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Pine Marten Ugly Auditions

11 months 3 weeks ago - 11 months 3 weeks ago #374 by Lach it down
Lach it down created the topic: Pine Marten Ugly Auditions
And the Games Begin.

[14:25] Lachlan corrected her with, "LACHLAN." He paused, "Whot? No, I'm not tired." Glancing at Red again and he just smirked a smug little smirk before going to plop back down into the chair. Taking a swig of the bottle before resting his elbows to his knees. "So. Who's here fer the" audition was a big word. Hel ooked to Narkham with a quirked brow before back to the ladies. Mainly Rhea.Only once Onoma was in that he pinched at the brim of his nose. "Remember te cook whot people order. Not just cook random shite!"

[14:26] Kala shrugged a little at his reply before sh squeaked, "Kala! Kala is! Kala dance!" She did a little quick tippy toe in place like she had to pee all off a sudden. Looking to each person that entered and cried out, "WELCOME TO TAVERN. WELCOME TO TAVERN."

[14:31] Red heard the door open, but currently she was faced away from it. She flinched suddenly, though, when her name was called, and suddenly there were arms about her waist. She stiffened up, her face alarmed, and was nearly set on her tiptoes when she was pulled upward. Immediately her heart began to race, on the verge of a panic attack. She suddenly pushed forward to try and break the arms apart, resisting the urge to use her elbow as a weapon. Whirling around, she spied it was that... hyperactive odd woman who kept saying weird things. She pointed at her, as if to say 'I'm watching you' and began to back away. "Wh--dance trials?" Did she hear that right? She turned around and saw Lek had already set himself up in a seat. She grabbed a second one and dragged it over, the legs squealing horribly against the floor until it came to a stop. Then she sat down and began to scoot it forward, with more brief but loud screeches across the floor.

[14:32] Rhea Bellambi smiles warmly at Rae. "Hello, my friend. There's supposed to be auditions for a tavern entertainer today, or so was my understanding." She arches a brow at Kala's excited peeping and laughs. "Such enthusiasm." She seems charmed rather than annoyed. To Lachlan she says, "As am I. Though if there's too many dancers and no music I may play my pipes instead." Her fingers tap idly against the syrinx dangling around her neck.

[14:35] Rae inclined her head to the faun with a grin. "Good to see you again, Rhea." She swished her tails as she listened, excited, and turned to Lachlan. "Dancing? I can dance, ask Red and Cera, I dance all the time, often on the tables. Can I do this as well? Can this be part of my working? As Rhea says, if there are too many, I have my lute as well."

[14:38] Onoma, "Yes, yes" She agreed dismissively, thinking to her response, 'yes, I am people, and I want to eat that rabbit.' She licked her lips, but then noticed that voice of warning was not her own this time, it belonged to the man she had met the other night. "Oh, it's the handsome man... would you like to eat some rabbit then and-?" She looked at the other women now, whom had mistaken for static background noise. "Dancers? I thought this was going to be an ugly competition, these women need a lot more ugly to draw in a crowd." She walked closer to get a closer look, but then turned to Lach for the green light on cooking the rabbit.

[14:40] Lachlan tilted his head to Red, "Aye, oh? I didn't tell ye? Must ov forgot." He really was getting back at her. His attention returning to Rhea, "Nay, we ahv-" He looked to the door as it opened and the bards he hired came in, "Them." He paused as Rae mentioned the tables and smirked, "Aye, why do ye think we're facing the counter? Hop on it an' dance fer us. Tell te bards whot kind ov music ye waunt." He paused and looked to ONoma with a shrug, "Eh, sure. Rabbit's fine. Not in ah stew though. roasted. An' nay, not an ugly test. Bit opposite."

[14:42] Kala wiggled a little in excitement, "ohhhhh" Luckily she didn't hear the name of the auditions until now, "Ugly? Then Kala Lose! HAAAAA!" She looked to the bards and clapped wildly, "Can Kala go after many tails?"

