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Celebration hosted by Lady Mayor Sinnlos

1 year 2 months ago #283 by inboccaallupo
inboccaallupo created the topic: Celebration hosted by Lady Mayor Sinnlos
[15:34] Auelina Hyll shifted her kirtle and smoothed down her front before looking up and around at those who were gathering.

[15:36] Torri scurried back and forth, still arranging shit, adjusting the position of the priest. still looking out as people seemed to gather. she kind of wished there was duty guards? sure there were lots standing around making sure no one was attacked. but what the heck! "Is everyone ready then?.."

[15:37] Taiya WitchBorne continued to watch Torri, since there was nothing else to do... But the food was starting to smell really good

[15:38] Abram made his way to the jamboree, and taking up a spot to the side of the stage, turned to look over the crowd with his arms folding across his chest.

[15:38] Sabrina nods, awaiting the lady mayor's speech... She wondered what the 'special message' would be that the town's criers mentioned.

[15:39] Daithi(Dah-Hee) Durnan looked back to the butt then to torri and gave a shrug

[15:39] Arisu: places her hands neatly on her lap, hoping she looks normal-human-like. Watching Torri rushing around wondering if she should offer to help her

[15:40] Taryn stomps onto the scene, As he does! and takes a seat next to Sabrina. giving her a pissy sneer.
[15:46] Daithi(Dah-Hee) Durnan farts...

[15:46] Sabrina looks sideways to the guardsman sitting next to her, and says: "Ha, sir Mant! You seem to have recovered from the weapon-practice, just as I have. Although methinks that hurting one's face is less painful than losing it, so I DO hope you are indeed feeling ok?"

 Torri smiled seeing the turnout growing a bit. " Thank you all for coming! There's a few things i'd like to say before we get started. Food Provided by the bakery, Ale and Mead by the full moon Inn. "she'd clap her hands a bit. yaaaay.

[15:47] Abram raised his gloved hands and clapped unenthusiastically.

[15:48] Caterina WhiteFang was totally running with Ariel on her back, holding her bow and arrows in the hand to make it... she didn't even get to change. She takes in deep breaths and stumbles over to Daithi, reaching to hold her hand on his shoulder as she takes in a soft breath and then randomly clapping her hands because of something she missed.

[15:49] Auelina Hyll shifted nervously at the mention of her baking. She would scurry to the unoccupied bench and slid herself to the far end.

[15:50] Taryn leaned over to mutter something in Sabrina's ear. scoffing harshly into if. and clicking his teeth together at her in a chomping fashion.

[15:51] Tobias came walking into the courtyard, stopping behind the crowd and gazing up to the stage.. so that must be the Lord Mayor. He took a step forwards, glancing to his right at Caterina.. damn, they beat him here? Tobias reached over slowly and gave Ariel a tap on the shoulder as she was sat upon the woman's back, once the girl turned to look at him, he'd give her a quick smile then hold a finger to his mouth in a 'shush' gesture.

[15:52] Arisu: would blink and follow suite clapping her hands. Though tilting her head a little

[15:54] Jerad Teigo was just standing guard along the side, eyeing the food with such longing. Once Torri mentioned the food and he just idly clapped along. Stopping Taryn and watching him closely near Sabrina.

[15:58] Daithi(Dah-Hee) Durnan looked to cat as she touched him and woudl lean in to steal a kiss from her waved to the child " glad you two made it. didnt think you were coming."

[15:58] Torri nodded. "Alright! let's get right down to it then. I'm aware that Recently times have been looking a little..bleak. With more active nonhuman attacks, and threats of war.. Dragons attempting to bully us into submission.. We've lost good men, spilled blood, sweat, and tears to keep our city safe. I'd like to call Daithi Durnan, Taiya Witchborne, And Arisu Sharil to join me on the stand."

[16:00] Taiya WitchBorne frowns slightly at this and cocks her head to the side, but she shrugs and trudges her way up the stairs to stand next to Torri was an imperious eyebrow raised. Wondering what Torri had up her sleeve, since they were big sleeves....

[16:00] Caterina WhiteFang slowly raises herself up and pushes Ariel carefully to put her to sit on her shoulders because it makes her back hurt, returning the kiss. Ariel looks to Tobias and giggles before she covers her mouth. But she hears the names called and smiles softly with a clap of her hands to those who go to the stand.

