, going for the rusty blade on his side, he would turn and step up to the statue, pulling the chalice from it's mouth. "i can see you're shakin in your pretty heels. perhaps you should wait outside and guard the door." he'd call out to krastor. rather carelessly. he didn't care too much about people's gods, however demonic they seemed. "..Does it have to be a virgin?" he now looked disappointed. looking about the room, he could only think of one who could be. stamping over towards jolj and pushing the cup toward his chest. "Give me yer hand."
[2016/11/17 16:18] Lara would creep forward thinking she would be ok now that Aluria had stepped forward. She still half stood behind the door. She didn't know what would happen once the cup was filled but it couldn't be good. There was more than a cup full of blood around the base of that statue. Witnessing him put Aluria aside she froze attempting to look like a statue herself and not be seen. A breath of relief when he went to the man who had brought them here tonight. She might be safe again. She would scitter over the to the stairs to crouch behind a plant.
[2016/11/17 16:25] Enya took a deep breath in as it all swirled in her mind what was going on and why. "I'm with him on this." she gestured to Krastor "if it craves one of purity I'd be asking first why and why does it have your bag?" as they gestured and boasted between who was virgin and not she shook her head subtle, "No shame in being pure but no blood should be spilled till we know exactly what we are offering pure blood too?" Her eyes lifted to Jo wondering what if anything he was hiding. as it was gestured he was a 'pure' one she tilts her head, closed her eyes and sensed into the man. A subtle smile appeared as she opened her eyes and returned to studying the statue.
[2016/11/17 16:30] Several scrolls laid in the cubbies of the padded bench. Mostly poems and novels with even a few love letters.
[2016/11/17 16:33] Jolj sighs lightly as he crept closer towards the statue, but turned to lift the first book from the pile sitting on the table just beside the nearby window. Although he felt really against this, he opened it and began reading the message left in old English as Reeve seemed already on the path of progress, "...'Thine path to enlightenment; red and flowing. Blade cut to innocence; cup filled with sanguinary unbridled. Revel and soak that of rich pouring life; but cleanse in turn for thine Lord, O child of darkness. Thy Lord thirsts.'..." He then turned to Krastor, alleviating his concern with a explanation, "I b'lieve this will show us whe' we need t'go. I know't seems... dark, b-but y'see, this's all w' 'ave t'go on righ' now." He then turned back to Reeve, "...'t seems so." He then went wide-eyed when the crass man came to him... for his blood. "N-now 'old on--n-not mine, sir! ... D-don' f'rget who b'payin' ya!" He acted rather high and mighty (aka, wimpy) when he stuttered to Reeve. He then glanced to Enya,
[2016/11/17 16:33] Jolj squinting lightly behind those spectacles before replying, "I... I-I 'unno 'f it does, but 'f we f'llow th' sacraments in th' book I jus' read from, 't will open th' way! I-I was studyin' this, so I'm no' a blitherin' fool!"
[2016/11/17 16:36] Jolj also mutters quickly, "Ino'avirginanywa'..."
[2016/11/17 16:39] Krastor De'Guisarme leans his head back a little and to the side to regard Reeve through the side of his visor, following him over to the statue with both eyes. The normal one and the funky enchanted one. "Anyone smart would be." His sword comes up parallel to his belt, gripping the blade in his left hand. He gives Enya a sidelong glance as well, abandoning the grip on his sword to play with the blood drop amulet hanging at the front of his breastplate. "Vampires have gods of their own, I wager." Looking back to Jolj as he stammers, the helmet does a decent job of hiding the displeasure on his face. "Lets hope you're not. Because if we wake up an elder beyond the veil that hasn't supped for millenia, I'm giving you to him and apologizing for the inconvenience."
[2016/11/17 16:40] Blood. Hope this is not Chris' blood.
[2016/11/17 16:41] Aluria is guided to the statue and when she let go she backs away again. just nope not staying to near that thing. for no money no anything. she moves back to Lara if she can get away that far. thinks they are all a bit blithering but hey she just does as she told.
[2016/11/17 16:43] Reeve laughed out loud, bringing his rusty blade up to poke him slightly, the tip wasn't meant for thrusting, so it probably wouldn't hurt. "Yer also the reason we're out here in the first place. if ya want the job done, you'll let me do the fucking job. and you're a virgin if i ever--" furrowing his brows, he'd look a bit confused. "You're not?.. ya did it with who?.." he stared in disbelief, expecting him to give an actual name at first. but then he decided he'd try and grab his hand anyway, and attempt to drag the sword across his palm. "Stop fuckin about!"
[2016/11/17 16:43] Revenland Dice v1.2: Cace Tribbles (SimonTribbles Resident) rolls a 1d100: 96
[2016/11/17 16:44] Revenland Dice v1.4: Ed Yoshiro (Ed Yoshiro) rolls a 1d100: 16
[2016/11/17 16:46] Red furrowed her eyebrows as she watched Reeve. "Well... I'm not a virgin." She didn't know she was supposed to be ashamed of saying this. "I don't think he is," she pointed toward Reeve. She rubbed her nose and glanced about to those remaining.
[2016/11/17 16:49] Lara watched the turmoil at the end of the room staying clear back. Once the man had been cut she moved forward near red. "Shouldn't we stand back in case something happens?" she would say in hushed tones. She's all for self preservation but it wouldn't hurt to save some others while she was at it. Who knows the weaponless slave could be the hero of the day.
[2016/11/17 16:56] Enya observed with a reservation in her eyes as she judged silently those around her. Pursing her lips together in thought she took to studying the demonic statue with a frown. The idea a demon would get it's desire bothered her but if this bag was worth it to the humans then she would go along and aid where needed. She shook her head though and voiced her opinion, "this is madness but fine, if it's so important..." her hand rested on the hilt of her sword, she was about to pull it out and settle this debate of virgin blood. Yet as Reeve took hold of Jolj and fought to cut him she sensed the breech of flesh as blood soon flowed. Shaking her head she let them continue in their decision making. Hand still on the hilt of her sword she waited to see what might come of the offering.
[2016/11/17 17:01] Jolj nearly had a panic attack when he was being singled out and he was the one who employed them to help him! Of course, he wasn't strong enough to resist Reeve and had his good writing hand cut into, bleeding profusely through the laceration. "A-ahhh, dammit...!" Jolj hissed out in pain, but... what's done is done. Reluctantly, Jolj held out his bleeding hand into the goblet and slowly pressed dripping blood into it until there was a suffice amount. It left him woozy and lightheaded... but even so, he was adamant on his theory of needing virgin blood. "...P-put 't back on th' damn pedestal..." Jolj then fished into his tunic, pulling free some bandages to tightly tie his hand off to stop the bleeding. "N' 'f ya do tha' 'gain... I'll bloody shoot ya 'n th' foot." Perhaps it was the aura of this place that made Jolj more testy or the fact that he just had his hand cut into, but he glared intently at Reeve while waiting for the guard to put the blood-filled goblet back into the statues mouth.
[2016/11/17 17:05] Krastor De'Guisarme raises his sword to seeming rest on his shoulder, but its a convenient one handed striking stance, seen in the more subtle body language of his foot placement. Just incase anything really gnarly transpired, since they seemed in a hurry to feed the statue. "..Should'e brought a mace. Might be gargoyles." He mutters almost inaudibly to Enya.
[2016/11/17 17:07] Aluria's eyes widen as the cut and she mutters "damn you just killed his girlfriend," softly under her breath. as she pulls some cloth from her waistband to wrap the bleeding hand. if allowed of course she will tend the wound. moving closer
[2016/11/17 17:13] Reeve scooped the cup away from the boy and went to put it back into the statue's mouth. not really expecting it to do much at all. he scoffed when jolj threatened him. if it were any other situation, he'd go into vivid detail about how it was going to fuck him in the ass with his pistol. "Stop yer whinin. RED. come wrap this boy's hand. Oh. you got it. that works too." looking at the slave girl, he'd give a shrug. usually everyone just shouted for red to do things.
[2016/11/17 17:15] Red watched Reeve and Jolj in confusion. "So he... isn't or... is a virgin?" she asked. She perked an eyebrow at Jolj's threat and just stared at him, like 'Really? Really, Jolj?' Sadly Red was either thick or inexperienced with jokes, when Aluria's flew right over her head. Red did not know what she was missing. She would have mouthed off at Reeve telling her what to do, but given the recent circumstances, she would have felt guilty not doing it. But Jolj was all prepared! She backed away from the statue, just in case something bad was about to happen. With her paranoid fantasies, she could imagine the mouth opening wide and spraying everyone with massive amounts of blood.
[2016/11/17 17:15] The goblet is filled with fresh blood.
[2016/11/17 17:16] When the blood-filled goblet is placed on the pedestal, a clicking sound is heard. Shortly thereafter, a guillotine blade lowers inside the mouth for a moment before lifting, the blood in the goblet gone...
[2016/11/17 17:16] Unlocked.
[2016/11/17 17:20] Lara stands there frozen as the thing actually starts doing something. She moved out of reds way so she wouldn't get fallen on. Sidestepping that she would move across the room for a better view over everyones heads. It seemed to be done doing its thing so she stood on tip toes trying to see it. She got a chill down her spine as the next motion of the statue started and she backed away stumbling against the suit of armour. Righting herself she would try and stop the suit from falling and see the spear in its hand. She would lift it out of its place and stand turned back to the room with her feet wide and the spear as her weapon.
[2016/11/17 17:23] Enya readied for whatever might come. She was still opened to seen any shifting of energy and magic about them. She remained in her stance, ready to fight if needed ass she heard Krastor's words she shifted her attention to him. For a moment she locked eyes with where his own orbs might. There was something strange, drawn to a power she felt her eyes dropped to the blood droplet necklace he wore. She offered a smile before she gave a nod "perhaps, I wouldn't worry so much tho, we are never truly alone." she spoke cryptically before she watched the goblet being placed in the mouth of the demon statue and a shift occurred. She had heard Aluria's jest and was confused before she realised in a slow motion that was a humor, she laughed a single "ha" in a delayed manner before she become her more serious self. At the clattering of armor she turned swiftly to observe the source, it was Lara colliding into the armor, as it wasn't of any true danger she resumed to observing the statue and their surroundings.
[2016/11/17 17:31] Jolj thanked Aluria for helping tend to his deeply cut hand, pulling back the leather of the bloody glove to make it easier as well. After hearing the click and the statues mechanism open something in the manor, Jolj just sighed... it worked, to his chagrin. "Let's... jus' keep goin' then." The scribe then walked past the others with a perturbed expression, glancing off towards the west wing of the manor where the doors were wide open...
[2016/11/17 17:41] Jolj also... decides to close the front doors... just because.
[2016/11/17 17:43] Krastor De'Guisarme pivots partly on a heel for a quick glance behind him, then just shrugs lightly. "Bit anticlimactic." Not that he was disappointed, relieved even as he lets out a pent breath and follows along.
[2016/11/17 17:44] Aluria follows.
