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[11/16 Contest] Death and the Demoness (Adult?)

1 year 1 week ago #355 by ღღ Lღʀєlєɨ ღღ
ღღ Lღʀєlєɨ ღღ created the topic: [11/16 Contest] Death and the Demoness (Adult?)
(A funny rp between Obsidian Blackthorn (silence.genesis) and ღღ Lღʀєlєɨ ღღ(araloreleimarialla) on sim.)

[04:13] Lilith had been stalking about the forest, looking for a bit of sport. A human to hunt or corrupt, maybe an already wicked soul to snack on. Clawed feet made silent work of the footpaths, and the slight rustle of feathers was scarce. Glowing sea foam green hues looked about, pitch black around that shock of color, black forked tongue flickering out to taste the air. There'd been nothing so far, no one out and about, when she had spied something falling from the sky. Her curiosity had been piqued, and slowly she'd made her way closer, an unnatural chill creeping through the forest, causing a fog to build and crawl throughout the trees as she neared, places nearly freezing over on certain trees as the Hellfrost Queen crept closer.

[04:18] Selverael merely stared at the skyline. There was a glaring to his expression in regarding it. As if he was angry about something. It surely was written all along his facial features. His glowing eyes then shifted to something about the forest that seemed off. It made said glowing eyes narrow. "We're naught alone.." He spoke in a bassy quiet tone. "I feel a shift in energies.. But.." He then tilted his head and painfully rose to a seated position. Cracking and popping of broken wing limbs shuffling as he did so. That's when the scent of blood struck the air in it's strong smell. A hand lowered to his side and thus noticed a large gaping wound caused by a shard of wood that had pierced his side. "Unngh!" He uttered in agony as he begun to attempt to pull the shard free of his form. His piercing scream of pain then shook the forest causing all the surrounding birds to startle and take flight only to caw in the distance.

[04:28] Raven finally would have flipped enough pages to find the divine healing spell again and would once more read through it carefully, her mind would start to convert the words into her own language of magicks. It was only as he state they were not alone that she looked up from the pages and to him, then began to scan the area around as it began to form a nip in the air. An unnatural cold crept over her as she spied off into the distance, though before she had detect anything, the haunting cry from Death himself stole her attention and she snaps her eyes back to him, paling as she saw him trying to yank a shard free "You're... you're bleeding." she points out, as if he didn't know "Is that... Are you normally..? How is that possible..?" she wonders, drawing slightly closer, thumbing on the page still "You might just have solved the problem." she adds next, putting the book down, it's words already memorized.

[04:39] Lilith had heard the cry indeed, and zeroed in on it. The smell of blood, and not just any blood, but angelic blood at that and something else...was there a mortal present as well? Her mouth began to water at the scent of a mortal, and with a stalking gait she moved forward. Making not a sound, but her eyes trained on the direction she caught the scent in. Looking up there were figures sitting at the edge of that small hill. There was a honey sweet smile lining her lips, but within her eyes held a predatory gleam as if a child on Christmas morning. The scent was intoxicating, clouding her senses, making them reel and causing a kind of tunnel vision when her eyes landed on a mortal female. Whomever it was present with her was indeed injured from the smell of it, so she immediately saw the female as a easier meal. "Sweet little thing...don't you know the forest is unsafe....there be monsters about.." She cooed in a honey sweet tone, trying her level best not to visibly drool at the sight of the girl and keep her
[04:39] Lilith composure. "Come with me...I'll keep you safe..." She smiled, the only thought on her mind at the moment being trying to lure that girl away. She couldn't quite help herself, or she didn't want to, who knew. But that girl's scent drove her crazy, though something prickled at the back of her mind telling her she was indeed forgetting about something important trying to remember what.

[04:41] Selverael nodded to her mention of him bleeding. He did bleed but it was liquid light that seared the ground where ever it seemed to drip. Golden in hue it glowed against the ground. "Yes I bleed.." He spoke in response to her question. "But do naught touch it.. Lest ye'r hands burn off.. and why? I do naught know why I am bleeding. This usually does naught happen to me.." He was just as confused as she was about this entire subject at hand. It was indeed odd that he was bleeding at this point in time. At this current point he just so happened to turn his head at the sound of a voice. The sight made his glowing eyes widen like dinner plates. "No fuckin' way..." He uttered in awe. "Lilith?" He queried.

[04:51] Raven shivered and would begin to rub her arms to keep up the warmth as that 'chill in the air' seemed to only get worse. For a moment she thought it came from him, especially now since he was bleeding and maybe even.. bleeding out? Could Death die? Oh so many questions, so little time. She did take great care to not get close to him still, or the golden blood he spilled "I'm not gonna touch it!" she assured "But if you bleed, even if it's not actual... blood. On this plane, it means you are more or less mor-" she fell silent as she saw her own breath forming mist and frost climbed up the nearby trees, now she could also see a winged female, far undressed for this cold climate at that and Raven hid her hands under her armpits to keep them warm while she stared at the winged woman "M-monsters?" she'd echo but then rapidly shook her head as she was told to come along "That is kind of you but I'm... busy." she informed as politely as she could. "I need to help.. ehm.." she'd look back to Death and just about as he spoke the name of the woman, though Raven couldn't know it was this woman, she just assumed such. Gaze flit between the two.