[14:43] Red knew he knew that she knew that he knew this was payback for not keeping him updated on things in the tavern. Kala. Contest. -Bards.- She slowly turned her head toward him and then stared at him a moment. Then she slowly turned her head to look back toward the gathered girls, while reaching slowly out to her side to try and pinch his arm.

[14:48] Rhea Bellambi's eyes glitter with amusment. "I must admire your forethought, Lachlan." She hops nimbly backward so she has a better view of the dancers preceding her. "I have no qualms with going last. Please... Begin when you're ready." She leans in and murmurs something into the ear of one of the musicians, requesting a song with a good dancing beat but a little slower, something a body can sway sensually to.

[14:52] Rae tugged at an ear at having been selected as the first to go apparently. Usually she was much more tipsy and had roped someone else into dancing with her. "My name is Rae, Kala, we met last night-" She then remembered the girl slapping the wand from the sorceress's hand and decided that informing her of her change in form might have a similar reaction. "Many tails is fine, nice to meet you." She said before hopping up on the counter and tapping her foot briefly. "I usually dance to my lute, so... something with much energy, yes? Very cheerful sound." Once they'd begun, she hesitated a moment before beginning to dance energetically.

Rae's Dance

[14:55] Onoma, "Great!" Onoma needed no more to race to the kitchen, where if one had keen hearing, maniacal laughter could be heard. She started stripping the fur from the rabbit right away before it clung to the meat. Oh sweet glory, why did she have to wait for it to cook? She tried to remember what people couldn't eat, but guessed that shoving a shaft through it and turning it over the fire after smothering it in lard would be fine. Rabbit was always so gamey. While she waited for it to cook, she thought of adding potatoes.. so she started cooking those too, cause apparently humans coudln't eat them raw.

[15:01] Lachlan knew that she knew that he knew that she knew this was payback. "Awlright, Kala is after Ra-ow." he jerked and looked toward Red with flattened brows. Glaring at her a moment before looking over. "Rae's up first." Once she was up and he looked to the bards. Seeing them just as entertained by it all and going to begin the more upbeat music. He looked over toward Rae and tilted his head in watching her. Then to Red, "Not bad, huh?" With that dumb smirk still. Oh he was enjoying this revenge.

[15:03] Kala wiggled even more as she was confirmed to be after Rae. "Oh? Hi Rae. Kala not remember you yesterday." But as the music began and she would turn in a circle and back up with a little clap along to encourage her! "Ohhh pretty pretty dance."

[15:07] Red repeated after Rhea, "Yes, your forethought, Lachlan," in a grumble and sunk a little lower into her chair. She watched Rae hop nimbly onto the counter and mumbled a little under her breath, and then gave an odd look toward the kitchen when she heard cackling... She tore her gaze away to watch Rae. As she watched, she had to admit, she liked the movements. She sat up a little more in her chair and tried taking some mental notes. Though at Lek's words, she just balled up her hand into a fist and weakly punched him, since her shoulder still wasn't all the way mended.
[15:07] Red *tried to weakly punch him,

[15:12] Rhea Bellambi's attention is wholly focused on Rae's dancing, both appraising her movements and admiring her body as she makes them. Her furry nub of a tail wags in silent contentment. It actually takes her a few moments to realize that her glass is empty. She contemplates ordering another, but ultimately sets the now useless vessel on a nearby table to be collected later. Her eyes return to the Kitsune, hoof keeping time with gentle taps on the floor.

[15:13] Rae grinned at Kala and her clapping as she danced, slowly coming to a halt as the music from the bards died off. Facing everyone, she gave a dramatic bow. "Grazie, grazie. I will hopefully be back, but for now I must go." She grinned impishly as she hopped down from the bar and trotted through the door and into the forest.

[15:16] Onoma, babied that rabbit every second, while checking on the slowly roasting potatoes. It was both brilliantly exciting, and horribly, tortuously, slow. She groaned in frustration, her mind looking for more things to do. "Cook faster!" Onoma paced around and started to clean one of the ducks, sorting all it's parts for some other meal.