[2016/11/17 17:44] Reeve pulled his hand out quick when he saw a blade coming down, even if it wasnt going fast, he didn't wanna get his hand caught in that. yikes! hearing the click, he'd watch it warily before heading off after jolj. giving red a prod in the shoulder as he passed.
[2016/11/17 17:46] Red jerked back as something was going on inside the statue's mouth. Nope nope nope! As it reset, she could see there was just darkness in its mouth. Nooope. When Jolj walked past, she pulled her dagger out of her belt and followed a slight distance behind. At the prod on her shoulder, she tried to prod Reeve in the open part of his arm.
[2016/11/17 17:47] Lara: The spear was heavier than she thought and one end plonked down to the ground. She tried to lift it again and almost succeeded in unbalancing herself. Another try to lift the weapon to be usable proved useless sl she left it on the floor and ran after the others coming to a sliding halt behind aluria.
[2016/11/17 17:50] Enya hummed to that, not much had happened. It was a good thing right? She turned herself and went following the group to the other side. She peered about noting the angel statue, the portrait of knighthood. Cautiously she moved pass them to the opened door she paused outside it, making sure to avoid the blood and the rug . Peering in she frowned "a grave yard within the mansion?" peering to the right at the treats, they looked oddly fresh. She inspected the food closer.
[2016/11/17 17:54] Jolj glanced upstairs a moment before looking back ahead to the room that just opened, not necessarily liking what was ahead... but that's where he went, minding the... dirt? He just entered a room with no floor or tiles--it was nothing but dirt. He then saw it was a graveyard... or catacombs... or a prison? The manor's mysteries were only getting more perplexing...
[2016/11/17 17:54] Upon inspection of the dirt-covered carpet, one could only wonder why there would be dirt seeping through the room ahead. Opening the door might reveal the answer...
[2016/11/17 17:55] Appetizing food sits on the bench. However, it smells far from delicious as if it's all been cooked with blood.
[2016/11/17 17:59] This painting shows a squire being knighted by a beautiful queen.
[2016/11/17 18:00] Krastor De'Guisarme follows Jolj closely, almost protectively. Particularly as he sees the unearthed and apparently empty coffins. "I think we might be in a coven. How did you lose your bag anyway?" His sword is still poised in that striking stance, even as he pushes his boot through the dirt to see how loose it is.
[2016/11/17 18:00] Aluria: yeah so not good she stops and moves to fall behind Reeve yep let him go first. she doesn't have any kind of weapon at all.
[2016/11/17 18:07] Reeve wandered around the stairs and looked into the room, giving red a slightly rougher poke after she poked him back, how dare she! his gaze would be distracted by the sweets on the table, which he of course, decided to pick up and smell. making a face. he'd go ahead and take a bite out of it, shrugging his shoulders. it didn't seem to bother him all that much. probably having to do with all the cannibalism hes been doing when brugo makes food. unknowingly.
[2016/11/17 18:10] Red walked along with the others, listening and trying to see. It was getting darker out. "Anyone have a light?" she asked. She didn't want to look stupid in front of others, so she leaned over toward Reeve and whispered, "What's a coven?" When he poked her a bit hard, she curled her hand into a fist and tried to punch him in his upper arm.
[2016/11/17 18:10] Revenland Dice v1.4: littlenixie (littlenixie Resident) rolls a 1d100: 43
[2016/11/17 18:11] Revenland Dice v1.2: Cace Tribbles (SimonTribbles Resident) rolls a 1d100: 55
[2016/11/17 18:13] Lara walks up behind the others saying clear of the doors but curiosity has her peeking through from her vantage point. "Why would someone have no floor in a place like this?" She hadn't seen any of the coffins yet.
[2016/11/17 18:15] Enya picked up a bread and lifted it to her nose to smell. it was putrid and wreaked of blood. If anything it contributed to the idea of this being a home for the undead. "Perhaps you are right." she spoke to Krastor before she placed the bread down. As Reeve came up and ate some of it she stared at him... "it's blood. I wouldn't eat any of that." she warned before she moved up to the doorway and inspected the inside more closely while Red punched the human back. She stood there for a moment calling her holy powers before she forced herself to stop. She was with the humans and others. She remained limited to their ability for now. She was curious for the answer to be given by Jo, Why did they have his bag?
[2016/11/17 18:16] "Wolves..." Jolj uttered to Krastor, leaving it at that. He couldn't put his bloody finger on who would be the lord... or mistress of this place. It must have been some demon or other. He stepped towards the strange dead tree growing through the ceiling, minding those coffins before knocking on the tree with his good hand. Wasn't hollow... He'd then turn suddenly, greeted by the skeletons laid to rest which made him jump lightly. "H-hmph... th-this... damn p-place..." He'd then nod to the others, "Search 'bout n' see what'ya can find." The scribe glanced ahead towards the demonic-looking fireplace that illuminated the strange room, quickly adding, "...B-bett'r no' b'anymo'e blood-lettin' need'd 'ere eith'r..."
[2016/11/17 18:17] It's definitely strange to see a tree growing indoors...
[2016/11/17 18:18] Reeve happened to move just as the shorter girl went to punch him, instead of taking the punch in the arm, she'd punch the sweetroll right out of his hand, he'd give her a stiff armed shove. looking at Enya with confusion as she said not to eat that, just as he swallowed. "Hrn?" looking down at the sweet roll, he'd shrug in a pouty sort of way. brushing his hand off on red before wandering off after the group.
[2016/11/17 18:18] Revenland Dice v1.2: Cace Tribbles (SimonTribbles Resident) rolls a 1d100: 30
[2016/11/17 18:21] Revenland Dice v1.4: littlenixie (littlenixie Resident) rolls a 1d100: 5
[2016/11/17 18:21] Krastor De'Guisarme "A safe house for canny vampires not keen about getting staked in their sleep." Krastor answers, but raises an eyebrow at Jolj. "..The wolves are the only part that doesn't make any sense to me." He wasn't about to go mucking with anything directly, but carefully steps out into the dirt, purposefully dragging his feet through. Like a really doofer looking forward moonwalk. The point to feel for tripwires or sink-holes hidden below.
[2016/11/17 18:22] Aluria notices them them ecploring the room and sort of starts to look around the kitchen and that big chest. trying to sttay out of sight and out of mind
[2016/11/17 18:24] Red stared with raised eyebrows as the sweet roll went flying aside. ...That had not been intended. Suddenly she was shoved backward, and he brushed his food-grimy hand off on her as he walked away. She regarded his legs very carefully as she began to walk after him, and then raising her foot, tried to kick him in the back of the knee.
[2016/11/17 18:24] Revenland Dice v1.4: littlenixie (littlenixie Resident) rolls a 1d100: 71
[2016/11/17 18:24] The ground was mostly firm, but the stench of death grew as they went further in...
[2016/11/17 18:25] The chest laid there, unlocked. When opened, one would find many cooking wares among organized silver cutlery. It might fetch a nice price...
[2016/11/17 18:27] Revenland Dice v1.2: Cace Tribbles (SimonTribbles Resident) rolls a 1d100: 14
[2016/11/17 18:28] Lara would wander over to Aluria still watching the opening of the doorway. She would move closer to the fire in the dying light. Almost in a whisper she would lean to Aluria. "What are we supposed to do here? We cant be pack mules if they aren't looting?" Sher would walk over to the back window and look out. Thinking she saw something move through the forest, a set of eyes maybe she backed away.
[2016/11/17 18:28] The enchanting yet terrifying furnace burns brightly. Bodies are obviously burned here. The smell of death makes it obvious...
[2016/11/17 18:33] Enya entered into the room and spread out from the others, she moved towards the fireplace as she inspected it... she placed her hand out upon the surface, feeling the texture and touching to try to make any connection, a feel of good or evil or in between she was trying to identify, humming to a thought. She was unnerved some, the stench of death was at it's worse closer to the fire place. It burnt brightly "it's either alight by magic or someone must be around to keep the fire going." She turned to regard the others in the room. Noticing Jo and the tree she agreed, It was odd there was a tree in the house. "anything with the tree?" she asked Jo who took to standing under it.
[2016/11/17 18:37] Jolj lightly shook his head to Enya before moving closer to the catacombs closest to him, glancing around... looking for something... (( Rolling for perception ))
[2016/11/17 18:37] Revenland Dice v1.4: Ed Yoshiro (Ed Yoshiro) rolls a 1d100: 91
[2016/11/17 18:38] Jolj noticed something glinting, moving closer... a key? "I found somethin' 'ere..."
[2016/11/17 18:38] A key is spotted.
[2016/11/17 18:40] Krastor De'Guisarme deduces there are no traps in the room and just looks embarrassed. Luckily its hard to see his red cheeks through the helmet. "..I could be wrong." He muses, looking to the tree. "Its almost like the tree disturbed the graves." Idly he pulls the curtains aside with his sword, it was getting a little dark out. "So! Who was a good adventurer and remembered their oil lantern? I certainly didn't." He calls out to the group, but moves over when it seems Jolj found something. "...A something what? Something that bites? Or...?"
[2016/11/17 18:40] Aluria: shifting her shirt some like a sling she starts slipping cutlery into her shirt yep gonna steal it all. might get a good price for it and free herself.
[2016/11/17 18:41] Reeve stumbled and nearly fell when he was kicked in the back of the knee, turning back and raising his hand for a moment like he was about to punch a bitch, before waving her off. "Li'l shit." she smirked and stamped off into the room "should be a lantern on one of the horses..." he'd mumble, reaching down to rub his knee. he'd get her back! later.
[2016/11/17 18:45] Red was having trouble keeping on guard and watching over the others because Reeve was being a dick! When he raised his hand like he was going to hit her, she pursed her lips and balled up her fists defensively. She took a step forward and bent down, thrusting her fist forward at his crotch. It stopped short of actually hitting him though. Either she had fallen short or she was trying to show him what she could have done. Knowing Red, she probably realized how much he would have kicked her ass if she'd hit him there. And she whiffed.
[2016/11/17 18:48] Lara turned her head as the man was getting ready to head outside. "Be careful out there." she would call out. Not that he'd done anything worth the concern tonight but he was a human being or at least a living one anyway. She thinks. She doesn't know who's what anymore there are so many strange things shes never seen before. She has no idea what could be in that dirt room but she bets its something that would kill her given the chance.
[2016/11/17 18:49] Enya relaxed for a moment her hand off the hilt of her sword. She moved closer to where this find was. Standing between three dug up graves she waited and observed. Light was never an issue for her and so she remained silent upon the matter while observing the interaction of Reeve and Red before she refocused on Jo and Krastor.
[2016/11/17 18:52] Jolj chuckles lightly at what Krastor said before reaching for the key, taking it from the stone slab. Just as he did, an unseen dread fell over the scribe... and the once firm ground began to tremble lightly for a moment before falling still. "...W-wha...?" There was then a short silence, until...
