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[11/16 Contest] *Jingle Balls* Neutered bugbear and a Proud Feline

1 year 2 months ago #291 by Dare
Dare created the topic: [11/16 Contest] *Jingle Balls* Neutered bugbear and a Proud Feline
Brugo had woken up horrified and quickly threw on some pants as to not do any more damage to what he thought had happened. he ran into the woods looking for the attacker "you bitch! give it back!" having absolutely no idea how this worked and that he should be in horrible pain but figured sense they were gone maybe thats why it didnt hurt.

Dare twirls and cuddles the branch of a tree where he's laying very comfy , humming the tune jingle 'balls' and with a cheshire smile growing broooaaaadly on his face when hearing a voice scream. Both fists up as he lays there watching clouds passing by " Hoozaaah!!" he cheers at himself.

Brugo moved from bush to bush thrashing about in a fit of rage " brugo will snap you like a rabbit!" he wasnt looking up because to him cats were ground animals

Dare has his tail swaying down , laying all pleased and happy on the branch and looking down to see a bugbear going lunatic. He's being cheeky on that one , perhaps a little revenge for making Iz yell at him sinc eit had been making him howl for quite some time until he had the fantastic brightest idea to fake neuter him. The cat turn on his side , raising his hand and throwing an acorn over to the bugbear's head after he got bored by his silly search " I will pay you tax nows!"

Brugo was pegged with an acorn and snapped out "will kill squirrels too.... oh..." the man noticed the cat man in the tree and had a slight pause before snapping again " you son of a bitch brugo will make you into a hat! give him back his balls!" and just continued with a long line of profanity in common and goblin in his fit of rage as he tried to shake a tree and failed

Dare had chosen a rather old tree, not a tiny twig since the bugbear is a strong fellow and really wanting to be out his reach right now. The feline would reach for a pouch on his belt , soaking wet from a dark red liquid and he's wiggling it up in a teasing manner " mean these? If I give you is payed forever aye? Maybe you give Iz back too..or next times i take your dick?". The cat is giving him a grin filled with mischief and wiggling his brows cocky " We make deal? Or you never rapes again..never like funs aye? aw..i took funs from you? "

Brugo looked up with 3 wide horrified eyes as he seen his things. "give em back! tax is paid forever, but no giving back. brugos won iz twice." to him rape wasnt fun it was just something that he did with out really thinking or to show his dominance.

[2016/11/04 14:21] Adramelach (jukke) shakes his head " deals..maybe i give your thingies to the birdies aye..or harpy! Aye! I've seen big bird big claws! You cheats! You stole now i stole your ..things..mine now!! I won these too! You give back or i will take alls next time! If i win twice you will have inie minie high pitched tiny voice next times you wakes up aye!". He's once more grinning down at him " Peoples will laugh with longer big strong bugbears but one with soft high pitched tiny voices HA!"

Brugo narrowed al his eyes as he stared at the cat man and just bellowed out "BRENNOS!" he was taking a page out of reds book when bad things happened and calling on the angel of death, as brugo called the necrotic mage that planted eyes in everything he worked on

Dare perks a brow at the odd word , enough for the cat to lift his head up with a little interest and hissing at him " I will scratch them in shreds!! I swears!!! I will make them in little pieces right here! You hear?! I will!! Iz is nice! You do bads to her! You made her bleed! You make her cry! I make you cry! I don't cares what you dids..she not yours! Plus...your EVIl! NO TAXES!"

Brugo looked up at him at teh threats and looked terrified before he just looked confused "brugo makes her bled cus iz picked fights with brugo when he was just standing by the water. sense then brugo clothes feeds and protects. how is brugo mean?" he really didnt understand why they thought he was bad after all. once the confusion lef the mn would mimic red again and shout out "bru...." he paused "oh thats me" then shouted out "lachlan!"

Dare frowns down at him as he hops into a crouched position ..the pouch dangling between his fingers " Aye! You make her sads..if she really likes you she stays without you having to force her aye. She's nice..gentle..she used to have nice voice , warm voice..not yelling no. I wants her back in the woods! I miss hers..she gave me feeling from home agains and YOU TOOK IT!". The cat would hug the pouch close to his chest when the bugbear yells out for one " wants people to see you neutered mans now? HELLOOOOOOOOOS!!! NEUTERED BUGBEARS HERE!!!?!!! HEllooooo's?! ANYBODY?!! IT'S NEUTEREEEED!! BALLS FOR SALE!!!"

Brugo shut up hearing the people seeing him part and looked up. "brugo will ask if she wants to stay then. if no can leave. if yes brugo will make sure trips outside to see catman then." the man would grumble "no tax." before yelling back up at the cat in a burst of anger "now give back balls or brugo cuts down tree!" he didnt knwo what he woudl use tho...

Dare would narrow his eyes down at the bugbear , stopping his announcement for the whole forest that the bugbear his balls got taken from him..there goes the green hulk his manly man parts! He's perking a brow " How i knows you will not change minds ..I knows! If you not keep word then next time i will take mores..i can waits long Brrrrrrugo. You strong aye..but i'm limbers , i'm fast..not stupid as it might looks that i am..I'm good hunters , we cats are good hunters and patience aye. I've seen you snore in tavern ..all knocked out..I've seen many chances to take your balls or never safe agains then! We have deal? aye?"

Brugo glares at the cat man. he had a good point. brugo tended to just face plant all over the forest when he was tired and he slept like a rock when that happened "FINE! GIVE EM BACK!" the man would go to shake the tree again still failing miserably

Dare smiles happily , almost purring that the bugbear agrees now " You swears on your balls Brrrrrrugo?" purring the man's name while his fingers are about to drop the pouch for him

Brugo looked up and held his hands out and simply shouted loud as he could into the tree "YYYEEESSS!" he really fucking hated cats now. he would never like cats again.

Dare beams ever so proud while letting the pouch slip out his fingers. The cloth is all soaking wet , covered in blood and inside ..there they would be , two wonderful balls that he had taken from a very proud manly deer..only no skin off course , naked flesh bleeding balls. The cat is hopping in his crouched seat , letting his tail wave pleased from one side to another and purrs " You eats them and they grows back raw off course , nobody wants burned balls aye?"

Brugo looked up at the catman as he caught he bag and looked inside only to slowly glare up at him as he told him the truth. "you do know brugo is gonna eat you alive one day, yes?" the man would tie the pouch to his pants, after all he wasnt one to waste food.

Dare would lick his lips moist , letting his tongue slide over his canines "Aye..I knows..but we all die some days aye? If you ever eats me then I hope you chokes in me..or get stuck in bushes to shit all days. I don't cares , I have nothing to lose ..i don't cares..Now you keep your words bugbears or I will keep mines."

Brugo would slowly raise a hand to the cat man and flip him off "brugo hate you with the heat of a thousand signal fires." and woudl then slump off back for camp to keep up his word, because in his state now of days tis could have been a real thing and not a prank

Dare his ears perk up , sitting more straight in his seat " Oi..don't forgets! She can leaves if she wants!! I will check brrrrugo! I wants to see proof within day or I will finds you! AND your *jingle* baaaaaaalls!!"

Brugo made it look like his hand was talking as he heard the catman and would bobble his head a bout making mocking noises as he walked.

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