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The end of the infirmary [2017/06/04]

8 months 2 weeks ago #551 by Damian
Damian created the topic: The end of the infirmary [2017/06/04]
[10:49] Seonais waking up on the cot, she looks around and doesn't see Cain around. "He must be hunting." Slipping a fresh gown over her head, fingers comb her hair and she readies it into a small braid in back. Smoothing out her skirts, she heads out looking for Damian.

[10:53] Damian (lycan.tyran) was busy reorganizing his den, just getting done with digging up his last bottle of whiskey, or what was left of it. He patted the ground some to even it out again, pulled the fur rug back over it and just and he stood up again he heard footsteps coming closer in the grass. He had already heard he waking up since well, the infirmary was really close by, for now... He turned to greet Seonais with a smile "Good day! What were you doing int the medica? Are you hurt?"

[10:56] Seonais eyes falling upon him, as he goes about pulling something out of the ground, she smiles a bit. She didn'tr realize that was his den, til now. A hand reaches up to touch the bandage at her arm while shrugging "Yeah, a bit. I'll be fine though. Cain cleaned and wrapped it for me last night." Stepping closer to him "Speaking of which, I think he and I figured out alot last night too with his transformations."

[11:01] Damian (lycan.tyran) held on that bottle of whiskey as he stood there, eying at the bandage on her arm. He frowned a bit and just had to ask "What happened, did something attack you here in the Glade or...?" He sure hoped that there was nothing brave enough to come here, at least nothing bad. His head tilted sightly in curiosity "Cain? You know why he shifts so randomly? I spoke with him and I know about his talisman that was stolen. Still need to talk to Keirc about that... Maybe he can make a new one."

[11:05] Seonais looking to the bandage she furrows brows and shakes her head "This...I've heard of some bizarre creatures but, attacking mushrooms? I think someone had a spell go wrong, or is looking for a new way to produce an army." she'd chuckle a bit at the thought. "It was down by the lake and I wasn't the only one there. Your friend, the one you told to hit you was there, but in a demon form. He actually started fighting against it too." but back to Cain now. "That's just it. We figured out he shifts so often because of me." her hand reaches up and thumb caresses a blue stone embedded in her ear. "I'm his talisman now."

[11:11] Damian (lycan.tyran)'s brow knitted as he tried to digest that "Wait... what? You were attacked by... mushrooms? And Devan was there? Okay... that is eh... interesting." What was even more interesting was that the friendly demon tried to fight it, whatever it was. Maybe there was hope for him after all. As Seonais continued about Cain he had to think about that for a moment too. He stared at her ear when she touched it and then looked back into her eyes, mumbling "You are his talisman... taliswoman...? H-how? Is that why he shifts around you??"

[11:16] Seonais chuckles again and nods "Mushrooms." but when his eyes move to look at her ear, she explains. "He lost his talisman fifty years ago. When I was born, this piece of stone was put into my ear. Why? I don't know. But we discovered it is part of his talisman. He found a way to bring me into his thoughts. He showed me what happened that night and that's when I pieced it together. It's why he changes when I'm around. His will to protect me and having the stone so near....he transforms."

[11:21] Damian (lycan.tyran) had to sit down for a moment, so he did. He opened the bottle he was holding in his hand and brought it to his lips, chugging the leftover whiskey down like it was water. When it was all gone, he signed and set it on the ground next to him. Looking up at her, listening, he nodded. It was finally making some sense. "I see... that is some freaky coincidence. But, it's good that you know! So he can now use you? Erm, well you know what I mean with that... like, now he knows can he control his shifts again?"

[11:26] Seonais seeing him sit and begin to drink, a brow rises a moment before she nods "It seems alot of freaky coincidences have been happening as of late." at the wording using her, she blinks a bit until he clarifies his meaning. "Yes. He was starting to control his transformations last night." remembering the battle again, she widens eyes and gasps softly "Oh! There was a woman there. She was looking for you. Her name is...Violet..." shaking her head "No, not Violet, Daisy..." snapping her fingers, she shakes her head again "Oh! Iris! That's it! I knew it was some flower name. She told me to tell you she's back and called you lover-boy" furrows brows at the term not really understanding it. "Is she a friend of yourS?"

[11:34] Damian (lycan.tyran) would have had more to drink but he ran out. For now, but he knew exactly who he could talk to later to get more now he was banned from the tavern. Again he nodded "That is great. I hope he now will have more control so I don't have to tie him to a tree in his wolf form after all. I need to talk to him some time soon." As the elf spoke of the other he sheepishly looked at her, slowly shaking his head as he did not recall anyone by those names until she finally said 'Iris'. His eyes widened and moved his hands up to lean his face into them and groaned tiredly "Oh... no... please say it ain't so..." He rose he head up to look at her, clearly not very happy about this "What did she say...?"

[11:39] Seonais grins a bit "No need to tie him to a tree..." then seeing his reaction to the name, Iris, she lifts a brow while canting head to the side. He didn't seem pleased. Then again, the woman did appear a bit gruff and maybe a bit threatening when she spoke about Damian. Seeing his face hit his palms before rubbing his cheeks over fingertips while looking to her again, she tries to remember. "She didn't really say much of anything. She was busy being attacked by mushrooms too." stepping closer, she lowers to knees before him. Like a mother to a child, she asks "Who is she? Is she dangerous? Will she be a threat?"

[11:45] Damian (lycan.tyran) was not really dealing well with all the problems going on here lately, he was again getting overwhelmed and now another was added to the list. He thought she was gone, but Iris was back. His eyes lingered on Seonais as she moved closer and knelt do before him. He tried to smile and lifted his shoulders in a shrug "She's just another person that wants me dead..." He took a deep breath and looked away as he continued to explain. "She's a hunter, she hunts supernatural creatures... things like me. I met her once and she threatened to kill me, I dragged her out of the Glade and she stabbed me with silver. And that was not very pleasant to say the least...."

[11:51] Seonais frowning, she lifts a hand to sweep the hair out of her face and tucks it behind an ear. 'Another person who wants me dead', his words echoing in her ear. As he goes on to explain, she settles down to the ground with legs tucking under her. "Shaking her head here and there, she starts to feel a protectiveness towards him. This was normal for her when she'd call someone friend. "Just how many people want you dead? Or better yet, who are the people who want you dead?" Atleast having some names, she can keep an ear out. "Cain and I had a run in with that man too. The one who arrived our first night here and the djinn lit up the sky with a fireball..." she didn't the man's name.