[2016/11/17 18:54] Abruptly, two of the skeletons laid to rest in the catacombs rose and glared angrily at the trespassers, bony fingers raised in preparation to attack. Another soon joined them, breaking through one of the coffins that was thought to be empty, grabbing hold of the shovel swiftly before swinging it towards Krastor.
[2016/11/17 18:55] Revenland Dice v1.4: Verdot Velde (Verdot Velde) rolls a 1d100: 10
[2016/11/17 18:57] Revenland Dice v1.4: CharliTRose (CharliTRose Resident) rolls a 1d100: 66
[2016/11/17 19:01] Krastor De'Guisarme would've said some things, but then the ground shakes. In the middle of turning a shovel cuts the air at him as well. A faint startled squeak comes from him, jerking back out of the way from it. He's quick to retaliate, foregoing the sword to lunge into the skeletons guard to try and grab it by the skull like a bowling ball. Then slam into the wall next to him if successful. "FUCK!"
[2016/11/17 19:01] Revenland Dice v1.4: CharliTRose (CharliTRose Resident) rolls a 1d100: 29
[2016/11/17 19:02] Revenland Dice v1.4: Verdot Velde (Verdot Velde) rolls a 1d100: 70
[2016/11/17 19:05] Reeve was too distracted by their own stupid shenanigans to really know what was going on. though when red was going all karate kid at him he didn't know any other way to react than to hip thrust into her fist jokingly. though hearing some spooky scary skeleton movement he got distracted from his shenanigans. "Ah... AH!" flailing his sword at the nearest thing without any sort of form. "Boners!" he exclaimed.
[2016/11/17 19:05] Revenland Dice v1.2: Cace Tribbles (SimonTribbles Resident) rolls a 1d100: 85
[2016/11/17 19:06] Revenland Dice v1.4: Verdot Velde (Verdot Velde) rolls a 1d100: 81
[2016/11/17 19:07] Red would have fucking wigged when he booped her fist with his crotch but oh hey skeletons. She jerked to attention, eyes wide. How the hell did you cut a skeleton, they were made of bones!? She looked down at her small now very inefficient looking dragger and then waved it wildly in an attempt to try and scare off... skeletons. Yeah, this could work. ... Oh screw it. She ran forward and tried to sideways kick a skeleton in its ribs.
[2016/11/17 19:07] Revenland Dice v1.4: littlenixie (littlenixie Resident) rolls a 1d100: 66
[2016/11/17 19:15] Lara: She heard the commotion and ran to the doorway. Seeing animated skeletons she ran back to the kitchen in a panic. Spinning in circles for something she could use if any got past the doors she sees nothing. The butter knives that Aluria had been taken wouldnt cut through anything uncooked. She span till she looked at the stove and grabbed the longest log there was. She held it over her shoulder with both hands on the end ready to swing it if anything came near her. She moved back towards the door with a fierce look on her face all the while trying to convince herself she can do this.
[2016/11/17 19:16] Enya things changed quickly as the key triggered some sort of chain reaction. The skeletons came to life with anything but a peaceful afterlife appeal. Sprinting into action she draw her shield and sword. Oh how badly she wanted to use her smite ability but for now she tried it the mortal ways of doing thing. As Krastor's counter strike failed Enya lunged forward from behind. She attempted to strike her sword through the rib cage of the skeleton to thrust the undead creature out of striking range to Krastor.
[2016/11/17 19:16] Revenland Dice v1.4: Enya Lightbringer (Abir Helendale) rolls a 1d100: 37
[2016/11/17 19:17] littlenixie: ((Rolling for skeleton for Red))
[2016/11/17 19:17] Revenland Dice v1.4: littlenixie (littlenixie Resident) rolls a 1d100: 30
[2016/11/17 19:17] littlenixie: ((Rolling for skeleton for Enya))
[2016/11/17 19:17] Revenland Dice v1.4: littlenixie (littlenixie Resident) rolls a 1d100: 52
[2016/11/17 19:22] All the skeletons got wrecked. Let's continue... After the group dispatched the skeletons, the scribe just kinda shuffled out of the room, heading towards the eastern wing.
[2016/11/17 19:25] Krastor De'Guisarme looks around bewildered, all the skeletons smashed before he has much of a chance to do anything. So he just raises his fists in the air victoriously as if expecting applause. But everyone seems to be moving on, so he doesn't wait for any and rushes to catch up.
[2016/11/17 19:26] Red didn't expect... any of it to work, but down they went! She slowly slipped her dagger into her belt and then excitedly clapped her hands with a squeak before she hurried off after the group, in case something else arose.
[2016/11/17 19:28] Lara: Once everyone had exited the room with the dirt and started heading to the other side of the house she stood there and shook her head. Moving to each side of the doorway she would use all her strength to shut each side of the door until she heard them click into place. Only then would she follow after them with the log in her hand. She needed something better if things like that kept showing up.
[2016/11/17 19:28] Enya after a quick battle the skeletons were defeated. huffing at it all she shook her head "right.... again a bag?" she whispered still questioning this damn bag or was it a means to simple lure them here. She trailed out with them to the next place.
[2016/11/17 19:31] Jolj examined the key a moment, moving to the east wing to see if it would open the door to the next room. Sure enough, a click was heard after turning the key in the keyhole, opening the doors to another catacomb... but it was a lot nicer at least. "If y'see a bag, please let m'know."
[2016/11/17 19:31] The door appears to be locked. The keyhole is greyish yellow. Struggling to open the door is pointless; a key must be hidden somewhere.
[2016/11/17 19:31] Unlocked.
[2016/11/17 19:34] Krastor De'Guisarme slips his war axe from the back of his belt and follows, holding both weapons at the ready. Might've looked nicer, but the coffins are bigger and fancier than he's comfortable with. "..Lantern, anyone? The oil is of use burning the dead. Particularly the difficult to kill walking kind."
[2016/11/17 19:37] Red followed them across the large room to the doors she'd been planning to open the night before. Although it seemed she wouldn't have succeeded, as a key was inserted into the door and turned to unlock it. She stood on her tiptoes to try and see what she could from the back of the group. "Is there going to be more not-dead here?" she asked, trying to keep her voice low. At the mention of a lantern, she piped up, "I don't have any. Kind of dark to see. You, did you bring anything?" She asked the last question to Jolj and would try and poke him for his attention if she needed to.
[2016/11/17 19:40] Lara would look around the room for any lights and found some torches near the door. It would be too high for her but she would grab the chair in the lobby area and use that to stand on. Placing it near the suit of armor she had already had a tussle with she would reach up high and pull one of the torches down. It wasn't oil but she could still light a fire with it. She returned to the group "This is the best i could find." She holds it up at the entrance to help light up the room for them.
[2016/11/17 19:44] Enya followed to the next door and waited till it unlocked and the doors creaked opened. Inside was beautiful but more coffins laid out. Frowning she stepped up beside the two as looked inside. "I don't have any lantern..." she glanced back towards Red as she spoke before. The movement of Lara caught her attention once more as she gathered a torch from a high perch. She gave a nod to her for her smart thinking before she peered within the room, whispering her thought out loud to herself mainly, "holy light could burn them also." humming she had to remind herself of her promise.
[2016/11/17 19:46] Jolj glanced to Red as he entered the new catacombs room, finding out it still smelled of death. Damned map... he began to think he was only left this map to only be killed here! "...N-no, I... jus' my 'andcannon n' ammo--no la'tern 'r t'rch unf'rtunately." The room was illuminated by another death-reeking fireplace though, and some candles. Those might help... but it seems Lara managed to find a torch anyway. He stepped closer to the trio of stone coffins, trying to actually push one of the stone lids off, but it didn't budge. "Eh..." Before this was over, he was going to owe a lot of them lots of shinies... but he could feel the fatigue of having lost too much blood from having his hand cut into. "L... let's...'ead back t'...t-town, I... don' feel well..."
[2016/11/17 19:51] Krastor De'Guisarme nods to Jolj, offering no protest. "Good idea. If you're dead set on plundering this place, and now we have a good idea what we're dealing with... Best to be prepared. As well as not bleeding everywhere in the middle of the night." Krastor hardly lets his guard down though, even as he moves to the door. "Undead are bad enough without gods know what getting a whiff of that wound."
[2016/11/17 19:55] Red stepped back from the room and began to look around for something she could loot for the boss. She didn't want to come back empty-handed after all the time it took getting here on horseback. She went for the nearest urn and picked it up, but it was all chipped, and there was nothing inside to make any nice sounds because thanks Reeve. She grunted and looked around. Flowers for the boss? ...Yeah right, could get those anywhere. She began to whine low under her breath. This house stunk! She scratched her cheek and began to move for the front door. Suit of armor? Too big to take. This rug? Also too big. Painting? Huge. "Fuck nugget," she muttered under her breath. When she stepped outside, she bent down and picked up a rock. There. It was something.
[2016/11/17 19:57] Lara: "I like that idea." It was the first thing she agreed with all night. She would follow the others to the outer doors quick enough still carrying the torch. Shed use it as a weapon if need be out in the dark forest and it would be something to leave here with.
[2016/11/17 19:59] Enya it was against her nature to let the weak remain weak, the wounded to remain unhealed. Though to blow her cover over a minuscule wound would be fool hearted. After a brief pause she gave a nod accepting the groups decision, turning towards those who already retreated, she began to move out with them.
[2016/11/17 20:02] Jolj thought he might never get his bag back at this rate... but tomorrow was another day. He just needed rest... and the clergy to tell him to let more blood to cure his fatigue. He followed the others out of the manor, glaring back at the large building in disdain before hoisting himself weakly on his horse, starting off back to Redfoem with the others.
[2016/11/17 20:04] Red mounted a horse with Reeve, who had probably filled some more of his pockets by the time they'd even left the house. Willing to bet he'd be sick from the food he ate by the time they got home.
[2016/11/17 20:05] Lara followed behind with the torch, not having a horse she got left behind in the woods which suited her as she wouldn't be going into the town and didn't want to be noticed.
[2016/11/17 20:05] Enya purposely lingered behind, waiting for the others to leave before she might make her own move.

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1 year 3 months ago - 1 year 3 months ago #277 by Zod's Disciple
Zod's Disciple replied the topic: Retrieving Jolj's Bag (Event)
Day 3:

[15:25] Torri would arrive at the gate, riding beside a guard on the seat of a covered wagon. she looked slightly out of breath, a little paler than usual. "sorry i'm late.." she said, as the wagon wheeled to a stop. "i lost track of time~"
[15:30] Jolj didn't even realize Torri would be joining them, although he was glad to see her and the wagon. "A-ah, Torri! I'm 'appy y'made it." His horse whinnied and trot back a bit from the other horses pulling the wagon as Jolj straightened his scarf. "Are y' a'right...? A-and... were y'plannin' t'come, too?"
[15:35] Abram had arrived on his very own horse. For rent, not for own. That gold was already going a long way.
[15:36] Daithi(Dah-Hee) Durnan made his way out the gate chewing on a turkey leg and just looked around like a confused asshole.