[16:01] Arisu: would blink surprised for a moment and looks around. So much for staying under cover. Giving a shrug, she would rise to her feet and make her way up towards Torri
[16:01] Tʜᴇ Yᴜɴᴀ (yuna.ovis) claps her hands

[16:01] Daithi(Dah-Hee) Durnan narrowed his eyes not wanting to do so , but would swat cat on the tush and whisper to her "ill be right back" and would then make his way up along with the others.

[16:01] Auelina Hyll raised an eyebrow as the three were called up. Giving up a clap and a half.

[16:02] Abram raised an eyebrow of the surname 'Witchborne' and slowly turned his head to peer at the people heading for the stage.
[16:02] Taryn looked forward and let out a HARUMPH.

[16:02] Tobias followed the three with his eyes as they made their way to the stage, he recognized that Durnan fellow from somewhere.. just couldn't remember it.

[16:04] Jerad Teigo looked at Daithi and gave him a nod but when the elf was mentioned and he looked at her completely confused. He seemed to stare her down all the way toward the stage, and then toward Torri like he could somehow find the answer in her face before she spoke. Then toward the woman with the last name 'witchborne' which seemed to make him cautious as well. He spotted AUelina in the crowd and smiled toward her, resisting the urge to wave.

 Torri would wave Taiya over. " For outstanding Bravery, And aiding your Comrades in My rescue from the dragon, Redfoem thanks you. Taiya." she'd bring a small coin purse up attempting to take the womans hand and place it in her palm. " Enjoy the feast." she'd nod. and wave arisu forward next. a warm smile on her face as she greeted each of them.

[16:12] Taiya WitchBorne still kept her eyebrow raised as she would slowly nod towards Torri. She'd then move slightly to the other side of the woman. Looked at her for a moment before she stepped off the stage. She'd wait for a few minutes until the others were off the stage, before she'd move towards the food table...

[16:15] Arisu: could already feel the looks upon her as she makes her way to the stage. Her stomach turning as she wanted desperately to vanish right now. Standing with her eyes drifted to the side not wanting to make eye contact right now. Her ears turning slightly pink along with her cheeks. As Torri motioned her over, she would take a deep breath and make her way over to Torri's side

[16:15] Daithi(Dah-Hee) Durnan nodded to jerad as he made his way up and just looked about the gathering, stuffing his thumbs into his belts rocking back and forth. ahh silence... his arch nemesis....

 Torri would produce another coin purse from her pocket offering her hand to take Arisu's and place it in her palm as well. " For the few who came to my Aid, none would be as shocked to see that one of our few nonhuman residents being the first among many to come running to my aid. And though she holds Elven blood within our veins, She has treated us as her own, And so tonight we shall give her the same honor. For outstanding bravery, and medical aide to our city, Redfoem thanks you."  she'd nod her on and beckon daithi forward. 

[16:24] Taryn crossed his arms over his chest. A fucking elf? one of us? "HMPH." he'd glare. and consider shoving Sabrina off the bench.

[16:26] Arisu: would look down at the pouch before glancing up. The glares were like daggers, without much of a word but a nod of her head, she hurries off the stage so she could be out of view

[16:26] Daithi(Dah-Hee) Durnan would walk forward and stare blankly at torri and just wait and listen
[16:26] Abram just shook his head as the elf was addressed, and turned his head away to scan the crowd.

[16:28] Jerad Teigo listened to the exact reasons of why each was being awarded, which made him less judgmental of the elf and witchborne but he still would be cautious. He peeked over toward the crowd, spotting Taryn again. Nostrils flaring as he resisted storming over there, last thing he needed was to cause a scene during the event.

[16:28] Caterina WhiteFang gives a soft pet to Ariel's leg "Hm look who is it!" She tells softly and Ariel gasps clapping her hands as loudly as she can.