[11:57] Damian (lycan.tyran) took a moment to look at the scar on his wrist. He usually healed from just about anything because of what he was, but silver was just something that was could really hurt him. Even make him sick. Another sigh came and he then tried to laugh it off "You don't want to know. There are plenty... but let me think. We have Iris, there's this black knight who us undead, Gabriel the werewolf... oh and I would guess that the bandits will be out to get me too." He glanced back over at her, trying to relax some. He usually felt calmer when he was not by himself these days. "Uhm... Keric? Why? What happened now?"

[12:02] Seonais listening to the list, she frowns. "That's quite a bit..." her words trail off when he mentions Keric and she shakes her head. "No, no not him. He's the djinn. I haven't had problems with him. The man who Keric was threatening that night." Thinking then, "I don't remember the man's name, but it might have been that Gabriel, the werewolf, one. Cain was acting very protective and said he knew who the man was." But at the mention of the bandits, she frowns. She didn't like them, especially the one who stole her clothing and jewelry. "Well, it sounds to me like you need to raise an army of your own." the glade had been a bit quiet over the past few days. "Keric mentioned once that a few people outside the glade have joined on your side and fight for you." shrugs "Maybe you need to gather everyone and start going over some combat drills?" it was just a suggestion, one she is sure he'd already thought of or had in place, but she wasn't sure.

[12:13] Damian (lycan.tyran) shrunk a little as he realized who she meant. "Oh.. that guy.. what happened when you ran into him? And yes that must have been Gabriel. Keric set him on fire the other day. I ran into him and he acted like he wanted to apologize, went down on his knees even. I had Keric and Rae with me since well, they wouldn't let me go by myself when he was out there waiting for me... And yesterday I ran into an elf friend of his who told me that he was out to kill me, wanting to take over my pack." His fingers tapped nervously on his legs, this was worrying him. He had a very bad feeling about this. Seeing her frown he remembered something he had been needing to ask "I heard you were bothered by them too...? They took your stuff? Are you alright? Did they hurt you?" He sure hoped not, he knew how they could be... He nodded some "Yes, I have been trying to get people that I trust to join me and my pack. We are with quite a few now. And yes... maybe we need to bring everyone together and prepare for a possible war... or something. I'm not too sure." He fell quiet for a bit looked off into the distance and then looked back at Seonais again "Did you think about it? Joining? You don't have to but I just feel like I can trust you and well, Cain joined?"

[12:21] Seonais nodding a bit "That guy. He said something about you meeting him outside the glade and I don't know, I didn't really believe him much since you hadn't been around at the time." as he continues to explain, her ears twitch a bit at the mention of killing him and wanting to take over the pack. She chuckles a bit though "In order for him to take over, wouldn't he have to prove himself to be the alpha and a leader?" she wasn't sure, she didn't know much of his kind. "It would seem to me that you can't be a leader if no one is willing to follow you. Maybe he needs to be reminded of that." turning back, she looks in the direction of the bandit camp then back to him. "I wasn't hurt. The man just wanted my jewelry and dress. It was the dress I'd gotten all dirty and ripped the other day when you went looking for Cain in your wolf form. The loss isn't important, it was the stripping down in front of him and his men that bothered me." she finds that amusing since the following day, she was out in the lake swimming around naked as a fish. When he asks about joining his pack, she wasn't a wolf, but being Cain's mate and after he'd shared his blood with her, she nods. "I have and I'd be honored to join. ..and maybe, if you can gather everyone, it will show the numbers and people will back off a bit?"

[12:37] Damian (lycan.tyran) "I talked to some other elf woman, also a friend of his... she told me that it needed to end. She didn't get that HE started it but to make her happy I agreed to talk to him, yes." He smiled and brushed some dry dirt off his pants leg "Yes, well... some wolves out there think the way to get there is to kill the Alpha and that they automatically become the next one. But no... it wouldn't work like that. Especially not with this one. You are right... I am not the leader because I forced it, I am the leader because they trust me and -want- to follow me. Because I... I'm not sure, I'm not a good Alpha but I care about my pack and would give my life for them." he shrugged "Oh, he will learn if his elf friend doesn't tell him before he will find out on his own. He is putting himself in a lot of danger in trying." Not that it eased his mind, the guy was still out for revenge and he was a target... As she told what had happened a low growl rumbled from deep within his chest. He cared for her and hated it that she was put through that... "Who made you do that? Lachlan? The guy with all the scars on his face and the piercings? Thick accent? Was there a woman in red there?" He sat up a little straighter and a wide smile appeared on his face when she agreed to join. "Are you sure? It's more of a family than a pack really, let me explain that a little... Our healer is an elf, we also have two humans, a dragon, a kitsune... some shifters aaand.... well yes. It's a weird family that works well together and we all have the same goal. To protect each other and the place we call our home, the Glade." He shook his head "For now I'm keeping it low key, I think... we need to gather and talk about our next move though."

[12:48] Seonais nods as he explains and she sighs when he claims to not be a good alpha. "I have to disagree with you there. As you said, you care about your pack and you protect them. They follow you for that reason. They see your leadership skills. I saw them too. You showed alot of patience with Cain. You weren't quick to attack him and exert your dominance, instead, you let him figure out what you'd accept and what you wouldn't. That's a leader, a teacher..." when he mentions the name Lachlan, she shakes her head. "No, this man didn't look like that and said if Laclan was there, I wouldn't be walking out unharmed. I don't know who he was, but all he wanted was the valuables, not me." Plucking a blade of grass from the ground, she starts to fiddle with it. Twisting is around her finger at times. The mention of various species being part of his pack was interesting, and he is right, it's not a typical pack. "I'd have to agree...and your demon friend, Devan, I offered to spar with him a bit. I am not good with hand to hand combat..." she looks to the bandages then back to him. "But, I'm good with a bow."

