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What's wrong with Doggo? (2/1/2017)

1 year 3 weeks ago - 1 year 3 weeks ago #336 by inboccaallupo
inboccaallupo created the topic: What's wrong with Doggo? (2/1/2017)

A loud and gut wrenching howling and yelps could be heard as if someone was killing a doggo slowly. Bloody pawprints could be seen leading toward the wagon. The closer they came and they would begin to notice other things on the ground. What looks like chunks of flesh crusted and bloodied.

[13:29] Torri 's nose cinched slightly as they passed the tannery, bringing her hand up to cover her mouth, as she saw bits of flesh on the ground, her expression grew more pale. as her urge to hurl steadily grew, the suspense of what lies beyond the corner making quick work of her. as she followed, she'd make a quiet "hhhh" sound. drawing her sword inconspicuously.

[13:30] Captain Zideous Arionnias would look around slowly, trying to ascertain the status of the alley as they walked down it, the stench of leather and urine filling his nose, though his usual grumpy appearance did little to show it. He'd grip his pistol tightly, looking down to it every now and then to prepare it for fire, and make sure the mechanism was prepared, peeking his head back up to see the chunks of crusted flesh and bloodied pieces strewn about. "The hell happened here.." the Inquisitor spoke for them to hear. "Steady, now..careful."

[13:32] Jerad Teigo slowed down as he began to notice some blood, perhaps Torri was right. A dog fight gone terribly sour. Though as chunks of meat began to emerge...fresh chunks? and he pulled his sword. He glanced at Torri a moment as if trying to mentally ask her something before finally speaking, "I've never seen the likes of this...the guards haven't seemed to be mentioning seeing anything but perhaps a nonhuman sneaked in." Now he pulled his sword to the thought of it. Following the pawprints and his eyes traveled ahead of them to the wagon. Still, he would look down the other streets in case anything suspicious seemed to be occuring.

  Whimpering could be heard coming from the wagon. The horses were gone but the wagon seemed empty or not being used for the moment and nearly just blocking up the road. As footsteps approached and sad and reddened eyes peered from under the wagon. It looked like a dog, but old and sick. Its chin could be seen bleeding and a hunk of flesh hanging from it before it backed up further underneath the wagon.

[13:50] Torri held her sword awkwardly with two hands to avoid the pokey end getting in anyones way in the narrow alleyway. as she saw something under the wagon she stared for a moment and then backed up. leaning slightly to get a better look. "I.. iii don't like this, doesn't feel right." fuck this, fuuuck this! "what's wrong with it?.." she'd mutter. an overwhelming disturbing sense washing over her.

[13:53] Captain Zideous Arionnias would continue moving, shaking his head. "I've seen this sort of thing before..though..hopefully, it's not what I think it to be." he'd mutter in response, continuing to move. Now, he'd draw his cutlass, getting it gripped properly and holding the blade to his side as he'd march down the alley in between the others. His gaze still looked for anything else that would pop out, though this sight began to worry him as to what lay farther down. As he'd see the pair of eyes from under the seemingly abandoned wagon, he'd remain determined and halt in his steps, sniffing at the area. "Hmph.." he'd move slowly now, looking around. "What could have down this..remain vigilant, everyone.."

[13:54] Jerad Teigo glanced down the street and kept a lookout for a moment before noticing something under the wagon. He tried to get a good look before crouching down. Giving a sound clicking sound with his tongue to encourage it out. "Come out, we aren't here to hurt you." He glanced at Torri, "It looks like something attacked it, very badly. Whatever did could still be nearby..." He looked up at Torri and took a deep breath. Keeping his sword in his hand, though it mainly rested against the cobblestone as he tried to coo the hurt dog out. To Zid's words though and he glanced up, "You've seen this before? What caused it?"

 The whimpers began again before more yelps of pain, a thud heard like it was trying to stand from under the wagon or adjust itself. Suddenly, if gave out horrid screeches and yelps, some that barely seemed canine. Strange noises could be heard, almost gushy like sounds and tearing.

[13:59] Sabrina comes walking around the corner, and sees that a small crowd has gathered here. "A good afternoon all! Did any of you also hear a dog yelp? I do hope that..." After hearing the screeching, she falls silent for a moment. "W... what was THAT?!???"

[14:03] Torri stood quietly fidgeting as she looked around, though the sickening sounds that the dog was making suddenly got her attention again. she was all prepared to start shouting 'game over man'. " Someone just kill it already, gods, what's happening to it?!" covering her mouth with her left hand she began to look like she was ready to throw up. breathing speeding up. "just shoot it!" she begged.