[15:46] Torri looked down at the man, still on foot, she'd scoot softly to make room on the wagon's chair. "Master leatherworker, care to take a seat?" she'd give a happy nod to jolj. "i'm feeling much better than the recent days. i should be of some use to your cause. i've brought a surprise." she wouldn't go into any detail of course.
[15:50] Jolj blinked a few times, readjusting spectacles before looking back to the others who came to help, assuming they might have already been briefed of what this little journey entailed. "A... a'right then. Uh... any of y' 'ave any questions 'fore w'go?"
[15:50] Abram looked to Jolj and said, "No." He would glance about to any not on a horse and then nod his head toward the cart. "Hop on, I hear it's a ways out there." Oooh, Torri was offering a seat right next to her. He turned to raise an eyebrow suggestively to the Lord Mayor, before saying, "Alright, come on people, before it gets dark and I die of old age." He dug his heels into the horse and then set off down the road.
[15:56] Jolj sighed lightly, following behind Abram on his horse while looking over the map he still carried for this little escapade. 15 miles or so later, they'd all finally arrive to their destination, Jolj putting the map back away before stepping off his horse. "Well...'ere w'go again."
[15:56] Also they'd tie their horses off on the tree nearby rather then the well.
[16:02] Torri veered away from the man and his turkey leg, bringing a hand up in a 'stop' fashion. "no thanks.." seeing abram's look, she'd furrow her eyebrows, she had to have him up on the cart, because the back was full. "this is an interesting spot. where's the front door?" she'd ask later, after they had ridden fifteen miles. she'd stand up, rubbing her achy butt before she climbed down. "Alright! let's get it out." she'd call tot he guard she brought with her. someone needed to drive the horses. "abram, care to help?" she bounced up and down, looking like a happy kid, as the other guard went into the carriage and started to wheel out a rather large shape on wheels. revealing a canon from the back of the wagon. her eyes were so bright they almost sparkled, as the guard struggled to get the siege weapon out of the wagon, she'd fiddle with flint and steel trying to get her torch to light.
[16:03] Torri "Boy, would ya look at all those windows~.."
[16:06] Daithi(Dah-Hee) Durnan would fallow behind torri having no idea what was going on, but he was gonna keep that bone in hand. would make good soup later, and he didn't want it to grease up the things in his pack.
[16:06] Abram had been out of practice with riding horses. It took a while for him to get back into the stride, but boy were his inner thighs going to be killing him tomorrow. The ride was uneventful to him, for the most part. Probably having to listen to the Lord Mayor make small talk with the bearded guy, to which he'd probably pipe up, "So how has Jerad been?" just to make things super awkward. When they finally got there, he took a few minutes to get down off the horse, and then would go and tie it up. He headed over to the carriage at Torri's request and now realized why they had brought the carriage to begin with. He'd help out with what he could, given his back wasn't so great these days.
[16:13] Enya arrived the same way she did last time, landing into the woods not far from them and transforming into her human form before coming out from where the horses had been stabled. She observes the group offering them a soft nod before she moves towards the house and pauses by Jolj before speaking softly "did you find out anything from your researching?" she noted his hand would be healed by now. She regarded the group offering them a polite nod in greetings.
[16:19] Jolj just looked on in disbelief of what Torri was lugging in that wagon of hers, ruffling up his bangs hesitantly a moment as the guards unloaded the cannon. He just looked on in awe for a moment before heading over towards Torri. "L-Lord Mayor, I... c-commend y'for bringin' that... u-uh... with ya, b-but y'might damage th'integrity o' th' buildin' n' won't b'able t'get my bag... W-w'can... s-still bring't, if'n ya like." The guards probably weren't excited on rolling heavy equipment around with them, but he just wanted to make sure they knew what they were doing. He suddenly turned to Enya who appeared mysteriously just as before, just lightly shaking his head... "W'left off'n th' easte'n 1st floor room, I b'lieve."
[16:23] Torri sort of wished she had brought the bigger canon, but that would require a bigger carriage, and was probably not the best use of resources, once the canon was wheeled out onto the ground, she'd hurry over with her torch. "To the entrance, then?" she'd move to help them pull the cannon into place. when jolj approached her. she pouted. like hardcore. looking between him and the cannon, her shoulders would droop. he did have a point. "bring it in, leave it in the lobby.." prepare it for firing. "she'd say as she handed off the torch to one of the guards. going to the back of the carriage to pull out a burlap sack with two cannon balls, making slightly deathly noises as she heaved them over her shoulder. "guhsladf! ...who knew they were so heavy.." she walked slower as she headed for the home. getting a headstart because she was moving slower than the rest.
[16:23] everyone knew torri. everyone.
[16:26] Daithi(Dah-Hee) Durnan had no idea what ws going on and would simply go to piss in the tree, in his boredom the man would compare his member to the turkey leg bone "hmmm" once people started moving he would fallow. till then he would just dick off.
[16:28] Herr Bartholomew loped into the area after excusing himself to practice his bear in a forest impersonation. It didn't seem like he'd missed much, but he shut up and listened until he could verify this.
[16:31] Abram had given the Inquisitor a ride on his own horse, though Abram made him ride bitch. His horse, his rules. "Why do we have a cannon?" he asked. They were even wheeling it inside. He was so clueless now. He looked over toward Bart like he could explain this insanity.
[16:31] Enya gave a nod to Jolj before she observed Torri with her big cannon. She merely raised an eye brow to such a thing. Pursing her lips together in thought she shook what lingered in her mind away and moved towards the house stating "time is being wasted." Moving inside to inspect and wait by the end of the stairs for the rest of the group to catch up. In the mean time she closed her eyes for a moment to try to gage the energy of the house. Undead creatures though if they lingered were not a race she could 'feel'.
[16:37] Jolj didn't realize some of the others that were brought along the way, but it was all good--the more, the merrier, after all! "Th's way, men--er... n' ladies! W're 'ere t'procure my bag! You'll b'paid f'r y'time, as well!" Torri probably didn't need more money since she was apparently the wealthiest of them all, but his scribe services could be used instead if she so desired. He could see that the women of the group were already on the path, following after both Enya and Torri. "C-careful nooow...!"
[16:37] Torri shrugged her shoulders. now she felt dumb. "I heard there was a scary house that had a bunch of locked doors, since we've set siege to it twice already, i figured it'd be easier if we knocked a hole or two in it.." she called out from about the corner of the house, as the men struggled to wheel it over the rocky surface. "it's here, and i damn well better get to use it at least once tonight!" she'd scurry off to the front of the house, dropping the cannon balls like they were hot in the foyer. likely busting the ever-loving shit out of the tile floor.
[16:39] Daithi(Dah-Hee) Durnan just kind of walked along casually watching gnawing on the bone like an animal.
[16:43] Herr Bartholomew was about to ask the obvious question, 'What's in the bag,' but then decided since this wasn't that important, in the face of "Whose house is this? Did they pay taxes?" Because this looked like it would be extremely expensive to maintain, let alone build. "And shouldn't we be shooting the cannon at this place from the outside?" Typically, you didn't fire at something when you could walk in. Unless you just really wanted to see something shot. Like Edward II.
[16:43] Abram glanced upward at the dimming sky and said, "She's right," to the mystery woman's words. He'd move the cannon along with, even if he thought it was kind of odd. He'd heard the basics of the plan and it hadn't included blowing shit up, but he couldn't complain as long as they didn't bring the roof down over their heads. To that point, he made sure it didn't go past the doorway. "You have someone use this inside, you're liable to kill them," he pointed out. That and it was impossible to get it over the sudden incline toward the door without them actually lifting the damn thing off the ground. At Bart's words, he'd gesture to the man to indicate he had backing up in this.
[16:47] Enya opened her eyes, she could feel a darkness here. It was not that hard to know this was not a safe place, especially after skeletons attacked them last time. She sighed though and moved back to regard the group. She couldn't gather any more useful information for now. As they spoke of cannons and killing she let them without her input. her orders from above was clear. "seems quiet on this level. time to move up" she pulled her sword and shield at the ready, least anther sneak attack happens.
[16:54] After stepping back into the manor with the others following, Jolj glanced about cautiously a moment before making his way inside... "Y-yes, I'm sure y'will..." He replied to Torri about using her cannon before glancing back to the Bartholomew fellow. He wanted to say something about the mask, but he'd aptly answer his question, "I d'nno, really. M'belong t'devil worshippers 'r somethin'." He then sighed, moving further in towards the room they haven't explored yet but were about to, calling back to Enya. "P-please, miss... I w-want t'find my bag, but... it's not safe wanderin' off by y'self."
[16:57] Torri was very much so like Edward I but when she heard more complaints. she'd turn back to face them. "i wasn't gonna--" she might have. but it'd be ridiculous. and shit would cave in, their ears would hurt. a number of reasons not to fire a cannon indoors, really. "i was just keeping it out of the weather." obviously. she'd grab the sack of two cannonballs and drag them out this time. "just leave it out there then... stairs are a problem, anyway." man, people were ruining this for her. mostly jolj! wasn't she supposed to be in charge here? she'd draw her blade and pout softly. speaking to npc guard #1 "Stay out here with the cannon. we don't need someone shooting us while we're inside... so. when you said your livelihood was in that bag, what'd you mean? mentioned the silver. which... is a lot..." pretty much the only reason she could see anyone wanting to come out here, anyway.
[17:01] Daithi(Dah-Hee) Durnan seeing the crops the man would rush over and begin ripping up a couple carrots before running after the others. hes gotten to eat twice today! it was like gift form the gods after the last 2 days without food. the man made his way up to the others as they spoke about leaving the cannon outside. the man sniffed the air as he moved inside. "is, is that..." the man would bolt to the left and stare in awe at the food and cooking things laying around "ILL SEARCH HERE!" he had no idea what he was looking for to begin with but he knew there was food, and room in his pack
[17:11] Herr Bartholomew didn't have to be told twice. He'd stay with the cannon.
[17:11] Abram suddenly perked his head at the mention of the bag's contents. "Silver? Someone told me gold. You mean we're only getting a few coppers for coming all the way out here? He watched Daithi rush past for the kitchen and then began to head for the stairs. The place looked posh, finer than a castle even. There had to be something a little extra for him to loot. "So the place is empty, right?" he asked.
[17:12] Enya tilts her head to Jolj. her head swayed in the motion before she shrugged. Still sword and shield in hand she remained where she was. Waiting "Jolj, you take the lead. It is after all your bag." this cursed bag. Why in the heavens did demons or undead want it, have it or was it just a ploy to lure them here as fresh bait for the dark ones. The theories floated in her mind a moment before she pushed them all away and focused diligently at those in the party and at things in the mansion. As the booming voice of Durnan as he took to moving to the food she spoke up "Do not eat that, it's made of blood and who knows what affect it might have on you." she warned before moving with the group at the front line.