[12:57] Damian (lycan.tyran) lowered his gaze to the ground and rubbed the nape of his neck "Maybe. I try." He chuckled softly "I mean, I guess I'm doing something right... I mean... we are with over twenty pack members and they all still follow and stand by my side." He leaned a bit closer and tried to make eye contact, still smiling but even more sincere now. "I really appreciate that you wanted to join." He leaned back again and cheerfully lifted his arms into the air "Welcome to the Moonlit Hill pack! You can use the pack house and eat from the food! That's the best part!" He tried to think of who it could have been who told took her valuables. "Hm. Odd... Well, at least they didn't hurt you, that is good... But I advice staying away from there. I've been banned because I called their lead out on something he did, disrespecting our home... and he attacked me." He rolled his eyes "Devan and you? Sparring? I would love to see that." He grinned "And we can always use another good archer...."

[13:05] Seonais curling lips, she returns the smile and is relieved to hear the number of members. Twenty is a good size. As he draws closer, she lifts a hand and moves to pat his cheek, again, being motherly of sorts. "I'm honored you asked. I'm glad you feel you can trust me." that was one thing about her, loyalty. Whoever could gain that from her, would have a friend for life. As he lifts his arms and cries out, she jumps a bit and laughs. "You're very excitable. Must be a wolf thing." nods sagely before shrugging as he tries to figure out who took her belongings. "Oh, I plan to avoid them. I was only there because Cain decided horse meat was on his menu that night." sighs as she blows a few wisps of hair out of her eyes. Thinking back on Devan, she grins "I think you would have been proud of him in that fight. He actually looked frightening and was fighting back, not running away to hide..." then she'd laugh "Well, not until after the danger was gone and he'd realize his fear." She was starting to feel a sort of protectiveness towards the gentle demon as well. "I sense he is eager to make you proud though."

[13:12] Damian (lycan.tyran) didn't mind it one bit that his cheek was patted, he liked attention and the idea that people cared. It was not something he grew up with so it meant a lot to him, even if he didn't say that. He slowly lowered his arms again and chuckled "Maybe, I get a bit hyper a times, maybe Cain and I should wolf out and go for a run some time." He nodded "And good. We all should stay away from there. I hope that Cain will be a little... uhm... less feral in wolf form or at least stays away from there." When she spoke of Devan fighting, he smiled warmly "Oh, I'm proud. We'll get him somewhere. I think he is a good new addition to the pack as well. He's a good demon... however odd that might sound."

[13:15] Lia Swahn (efilyth): Aurora made her way silently through the woodland, careful with placement of footing, being quite unaccustomed with the sudden changes of form. She approached the glade in silence, barely touching the grass in her wake, and did not stop until her blue gaze rested upon Damian. She took a few long strides and when standing next to the wolf, together with a femme she had never seen before, she nodded. ‘’Good day Damian, upadoc.’’ she smiled calmly, nodding towards the female in a greeting. Her eyes quickly snapped over to the wolf. ‘’I’ve gone through a few of Daniel’s books, I must say.. It’s almost turned to a full-time occupation, that man must have carried a library with him.’’ she chuckled lightly to the reminiscence of their departed healer. ‘’I’ve come to know a great deal of healing though, so I think we will manage.’’ she looked over towards the medica, seeming deep in thought for a second or two. ‘’Did you finally decide what to do with the infirmary?’’ she shifted footing as she looked back to the wolf, cocking a curious brow.

[13:22] Seonais nods at the thought of he and Cain running and releasing pent up energy. "I think he'd like that, to be honest. I am glad he is also getting answers. I think now that he's understanding the why, he'll be able to control himself." hearing his pride in Devan, she smiles again. "I think with him, maybe set up some drills where he feels cornered and the fight instinct kicks in. It might sound cruel, but I think he fears what he can do if angered." The sound of a voice out of no where causes her to turn and look over her shoulder. They weren't alone anymore and last thing she wanted was to make Damian look weak all because she tends to be overly motherly. Hopping up to her feet, she nods to the woman. "Hello." she offers, but remains a bit quiet as it seems there was business to be discussed. As the infirmary is mentioned, she looks in that direction thankful it was there and supplies available for Cain to tend to her wounds. A finger touches at the bandage on her arm mindlessly.

[13:23] Nathaniel Bellingham I had been sitting within the infirmary, sifting through tomes and the like, since the morning. He'd witnessed the Druid performing her ritual and he'd been enthralled. He'd been looking into the phenomena all day, absolutely fascinated by the powers they could behold. The only thing that could bring him out of reading was the voice of Aurora outside. "Ah- Aurora!" He greeted her merrily. "I uh, well I've got a lot to tell you. This land is /quite/ remarkable, it uh, it really is," He enthused with a titter. He then noticed the other two and gave them a cheery wave. "Hello there, hm, yes. Nathaniel R. Bellingham, the first, if you will, ha ha. Wonderful place, really, yes. Aurora said it was fine for me to uh, to look around, and such, hm... Great energies here, yes."

[13:33] Damian (lycan.tyran) looked up to see Aurora come over and smiled as she stood by his his side "Hey there, how have you been." He gestured his head over to the elf "This is Seonais, a new member of the pack. Seonais, this is Aurora." Peering back up at the dragon again he nodded "I see... well, that is good news." He glanced back over at the elf, grinning. "I will do that some time with him. Maybe I can get some other wolves to join on a hunt or something. And I hope so yes." He scratched his chin some, thinking about Devan "Oh, I will figurer something out. Pissing people off is my talent..." His brows perked as a stranger walked up and he tried to not start growling at him, but as Seonais stood he too got up, since he was the only one sitting and that just made him look vulnerable. He was an Alpha! Strangers needed to know! As the man introduced himself he looked to Aurora "You know this guy?" He then narrowed his eyes as he looked long and hard at the the infirmary. He didn't like this place at all, it was in the way and took away his view from the den. "Yes. We're taking it down and we will move the infirmary to the treehouses next to it. It would be safer since no one can just storm in there and we can make something to hoist victims up there."