[16:32] Auelina Hyll looked over to the food table, concerned the dishes were getting cold. She glanced around, finally seeing Jerad looking less than happy, she furrowed her brow before turning her attention back to the stage

 Torri 's eyebrows furrowed slightly as she looked over the crowd. maybe  a little too elf-lovey sounding?.. she'd put on a smile for daithi as he stepped up. turning to face the crowd directly as she gestured to the man. "Little have experienced the pain, hardship, and suffering that this man has, and lived to tell about it. He fought enemies at our gate, Sets siege upon a vampire's mansion, and came out victorious! Bathed in The Wretched dragon's acid and shrugged it off. "she was hamming it up a bit. " Yet still he stands, comes running when his mayor is taken captive. He was not a guard until recently, but a simple leather smith. He is a fine example, of the skin and bones that build our city, and make it Great! On Behalf of Daithi's sacrifices, The city's guard will recieve a pay increase of Five silver a week! And for the man himself, I award with Coin, And title of honor.  Kneel, Daithi. and Rise again as a knight. "Torri would draw her sword should he kneel. ;J waving the priest over to bless the blade.

[16:39] Abram just choked on his tongue.

[16:42] Daithi(Dah-Hee) Durnan if it was cold or not daithi might still tease auelina about the food, cus he was a dick... just starred in silence as she hammed him up feeling a bit uncomfortable and bowed his head at the pay raise,but at the last part that threw him off guard the man just went wide eyed before slowly and cautiously taking a knee, half expecting a beheading with how his luck tended to go.

[16:43] Caterina WhiteFang can't hold her smile when Torri speaks about Daithi, the rarely she does, now she just can't take it off, her hands hold Ariel's feets that is seated on her shoulders and the woman bites on her lip, but finally when Torri calls for him to kneel down to get a title, Cat places a hand on her mouth and brushes her eyes softly. She lets go off everything and claps her hands loudly along with Ariel's little clapping. She won't mind been the only one clapping, pff!

[16:45] Arisu: would find herself glaring silently towards Daithi. He was no knight in her eyes, just a murderer. Clutching her fists, she bites her otngue to keep her silence, glaring off to the side. Even if she would say something there's no way any of the humans would want to support her case, she'd be the one arrested. Unable to watch anymore, she begins to move off tot he side in attempt to leave. Unable to handle it all. Hatred towards the innocent and praise to the criminal.

[16:45] Taryn 's expression became significantly less pissed at the sound of coin increase. he even raised his mitts to clap at the last bit. maybe this wasn't all horrible, having a woman ply him well with coin.

[16:46] Jerad Teigo looked a little shocked at the words toward the other man, especially at the pay raise and knighting. He watched intently. He lifted his hands and went to clap as well once the knighting was over. Peeking over toward Auelina again in between the ceremony.

 Torri would notice Arisu attempting to leave, though she figured she must be have something important to do. she'd have to check on her later. when the blade was blessed, she would bring it over and press it on each of Daithi's shoulders. glad she gave the speech before doing all of this. she'd get the last bit finished quickly. people wanted their foods! "For your Services to the city of Redfoem, I name thee, Sir Daithi Durnan. Rise." she wouldn't make him swear an oath, as per terms addressed in the past. " I give you your shop free of monthly payments, aside from property taxes, and reward for your services." she'd place a significantly fatter pouch in his hand and turned to the crowd. " May The Dragon's petty threats of war fall deaf on our ears, and let merry making be proof that we do not fear The Fool that be the acid spitting lizard. Drink, Eat, and enjoy the music!" she'd clap her hands and make her way off stage. letting the audiance have a moment to gawk at their new knight. she'd slip off into the background for a moment while the minstrels began to play. 

[17:07] Daithi(Dah-Hee) Durnan knelt there confused... and to clear the record, he was an attempted murderer the cliff pushing didnt kill her, and he didnt kill taiya either... so HA! would swear the oath as told to, nodded to the payments and paying of tax and woudl accept the pouch before tying it onto his belt. the ma would fallow off stage and make a b line for his family like he said he was going to

[17:08] Arisu: would glance back towards Daithi as he is given his title before looking downn at the food at a tomato. Half tempted to pick it up and throw it at him but would stop her hand in mid grab and sighs. /not worth it/ she would close her eyes and walk briskly towards the exit mumbling in her own tongue. Was she growing hatred towards the city again? how long would she be able to keep her silence. Looking down at the pouch, she clutches it tightly before tossing it to the side onto the grass, hot tears starting to form in her eyes before her brisk walk turned into a run

[17:09] Auelina Hyll clapped as Torri knighted the pigheaded tanner looking around at those gathered. She stood from the bench and neatened out her dress before walking over to Jerad. She smiled slightly before speaking up "Please do not judge me harshly on the food. I hope you can eat a bit, I am certain you are to rush off for patrol, or a raid or." she nervously reached a hand up to play with the pendant.