[15:17] Lachlan looked toward the kitchen door a moment at the cackle, uhhh diabolical cooking? Yea he's going to have someone taste test it in case it's poisoned now. He looked at Red in a deadpan stare as she punched him. Reaching over quickly to grab the chair and try to yank it toward him so they were right next to each other. Without a word and he would turn back to watching Rae. Leaning back a little in amusement. Giving a little clap to the bow, "See ye soon then Rae, I'll tawk to ye then." He looked over toward Kala, "Yer turn."

[15:23] Kala clapped so messily that it looked like she might break a wrist once Rae was finished. To Lachlan telling her it was her turn and she trotted over toward the bards to babble at them. They might have seemed confused before she repeated herself a little better as, "Bellydance moosics." She turned and hurried onto the countertop. Having trouble just to get on top of it. Sprawling her upper body and trying to pull herself up as her leg stretched over the side to try and help her. Much like a toddler. Once she was up though and she hopped to a stand like it was nothing. Lifting her hands to look down in a stupid and excited smile. Once the music began and she did a dance not quite fitting for it, and not quite sensual at all. The one good thing about it, at least for men, was that it just kicked up the silks that barely covered her and exposed way too much at times. After what looked awkward and like she had to poop and she finally gave a happy and more upbeat dance.

Kala's Dance

[15:34] Red let out a little cry of alarm when he grabbed her chair, figuring he was about to dump her out of it. The legs squealed against the floor, and then she sat there, looking downright sheepish, as she tried to keep a straight face without smiling. As Rae headed off, she leaned over and whispered, "Yes, but she dances here all the time anyway, so you wouldn't have to pay for it." She leaned back in her chair and lightly scratched a bandage about her midsection, through her clothes, while watching Kala get up on the stage. "Moosics," she said under her breath, a bit amused. She got up there much in the way Red would probably have to. Darn Rae and her acrobatic sense! Her eyebrows raised at the dance, quite like watching a chicken skip around the farmyard. She leaned toward Lek and whispered, "Very exotic, sexy." Wat.

[15:37] Rhea Bellambi is not a man but she still glances briefly at what the fluttering cloth fleetingly exposes. Mostly, though, she grins and claps along encouragingly. The faun seems utterly delighted by the display. While her amusement is obvious, there doesn't seem to be any trace of mockery in her laughter or expression. "I've never seen anything like this before."

[15:41] Grey Fullbuster approaches the tavern cautiously

[15:44] Onoma, turned to the door as she heard the positive commotion outside. To peek, to to keep an eye on the rabbit? She stayed with her child, Ah- I mean the meal she was making... for Lachlan, or whoever wanted it. She felt so isolated in the kitchen, like she was being punished even though she was surrounded by food... worth it! She rotated the rabbit and soon it was ready. Onoma prepped the potatoes on a few plate and then set the a small portion of rabbit over them. "Ok, job's done." She grabbed a plate and walked out to the main room and took a seat. "Food's in the kitchen if you want it."

[15:45] Lachlan shifted a little and looked ready to stand up to help Kala up, "Just....fockin'... use yer arms..I..." he sighed and waited for her to dance. Once the music started and he stared....just...stared. Mouth a little agape. One brow just slightly lower than the other as he tried to comprehend what was going on. And the view. So much exposed. His dick was utterly confused. He gave Red a look as she said it was very exotic and sexy with a simple, "You would." blunt comment.

[15:47] Kala smiled more and more to the claps of Rhea, all too happy and even more ecstatic about her dance moves! Once she was done and she would bow awkwardly before tip toeing toward the edge, sitting, and then scooooting off. Looking to Rhea and running over to her, "Your turn!" She paused and looked at Onoma, "Foooooooooood?"

[15:47] Lachlan would have also gave Onoma a look with a simple, "Wanna get me some?" that sounded more demanding than a legit question.