[13:39] Lia Swahn (efilyth): Aurora kept her gaze on the femme as her presence seemed to unsettle her, and she cocked her head to the side. And her lips parted, like she was about to say something, but they shut abruptly as a familiar voice reached her ears. She turned to let her gaze fall upon Nathaniel, giving him a warm smile. ‘’Greetings Augur, had a pleasant morning?’’ she asked, though it was quite obvious he was in merry spirit, which gladdened her. With a quick gesture towards the man Aurora looked to Damian, whom seemed ready to pounce the man at any second. Quickly she cleared her throat. ‘’Ah yes, Damian, this is Nathaniel.. Nathaniel, this is Damian - the alpha of the pack that reside in this glade, the pack which I’m part of.’’ a playful smirk crossed her lips quickly. ‘’His /word/ is /law/.’’ she added with a quick chuckle towards Nathaniel as she introduced them both hastingly, looking back and forth between the two men. ‘’Pleasure to meet you, Seonais. And welcome to the pack, it’s always nice with new faces.’’ She then nodded to Damian as he asked if she knew the man. ‘’Oh yes, I know him well enough, jennu ir. Nathaniel recently came here from my birth city, so he’s new to these lands.’’ she explained, and then dismissed further introduction with a quick wave of her hand. Indeed there seemed to be more pressing matters to attend. ‘’Destroy the medica, you say?’’ she asked cautiously, looking over the building, but then determined Damian’s interest to be superior and nodded in agreement. ‘’I can help you with that if you want, jennu ir. Just tell me what needs doing, and I shall tend to it.’’

[13:43] Seonais nodding again towards the woman, as Damian introduces them, she smiles. When Damian mentioned a talent for pissing people off, she laughs softly. As they discuss the infirmary, she hears the approach of another, a man. She hadn't seen him around and figuring he is new to the area, she is about to introduce herself, but the man comes across as excitable as Damian and she just let's him ramble on a bit. "Hello..." she offers when he finally gets to introducing himself. Her eyes then catch a look from the woman and brows slightly furrow. It was if she wanted to say something, but refrains. Sensing Damian's displeasure, she starts to nonchalantly make her way closer to him, just in case he needed to be pulled back or restrained, but hearing the woman state she knows the stranger and explains things, she starts to make it look more like she'd been pacing instead of becoming a barrier. "A pleasure to meet you too." she replies to the woman. As the discussion of business in the glade continues, she looks around to see if Cain was making his return from wherever he'd gone.

[13:48] Nathaniel grinned happily, unaware of any atmosphere there might have been. When Aurora introduced the pair of them, Nathaniel looked at Damian and pulled a funny face- how did one address an alpha of a pack? Nathaniel took to bowing, his grin returning. "A pleasure uh- sir," He said uncertainly, glancing at Aurora for help. "Destroy it?" He asked, looking at the building behind him. He'd thought it a rather nice structure, but if Aurora was willing to help tear it down then he'd trust that it must be better for it to crumble. "I can uh- I might be able to help too, if you, hm... If you need it."

[13:50] Cain would return from a walk and seeing Damian with people he didn't recognize he'd walk back behind the wall and would turn into a wolf, then quietly trotted to the back and around the tree so he could settle next to the alpha, offering any support he might have to give. He wouldn't growl, he'd simply sit and wait.

[13:55] Damian (lycan.tyran) as Aurora explained to the stranger how it worked here. Or at least, sort of... There was more to the picture and he was not really someone who was just telling others what to do, but the more people thought that the better for now. Until they got close enough to get to know the true Damian. He lifted his chin up proudly and gave the man a single nod "Nice to meet you." He noticed that Seonias come closer, but not really what for and then she started pacing. He offered her a warm smile as if to say that everything was alright. It was good that she considered holding him back though, at times he needed it! When Nathaniel bowed and showed his respect, he calmed down almost immediately. It was interesting that they knew each other.. Maybe another edition to the pack? Aurora seemed to trust him, so perhaps. "Well you can help... we need to move all the stuff out of there first, we still need it. Let's start with that." He looked down at Cain as he sat down next to him and he smiled, reaching down to try and scratch him between the ears "Hey Cain.. This lady here is with the pack too. Oh and good news! Seonais joined the family!"

[13:59] Lia Swahn (efilyth): Aurora shifted gaze between Nathaniel and Damian, nodding contentedly as the introduction seemed to be going..Well, better than most. She knew very well Damian was of skittish sorts, she had witnessed it many times these last couple of months, so this was to be expected. Maybe reason why she had been quick in trying to clear Nathaniels name, but looking at the man she imagined he could not even hurt a fly; let alone a twig. And noticing Nathaniel's look of help, she gave him a reassuring smile. ‘’Did you get a chance to see the blessing of the circle?’’ she then asked him, letting her gaze linger on him a moment longer, before turning with and nod to Damian. ‘’Alright!’’ she quickly announced by clapping her hands together. ‘’Let’s empty the medica, and then we can get on with business.’’ she smiled, waving a hand towards Bell as she moved inward to the building. ‘’Help me with the beds, will you?’’ she beckoned, and for one moment she was tempted to ask him to use his magic, but with a look at Damian she decided against. She knew he was not keen on it, after all. If they really needed it, she would ask.

[14:05] Seonais glad the tension in the air was gone, she sees Cain arrive and a smile lights up her face. She wouldn't try to draw him to her, since he is in wolf form and it was probably better for him to be at Damian's side, just in case. Also, it was a good display of Damian's position too. Winking to Cain though, she is glad he's back and safe. When talks go to tearing down the building, she frowns softly. It was such a pretty building. But, realizing it obstructs the view out over the area, she understands Damian's decision. As they move in to start packing and moving furniture, she offers to help, but is limited since her arm is still sore from the killer mushroom attack last night. Yes, killer mushrooms! "If you need help, I can try as much as I can..."

[14:11] Nathaniel seemed to perk up. "Moving things? I uh- I can definitely help with that, ha ha! I can levitate- or, well, hm... I could before. New uh, new implement," He said, gesturing to the staff on his back, "Taking a little uh, a little while to get used to it." He gave Aurora a smile, oblivious to her reluctance to mention magic, and followed her into the building. "I uh, I did yes! It was /quite/ spectacular, really. Very beautiful, yes, very, hm. I'd see it again in a heartbeat." He eyed the beds and rubbed his hands together. "Should uh, should be no trouble," He said with a confident nod.