[17:10] Taiya WitchBorne had been watching Arisu, as she had stormed off almost the first time. Then had discarded her pouch. She'd sigh as she moved over to where the pouch had landed and picked it up. Frowning as she looked after the woman making a hasty departure. She'd sigh and look back towards little red, give her a wink and small nod before following after the clearly upset elfsies.

[17:10] Caterina WhiteFang claps her hands when Daithi is raised from his feet and leans down to let Ariel go, thought she may want to run to him but he was quite quick! Her eyes though catch the escape of the elven and her eyes move to Daithi, giving a soft purse of her lips before she moves closer and steals a kiss from him. "I'm proud of you" She whispers to him and Ariel of course hugging him as much as she can.

[17:11] Sabrina starts to play on her lute, slowly walking towards the food table. While enjoying the wonderful treats, the people here might enjoy some music...

[17:12] Jerad Teigo didn't seem to have as much of the tall and mighty stance when Auelina walked over. Laughing lightly, "No raids today, so I'm safe from injuries for now. Hope you won't judge me when I overeat your food. How was yesterday, the baker sisters didn't burn too much when I left. Did they?"

[/pre] Torri picked up speed a little and tried to catch up to taiya, if she could she'd grab onto her cloak. " Taiya, wait. Stay. This is for the three of you. I'll speak to her..go speak to the others. inform them of your new position as an instructor.. i'll be back soon." she'd try to convince her, if she did, it would be a good distraction for her to sneak off for a bit.[/pre]

[17:13] Torri would probably be speaking quietly. no elf love, and all. ;j

[17:15] Taryn stood up and waltzed over to the table. grabbing two tankards and filling them up messily. spilling a bit of mead over his hand as he stomped over to jerad. shoving one his direction. "a fucking Drink for the victor." he'd swallow his pride a moment. wishing he had a sallet to hide his face under.

[17:16] Auelina Hyll would offer out her hand to Jerad and laughed gently "They say the way to a man's" she stopped, clearly her throat with a cough when the vulgar guardsman appeared "Victor?" she looked to Jerad

[17:16] Taryn shoving one as much as you could shove a drink without splashing it everywhere.

[17:17] Daithi(Dah-Hee) Durnan would lean in to cat and steal a kiss before leaning up to peck the little one on her cheek "glad you both got here. now get some food." the man would swat at her tush and start over himself

[17:17] Abram moved over toward the table and began to help himself!

[17:17] Taiya WitchBorne looked at Torri as she gestures towards the group and says. "You polerized them against me when you used my surname little red. Anything i likely say will be seen in the light of. 'Oh! her surname is witchborne!' So i doubt anything will work tonight at least." She shrugs at Torri then as she says. "Besides, i think it's best that it's me that speaks with her." Reaching a hand out to try and gently squeeze Torri on the arm. "Besides, your the Lord Mayor. It is part of your duty to stay and speak with those of the party."

[17:20] Caterina WhiteFang smiles up to him and looks down to Ariel as she brushes her hair "Go get yourself some food, hm? Fill that tummy!" She tells and Ariel nods quickly and makes a run for it, filling her little mouth with food. - Cat meanwhile, looks over to Daithi and smiles "All the risk moments finally payed off" She tells and purses her lips softly before she says "I didn't know this will happen.. .but... I guess it's came good" She tells "Close your eyes"

[17:21] Jerad Teigo 's smile faded when Taryn came over. Hesitated a moment before taking the tankard. He looked down at it and back toward the man as if the story would reveal itself that way. Looking toward Auelina with a nod, "Yes, story for another time I suppose." He took a sip of it, as if expecting something foul, "A fucking drink? Well, fucking thank you." He smirked lightly.

[17:23] Daithi(Dah-Hee) Durnan paused as he was going to get food and his stomach growled as she told him to close his eyes. and then sighed "alright, but if you wanna get kinky, wait for the bedroom and the childs asleep."

[17:23] Auelina Hyll nodded her head "I shall leave the men of the guard to it then." she would wander over to the table and begin ensuring everything held up. No cakes lost their pristine looks, the meat was cooked proper.