[14:07] Captain Zideous Arionnias would pause in his walking, stopping short as the knight beside him asked. "Demons posing as humans..carnivores trying to appease their cult's deity..crazed killers." he'd then watch as the dog whimpered and it's attempt to stand, only to hear those horrid sounds and nasty tearing. "Don't approach it..this doesn't sit right.." he'd grunt. He'd hold off on using that holy fire of his for now, waiting to see what happened to the 'doggo'. The Inquisitor nodded, and would holster his current, drawing a pistol from his baldric to attempt an execute on the poor dog from range.

[14:09] Jerad Teigo paused a moment as the pained yelps turned into something more unnatural. Standing up slowly as he stared at the wagon, "What in Zod..." He looked back quickly when he heard Sabrina and held a hand up as if telling her to stay still. "Careful..." He looked to the pistol with a frown but there wasn't much retaliation. "Whatever was happening to this dog and we should put it out of its misery. I could try and circle the wagon to draw him out for a better shot."

 It was hard to see the dog entirely but they with what was visible and they would see what seemed like its own furred skin ripping open, and something bald and pink coming out. Screeches and shrieks heard before scratching at the cobblestone. Something could be seen crawling out the back.

[14:15] Sabrina tried her very best to see what was happening to the poor dog, her vision partly obscured by the others and the shadows of the wagon. "Is... is something crawling OUT of the dog?!?!! Quick, captain, shoot it! Shoot it!!!" As she was stepping back, she reached for her blade, trying to be ready for whatever was happening...

[14:18] Torri retreated back a few steps as the horrible sounds continued, gripping the handle of her sword tightly, paranoidly, as she watched the two men in front of her. reluctantly ready for whatever anyone planned to do, not like she was supposed to give orders or anything. good job mayor. " W-whot the fuck is that?.."

[14:19] Captain Zideous Arionnias would wait for a good shoot, checking the pistol and preparing for a shot as he'd then tilt his head. "That's not a dog, anymore." is all he'd say, moving forward to try and cut off it's escape route behind the wagon. At once, his cutlass and pistol would seem to catch on fire, a purple aura of fire coating both of his weapons, as he'd try to take aim at whatever it was.

[14:24] Jerad Teigo stared a little in shock at what was happening before his eyes. Keeping the sword in hand as he approached slowly before cursing under his breath as he say it moving, "It's trying to get away!" He looked back at Torri a moment, "Lady Mayor..." He tried to nod reassuringly. When Zid's weapons seemed to catch fire and he took a few steps back. Magic?! He looked between Zid and Torri a moment, seeming to seek approval from her on this.

 . As the creature crawled out and it began to stumble. Seeming to want to follow instincts to run away, but something seemed to keep stopping it. Rubbing at its ears in whines before it turned around and gave a strange growling hiss at the group. It moved toward the closest of them, large bubbles of flesh like tumors could be seen on large parts of its body. Legs were clean of flesh and only bone as it. Hunks of the old furr and flesh still hung and fell off as it lunged toward Zideous. Trying to clamp its large fangs into any flesh it could find.

[14:28] Revenland Dice v1.4: This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo Resident) rolls a 1d100: 30
[14:31] Revenland Dice v1.4: Captain Zideous Arionnias (Zidane Radek) rolls a 1d100: 1

[14:33] Sabrina blinked her eyes in disbelief, after she saw the poor stray dog change before her. It now looked like a creature from the underworld... A hell-hound... And it attacked captain Arionnias!!! Rushing forwards, she tried to hit the creature's back with her blade, hoping that normal, nonmagical, nonblessed blades would be enough to hurt this thing...

[14:34] Revenland Dice v1.4: Sabrina Gagliano (Sabrina Gagliano) rolls a 1d100: 59
[14:34] Revenland Dice v1.4: This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo Resident) rolls a 1d100: 19

[14:35] Torri felt a cold sweat developing as she watched the scene unfold, looking between the inquisitor and jerad, she'd mutter "One thing at a time. " forcing herself to move forward, she'd watch the bubbly beast attacking the captain, through a feeling of nausea and confusion, she'd force herself to take a jab at the creature's side with her sword, after a moment of lingering. letting out a pitiful, disgusted grunt.

[14:35] Revenland Dice v1.4: Scary Tarri (Kiba Noonan) rolls a 1d100: 32
[14:36] Revenland Dice v1.4: This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo Resident) rolls a 1d100: 60

[14:36] Captain Zideous Arionnias would simply deal with the problem after the main issue would be resolved, mainly this creature before them. He'd be surprised as the creature lunged for it's leg, clamping into his leg armor as he'd grunt, feeling the powerful jaw of it clamping in. He'd growl out, attempting to blast it away with that flaming pistol, coated in that holy fire, to try and force it off. In a thunderous boom, the flaming bullet would expel, hoping to dig into it's flesh, shouting litanies at it as he fought it.