[14:11] Cain would hear the introductions and would look at both with much expression then would nod as if welcoming the woman next to him, before he looked back at Damian and communicated with him in the way a wolf would <That's a good thing...a large pack will serve you well> He'd feel the scratch and he'd calm, then would look back at those gathered. He'd then settle his gaze on Seonais and would whine some, <She's been hurt. I did what I could to help her, but I'm far form being any type of healer. Is there a healer who could look her over?> It was good to have control back and he'd take full advantage of it, behaving more like a useful member of the pack and not some witless, lost stray animal with no purpose. Looking at Damian then he'd sniff at his hand and whimper but wouldn't express anymore. Something seemed off and not right with the alpha but he wouldn't address it. If it was something he needed to know it would be explained to him.

[14:23] Damian (lycan.tyran) started to point his finger at various directions, starting to give instructions from where he was standing. "We need to store it somewhere. Important things can go into to the pack house, like the desk maybe... Or maybe next to it, I don't know yet... depends on if it will fit. OR under the tree house. Oh the cots go there too until we figure out how to get them up there. We need a rope. WHO HAS A ROPE??" At he mention of the circle he huffed "He can look, but don't break it." He caught a glimpse of the frown on Seonais' face and figured he's explain something "This place was build without it being discussed with me.. I offered to share my territory with the seekers, but not so they could build it full. This den here has been my home ever since I got here... And this is just... Let's just say that listening to injured people moaning all night is not really nice. And it's ugly." His eyes set on Nathaniel as he spoke and he stared at the staff on his back. His arms came to a fold and he just nodded some. He did not really like magic much so, he warned "You have two hands. No magic for now." It just didn't sound good that he still was getting used to it. What if something went wrong?? He glanced back down at Cain as he spoke in Lupus to him. "Yes, I think so too... I hope so... Because well..." He shook his head "More problems. I'll tell you some other time or Seonais can if she wants." He looked to her as he listened to Cain, then called out "Rora! You know basic healing yes?" He'd then looked to Seonais "If you want Aurora can have a look at your wound. Put something on there to help it heal." He'd idly pat Cain, trying to reassure him that things were alright.

[14:27] Lia Swahn (efilyth): Aurora halted and watched Bell as he mentioned his staff, a frown upon her face and she put up a hand in front of his. ‘’Well, maybe not, Nathaniel eeh..’’ she looked over towards Damian, nodding as he began shouting orders and sighed when he mentioned no magic. ‘’But Damian!’’ she pouted her lips somewhat. ‘’Would you not be okay with using magic to clear our the medica, jennu ir? I do not mind doing so with strength and effort, of course.’’ she paused as she smiled sheepishly at him. ‘’Well, can’t deny that it would be easier with magic.’’ she quickly added, and then her eyes reached Seonais as Damian bellowed out her name, for the first time noticing the femme to be hurt. She could not speak wolf, but at least she could see.(Most of the time) And instead of entering the infirmary, she stood by its entrance and gestured towards the girl. ‘’If you would like me to look over those wounds while we clear out the medica, I would be happy to. As I said, I’ve read up a lot on healing through natural means. Surely I can create a balm of sorts to help with healing.’’ she offered.

[14:35] Seonais eyes begin to move towards Cain, as his voice radiates in her head. Was this part of what he meant by having someone in his head? His tone seeming sad, she offers him a smile. He was there to fix her up and that was what she cared about most. Sure, she might end up with a nasty scar or something, but she is alive thanks to him. As Damian starts issuing orders, she looks around trying to figure out where he was wanting things to go and what she could carry. A desk, the cots, maybe but maybe not. It would depend on the strength of her other arm. Nodding as he explains about the building, she chuckles when he calls it ugly. "It's not so bad, really. But, I see your point about listening to people moaning and crying through the night." Glancing to his den, yeah, she wasn't going to mention anything about activities in there recently. Then looking to the woman, as Damian asks her to look over the wound, she doesn't debate it, though she felt fine. Looking to the two wolves, she also knew if she tries to say no she'd have to deal with them and well, she wasn't looking to fight. Turning to Aurora, she nods "I don't think I can say no with those two..." lifts a hand and thumbs towards Cain and Damian "standing here. I'd appreciate it though." Since they were all pack mates, she'd reveal a bit regarding Cain. "Cain did his best to fix me up, but I think he just wants to make sure he did more good than harm."

[14:38] Nathaniel tittered nervously at Damian's instruction and rubbed the back of his head. "Probably best, hm, yes. Still getting used to this staff, so uh... Well. Wouldn't want to, uh, to /banish/ the bed, eh? Ha ha! I'll train some so I can move more uh, more efficiently next time. As Aurora was called for her healing expertise, Nathaniel approached one of the beds and tittered. "Right then, hm." He bent down and grabbed it by the tail end and began dragging it. He wasn't exactly known for his strength though- he was rather weedy in fact, usually relying on his magic- so he had to heave it noisily along the stone floor, bit by bit. "Don't- aaargh- don't worry!" He called out. "I've- aaagh!- got- uuugh!- this!"

[14:39] Cain would be pleased that the woman would look Seonais over and after being reassured by Damian he'd realize he was hungry and he'd sniff the air, before he looked to the alpha <I am off to hunt> It was all the explanation he'd give before he took off in a sprint, leaving the small group behind him as he sought out a rabbit to satisfy him.

[14:43] Minxie Cheltenham (minxie.ying) blinked as she woke up. she would groan some as she wandered out of the cabin. She would blink as she looked about the group "What did you do now..?" she said to Damian in a lazy growl as she rubbed her sleepy eyes. Glancing around the group seeing the one she knew and the two she did not. which cause the girl to step closer to him in case they did attack. Girl was tired, she did not know what was going on! She let out a yawn and leaned on the tree some as she could not seem to wake up.

[14:50] Damian (lycan.tyran) was lazy, or well... tired, so sat himself down on the ground next to Cain again. He sighed "Okay okay, use your magic... just be careful with all the bottles. Daniel has not been back to restock anything so... and neither has Amara. Oh yes.. I don't think Amara is coming back and I have not seen Raphael either, so we're claiming back the land for now." He gave a satisfied nod of he head as people listened to him. Felt good. He nodded to Seonais and then watched her for a little as she seemed to consider helping. "Hey, you need to take it easy, you are still recovering. And just know that it's all up to you, we're just trying to help. We're not forcing you to do or allow anything. We're wolves, but not bad wolves." Dam probably smelled something in the den, but it was not strange that people went in there and used it. For things. He looked to Cain and nodded, watching him leave until he heard they struggling in the infirmary. He blinked, then blinked again as he watched Nathaniel. "this is going to take a while..." he murmured as he got himself up again. He was going to head over but then there was Faune, thinking he did something again. His eyes rolled and he grumbled "I did nothing... we're taking this building down. "The ladies are part of my pack. Seonais and Aurora. And that in there trying to move a cot is Nathaniel the.. first of something." He looked to Faune, seeming to turn serious all of the sudden "I'm afraid you are going to have to pick sides now. The bandits... or us."