 Torri looked down at the squeezing of her arm. putting a hand on top of taiyas and Caressing it. which felt extra fucking creepy, as she tried to get her to stay. " she treats me as a sister. Stay and see the damage i've caused undone. i'm leaving you in my place to entertain. i'll be back shortly." she'd nod and try to escape. "and that's an order, as your lord mayor. if you deny me i'll have you strung up." she wigggled her eyebrows. uuugh this was painful. quietly speaking with a stupid smirk. she'd aim to head off again.

[17:27] Caterina WhiteFang will let him go grab food when she is done! She blushes some to his words and brushes her hair back "This we will consider at home, love" She simply tells him, she waits for him to close his eyes, and once he does, she will reach her hand to her pocket on the belt and will slowly bring it above his head to be set around his neck.... also on his beard and hair but he will fix it later. "A little gift for you"

[17:27] Taryn couldn't keep a grin to himself, and even that looked pissed. " You're Fucking welcome. you cunt. Enjoy your.." he'd glance to Auelina a moment. "Party. I'm going to go find myself a An unscrupulous woman to fuck." he'd chug a bit of the mead, as he lowered his cup it would dribble and drip off his beard. stomping off afterwards.

[17:29] Sabrina clears her throat, and starts to sing a funny song about a dragon, to highten the festive mood:
A dragon has come to our village today.
We've asked him to leave, but he won't go away.
Now he's talked to our king and they worked out a deal.
No homes will he burn and no crops will he steal.

Now there is but one catch, we dislike it a bunch.
Twice a year he invites him a virgin to lunch.
Well, we've no other choice, so the deal we'll respect.
But we can't help but wonder and pause to reflect.

Do virgins taste better than those who are not?
Are they salty, or sweeter, more juicy or what?
Do you savor them slowly? Gulp them down on the spot?
Do virgins taste better than those who are not?

Now we'd like to be shed you, and many have tried.
But no one can get through your thick scaly hide.
We hope that some day, some brave knight will come by.
'Cause we can't wait around 'til you're too fat to fly.

Now you have such good taste in your women for sure,
They always are pretty, they always pure.
But your notion of dining, it makes us all flinch,
For your favorite entree is barbecued wench.

Now we've found a solution, it works out so neat,
If you insist on nothing but virgins to eat.
No more will our number ever grow small,
We'll simply make sure there's no virgins at all!
[17:31] Sabrina Gagliano: Oh there once was a hero named Ragnar the Red Who came riding to Whiterun from ole Rorikstead!
[17:31] Sabrina Gagliano: And the braggart did swagger and brandish his blade As he told of bold battles and gold he had made!
[17:31] Sabrina Gagliano: But then he went quiet, did Ragnar the Red When he met the shieldmaiden Matilda who said....
[17:32] Sabrina Gagliano: "Oh, you talk and you lie and you drink all our mead Now I think its high time that you lie down and bleed!"
[17:32] Sabrina Gagliano: And so then came clashing and slashing of steel As the brave lass Matilda charged in full of zeal!
[17:32] Sabrina Gagliano: And the braggart named Ragnar was boastful no mooooooooooooooore When his ugly red head rolled around on the floor!

[17:32] Taiya WitchBorne eye'd torri for long moments as she watched her experssions. Shaking her head then at Torri as she says. "Well, looks like you'll have to string me up." She'd lean in to whisper towards her before pulling back and saying. "Or, we can go together." Raising an eyebrow as if to say 'Deal?'

[17:32] Jerad Teigo frowned a little when Auelina left, lifting a brow when he listened to the man before huffing out. "Careful, don't want people thinking your got beaten by a cunt. Have fun with your woman, " Though he wasn't too certain about it, he didn't put Taryn past beating a whore up. He'd wait until he stormed off before moving toward Auelina. And the table. "Alright, which of this artistry is yours?"

[17:34] Daithi(Dah-Hee) Durnan closed his eyes and listened to her and when she placed something on him the man woudl help get the mass of hair out of the way and went to steal a kiss from her before going to pick her up in his arms and carry her to the food "things will be good cat. dont worry. and its not food time, or i'll prolly cry like a bitch."

[17:36] Torri 's eyebrows furrowed as heat rose in her cheeks at the woman's whispering. she looked back at the large group of people and nodded. "Fine.." she'd whine. and attempt to escape without being stopped. picking up a little speed and also attempting to be kind of inconspicuous.