[14:36] Revenland Dice v1.4: Captain Zideous Arionnias (Zidane Radek) rolls a 1d100: 16
[14:37] Revenland Dice v1.4: This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo Resident) rolls a 1d100: 99

[14:39] Jerad Teigo took a deep breath at Torri's words before his head shot back in the direction of the wagon when the thing went leaping at Zid. The knight watched as the others moved forward, "Careful! Don't get in his crossfire." He tried to find an opening to slash toward the creature's shoulders.

[14:39] Revenland Dice v1.4: Ovrik (GotYouCovered Resident) rolls a 1d100: 88
[14:39] Revenland Dice v1.4: This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo Resident) rolls a 1d100: 74

 The doggo let out shrieks of pain, even when no one was attacking it. It's eyes, ears, and nose dripping with blood as it continued to hang on. The bullet barely missed, but the loud shot that would scare off any normal animal seemed to have no effect on the monster. It wasn't until two slashes reached it that it moved away from Zid. Hopping back when Torri attacked and immediately snapping toward her arm to try and bite into it.

[14:41] Revenland Dice v1.4: This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo Resident) rolls a 1d100: 62
[14:41] Revenland Dice v1.4: Scary Tarri (Kiba Noonan) rolls a 1d100: 58

[14:45] Sabrina repositioned herself, trying to create some room to maneuver. She gasped when the hound bit the lady mayor's arm, and she once again tried to hit the vile beast with her blade...

[14:45] Revenland Dice v1.4: Sabrina Gagliano (Sabrina Gagliano) rolls a 1d100: 9
[14:46] Revenland Dice v1.4: This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo Resident) rolls a 1d100: 44

[14:48] Lorfn Ashdetter (lorfn) watches the group of people attacking some animal, keeping her distance for now anyways, chewing on her bottom lip as the hound bit someone, grabbing part of her skirt, tearing a strip off for a makeshift bandage

[14:49] Torri 's clumsy attack missed, sword tip sparking off the cobblestones as the beast came to bite her, she ripped one arm away only to get caught by the other, letting out a yelp in agony as the creature's jaws clamped down, tearing into the leather glove at the underside of her gauntlet, drawing unseen blood. "fuck fucsahh!" batting and punching at it's head as her sword arm was currently incapacitated. "It hurts!~" ..No shit.

[14:50] Revenland Dice v1.4: Scary Tarri (Kiba Noonan) rolls a 1d100: 63
[14:50] Revenland Dice v1.4: This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo Resident) rolls a 1d100: 62

[14:50] Captain Zideous Arionnias would stumble back as he'd hiss from the pain of the tight, tugging jaw on his leg, struggling to regain his balance. He'd then watch as it lunged for the mayor, attempting to cut it out of the air as he'd bring his flaming blade in a long arc, trying to cut the cursed beast apart. "Gah! Hold still!"

[14:50] Revenland Dice v1.4: Captain Zideous Arionnias (Zidane Radek) rolls a 1d100: 96
[14:50] Revenland Dice v1.4: This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo Resident) rolls a 1d100: 89

[14:51] Jerad Teigo looked to the creature as his sword made contact, pulling back quickly and gripping the hilt with both hands. His jolted his hands forward in a stabbing motion toward the beast's core. Leaning away some to make sure he wasn't included in the bullet's route. Though luckily it seemed to have hit its mark instead of Jerad.

[14:51] Revenland Dice v1.4: Ovrik (GotYouCovered Resident) rolls a 1d100: 58
[14:51] Revenland Dice v1.4: This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo Resident) rolls a 1d100: 23

 The monster locked its jaw onto Torri for a moment before letting go to move away from Sabrina. Suddenly giving a more canine like yelp as two cold steels found its way into its flesh. It fell to the ground, struggling to get back up as it let out something between pained cries and gurgling growls.

[14:57] Sabrina watched the hellhound go down, after succesful hits from the others. She carefully did a step forwards, trying to give the creature a coup de grace. No need to prolong its suffering...

[15:06] Torri dropped her sword and fell back, watching the creature gurgle and struggle on the ground as she unhooked her gauntlet and tore her glove off, revealing her bloodied wrist, and something that seemed like a fresh tattoo of a raven surrounded by thorns on her right wrist. "ohgodsohgods..." she muttered to herself quietly. as if she didn't have enough shit to worry about already she was probably infected with some horrible shit!