[14:52] Lia Swahn (efilyth): Aurora nodded through as smile as she beckoned the femme into the medica. ‘’Well, let’s get a look at those wounds then.’’ she turned to the table, eager to get work done before they had cleared her whole space. She put on the kettle to boil some water as she brought out boneset, comfrey and cherry bark. Carefully crushing and cutting the herbs, she began steeping them in a small pan of hot water next to the kettle, as she waited for the girl to join her so she could look over the wounds. And there Aurora remained for some time, tapping one finger on her chin as she tried to remember the correct instruction for wounds, preventing infection and dressing it properly would be the best way to go. Maybe make an ointment out of meadowsweet to cover it with, seeing how she did not want to waste all their willow-bark and that herb was always better to digest anyway. And it was not until the screeching and complaining of the beds she zoned into reality, snapping her head towards Nathaniel. ‘’And here I thought you would simply lift them up and carry them out, Augur.’’ she teased, sending him a quick wink. ‘’I would say, since you have Damian’s blessing. Use your magic, levitating the beds should not be too much of a deal?’’ she had seen him using some astounding magic after all, but that was before she gave him the staff.

[14:56] Seonais watching Cain take off, she smiles some and hopes his safe return. Looking over her shoulder, she hears the struggles of Nathaniel and tries to peer into the building. Looking as if he and the cot were wrestling, she'd assume the cot is winning. Turning back, she snickers to Damian. "But I would never hear the end of it." watching him and Cain together, it was nice to see the male bonding. A bonding it seems both males needed. When Faune comes out, she notes the woman's protectiveness. She'd smile then. Having briefly met the woman before, she nods and greets. "Hello again." but when Damian mentions something about having to pick sides, she pauses until Aurora ushers her inside. Following, she finds a seat nearby and starts to undress the wound. It would look like a bear or wolf bite, but a bit larger and deeper. "Damn mushrooms." she'd mutter while Auroa goes to work.
[15:00] Nathaniel looked around from Damian to Aurora and nodded. "Uh- right!" He dropped the bed with a relieved sigh before fumbling about trying to get the staff off his back. "Levitation really- uh, it's really not dangerous in the slightest," He said, though it was unclear if he was reassuring Damian or himself. With one hand, he waved the staff in a fluid motion, and looked as if he was using his other hand to direct the magic. He hummed and growled as he tried to manipulate the energy he needed. The bed hopped a small fraction off the ground, but didn't hover in the slightest. "Blasted- right, let me..." He continued trying to lift the bed, looking to Aurora for... inspiration? He wasn't sure how she could help, but he hoped she could.

[15:00] Minxie Cheltenham (minxie.ying) blinked as she looked back to Damian confused "Wait..What..? The cabin?" she glanced back at the two "I remember the blond...." she said softly as she looked to the women that had white mixed into her skin "hum...." then blinked again as he spoke of sides. "What is going on? why all of the change of mind...? I have not talk to lachlan in a long while, last feww times i was at camp he was not there, or the green lady.." she sighed as she really liked that green lady more then lachlan even... She let out one final yawn as she turned to damian "Is something going on between you and lachlan?"

[15:05] Talon made his way through the middle of the glade, his head on a swivel.. peering through the trees and around the corners of buildings as he passed by.. the medallion around his neck was humming and jiggling as he went.. hell, it had been doing that the entire way through the forest, wasn't like it was any good at this point as far as detection went. He came up to the large tree, his gaze settling on the group of people.. some standing around and others moving in and out of the larger stone building. Talon let out a sharp grunt as an attempt to notify them of his presence.. and to clear his throat," Greetings." he said aloud, stopping short of the larger roots from the tree.

[15:10] Lia Swahn (efilyth): Aurora turned to Seonais as she joined her, tittering lightly to the girls muttering as she leaned closer. She leaned forth to carefully place her fingers on the girl's arm, not only to hurt her if she was sore, but also because Aurora’s touch was like frostbite on skin if not careful. She made sure to retract her element before touching the girl, hoping it would only leave a slight chill. ‘’What happened, mitne ir? Looks like you have rolled around the bush with a bear.’’ she gave the girl a quick smirk as she leaned up and dusted off her hands. ‘’Seems like it’s been healing well, won’t need any stitches or such. I think cleaning the wound again, and applying a salve would suffice. Just be careful with misusing your arm for a while.’’ she determined as she leaned back and turned to the table once more. The steeping herb mixture was done, and so she poured it into a cup and put it on the far-end of the table, gesturing to Seonais. ‘’It’s a bit hot at the minute, but it will ease the pain and heat your body.’’ she said as she began cutting up garlic, witch hazel and searched for some cloth strip. She added everything in the boiling kettle, before turning to search for some meadowsweet and crush it together with orris root. She turned as the thumping of the bed reached her, chuckling lightly to Nathaniel. ‘’Really now, Augur. You have been doing this your entire life, try and channel your magical energy into the staff.’’ she stated as she leaned back to her work.

[15:12] Damian (lycan.tyran) watched the women move back into the infirmary. Maybe it was a nice form of goodbye to it, a last wound to be taken care of there. Or well, not like he really cared, he just wanted to get it over with. He grinned at Seonais "Maaaaybe... but! It is for your own good and it's because we care!" He watched Nathaniel attempt to... well.. do something? The bed moved a little and the wolf stepped to the side. He was prepared for anything right now, even flying cots going out of control. You just never knew with magic. He shook his head and turned to Faune "Hm no.. The infirmary. We're taking it down... is better." His jaws tensed for a moment and he then sighed. He wish it was not the case, but there was a possible war coming. "Well... you know I worked for Lachlan to pay for what I did, right? Help out in the tavern to pay of my debt. I thought it was going well and that we were on good terms, until one day he and his friend decided to piss here in the Glade. One in the magic well even... So, thinking that was disrespectful I called him out. He banned me from the tavern, attacked me when I left and I did not even do anything... He cut me. I did not even defend myself... so yes. You need to choose who you will be with." His head snapped into the direction of the voice of a stranger and he held back a growl. He wondered how long the man had been standing there since he did not hear him coming or just didn't pay enough attention to notice. "Hello..." he greeted him "Can I help you?"