[17:14] Jolj was more or less drawn to this place more and more, wanting to figure out exactly what was with a manor of such high standing was out here, hidden in the forests or Revenland and housing catacombs along with a sacrificial altar. As the guards were told to stay outside with the cannon, he felt somewhat relieved... but then took notice of Torri becoming upset about it. At least he assumed it was the cannon. "W-well... jus' personal things, y'see. M' journal n' funds... n' m'scribe work." That's all he'd speak of for the time being. He also thought he should warn the hungry one, "That food's not f'r 'uman consumption..." Jolj then glanced to Abram, replying, "W'haven't got upstairs yet, but I'd like t'check this room first..." The scribe, dismissing any other of their banter, then continued into the room he spoke of before; the one they left without checking. He was right back to the trio of stone coffins that were laid in the center of the room, testing the weight of the center-most coffins lid...
[17:18] Torri headed upstairs with abram, out of curiosity. plus she knew him more than any of the others in the room. and what little sarcastic sex addicted comfort he provided was still better than the latter. "I Sent for someone to compensate you for your work the other night, with the beast in the streets, did you receive it alright?" she was thankful. that he had been there to keep her brain inside her head.
[17:20] Daithi(Dah-Hee) Durnan looked at enya like she was retarded but gave up hearing another back up her statement. he would drop to his knees and just stare ahead in defeat letting the carrots drop from his hands, assuming they were bad too. this place was his hell. it took him a moment but he would slowly get to his feet and start to fallow after abram and torri.
[17:29] Abram grunted, hearing Jolj, and turned around to descend the rest of the steps. He paused, hearing someone say the food had blood in it. He hadn't been present the other times they'd come, so he couldn't say for sure whether she was serious or not. He moved around a pillar to follow Jolj into a room with some coffins. "You think your bag could be in here?" he asked him, and would begin to try and look around corners. He didn't see anything worth looting so far, there was just a lot of candles. Though there was some kind of armoire at the end of the room, so he went to go open up the various drawers and doors.
[17:29] Inside the wardrobe are various rolls of vellum, vials of embalming fluid, and many dissection tools. Also found were folded cloths for preserving corpses. A key also drops to the floor when opening the cabinet.
[17:29] Enya moved to Jolj's side, she didn't pay any attention to the look Durnan had given her. It took a lot to stir things from Enya. As she observed in the other room she would stay at the side and ready to aid where needed.
[17:32] Abram had missed hearing Torri because he was so focused on the idea of who the hell cooks food with blood.
[17:33] Abram is now thinking about blood pudding and why that should be a dessert when it's obviously not, what a lie.
[17:35] Jolj: Ok... so everyone wanted to go upstairs then. Jolj was adamant on finding something useful in this creepy catacomb room however, and since he wasn't able to budge the lids of any of the stone coffins, he moved on to what looked like a armoire, going to check it out but Abram got there first. "Maybe... Th' map I got says it's 'ere somewhere." If they never found his bag, maybe Jolj would then try to find the little shit who left him this map and strangle them! Nevertheless, the clang of the key could be heard as the armoire was opened...
[17:35] Each stone casket remains unopened. Lifting the heavy stone lids would take at least two men of considerable strength.
[17:36] A key is spotted.
[17:37] Two drained and bloody corpses laid on the once-exquisite carpet. They're both covered in deep bites and claw marks. Looking closer, it was apparent wolves did this. They definitely seemed unwelcomed here.
[17:37] Torri watched abram waltz off in the opposite direction when she started talking to him. "Wow, fine, maybe i'll have that gold taken out of your pay." she pouted. jeez people were dicks tonight! she'd go upstairs and wander about, finding a couple of corpses on the ground when she tripped over one. crashing to the floor with a Squeak. "Ah!" standing up, she'd look over the bodies and hold a hand over her mouth gagging and trying hard to hold back the urge to throw up.
[17:38] Daithi(Dah-Hee) Durnan was so hungry... the man would chew on the turkey bone "i hate this place. why am i even here anyways? when can we go home? these stairs are so long... he would just lay face down on the steps in defeat.
[17:38] A throne...? Apparently royalty lives here. Or someone who thinks they are at least.
[17:40] A small effigy of a wolf. Strange energy emits from it... almost a controlling aura.
[17:42] Abram began to take out the rolls of vellum, ignoring the rest. This stuff could sell. He looked down when he heard the clatter of something on the ground, and bent down to pick up a key. He didn't see a key hole on the cabinet, so he held on to it for now and moved through the room. "Found a key," he mentioned to Jolj, although he didn't look like he was giving it up. He kept an eye out for things with a keyhole, before moving out into the main area. Everyone seemed to be going upstairs. "You seen any places for keys?" he asked to Jolj, while he moved to peer up the stairs. ... Daithi was just laying there.
[17:50] Jolj nodded firmly to Abram after the man found a key, it appears. It looked like the one he found in the 'grave' room... but this one was pure silver. "Good, good. Let's 'ead up wit' th'Lord Mayor, then." He'd rummage through the armoire for a moment before clarifying there was nothing else of interest... and no bag, to his dismay. He and Enya followed Abram up the stairs, the scribe glancing about at the new sight of what the 2nd floor offered. "Th' doors. Th'seem t'be locked. 'Least th' ones downstairs were..." Jolj crossed the corner of the stair rail, looking all about until eventually taking in the horrible sight that laid before the throne... "M'...word... wh--!!" His words were caught in his throat, taking notice of the cap and helmet that laid beside the corpses... recognizing them. "...N-no! Ben!!" Jolj fell to a kneel beside the closer of the corpses, hands shaking... his gaze then falling to the other corpse that must have been wearing the helmet; the mercenary, no doubt. "T... Tiberius... it... c-can't
[17:50] Jolj be..."
[17:54] Torri started to get that dizzy feeling in her head again, as she wandered across the room, she'd pick up the wolf effigy, cause it looked a little familiar, though it was not her own. furrowing her eyebrows as she wandered over to the chair and flopped down in it, "There's bodies up here.." she called out, as she took a moment to catch her breath. fiddling with the little wolf. she probably shouldn't have come on this adventure. she thought she could solve most things by shooting the house with a cannon, she didn't think she needed to go inside. watching jolj with a frown as he mourned his fallen friends. looking about ready to pass out.
[17:56] Daithi(Dah-Hee) Durnan forced his way up the stairs and over with the other, quickly being side tracked by the chestnuts on the bench, or table or what ever it was. "DIBS!" he turned back around trying to crack a nut open while holding the container under his arm "ugh. there's a dead guy there." spying the helmet on the floor he would drop the nut and go to put it on "DIBS!"
[18:00] Abram moved past Daithi and said, "There's blood in those," although it was hard to tell by the tone whether he was kidding or not. He moved through the second floor, frowning at all the bodies. "The interior decorator should be fired," he commented, stepping around them. Oddly he didn't seem very alarmed by them, just more hardened. When Torri sat down on the throne, he said, "Your highness," and gave a grandiose bow. Then looking to Jolj, he said, "So you guys have been unlocking the doors? Should have made a battering ram, we could just knock them through with enough men. He looked at the double doors on each side of the room and then chose one at random to move toward. "Alright, gear up, and let's do this." He tried to stuff the rolls of vellum in his belt, so that he could pull out his sword.
[18:05] Jolj just knelt there a moment, mourning his old companions from back then. The men who got him to Redfoem... were corpses in this strange manor. He wasn't too pleased to see Daithi besmirching Tiberius' helmet, standing abruptly, "Take 't off! Now!!" Jolj then unbuttoned his tunic and drew out his matchlock pistol, looking dead serious at that point. Without another word, the scribe then rushed back downstairs and raided the armoire he was looking in before, grabbing hold of two sets of cloths for wrapping corpses before hurrying back up the stairs, tripping a couple times but he got right back up and proceeded to wrap the corpses in the cloths. "Jus'...find m'damn bag!" The teary-eyed scribe huffed through anger and sadness of what became of Ben and Tiberius, struggling with their bloodied bodies and fitting them into the cloths.
[18:11] The door appears to be locked. The keyhole is pure silver. Struggling to open the door is pointless; a key must be hidden somewhere.
[18:11] Unlocked.
[18:12] Torri waved the dick that was abram off. "i'll catch up in a moment... don't mind me." she'd sit for a few more minutes before standing up, pushing the tip of her sword into the tile floor and pushing herself up. cringing as jolj started waving around his gun. "Hey! Knock that shit off, i don't want to be shot because you're waving that little glass cannon around!" she raised a hand defensively, since she was standing behind daithi, she knew how inaccurate those things were. "I told you they get whatever spoils of battle they find, that's the fucking deal for having my men here in the first place!" she leaned slightly onto her sword, shit, shouting even made her feel shitty. "if you're gonna be like that... i'll take my -- i'll take my men and go. and you can get your pens and paper yourself.." she'd huff out, following after abram, hiding the wolf effigy in her belt.
[18:13] Daithi(Dah-Hee) Durnan paused looking at the nuts and would throw them to the ground "fuck! i'm keeping the god damned helmet though." the man would flip off jolj as he shoved the helmet on after taking off his hat "i didn't ask to be here. i sat down to eat my turkey leg. not i'm stuck in hell with this lot, and the food is shit! you shoot me you better fucking kill me" the man would brandish the leg bone in the air which was probably not threatening at all. and if he wasn't shot at the man would move to the rest of the group
[18:14] Abram paused before he got to the door to turn around and eye Jolj, who it seemed was yelling at Daithi. His eyebrows raised with a 'really?' look as the young man produced a matchlock. He thought he'd have to talk him down but then the guy was running off down the stairs. "So... that just happened," he muttered, unsure how to proceed. Moments later came the sound of footsteps pounding back up the stairs. He gripped his sword tightly, in case he'd have to end up using it. But instead, Jolj just went about trying to wrap the bodies in cloth. He sighed and tucked the key away, then sheathed his sword, before leaving the double doors and Torri to go over to help him wrap the corpses. "Let him keep it, they're not going to be using it anymore. Unless you want it," he told Jolj, while Daithi brandished a turkey leg bone.
[18:20] Jolj seemed to easily forget about the crass man looting the helmet, moving quickly to get the cloths around both Ben and Tiberius' corpses... He quickly then wiped his tears as he finished with Tiberius, glancing to Torri. "F... fine, I'm s-sorry! I jus'...p-please don't go." He reluctantly let the grave-robbing slide, as it were, but he kept his hold on his gun... He also totally ignored Daithi's threats, looking to Abram with a sorrowful sigh. "I-it's fine--I'm f-fine... s-sorry. Let's keep goin'."
[18:23] Torri pulled open the doors, stepping back and letting them swing open as she entered the next room, expecting it to be empty like the others, though she had already missed most of the fighting. peeking over her shoulder as the group continued to argue. cursing quietly to herself "We done? Awesome. let's find that bag." yay team! she'd turn right when entering, and head for the table at the end of the room, walking gingerly after seeing the tree had grown through it. maybe the floor wasn't so safe to walk on.
[18:25] Daithi(Dah-Hee) Durnan fallowed the woman inside and went to the fountain ignoring the urge to drink from it. everything else here was bad why wouldn't this be bad...