[05:00] Lilith had begun to inch closer towards the female, but at the sudden sound of another voice. A very familiar male voice, and the utterance of her name, her eyes swiveled around to focus on him. Slitted pupils began to dilate and constrict several times. It was as if the fog of hunger that had overtaken her senses was giving way to recognition, confusion, and even curiosity. "S-Selverael..? B-But what..." She paused realizing that it was the scent of his blood she'd smelled before and that predatory look seemed to mingle and mix with worry now. "What...happened.." She questioned though part of her had a good and well idea of what it was she was witnessing. The girl's reply however did not go unnoticed, and a torn look seemed to hold within her gaze. "A-ah indeed...understood.." She skipped back in her train of thoughts for a moment, a hand twitching and shaking like a junkie needing terribly to scratch a proverbial itch. Instead she gave a slight growl and a shake of her head moving closer to Selverael, careful not to near that blood. "Tell me you didn't..." She started, her gaze turning to his wings, ethereal and semi corporeal as they were, a couple were broken.

[05:06] Selverael just gazed at Lilith awe struck. He did not know what to do nor say. Tears just welled within his glowing eyes once more and he nodded to her question without thinking. "I plunged off the Seventh Platform.." Was all that he could utter at the time currently. "Then I fell.. A long way.. and... Hit every branch on the way down it seems..."

[05:12] Raven felt the sense of unease slowly disappearing as the woman's attention were turned from her to Death. She'd stand back and quietly listening, watching how the man was gazing at the woman, and it would not take her long before she had realized this was the woman they took form him and wouldn't give back. But then, how was she there? And why? And more importantly. It was still freezing cold. She'd skip from one foot to the other as she tried keeping temperature still, hands neatly hidden. Carefully did she clear her throat to draw bit of attention from the both lovers "He.. do need to be mended." she pointed out "Can.. you?" she'd inquire to the woman "I mean I could... Channel you? Perhaps?"

[05:30] Lilith had stood there flabbergasted as Selverael explained. "Y-you...fell.. good Lord...what did they do to you...?" She questioned, moving closer to make her way behind him towards his wings careful to not bump any of them. It was then that girl had spoken, and a slow nod of her head was given. "Indeed...healing magic...the likes which you may have to use..requires often...great power...and fortitude of body not to burn away.. but usually a reagent can be used at pay the cost.." She seemed to stammer and ramble a little. "All magic comes with a cost to be paid.. I can preform the magic...will hurt like hell, but if you would rather Channel...I can pay the cost for the magic..." With that she reached behind herself and plucked a single feather from her back, holding it out to the lass. The moment she noted the girl to appear 'frozen' in place with the cold, she sighed and gave a shake of her head. Ah never a worry, I shall do it..." She stated, and plucked two more random feathers from her back where she wouldn't miss them particularly. "You're going to need to hold still as you can...if they're nae set and mended, you'll nae heal to be the likely case.." Of course knowing from experience, she sighed and began the chanting in a foreign tongue. It was an old magic, very nearly a forbidden magic she'd picked up ages ago to return her own wings to her. As she chanted, tendrils of glowing sea foam green energy would trickle out encircling a broken wing, only to as quickly and painlessly as possible move the bones back into their proper place. One by one she would do this, not waiting for his take on the matter, as that energy would consume each feather she offered in sacrifice one by one, setting the broken wings before her, before that energy took on a healing aura working to heal the wounded appendages even with the queasy feeling settling in the pit of her stomach.

[05:39] Selverael screamed out as the broken limbs were set back into place and healed rapidly. His howling and shouts of pain shook the very forest itself. With a crack, a pop, and a snap finally each wing would be set into place and healed before all three pairs of wings stretched outwards and if Lilith didn't move she'd either get knocked to the side by the tremendous strength of them or a get a face full of feathers. "They did.. Nothin' ta' me.." He uttered with his back still turned to her. It was an angry tone but he was not angry with her. No his gaze was set upon the skyline was that expression of anger mixed with sorrow. His voice trembled with both physical pain and mental anguish. He was severely depressed and the only thing that held him together mentally was her presence alone right now. His wings then curled forwards folding about his form to hide it completely before that quiet shy voice came once more. "I came for you.." He said quietly.