[17:37] Auelina Hyll would gesture to the entire table and blushed lightly "Well, Torri asked a bit more of me than my simple baking. I had to call in a favor to the butcher. So, take your pick." she pointed to the stew "It is not boar." she would try to hint a bit at their first meeting before she looked around a bit at the table, reaching out and shifting plates

[17:38] Caterina WhiteFang smiles some "It means home" She regards to the necklace but it didn't seem to mind to Daithi at all as he just picks her up. Cat lets out a soft cry before she giggles and leans to give him a soft kiss on is forehead "I won't stop you from your food! I know how important it is!" She grins some and takes a look around shortly

[17:39] Abram stocked up with as much food as he could hold. He'd stay and mingle but this cold had been kicking his ass. He just wanted to go eat in bed.

[17:42] Daithi(Dah-Hee) Durnan would place her down at the food table and kiss at the back of her head before grabbing as much meat at he could into his hands and flop down and begin to scarf down as much as possible, his cooking was shit... this was... well knowing auelina made it he couldnt admit it was good so he woudl scrunch his nose and shrug "'s okay"

[17:44] Jerad Teigo moved closer toward the table and looked around before taking the stew and a slice of bread to stick in it. He smiled toward the newly knighted man and patted him on the back if he allowed, "Congratulations, Daithi. Welcome to knighthood. It sucks. But it's worth it." He seemed to hear it was okay but seemed to think maybe it wasn't the man's liking. Not knowing the tension between the two. He turned toward Auelina with a smile, "You're not going to tell me it's dragon meat or something, are you?" He finally went to scoop up some and stuff it into his mouth. He peeked toward the Bard and went to start shuffling through his pouch while balancing food in the other hand.

[17:47] Auelina Hyll laughed and shook her head no "Simply pig, not dragon. Would be fitting would it not?" she would stare at Jerad waiting for a reaction. Hoping desperately he wouldn't spit it out all over the ground or herself.

[17:49] Sabrina takes a little break, to try some of the delicious treat that are waiting for her on the table...

[17:49] Caterina WhiteFang places her feets on the ground once she is let down and smiles shortly to the kiss on the back of her head before she turns to Ariel, watching her stuffing food in her mouth as much as Daithi and she chuckles at them both. She... takes a piece of meat and eats it softly. She looks to the couple, though, giving them a subtle nod before her eyes go to Auelina. "Lady Auelina... good to see you... your food looks delightful"

[17:51] Daithi(Dah-Hee) Durnan nodded to the man with a hunk of meat half hanging out of his mouth and mumbled before biting through and swallowing the food with a pained look , as he didnt chew it. "thanks. looks like were on the same ground now." if they killed a dragon he was definitely gonna see what it tasted like... he looked to auelina and wavered his hand in the air not wanting to give up that it was great..."eh..." obviously a lie

[17:52] Jerad Teigo 's eyes lit up and went to scarf the stuff down. Either he was a good actor or the truth that he wasn't much of a cook and didn't get to eat good homemade things often. His cheeks puffed like stored food of a chipmunk and pushed against his helmet as he tried to talk with his mouth full, "If gotta lut uf ffefur." He furrowed his brows and looked over at Daithi confused to the 'eh' sound.

[17:52] Jerad Teigo also shuffled out some copper through eating like a pig to offer toward Sabrina, looking for a upside down hat or something to put tips in.

[17:52] Sabrina Gagliano rhymes: "I once saw a dragon hight up in the air. And I shouted: 'Come down here and fight if you dare!' The dragon above me put its tale up on high, And four pounds of shit landed right in my eye!"

[17:53] Auelina Hyll would nod to Caterina and shake her head "There is no Lady before my name, I am simply Auelina, or baker, or to some I have not yet earned my name" she raised her voice some knowing Taiya was well out of the courtyard. "Congratulations to you, Daithi." she peered around Cat making a slight face at Daithi in jest. Her attention turned to Jerad and her expression was puzzled at best. She would stand on her toes and try to lift his helmet off of him "And now it is I who do not speak your language."

[17:53] Auelina Hyll would nod to Caterina and shake her head "There is no Lady before my name, I am simply Auelina, or baker, or to some I have not yet earned my name" she raised her voice some knowing Taiya was well out of the courtyard. "Congratulations to you, Daithi." she peered around Cat making a slight face at Daithi in jest. Her attention turned to Jerad and her expression was puzzled at best. She would stand on her toes and try to lift his helmet off of him "And now it is I who do not speak your language."