[18:26] This looked like where the manor's proprietor studied and wrote letters. Nothing of consequence was laid out to see.
[18:26] Abram shook his head and said, "Don't apologize, you're grieving. It's not easy to lose friends." Once the bodies were wrapped up, he stood, groaning at the pain in his back. Seeing them all head inside, he took his rondel dagger from its sheath and followed them inside. Darkness had fallen but Torri's torch helped illuminate parts of the room, while throwing out wild shadows as she moved.
[18:30] Jolj thanked Abram for assisting him with helping him wrap the bodies, dragging his feet a bit to follow the others into the next room the silver key had opened. This room wasn't another catacombs at least... but the strange dark aura this place gave off seemed only to be getting worse and worse with each room opened and explored. There wasn't much to light this room, either, but with exception for Torri's torch. He'd look to the tree that was growing up through the floor from the 'grave' room, just thoughtfully leaning against one of the branches...
[18:31] Torri searching the table, tossing through papers she'd find unimportant she'd raise the torch to inspect the strange head on the wall. she'd never seen something like that before. moving to the statue, she'd look up at it, and raise a hand to prod it's breast like a freak. "Why are sculptors always leaving the tits out?...maybe we could put this in the wagon?'d be nice to see some art around town for once.." heading somewhere else to look around some more.
[18:32] Revenland Dice v1.4: Scary Tarri (Kiba Noonan) rolls a 1d100: 38
[18:33] Scary Tarri (kiba.noonan): (perception roll?)
[18:34] Daithi(Dah-Hee) Durnan hearing torri talk about putting things in the wagon, daithi would begin to start ripping off curtains form windows "sense were looting this room..."
[18:34] No matter hard how Torri searched, she could not find anything out of the ordinary. No bag, no key, no nothing...
[18:39] Abram rounded the fountain and then paused at the odd shape coming up out of the floor. At first he thought it was a pillar but it had things coming off of it. "Is that a..." Couldn't be. He moved forward and ran his gloved hand along the branch, hearing the crumbling sound of bark being rubbed against leather. It gave a whole new meaning to treehouse. He didn't see anything on the far side of the room, so he went over to where Torri was standing. "Because they have girls like you for models," he replied to her question. He began to browse the desk after she had, but being that he couldn't read, he couldn't make sense of any of it.
[18:41] Jolj eventually got his wits back to a better state, deciding to look around a bit himself... He'd glance around in the fountain a moment before moving on to the tree, looking for something... anything. ((perception roll yo))
[18:41] Revenland Dice v1.4: Ed Yoshiro (Ed Yoshiro) rolls a 1d100: 25
[18:41] And no matter hard how Jolj searched, he could not find anything either. What a doofus~
[18:44] Torri watched daithi going crazy and practically tearing the paper off the walls. "H-hey, leave room for the cannon, at least.." no way in hell was she leaving that behind! canons were expensive! as she searched, she began to get a little inwardly frustrated, examining the tree jolj stood by, she'd step onto one of the branches. "Hey, this is kinda neat..." as she spun around on the branch, she'd notice something shimmer on one of the taller ones. hopping down, she'd duck under and wander over. "I found it!" her attempts at reaching it were futile. "someone lift me up!" she probably could've knocked it off the branch with her sword. oh well. "who does this stuff with keys? is this intentional?.."
[18:44] A key is spotted.
[18:44] Torri would've also said to abram "i'm not sure if that's a compliment or an insult. you're on a roll tonight."
[18:47] Daithi(Dah-Hee) Durnan would stop gathering things once he was wrapped up n cloth decently. he moved over to offer torri a hand up, dropping to a knee and to be used as a step and offering his shoulder "just be careful with those boots..."
[18:53] Abram moved his hands about the desk, looking for anything of interest, but it seemed to be all paper and supplies. Hearing Torri, he said, "Whatever ya like, kid--excuse me--Lady Mayor." He sighed, growing weary of this search, and moved to examine the sculpture. She was right, it really did have small breasts. He pulled the plant from the hand and swiped his fingers through the dirt to see if there was anything hidden inside. Hearing Torri pipe up about finding something, he brushed his gloves off on the sculpture and then headed across the room. "The bag?" he asked.
[18:55] Jolj adjusted spectacles, seeing the good Lord Mayor has found the next key to possibly the next room. This manor's owner was... just weird. He couldn't wait to get his bag and get the hell out of here for good despite wanting to solve the mystery of this place. He would of offered to help but he could actually see Daithi being of use in assisting the Lord Mayor himself, glancing up to see the key dangling from the high-up branch. "A-ah... anoth'r... key..."
[18:56] Torri made sure she stepped with the front of her boot to avoid killing daithi's leg with her heels. reaching up and plucking the key off, just to have it fall and stab her in the eye, with a squeak, she lost balance and fell, but managed to catch the key like a football. scrambling to pick her torch back up before it caught the house on fire, she'd raise the key up in the air in success. "got it!" struggling to get up, she'd hurry to the next room. this was kinda fun, aside from the dizzy spells she kept having. rubbing her eye with the wrist of her sword hand as she left the area.
[18:58] Abram had sadly misheard Torri and figured she'd said the sculpture had its tits 'off', not tits out. Ah well. Boobs.
[18:58] Daithi(Dah-Hee) Durnan smirked "second time i seen up your skirt today." once people left he would fallow. still looking for things to take...
[19:02] Jolj tried to help when he saw Torri having some trouble there, just kinda holding up hands as if ready to catch her... even with a hand still gripping the matchlock. He was too late, however, but still offered to help her up along with the torch. "U-uh... t-to th'next room, then...?" And they were already headed there, Jolj following behind.
[19:02] Abram couldn't see what all was going on behind the tree, but when she shouted she had it, he headed for the doorway. He considered this room a bust, there was just paper and trees and fountains. Using Torri's torch light to see, he waited for them to set off across the room. At least there were more things out here, besides bodies. Chairs, benches, pots. He headed over and began to search about with hopes of finding some money and jewelry. But nope. Carved trinkets and nut shells and a pitcher and goblet. And a throne. "Is there room in the carriage for this chair?" he asked. Next to get a house, then to put the chair in it.
[19:06] Torri watched abram going to the chair. "it's not as comfy as it is pretty... there would be room for that thing only, next to the cannon." the wagon wasn't all that big and the cannon easily took up the lower half, they could probably jam pack it with a few things. "what are you gonna do with it, anyway? put it in the barracks?" she'd huff at daithi. dammit. he probably planned that all along. she'd go to the next door, and attempt to unlock it with the key.
[19:08] The door appears to be locked. The keyhole is ebony. Struggling to open the door is pointless; a key must be hidden somewhere.
[19:09] Unlocked.
[19:09] An easel with a blank canvas. The manor's proprietor must be an artist. They must be famous considering how wealthy they are...
[19:09] Daithi(Dah-Hee) Durnan definitely planned that form the start... "could tie it to the back and drag it home? if yer not taking it imma rip the cloth off it...
[19:10] The chest by the window is locked tight. The keyhole is lined with gold. It's much heavier than it appears as well--almost as if it's cursed. Lifting or opening it proves impossible.
[19:10] Abram ran a gloved finger down the ornately carved arm and said, "Dibs. If I can't keep it, I can at least sell it." He turned away as they moved past for the door, and followed along the side of the room. Next he spied a canvas and an easel incorporated into a workbench. The paints were small, the kind you could buy at the apothecary. He passed them up and then stared at the chest. Okay, he has to open this. He tried to lift up the lid, and of course it was locked. He cursed under his breath and then kicked the wood, before moving off after the rest.
[19:15] Jolj just kept following behind as the Lord Mayor assumed command of this expedition. It was probably for the best... having already tried it himself the two other times he had to come here. As Torri managed the last room open, peering into what looked like a bedroom... for bats. It was a lot darker besides the candles that dimly lit the room from what looked like a fireplace. "...See m'bag anywhere?"
[19:17] Torri wandered into the room looking around, the first thing she'd see was the table to her right with a key on it. scurrying over to pick it up like this was some kinda easter "No bag, but another key.." she'd pluck it up. showing it off. "wonder where it goes."
[19:17] A key is spotted.
[19:17] Also, it was GOOOLD.
[19:17] Torri was keeping that shit. after using it later anyway.
[19:18] Daithi(Dah-Hee) Durnan made his way into the room with the others and instantly got a pillaging boner, pointing to the bear rug "DIBS!!!"the man rushed over and would begin to tie its arms around his neck like a giant cloak "there's a froggy doll thing under the bed.... dibs... don't you fucking judge me..."
[19:21] If one were ever so cheeky as to look through the undergarments of a lady, they would certainly find them within. Elegant corsets, lacy underwear, and satin-sewn dresses of the highest quality belonging to the lady of the manor can clearly be seen when looking into the armoire. Other than that, there's nothing else to take into account... perv.
[19:22] Abram felt like he was suddenly in a store where everything was free, when Daithi went running past to yell dibs at a rather large bear rug. Well shit, he wanted stuff too. He began to peer about, and gave an odd look to the creepy frog statue by the leg of the bed. "Creepy," he muttered. Though chuckled as Daithi claimed that too. "Don't take all the good shit," he sarcastically replied. "Zod, that's a huge candle," he added, spying a huge black candle on a rather ornate stand. He turned about, and then cut through the room in a beeline toward the wardrobe. He threw open the doors to find women's clothes. ...Sexy clothes. "Hey, maybe when you grow up, you can fit in these," he called over his shoulder.
[19:25] Torri wandered over to see what abram was looking at. she didn't want anything really, aside from the gold key. seeing what he had been looking at, her cheeks would heat up. "I--i am grown up!" she said defensively, maybe not what she intended to say, but she'd head away, raising the torch to stare at the painting above the fireplace, for... quite a while actually. before looking away from it and heading for the door. "i don't see anything in here.."
[19:25] The painting of a noblewoman sits above the fireplace. Her expression is that of absolute perfection and grace. She is better than you. Get use to it.
[19:26] A ferocious bear-skin rug. It reeks of death...
[19:27] Daithi(Dah-Hee) Durnan was gonna take weeks to get that smell off him but it was going with him... could use it in crafts. the man would move forward to grab the frog thing and was running out of room so he would shove it in his pants before grabbing the nice looking blanket off the bed and tying it to his should and flick it up over the bear that was dragging on the ground behind him "okay i'm done... ugh... whats in the big black box?" he hobbled over towards it awkwardly and glanced back to torry "don't worry i like what ive seen. you have nice cheeks. i think freckles are cute like that."
[19:29] Jolj luckily spotted nobody else in the room, depending mostly on the light from Torri's torch since he always forgot to bring one himself. He stepped into the room after all of them, glancing about through the darkness... He didn't bother with any of the looting, but made sure his bag wasn't in the wardrobe after Abram took a look inside. The young scribe just blushed... brightly, stepping aside. Not too soon after that, the sudden sound of glass shattering could be heard downstairs. "...H-huh?"