[05:52] Lilith winced as the screams were enough for her to want to stop and hold her ears. She kept going though swallowing back bile and finding the urge to vomit from the kind of magic she was using. It was then she'd gotten a face full of feathers and landed flatly upon her arse. His words next as he hid himself caught her off guard, and though he couldn't see it, tears welled within her eyes. She knew she wasn't done with the healing however, and inched closer towards his back to hover there knelt in a squat close behind. "I know that pain...Lord knows I wish it was not you to have to feel it.. let me..." She started, moving to slide her left hand in between two of his wings to reach his left side where that wound lay. The soft chanting began again, and while she tried to avoid touching that bloodied wound, the proximity was enough to cause a burning sensation to build within her arm as she focused on mending that final wound. She was gentle and soft spoken as she attempted to provide some kind of emotional comfort while she worked to fix what had been broken.

[06:05] Selverael hissed at the pain that was caused by the wound being healed. Through the spaces of his wings there seemed to come a brilliant light like akin to a flame. "Stand back.." He instructed and begun to move to unfurl his wings. If she failed to do as instructed then that rushing of flame like holy energy that would come in a burst would certain have her caught within it's grasp. The beacon of light extended towards the skyline and hit it soundly before a loud gong like sound resounded somewhere within the heavens. The message had been received quite damn clearly.

[06:10] Lilith he hadn't had to tell her twice, as when she saw that light build up she'd already scrambled back, and ducked down shielding herself best she could just in case with her own wings. The noise was loud, and she could've sworn her brain rattled a little, but she sighed and cracked an eye open in that crouching position. "Well...never thought I'd see that happen..." she said mostly to herself, before moving to straighten up and stand upright once more. "Are we better now...? Nae any other wounds I should be aware of?" Her head tilted as she began to look him over carefully, the compulsion to step closer and begin tugging at and inspecting him trickling to the forefront of her mind.

[06:17] Selverael shook his head side to side with a roll of his shoulders before those wings begun to slowly and methodically curl back inwards He was at his root core a very shy individual. Even around his self proclaimed "mate" he was shy. Call it compulsion or whatever have you it was an old habit that died hard. This habit however wouldn't be dying anytime soon. "No.. I am fine.." He spoke quietly in a gentle voice. "When did you arrive? How long have you been here?"

[06:25] Lilith tilted her head a little as he spoke. There went that shy streak of his once again. "Mh' somewhere on about a few months...that daughter of mine is here somewhere from what I've heard...part of the reason I made the trip here to begin with. Forest folk seem to be a half decent lot...townsfolk are backwards and boorish.. quite a few of us made our way here if rumors are true." She stated calmly, and granted while she had the compulsion to sidle up to him or practically climb on him might be too soon so she simply stepped up to what might be a more comfortable closeness regarding him, visibly relieved that he was alright as of now.

[06:30] Selverael peeked out from the spaces of his wings and therein seemed to have a quirked eyebrow written upon his expression. A singular wing seemed to lift and reveal that expression before it moved back to hiding it once more. The glow of his eyes was able to be seen in the confines of his mass of feathers however. It always seemed to be focused upon her figure the entire time. "I am glad that you are safe.." He stated a bit of his merriment returning to his over all tone of voice. "You are however a bit naked.." He added in commenting upon the obvious.

[06:35] Lilith arched a brow a bit as he indeed commented upon the obvious. Next came the wry cheeky sort of smile. "Awww.. I thought you might like this...I'm actually wearing solid clothes for once.. important bits covered an' all." She cooed flashing a playful wink his way, her over all demeanor seeming to brighten a little a bit of merriment having returned to his tone of voice. "But if you're feeling nostalgic...I could strip naked as a jay bird and go with the breeze..~?" She curled a wry little grin, suppressing a little giggle that caught in her throat. Part of her was teasing, the other part however knowing her, she may just have done it.

[06:38] Selverael seemed to give a roll of his glowing eyes and through the spaces of his feathers one could see it displayed. That joke did however get a small laugh from him considering things as they were. It would take far longer for him to return to normal after basically taking such a plunge. A sigh issued next and he promptly looked skywards. "I do naught know.. What is to become of my actions.." He spoke next before his glowing gaze returned to her. "But for now? I need to rest. You need to rest. Tha' both o' us.. And I'll hear no cooing pleas for pleasure halfway through either.." He thus begun to turn and walk towards a nearby cave. As he did so? He glanced over allowing his wings to fold behind himself. A wry grin of his own was displayed in knowing fashion. "I know your wicked game.." He uttered and chuckled before continuing on.

[06:57] Lilith had nearly tried for seriousness, however his joke or at least she hoped it was a joke caused her to balk. "You don't honestly mean to say you don't want it too..." She huffed folding her arms across her chest, cheeks puffing out. "An' with how long it's been.. a healthy sex life is natural you wonder you're sullen so often you don't treat yourself enough..." She grumbled mumbling, as she followed after him eying his back intently. "Mark my words...I'm gonna fuck you til you love me...whether it's between sleep or after.." She was beginning to go on about how she hadn't had good dick in close to ten thousand years, all while moving to pile up next to him to sleep. She would try and wait til he was just about to drift off, and would lean in planting a gentle kiss to his cheek, whispering in his ear sweetly. "I'm gonna put it in your butt Sel." She cooed sweetly grinning ear to ear.

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