[17:57] Caterina WhiteFang frowns some to Daithi's words but she literally staying as the pretty lady next to Daithi, saying not much besides Auelina's comments. "Oh, I'm... used to it" She tells and purses her lips softly together. "I shall call you Auelina" She simply states, Ariel chews on the food in her mouth before she turns around to look at the strangers, silver eyes observing the place before she limps her way to Daithi to cling to him some while she chews "Nom nom nom"

[18:01] Daithi(Dah-Hee) Durnan looked to auelina "thanks, and it is good. told you youre cooking was good." he looked up to cat trying to appease the look she gave him. cat may be a lady, but he was far from gentlemanly.the man would go to pull cat down into his lap and plant a kiss on her even tho he had just taken another bite and had greasy pig lips..

[18:04] Sabrina walked towards sir Teigo, and noticed that he still wore the bandage on his nose. "A good day to you, sir Teigo. I hope you feel a bit better?"

[18:06] Jerad Teigo 's eyes went wide and tried to quickly chew to hide his hamster cheeks as she went to take off his helmet. Smiling a little goofy as he waited to finish what was in his mouth. After tipping the bard if she allowed and he would look more focused toward Auelina, "I said it has a lot of flavor, but yea, I can speak pig sometimes. Usually needs food involved." He looked toward Sabrina and nodded his head, "Very much so, thank you. Some interesting songs, Taryn hasn't given you any issues earlier. Did he?" Yup, he saw him sitting next to her.

[18:09] Sabrina smiled. "No, not really... He did try, but I just told him I was feeling better, and I was hoping he felt better too, since hurting one's face isn't so painful as loosing it... He then threatened to put his penis in my mouth, but I simply refused, because I choke on small bones..."

[18:17] Auelina Hyll would put Jerad's helmet on her own head playfully. She would stick her tongue out at him while he spoke to Sabrina. She laughed lightly as she took the helmet off her head and set it on the chair next to her

[18:18] Caterina WhiteFang didn't need him to be a gentleman but not this! She is yanked to the ground and blinks some as she gets a dirty kiss from him with a shock before she blushes and brushes her cheeks some, giving a soft licks of her lips and a wipe from her sleeve. "Daithi..." She murmurs to him but finally Ariel moves to lay on her body all relieved from all the food and lets herself nap it.

[18:21] Daithi(Dah-Hee) Durnan reached up blindly feeling about for a tankard, once grabbed the man would pull it down and chug down any contents before filling it with the meat he held in his fists and tried to drink it as well. hearing cat he woudl look to her with a mouth full of meat, half hanging out"yush?" he looked to the child as she joined the pile of bodies. and offered a shrug. he heard somthing abut penises and mouths and then looked to the rest of the group a bit confused "huh?"

[18:23] Caterina WhiteFang shakes her head to him and turns her mouth a little as she reaches to brush his lips a little with a soft sigh. Her eyes go to the others and she holds Ariel in her arms "I'll take her home... perfect timing to sleep" She tells with her tongue poked out to him before stands up and waves "I wish you all farewell" And leaves

[18:24] Sabrina turns towards Caterina and bids her a good evening...

[18:25] Jerad Teigo smiled warmly between Daithi and Caterina and their little moment. Only to frown deeply as he listened to Sabrina, "He said what?! Damnit, you should report to the Lady Mayor about him. Seems I didn't knock much sense into him last time." Shaking his head and he looked over to spoke Auelina wearing his helmet. Laughing and cheering up some, "What are you doing? Don't you have your own armor? Maybe I should go wear yours, hm?" He nodded toward Caterina, "Take care."

[18:27] Auelina Hyll waved to Caterina and Ariel before looking back to Jerad laughing "Aye that I do, and if -
[18:28] Auelina Hyll trailed off, hesitating to speak boldly in public. "I should probably start to clean up, fetch the sisters or something. Unless you have the time to assist? Would spare me the trip?" she looked to Jerad pleadingly

[18:31] Daithi(Dah-Hee) Durnan nodded at cat "save a spot for me hon. will be home soon... ish..." he woudl make another swat at her and look tot he group, "dobt hearsay woudl get anywhere. you need proof" he was more old fashioned with disputes... and once she was out of sight the man woudl butt scoot backwards and tilt his head back to get his mouth about under the tap and just turn it on and chug like a frat boy.