[15:17] Seonais looking to Nathaniel, after being given the ok to use magic, she watches him start to attempt levitation and well, struggle with it. "Maybe Damian will help you with moving it all..." as she pokes her head out and sees Damian still talking to Faune "After he's done..." listening to the conversation, she frowns a few times. She knew Damian's position, doubting he liked being in it, but, it is what it is. Lost in the musings outside, she jumps when icy fingers fall to her skin. Head snaps back to Aurora and her look sort of a 'What the...?' expression, but then the overwhelming cold is gone. Must have been an accident. Hearing the assessment, a fight with a bear, Seonais lifts a brow and asks "Would you believe me if I said I was attacked by a giant mushroom?" it sounds a bit far-fetched and bizarre, but it was truth. Nodding and relieved she wouldn't need stitches, she lets the woman do her thing while looking at the cup placed nearby. "Thank you" but hearing Damian's voice and words towards her, her attention is back to outside. "I know, I know..." she was starting to feel as if she's part of a family here and that was a good feeling. "Family always looks out for each other, got it." Hearing a new voice, she cranes her neck trying to view the stranger, but her range of motion being limited, she can't.

[15:21] Nathaniel grinned sheepishly and tittered at the bed. "Meant to do that. Bed's uh- it's warming up for flight," He said with a nod. If he spoke with confidence, people would put confidence in him, that's what his mother had told him. He glanced over to Aurora and gave her a nod before shuffling his feet and trying again. He took a deep breath, and tried pushing his magical energy into the staff and out again, and too his amazement the bed finally lifted from the ground. "Whoawhoawhoa!" He exclaimed, the bed threatening to float away like a leaf in the breeze. He got it under control, and slowly, carefully, moved it through the air, out one of the archways, and brought it to rest neatly on the grass outside. "I think uh- I think I've got this staff under control!" He said happily to Aurora. "Maybe I'll try vanishing and conjuring the next bed, oh! That would be exciting, ha ha."

[15:23] Minxie Cheltenham (minxie.ying) looked to the stone building then back to Damian still confused "Uhmmm K....I hope you got the healing herbs out of there in case we need them...Dont you think we could use the beds to?" she asked n ot really sure if she understood what was going on. Hearing of lachland comming up and peeing on everything gave the girl a look "Ewwww Why do you guys have to pee on everything....your gonna make the animals here sick with that..." she crossed her arms "I told you, I dont see myself with the bandits, they smell worse then you and theres only a few i like there.." letting out a soft sigh "It was not choosing you or him cause in all honesty i was never gonna choose him, he wants a drinking partner, and he drinks to much strong stuff.." making a face for a moment "I wanna trust you, its just.... I am afraid" mumbling cause she clearly did not wanna admit it "I dont think i could be good for your group... I dont think I made to be in groups." she looked to him with her sad doe eyes as the girl really was not sure what she wanted.
[15:24] Minxie Cheltenham (minxie.ying) blinked an stepped closer to him as she eyed the newcomming*

[15:25] Talon flashed his gaze over to Damian, holding it on the man for a moment before he spoke," I'm looking for a girl.. brown hair, hazel eyes.. maybe ten years old. She would've passed through here within the last few days.. traveling with an old woman. If she was alone.. would've likely been seen running." he explained, his voice coarse. His eyes shifted over to the bed that was.. floating.. out of the building, slitted pupils widening out a bit. Talon shook his head slightly and then took a few steps forwards, coming around the roots and ending up a few paces shy of Damian, his focused shifted back to the man," Know anything?"

[15:36] Damian (lycan.tyran) was happy that Aurora was doing the healing thing, but at the sound of how complicated it was if figured that if he was ever able to read well enough, he would very likely not read those books anyway. Maybe the cookbooks were a better option. He heard what Seonias said from over there and he was going to help in a little bit. Or so he hoped, but this was something that was important to him. And it was true, he hated it... but there were no other options. He could not have her here and then go back to Lachlan, not only was it dangerous for the pack, but also for he girl. He eyed over at Nathaniel, deciding to stay right where he was at for now. It looked dangerous. He grumbled and then called out at him "If you make anything disappear I will make you disappear as well!!" He was possessive. He claimed all that stuff now Amara was gone and well, they needed it. He smiled at Faune "We are moving all the stuff out of there first. We need it, there is still going to be an infirmary but just somewhere else." He watched her as she spoke, smiled at her and attempted to place a reassuring hand on her shoulder. "You would fit in just fine. And you can trust me... I know it is hard I just... I just need to keep everyone safe." He shrugged "Have you ever seen what people we have? It's more of a family than anything. They are all kind of weird in their own way and I am the weirdest on of all." He returned his gaze to the human, looking him over for a moment. He looked human, but his eyes were... strange. He shook his head "I have not seen anyone like that passing through, I would have remembered.... I can ask the people in my pa---... clan... Why? Is she in trouble?"