[19:32] Abram asked, "So where are the people who own all this?" He leaned forward and briefly sniffed some panties. He was pretty sure these clothes might sell, although he'd look like a total creep trying to peddle them. He opted to leave them in there for now, and moved over to the fireplace. "What a gentleman," he remarked about Daithi. Peering upward, he stared at the picture of the woman who looked utterly bored with contempt. Funny, it looked like Torri. ...It looked a lot like Torri. He looked suspiciously over toward the girl. Hearing mention of a big black box, he turned and proclaimed, "Dibs!"
[19:33] Enya followed on like she had the whole time, aiding where needed. With all the keys found she looked about the final room unsure. The bag still not found. As people began to loot she showed no interest in it. Money and riches didn't seem to be a priority or thought to her. As she glanced about the final room, looking at the elegant and crimson furniture she heard something loud breaking downstairs, "what was that?" she asks as she turned armed and ready facing the door.
[19:34] Yeah, glass shattering downstairs... the owners were home.
[19:34] Torri paused and glanced up, face burning bright red as she called out to the two old men. "I don't have freckles! So hah! you didn't see anything!" she only knew that because she checked. she was very aware of her body, courtesy of being so insecure about it. those underwear where nice though. similar to what she'd probably wear. in her medieval equivalent to an emo punk kid. hearing glass shattering she'd jump. scurrying over to look out the window. "shit, what was that?" she hoped to see the guard out there just breaking shit.
[19:35] Daithi(Dah-Hee) Durnan might not have had any armor on besides the ill fitting helmet but with all the cloth and hides draped over his body ad the make shift frog doll crotch guard he was feeling pretty safe. he would snap his turkey bone to make a couple shitty little shanks like the worlds worst lvl 1 rogue and would sneak back to the back of the group the bear dragging behind him awkwardly.
[19:43] Empty. Where could the blood sucker be...?
[19:44] Abram looked around for this big black box and then realized Daithi had meant the coffin. He moved over, dagger still in one hand, and hoisted the lid up. What might be inside? Jewels? A corpse? Nada. Story of Abram's life, unrewarding in every way. "Who keeps a coffin in their bedroom?" he asked.
[19:44] Abram had figured the glass downstairs was Bart, because he couldn't JUST guard shit. Bart's a snoop.
[19:50] The sounds of faint growling and the shushing of what sounded like a female could be heard emitting from downstairs... before the French/Transylvanian accent spoke up, "Whoever's in my home, come out... I von't hurt you!"
[19:50] Jolj didn't know what to do at this point... he just looked to the others for answers, holding his matchlock pistol up a bit in defense.
[19:52] Enya frowned as she observed the outside of the room... she heard Abram's question about a coffin and answered while staring outside "A vampire perhaps?" she spoke to him before she took a few cautious steps towards the door, shield half raised as she waited to see what was the cause of that shattering noise. "Come out! who ever you are" she called out finally, be it a guard who responded below, if he wasn't dead and was fine, Or be it something else.
[19:55] Daithi(Dah-Hee) Durnan moved to the table and would flip it on its side "nope..." and would thusly hunker down behind it
[19:55] Abram perked up at the female voice. Judging by their words and voice, it wasn't anyone who had come with them. He stuck his dagger back into the sheath and then pulled out his sword. He made sure not to go out of reach of Torri's torchlight. He was silent, listening intently, when Enya just went and yelled at them. "Great, let them know where we are," he muttered. "Why don't you go down and introduce yourself?"
[19:57] Also, anyone who was left outside was incapacitated unfortunately, all the guards including Bart knocked out and tied up with... live snakes. Yeah, live snakes are much better than rope. The strange voice then replied in a more serious tone, "Non, mon petits... Come down here now or your little friends with ze cannon die."
[19:59] Jolj gulped, hesitantly moving towards the doorway, laying his back to the side... peering out the doorway as the strange visitor downstairs kept speaking to them.
[20:02] Enya glances to Abram "all doors are unlocked and there is a cannon in the lobby or outside... I'm sure they are well aware someone is home. Better to have them show themselves." she replied to him before she did step out into the large foyer were the stairs are... cautiously she began to walk towards the strange visitors downstairs to spy a peek at who they are.
[20:04] Daithi(Dah-Hee) Durnan scoffed "not my fuckin friends." the man would take this time to gather up the 4 animal pelts and stuff them into his belts, back of his pants and into the bears mouth before waddling awkwardly out of the room
[20:08] Abram gave a small grunt at the mention of their friends. He wondered if they were already dead. "We're here on behalf of the Redfoem 'Favorite Civilian of the Month' contest, and you've won! If you'll please come upstairs, we can give you your reward!" he called. "Otherwise it's going to the sheep-herder who clothes orphans!"
[20:12] The manor's owner grew impatient, having the wolves who were with her go upstairs to drag them down. The first wolf the came running up the stairs was a large white wolf followed by two lesser wolves, each of them gripping jaws onto the legs of Enya ((1st roll)), Jolj ((2nd roll)), and Diathi ((3rd roll)), attempting to pull them downstairs by force.
[20:12] Revenland Dice v1.4: Verdot Velde (Verdot Velde) rolls a 1d100: 6
[20:12] Revenland Dice v1.4: Verdot Velde (Verdot Velde) rolls a 1d100: 71
[20:12] Revenland Dice v1.4: Verdot Velde (Verdot Velde) rolls a 1d100: 83
[20:12] Revenland Dice v1.4: Ed Yoshiro (Ed Yoshiro) rolls a 1d100: 8
[20:12] Revenland Dice v1.4: Scott McBride (ScottyPagan Resident) rolls a 1d100: 6
[20:12] Revenland Dice v1.4: Enya Lightbringer (Abir Helendale) rolls a 1d100: 24
[20:16] Jolj apparently got yanked downstairs by his leg by an ornery wolf, trying his bes to pull himself away. "A-ahh! 'Elp!"
[20:20] Enya was the first to see the wolves she called out "Wolves! beware!" the wolf seemed to attack at her but at the ready Enya raised her shield and lunged into the beast, sending the large wolf back with a shield slam attack. The other wolves dashed passed her in a flash towards their targets. Growling low as suddenly Jolj got dragged down by the wolf that grabbed him and some of the others to drag them down. Huffing she rose to her full height and jumped down, seemingly gliding to the bottom with each step made. She landed and stood before the women
[20:21] Daithi(Dah-Hee) Durnan was so tangled in fabrics the man was grabbed like a child and easily pulled down stairs mostly fighting to keep hold of his new things instead of fighting off the wolf...
[20:27] Revenland Dice v1.4: Enya Lightbringer (Abir Helendale) rolls a 1d100: 24
[20:28] Revenland Dice v1.4: Verdot Velde (Verdot Velde) rolls a 1d100: 80
[20:28] Abram heard the shout of wolves and then they were pulling people downstairs. He held an arm back as Torri moved to fight. "Stay back," he warned her. It was too late to slash for any wolves but he'd follow them down the stairs hurriedly.
[20:34] After two of the wolves managed to get Jolj and Daithi in their gripping teeth, the yanked them down the steps and released them before their Master, Naeva. The white wolf who went after Enya, however, was unable to get its teeth around her leg, but managed to avoid getting knocked back by the shield before hurrying off after her. The lady vampire standing before them laughed in amusement, flaunting her sharpened nails as flamboyantly as possible, "Zhere now! I can zee your wretched vaces! ... Now... tell me vhy you have broken into my home, von't you?"
[20:36] Jolj manages to stand up after the wolf let him go at the foot of the stairs, hesitantly pointing the matchlock pistol at the vampiress blocking their escape. "S... s-stand aside! ... P-please!"
[20:39] Enya huffed at the undead, it explained a lot, she studied the vampire with a distaste upon her expression "vampire." her eyes snapped to the wolf who seemed to have moved aside to his mistress's side. "apparently you have a bag that belongs to him" she gestured with a nod of her head to Jolj "the sooner you return it, the sooner we will all be out of your home and gladly not return."
[20:39] Abram thundered down the stairs, Torri not far behind. He knew well enough what a vampire was, by the stories alone, but to meet one in person was unexpected. Most of what he had heard had probably been exaggerated. Like the bit where he heard that if you had a wet dream, a vampire had sucked you off in the night. "Why hello there," he asked, eyebrows raising in interest at the sight of the woman. "We were just admiring your lovely home." He tried to peer around her, to see what had become of Bart and the other guard, but beyond Torri's torch, it was too dark to see out the doors.
[20:45] "Ahh... I zee, I zee! You vant a bag?!" Naeva, the vampire mistress, laughed again, amused by their foolishness. The wolves padded back around to surround the group while the leader of the wolves, the white wolf, stood close to Naeva. "I leave vor vacation and... return to zis inzanity!" With a sudden blinding flash, Naeve stood before Jolj and gripped the scribes neck, crushing his windpipe before throwing him out of her manor forcefully with a caterwauling shriek.
[20:45] Revenland Dice v1.4: Verdot Velde (Verdot Velde) rolls a 1d100: 55
[20:46] Revenland Dice v1.4: Ed Yoshiro (Ed Yoshiro) rolls a 1d100: 55
[20:46] Revenland Dice v1.4: Verdot Velde (Verdot Velde) rolls a 1d100: 81
[20:46] Revenland Dice v1.4: Ed Yoshiro (Ed Yoshiro) rolls a 1d100: 81
[20:46] littlenixie: ((Reroll XD))
[20:46] Revenland Dice v1.4: Verdot Velde (Verdot Velde) rolls a 1d100: 51
[20:46] Revenland Dice v1.4: Ed Yoshiro (Ed Yoshiro) rolls a 1d100: 77
[20:47] Jolj stumbled away before she could grab him, his pistol accidently going off right into the wicked vampire bitches face. "A-ahh!!"
[20:47] Revenland Dice v1.4: Ed Yoshiro (Ed Yoshiro) rolls a 1d100: 74
[20:47] Revenland Dice v1.4: Verdot Velde (Verdot Velde) rolls a 1d100: 60
[20:55] Enya as the vampire went to attack Jolj and attempted to take a hold, a gun was heard, the vampire would have a bullet go through her face forcing her to stumble back. Quickly she tried to make an attack on the vampire, at least try to slow her down yet viciously the barking of the white wolf got her attention, coming to the defense of his mistress. hissing Enya turned her attack on the dire wolf she twisted her torso delivering a strike towards his neck, IF it landed the wolf would whelp and fall to it's death.
[20:55] Revenland Dice v1.4: Enya Lightbringer (Abir Helendale) rolls a 1d100: 72
[20:55] Revenland Dice v1.4: Verdot Velde (Verdot Velde) rolls a 1d100: 12
[20:58] Abram felt a ringing in his ear as the gun rang out. "Keep the torch up!" he barked at Torri; if anything happened to that torch, they'd all be damned. He hurried down the stairs and tried to thrust his sword into the vampiric woman.