[15:48] Red looked back and forth between Kala's bird-like dancing to Lek and just broke out into a grin. Before she could suggest maybe moving on to the next one, Kala was already announcing Rhea's turn. She perked at the mention of food and asked, "Can I too?" to Onoma, because shit, after Rae and Kala, she had to see Rhea's next.

[15:50] Grey Fullbuster turns from the tavern slowly about to walk away when he heard the word food and burst in

[15:55] Rhea Bellambi runs her fingers through her hair uncertainly. "I'm... Really not sure how to follow a performance like that. Kala's dance was so singular, so unique. I cannot be her. I can only be me." She dips her head humbly before making her way back to the counter, ascending it in a single nimble hop. Her eyes close and she takes a deep breath as the band begins to play. It's very slow at first, calming the jovial atmosphere a little. Her arms extend to either side of her and wave subtly, as though she is wading into a wave of music. Her hips rock with the tide, a slow undulation that gradually increases in speed as the instruments do.

[15:58] Onoma, was about to eat, until she heard Lachlan and Red ask for some of the food she cooked. She stood up and handed her perfect plate to Red, the one she had stacked with the best parts, and sulked to the kitchen. "The job's cook isn't it? Not fetcher..." She came back out with two more plates and a small cup of duck fat. She handed one plate to Lachlan, and kept the duck fat and third plate for herself. She licked the lard and watched Rhea platonicly, thinking of what the fawn must eat, human food, or fawn food? When Gray came in, Onoma stood up and marched back into the kitchen. She'd have enough of his magic for today.

[16:03] Lachlan tightened his lips into a thin line to Rhea's words, was she siding with Red on this one? Really? He looked to Red as if she somehow put Rhea up to that. He flattened his brows and peeked to Onoma, "So you expect te patrons to walk into our kitchen te get food? No. Red serves or servers serve. But she's busy judgin', so you can serve fer ah few minutes. Won't kill ye, trust me." When Onoma came and gave him one plate, he seemed to calm down. But now Rhea hopped onto the counter and he went quiet as the music started. Lifting a brow, then another to her dance. He glanced to Grey for a brief moment before back to Rhea, he was staring a little too hard at her. Hopefully Red didn't see. Cause his eye line was straight toward her ass.

Rhea's Beginning of Dance
Rhea's Winning Dance

[16:12] Kala made a big letter o with her mouth at the little hop and did a little toddler like bend of knees dance along as she watched Rhea dance. "Purdy purdy." She looked to the plates of food passed around as her stomach made the rumblies. But it was cooked food, and that was weird.

[16:13] Red clicked her heels together to hide her excitement that Lek had called her a judge, and that she didn't have to serve during, and grinned big at the plate, formerly Rhea's, that she was handed. For once, something that wasn't stew or apples or jerky! And it looked better than Lek's plate! Though she made sure to put hers more toward her right side, so Lek couldn't reach it. She began to quickly bite and rip and chew, as if someone was going to come and take this away from her, while she watched the faun push her hips about and jiggle and move her arms about. She leaned forward to glance over at Lek's face. Judging by his expressions during all three, this here was the winner. She watched him a moment while she ate, before looking back to take some mental tips from Rhea, too wound up in dancing and food to notice Grey had slipped inside.

[16:16] Rhea Bellambi eyes pass from one face to the next, smiling to each being currently occupying the bar; even a peek over her shoulder at Cera. Somehow, every glance seems to belong to the one she's gazing at; intimate, secret, for them alone. Her little cloven hooves tap rhythmically against the wood of the counter and add a musical click that compliments the steady flow of music she moves with as if it were a physically present partner. As the song finally draws to a close she hops down from the makeshift stage and takes a flourishing bow.

[16:19] Grey Fullbuster watches the faun until the song is over then slips past the group to the corner of the room to sit down, casting a quick shadow over the room as he passes the fire

[16:27] Onoma, stayed in the kitchen and eat her plate. Not the plate she wanted, but a good meal none the less. She hoped Red would fatten up with hers, but it was a long shot. Red was so small and tiny, Onoma would have to cook a boar or something bigger, with more fat.