[15:07] Lorfn Ashdetter (lorfn) takes a quick walk to see about finding some thread and a needle. Returning with the items, standing ready to help after the fight was done, sure she lacked her mothers sewing skills but never hurt to try

[15:08] Jerad Teigo huffed out as the thing seemed to fall, glanced over his shoulder for a split moment as he thought someone was behind him. He noticed a woman down the street before his attention was taken back as he tried to pull Torri away from it. "Careful! Get that bite treated, now." He was apparently worried it might get infected as he tried to stab the sword into the creature's neck to end its misery.

  The creature on the ground, didn't seem to much move from the two attacks. Sabrina's attack made it fall limp for a moment, still twitching a few times before the stabbed to the throat from Jerad made its breathing shallow before there was none left. The body began to rot rather quickly, like a fast forward occurring right before their eyes. Its bones crumbling, stomach bloating before deflating. Furless skin bubbling as dark spots began to appear and nearly eat at the monster.

[15:16] Sabrina stepped back, trying her very best not to throw up after seeing the beast rot away. Who knew, its bubbling flesh might even explode or something! Watching the process from a safe(ish) distance, she turned her attention to the lady mayor, who was already being looked after. "Is... is it dead now?"

[15:18] Torri 's eyes welled with tears as she squeezed the wound tightly, reaching behind her she'd pull a vial of clear liquid and pull the cork out with her teeth, pouring it over her wounds, she'd whimper and let out a 'tss' sound as she watched the creature practically melt in front of them. "what the fuck was that?... how does that sort of thing even happen??" she had a horrible question, which she would not voice. tears running down her cheeks from the pain of the oil mixture burning the open wound. which she scrubbed vigorously as if she had contracted some horrible disease. one that needed to be treated with skin removal.

[15:21] Lorfn Ashdetter (lorfn) crinkles her nose at the putrid smell of the monster rotting away. Moving closer to the group, offering the torn strip from her skirt to the woman who had been bitten. " Er..Do you want me to bandage that?" Unsure if the liquid she used would surfice for treatment or not.

[15:22] Jerad Teigo relaxed for a moment, "I believe it is, but who knows if any other animal is...infected like this." He paused as it suddenly bloated and backed up in case something else happened before watching in disgust and awe as it seemed to be degenerating so quickly. He only pulled his attention away as a woman offered help, "She might need it cleaned further. If you two could take her to the apothecary, I'll find some guards to take care of...whatever this thing is and to make sure no others are roaming the streets."

  The monster's skin sapped over its bones, but the degeneration seemed to stop there. An oozing like liquid spilling out from underneath and tracing the crevices between the cobblestone.

[15:26] Sabrina looked to the lady mayor's wound with a worried look in her eyes. "My lady, perhaps it would be better if we escort you to the church, and then the apothecary?" She stepped back from the ooze, just to be sure..."The creature somehow reminded me of a cross between a dog and a bat. Perhaps... our stray was bitten by a werebat? Oh dear!"

[15:28] Torri nodded to the woman who offered to bandage her arm. holding the empty vial out to jerad. "Scoop some of that goo up, i'd like to give it to the inquisitor. to see if he can make anything out of it. don't get it on your hands--" she'd cut herself off to cringe rather violently when the woman touched her arm, forearm muscles tensing as the black markings on her wrist seared with pain. hearing sabrina's words, she'd scoff. and not give much more of an answer toward that, hiding the underlying fear that she was definitely considering the woman's words. "let's go to the apothecary.."

[15:31] Lorfn Ashdetter (lorfn) wraps the linen around the wound, making sure to wrap it tightly to decreasing bleeding. " I do hope that was the only one..Do things like that often get inside the walls?" She asked the group Taking a step back once the bandaging was finished, taking a closer look at the second woman, then the man.

  Underneath the wagon was the shell of the dog. Fur and flesh stretched and laid across the cobblestone, bloodsoaked. Even the eyes of the dog remained, staring at anyone who looked. 

[15:33] Jerad Teigo frowned, "The apothecary first, I can always get a priest to come to you and bless you to be safe. But if the priests cannot do much to the wound itself." He paused a moment, " those things -crawl- out of dogs?!" He dared to peek under the wagon to see if maybe, MAYBE, the dog was still there. He could hope it somehow survived, right? But seeing just the 'shell' of the dog and a flap of skin left and he turned his head, looking ready to gag. Which had to say a lot. He stood up quickly and cleared his throat, waiting for his stomach to calm. "There's...what's left of the dog under the wagon. Do you want that as well?"

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