[20:58] Revenland Dice v1.4: littlenixie (littlenixie Resident) rolls a 1d100: 77
[20:58] Revenland Dice v1.4: Verdot Velde (Verdot Velde) rolls a 1d100: 97
[21:04] Naeva screamed in agony as the pistol fire exploded right in her face, leaving a nice bullet-sized hole in her forehead with blood streaming out. "How dare youuu!?" With a clawed hand draped over her bleeding face, she decided to go for Enya who seem fixed on killing her wolves, grabbing the woman by her sword-wielding arm before breaking out in a short sprint towards the opened doorway, attempting to hurl her out of the manor while deftly avoiding Abram's blade. Unfortunately for the vampire mistress, the leader of the wolves was cut down rather swiftly by Enya, howling out one last howl of agony before falling to the tiled floor in a bloody heap.
[21:04] Revenland Dice v1.4: Verdot Velde (Verdot Velde) rolls a 1d100: 30
[21:06] Revenland Dice v1.4: Enya Lightbringer (Abir Helendale) rolls a 1d100: 96
[21:08] The vampire bitch has vaseline all over her fingers or something it appeared! As Jolj reloaded his gun, he took cautious steps away from the conflict as the remaining wolves padded around the manor, looking lost without direction from the white wolf...
[21:11] Enya felt the grab from the vampire who tried too late to save her white wolf. As she tried to lead her out Enya twisted around, blade raise in a circular dive motion back towards the lobby. Apparently slipping out of the Vaseline covered fingers or somethings. She made an attack *attempting* to slash through the vampires abdomen as she twirled in her twist that would have her remain in the mansion with the others.
[21:11] Revenland Dice v1.4: Enya Lightbringer (Abir Helendale) rolls a 1d100: 56
[21:12] Revenland Dice v1.4: Verdot Velde (Verdot Velde) rolls a 1d100: 38
[21:15] Abram's sword cut only through air. He could hear the pained howl of a wolf echo through the manor. The vampiric woman went for Enya, but luckily missed. He tried again to follow suit, attempting to thrust his sword at the undead woman.
[21:15] Revenland Dice v1.4: littlenixie (littlenixie Resident) rolls a 1d100: 41
[21:16] Revenland Dice v1.4: Verdot Velde (Verdot Velde) rolls a 1d100: 68
[21:22] Naeva was having the damnest of luck with these trespassers, crying out in mournful spite as her white wolf was felled... but her mourning was cut short rather quickly when the blade of Enya's sword cut through her belly, crimson blood spraying out dramatically as she wailed in pain. She tumbled to a kneel, not foreseeing such an unfortunate outcome for herself when she only just returned... She had enough energy to avoid Abram's blade again, stumbling away with a wicked grin with both hands holding her bleeding belly. She then pointed at the group, spouting, "Kill! Kill zhem!" With that command, both the whining wolves that were lost with what to do came running towards Jolj ((1st roll)) and Enya ((2nd roll)), each of the wolves tackling them down to maul savagely.
[21:22] Revenland Dice v1.4: Verdot Velde (Verdot Velde) rolls a 1d100: 5
[21:22] Revenland Dice v1.4: Verdot Velde (Verdot Velde) rolls a 1d100: 8
[21:22] nope
[21:22] Revenland Dice v1.4: Enya Lightbringer (Abir Helendale) rolls a 1d100: 11
[21:25] Revenland Dice v1.4: Ed Yoshiro (Ed Yoshiro) rolls a 1d100: 80
[21:29] Jolj merely slammed the butt of his pistol into the wolves skull rather swiftly as it came at him, attempting to knock it out cold. He did rather hate animal abuse when it could be avoided... but he was saving the newly reloaded bullet for Naeva later if she decided to keep this up.
[21:29] Revenland Dice v1.4: Ed Yoshiro (Ed Yoshiro) rolls a 1d100: 16
[21:29] Revenland Dice v1.4: Verdot Velde (Verdot Velde) rolls a 1d100: 98
[21:29] Enya came to a battle stance as she watched the vampire fall back, laughing even, the moment she told the wolves to attack she shifted her attention, as the wolf that came for her dived in to attack she evaded his strike before she attempted to deliver a fatal blow to the back of his neck. Each movement made was with elegance and grace.
[21:29] Revenland Dice v1.4: Enya Lightbringer (Abir Helendale) rolls a 1d100: 42
[21:31] Revenland Dice v1.4: Verdot Velde (Verdot Velde) rolls a 1d100: 45
[21:33] Abram missed again! He was trying not to feel his age, but rather chalked it up to him being rusty and the vampire being a supernatural being. The movements of the wolves distracted him momentarily, but then there was no one dealing with the undead woman. The undead woman with the really nice big tits. He tried to focus on the fact that she was a blood-sucking fiend and moved forward, to attempt to swing his sword around at her neck.
[21:33] Revenland Dice v1.4: littlenixie (littlenixie Resident) rolls a 1d100: 73
[21:33] Revenland Dice v1.4: Verdot Velde (Verdot Velde) rolls a 1d100: 24
[21:39] The wolf just... totally whiffed by Jolj, also avoiding getting struck in the skull by the scribes pistol. The other wolf attacking Enya also whiffed by and somehow managed not to get cut down in retaliation. They went back to padding about in a clueless manner while their mistress, Naeva, steadied herself, chuckling lightly... before her chuckle shifted to a fit of laughter just as Abram came at her to finish the job. It wasn't long before her laughter was silenced as the blade of Abram's sword swung through her neck, lopping head head clear off... blood spraying around them, drenching them in red as her head rolled near to her faithful white wolf... The remaining wolves then suddenly stopped and looked about as if even more lost than usual before bolting out the front door, disappearing into the forest...
[21:42] Jolj drops his matchlock a moment after it looked over when Abram cut Naeva's head off... but quickly hurried to pick it back up, trembling fingers holstering the weapon back into the confines of his tunic. "Th-thank Zod... th-that's ov'r..."
[21:47] Enya as she missed the wolf she steadied herself for another attack yet as the Vampire fell the wolves seemed to still in confusion before they darted out into the woods. Taking a deep breath she rose once more to a tall graceful stance "and still no bag?" she had to understand all the dangers they went through with no bag. "any clues as to where it is?" she was grateful everyone was OK but was straight to business again. She didn't seem phased or tired by all they went through
[21:48] Abram had expected to just miss entirely, the woman was fast. Perhaps she didn't believe an old man like himself could be of any harm. Whatever the matter, his sword cut into the woman's flesh, and to his surprise, completely lopped her head off. He was suddenly showered in the spray of blood. He jerked his head away, trying to bring up an arm to protect his eyes. The wolves were fleeing. He spit out some blood and looking to Jolj, shouted, "Where's your damn bag already?" Getting covered in blood was doing nothing for his disposition.
[21:51] Jolj's hooded tunic was painted red in but a moment, sighing thoughtfully... he just wanted to faint right there, but they were right back to his bag. Torri seemed to know where to go from there, so the scribe followed behind her back upstairs, headed over to the chest by the window. The gold key she acquired then opened the chest... and there rested their bounty.
[21:53] The chest by the window is locked tight. The keyhole is lined with gold. It's much heavier than it appears as well--almost as if it's cursed. Lifting or opening it proves impossible.
[21:53] After the chest's been unlocked, the weighted curse is lifted along with the chests lid. Inside, only what thought could be dreams: jewels, gold, treasure galore. There were also less interesting things within like stolen courier parcels, varied armor and bladed weaponry. There was no telling how deep the chest actually was, but sitting atop the pile was the burgundy carrier the scribe had lost, everything inside accounted for.
[21:55] Enya followed him up the stairs and as torri guided them to a chest she observed, still staying on guard just in case. As the chest opened and the bounty was found she shifted "Good. The job is done." she turned then ready to go, seeming to forget or not care about the price for coming. Pausing at the stairs she waited "I'm glad we are all ok. I hope that bag was with it." she offered a gentle smile to Jolj, Torri , Abram and the others
[21:56] Abram wasn't sure why they were all heading upstairs; he wanted to check up on the men outside. But Torri had the torch, so he followed. Oh, the chest. When they opened it, his eyes bugged. "Dibs."
[22:01] Jolj could finally put this place behind him now. This manor would surely haunt him for the rest of his days, but... at least he got his bag back. The scribed stumbled over, grabbing his bag from the top of the treasures he didn't even care about, slipping the strap over his shoulder to carry it once more. He also looked into it and, indeed, everything was accounted for. He then slipped a hand in to fish out the silver pieces, each dropping 5 into the hands of who helped him with a soft "Thank ya" added after handing out their reward. "Whatev'r's left in th' chest; divide it among y'selves as y'see fit."
[22:03] Also, at some point, Naeva's body and dismembered head began to rot... quickly. Her leavings turned to bile and blood in mere moments, only leaving puddles of a faint reminder...
[22:05] Enya raised an eye brow as he placed coins in her palm.... she closed her hand and gave a nod. Strange that they had to pay to receive help. As the others would no doubt go to look the treasures Enya gave a nod and silently whether they noticed her or not she walked out without the torch light to guide. Stepping into the darkness she walked down the stairs, passed the rotting blooded remains of the vampire, down to the exit and then out into the woods where she seemingly just vanishes...
[22:11] Abram closed his gloved fingers around the five silver and then peered at Enya, Torri, and Daithi as if they were obstacles. No doubt Daithi was already arms deep in armor and jewels and money, which was raising Abram's ire. Loosening the drawstrings and removing the coin purse from his belt, he slipped the silver in, and then began to scoop up coins hurriedly, trying to just fill his bag. There were probably a few struggles to claim things that Daithi also wanted, and Torri there between them, getting jostled about while she tried to stake her claim. Probably.
[22:17] Jolj as soon as they figured out who gets what, Jolj would help heft the chest from the manor and take it to the carriage where they'd make room for it. And as they went back outside, the guards and Bart were waking up and snakeless. Apparently the snakes that they were tied up with were gone! So the guards would load the cannon back up (maybe let Torri fire it into the manor once) and prepare to depart, Jolj standing outside the manor alongside Abram, Torri, and Daithi... just looking at the grand establishment...--until it abruptly caught fire. "..." Too bad sunglasses weren't invented yet, because then they'd all probably put a pair on and walk off... like badasses.
[22:21] Abram no longer cared about looting the place, when they'd found the motherload of chests. He helped them carry it outside, and then watched as the cannon fired a cannonball into the manor. Wood seemed to explode and ceilings began to collapse. He watched for a while, until he got bored. "I expect to have more of that chest, Lady Mayor; I helped uncover it." He'd untie his horse and then mount up, and pull Bart up onto the horse behind them. "Taxes paid, Herr Bartholomew."
[22:25] Jolj got on his horse and headed back to Redfoem, keeping near the back of their little convoy with the wagon in front. He glanced back to the manor as it burned brightly... wondering if someone should be concerned about it burning down the forest.
[22:25] THE END!
[22:28] Abram: P.S. Torri vigorously claps like an idiot at the cannon hitting the house and all the flames that ensue after.
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