[16:29] Lachlan wouldn't even have touched his food as he watched her, as if hypnotized by it. Once she finished and he leaned back, putting the plate over his lap to cover something, " thought ov gettin' paid te dance 'ere?"

[16:32] Kala clapped wildly and hopped in place, "I like hers, hers purdy! Hers bestest! Hers make Kala wants to rapes her!" That's a compliment!

[16:36] Red watched the faun, her movement very fluid and graceful, although she couldn't help but pick up on the sound of the hooves against the wood. She felt her cheeks heat up from the rather focused look the faun had given her and leaned over to whisper to Lek, "I think she likes me."

[16:42] Rhea Bellambi laughs mirthfully at Lachlan's question. "That's the idea, hmm? I'll dance, or play my pipes -" She's cute off by Kala's, uh... Compliment. "Oh!" She actually seems caught off guard by that, lashes fluttering like startled butterflies. When she recovers, she let's out another little laugh and says to Kala, "I'm sure we'll be fine friends, dove." It's just a pet name based on the woman's rather bird-like mannerisms, the faun is wholly ignorant of any disguises. She returns her attention to Red and Lachlan. They seem to be the judges.

[16:47] Lachlan lifted his brows a little, "Well, we could pay ye more too if yer willin' to lead the other girls an' entertainers. Maybe come up with group dances once in awhile?" He looked down at the plate over his lap to make sure it wasn't crooked from the thing it was hiding.

[16:48] Kala let out a long, "Ohhhhh." and even though Lachlan was probably not talking about her and she would squawk with joy, "She teach Kala how to do booty dances!!!" She paused at being called a dove. A little smile as her head tilted left, then straight, then right. "Kala prettier than dove! Kala has colors!"

[16:49] Chase Warren thumps onto the floor of the second story as he wakes up scrambling to find his crossbow. He eventually finds it and straps it to his back giving a stretch feeling well rested after the night. He walks down stairs staring at everyone. he nods to the tall strange male sitting next to Red then to Red. He nods to the cat woman from the night before then to the fawn woman. He looks to the corner seeing Grey nodding to him too before walking out muttering "Gentlemen..."

[16:50] Onoma, walked out, all casually like.

[16:52] Red murmured under her breath, "Could teach me too," and gave Lek a goofy look with raised eyebrows. She glanced around the room and asked, "Is that everyone?" She wasn't going to dare even ask Cera. "What about the cook, can she dance?" Nu! She got away!

[16:52] Red also just spied a glimpse of a Chase! But it was fleeting.

[16:56] Rhea Bellambi's face lights up. "That's an excellent idea. I'd be happy to create some group dances, and practice with fellow entertainers; especially if it would bring me more coin. I prefer to work with my fellow performers rather than against them. I hate the catty, competitive clawing for tips that can happen in some taverns..." She smiles at Kala, then Red with genuine warmth. "It would bring me great joy to teach anything I know to both or either of you." She offers Chase a polite wave before returning her attention to her potential employers to see what they say.

[16:57] Lachlan looked to Chase, poor guy just missed the eye women. As he mentioned gentlemen and Lek looked around. Surrounded by women, and he was definitely no gentle man himself. Then to onoma leaving and gave her a nod, like a nod of approval. Like a thank you? Possibly, not like those words came out of his mouth often. As opened his mouth to reject Kala's mention of her before Red hinted at learning. His brows suddenly tugged up. "Yea?" Far too interested in that. He looked back to Rhea as she agreed, "Then it's settled. Welcome to the Tavern Staff. An' let us know if anyone causes ye trouble."

[17:02] Kala hopped in place even more, "ohhh, teach teach! Kala likes! Kala can help too!" Poor Kala didn't know when to quit. She stepped aside in a hop as two people left and looked to Lachlan, then Red, then Lachlan, then Rhea. With a simple, "Kala be back." and sprinted out of the door like a bat out of hell.
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