[18:32] Sabrina should be heading home too ((since local time in RL is 03:29 hours)... "Sir Mant is indeed a bit... errr... rough around the edges. The lady mayor is also captain of the guard? Oh well, should he misbehave again, I might have a little talk with her..."

[18:35] Jerad Teigo looked toward Sabrina, "She isn't Captain of the Guard. Herr Barthelomew is. But she is in close contact with him as he is usually busy with a few inquisitions." He peeked toward Daithi, "Last time she had the blood as proof and I as a witness, but Daithi is right. Until he says it around witnesses or does something more extreme to you again and it would be hard for the Lady Mayor to do much. I'll try to keep a close eye on him for you." He looked toward Auelina with a soft smile, "Of course I'll help. I am at your service." He exaggerated with a little taller stand.

[18:37] Sabrina smiles. "Thank you for your advice, sir Teigo. And good luck with helping Auelina!" She bids you all a good evening, and waves goodbye. She then walks off towards home, playing on a flute

[18:39] Auelina Hyll gestured to the food and looked to Daithi "Please help yourself, take home whatever you feel you might eat. We will take what is left to the church to offer up to the orphans and beggars." looking to Jerad "Is there anything you would like me to leave here at the barracks for you? This is where you live, is it not?"

[18:41] Daithi(Dah-Hee) Durnan turned off the spout and was about to grab the table cloth and make a hobo pack until he heard it was going to needy people and stopped himself. "ugh..." it was so hard to turn away free food "i-im alright. we couldnt eat anymore tonight and with the pup around it would probably just be eaten in the night by it and its getting fat already.."

[18:44] Taryn wandered back into the scene, holding an empty flagon of mead as he walked with his pants nearly around his ankles with a Rather meaty ladyfriend. screaming every once and a while as he shouts. heading for the gate. " AAAAAAAAAAAAAAyy aye yi yi! yer sister swims out to meet--squat thrusts on flagpoles!" normally it would be paired with laughter, but not with him! the lady laughed though. his arming pants underneath showing as he made his way off with her drunkly.

[18:46] Jerad Teigo nodded toward the bard as she left and turned toward Auelina, "sounds like a good idea. And sure, I'll bring some to the barracks, though Abram might end up stealing some before I get to any." he looked over all the options, "Can I have that...and that....and some of that and oh what's-" He looked over toward Taryn and just facepalmed before instantly regretting it. His nose was nearly fully healed but facepalming still hurt like a bitch. Wincing with a grumble.

[18:50] Auelina Hyll nodded to Daithi "If you change your mind" she was too busy, her attention to Jerad to see Taryn's display, especially after he seemed to hurt himself "Oh no, my- I mean, you. You should get that looked at." she lifted several of the trays off the table and would hand them to Jerad "I think I can manage the rest alone. You still" she would lower her voice "Owe me a visit for dinner. This does not count." she smiled

[18:52] Scott McBride (scottypagan): /mr if he hadnt learned to not like the man he woudl have fallowed cus he liked a good limrick, but sadly he woudl just stand there waiting to see what he could do to help. seeing the mans pain he tried to hold back a laugh "now, what did we learn?" and seeing things were looking about finished woudl lumber back home

[18:55] Jerad Teigo was relieved when Taryn seemed to be leaving with the meaty lass and looked toward Daithi, "To drink more whenever I'm around Taryn?" he peeked over toward Auel with a soft smile, "I do owe you, I should be off duty wednesday if you didn't mind me coming by then."

[18:57] Auelina Hyll would nod her head with a smile "I would love that." she said simply before quickly adding "Have that looked at by Arisu, she seems knowledgeable." she would near him and lift herself on to her toes to give Jerad a kiss on the cheek

[19:00] Jerad Teigo frowned a little, "Hmph, I suppose." He didn't seem the happiest about the elf. But the kiss at his cheek made a smile crawl over his features. Moving to try and lift her chin to get a kiss on her lips instead. He was at least past the nervous stage with that for the most part. "You sure you don't need anymore help?"
[19:03] Auelina Hyll smiled widely after his kiss "I could not steal you from the barracks, I may be too tempted to keep you." her face turned red. "Go on and go."

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