[15:38] Lia Swahn (efilyth): Aurora put the knife down as she was done with the herbs, looking back to the girl sitting beside her and could not help but smile, gesturing towards the tea again. ‘’To be completely honest, I have been in Revenland for a couple of months now.. Nothing can really shock me anymore.’’ she laughed just as she caught Damian talking and snapped her brows together. ‘’Somebody did /what/ with the moonwell?’’ she bellowed back in sheer fury, knowing very well how disrespectful that was. Also, if it had not been for that circle, Aurora would still be under the influence of Ineer and most likely batshit crazy. With a dark frown she turned back to the table, put the kettle of to cool down and took down a bottle of coconut oil she which began melting, to then add together with the crushed mixture of herbs on the table, to create an ointment. She quickly flipped over when Nathaniel expressed his amazement, gasping slightly as the bed threatened to float away into the sunset. ‘’Nathaniel!’’ she called out, but then he got it under control and she eased up. ‘’I can’t determine if that was intentional. Are you cruisin’ for a bruisin’?’’ she grinned knowingly, but she could not hold up the strict facade and began laughing delicately, adding to Damians comment towards the man, but not wanting to hurt his pride. Though she quickly pulled up her hands in defense to his last statement. ‘’No! No no, Augur. Levitating it will do.’’ she smiled sheepishly as she turned to Seonais. ‘’An expert rookie, he is.’’ she chuckled, reaching for the kettle to take out the now sterilized cloth. ‘’Alright, I apologize for the cold earlier. I’ll be more gentle this time.’’ Aurora leaned down to sponge the wound with the cloth, gently and thoroughly, cleaning the wound from any bacteria. She then reached for the ointment she made, applying it over the bite mark. With a slight sigh she shook her head as she carefully covered the wound. ‘’This looks rather painful.. Really, I’m sorry this happened to you, mitne ir. Why did you come in contact with eehh..A giant mushroom?’’ she leaned back up and fetched some clean cloth she began dressing the girls arm with, and then nodded in agreement. ‘’There, quite done.’’

[15:44] Seonais listens more, but doesn't comment since it was clearly something between Damian and Faune to work out, but still her eyes are directed outside. Seeing the owner of the new voice finally come into view, she looks him over briefly. Hearing the question posed, she looks between Damian and Talon before shrugging. If they saw it, then so be it. "I haven't seen any children up this way." she'd add while reaching for the drink, hoping it's cooled down now. Sipping it, she swishes it about her mouth first to test it, then begins to drink normally. She trusted Damian and Damian trusted Aurora, so now she'd trust the woman as well. Mentioning the touch and the apology to follow, she shakes her head "It's fine, really. Just unexpected is all." The tone of the woman changes though and Seonais feels a bit of tension mounting. Guessing the moonwell to be of importance to the pack, she understands the anger. As far as mushrooms, well..."I was standing and talking to two women and a man. The two women saw some 'lively' mushrooms and approached. Next thing I know, we're under attack. I'm guessing bad magic spell or someone looking to raise a fungi army" shrugging then as she finishes the drink and let's Aurora finish with the medical attention.

[15:46] Keric arrived in his usual manner, a sudden vortex of surging flame from the air. Its emerald light fell upon the glade for the briefest of moments before fading as he took corporeal form, solidifying and rejoining the tangible realm. He was aware that there were some new faces along with some familiar ones, though he hardly cared one way or another. All he knew was that there was work to be done in breaking down the infirmary. As there were still people and, more importantly, supplies still inside, he couldn't begin breaking down the building itself just yet. Hearing bits of conversation, he leaned in the doorway and chuckled at the elf. "Attacking mushrooms? Were you, by chance, eating any mushrooms before that all started happening?"

[15:48] Nathaniel spun around to look between Damian and Aurora, tittering. "It would uh- only be /temporary/- but ah, hm... No, you're right... Levitation is uh... That's fine." He turned back to the second bed and nodded. It was probably a lot safer to avoid banishments and conjurings; they were tricky enough even with a staff one had gotten used to. Trying them with a new one would be risky. He channeled his magic through the staff and lifted the other bed into the air, humming as he moved it out onto the grass to rest beside the first one. He sighed with relief and looked about the space. "Alright, hm, right, okay. What next, then, hm?" He asked, waving his staff about idly. One of the bottles on the top shelf vanished as a result. Nathaniel noticed it, but cleared his throat loudly in the hopes of drawing attention away from the missing bottle.

[15:49] Minxie Cheltenham (minxie.ying) glaring back at the stranger for a long moment and huffed before looking back to Damian and sighed This was alot to take in, alot to think over and she did not seem to have time, at least she felt that way. Looking back to see the building "You dont need to worry about me... I am just a runt and a orphan after all..." she crossed her arms "If you want me here, i guess i can try..." saying with a hint of hesitation in her voice..

[15:53] Talon held his gaze as Damian spoke, seemed like quite the busy man," She's not traveling out of her own free will.. her companion is her captor. I'm interested in the woman, but she's elusive.. it's easier to track the child." he'd explain, turning towards the building that the floating beds were coming from and peering through the entrance," Attacked by mushrooms.. might've been Myconids.. but they're relatively peaceful." he'd offer up, though that probably wasn't the case. He whipped his head back to look at Damian once more," To answer your question, yes.. she's in trouble. I didn't expect any of you to have seen her or the woman, but it was worth asking.. even hags can slip up."

[16:04] Damian (lycan.tyran) would let the women to their thing, not really knowing what was going on anymore since there were only so many places he could focus his attention on. He did see Keric's flame and then the man himself appearing and he knew he was eager to go to work "Ker! Maybe you can take the roof off! But leave some of the bigger walls for Rora, I promised she could break stuff too!" He waved a hand over at the group "And think of what we can to with that weird statue in the temple area! It creeps me out!" He then called over to Nathaniel "Hey, hey you! Can you float those beds all the way over and into the tree house nearby?" He didn't really noticed what happened to the bottle, lucky Nathaniel. He glanced back over at Faune again, shrugging a bit "Alright you can think on it. But let's just put it like this. If you stay here, you can't go to the bandits... and if you do... well, we can't really have you back." He frowned, he really did not like doing this "But you don't have to join the pack, that is fine. Let's just say that ou have to pick his side or mine. Either is fine... Although I don't like you to be in that environment." He looked back over to the male and nodded "Well, if one of us would have seen a girl in trouble, we would have done something. But maybe we can keep an eye out for you." He moved a little closer to offer the man a hand to shake as he introduced himself "I'm Damian... The Guardian of this place."

[16:06] Lia Swahn (efilyth): Aurora cleaned up after her healing, and then began picking down the different jars just as one of them vanished right in front of her nose. ‘’Ghergo ir!’’ she gasped. ‘’Si inglata wux re xurwkir ve repaiup’’ she hissed under her breath, glancing over towards Nathaniel with a knowing look, but she said nothing. It had not been important, simply filled with some sphagnum moss and that could be found easily enough. So instead Aurora returned to collecting jars, and carrying as much of them as she possibly could, she turned to Seonais. ‘’Oh, I’ve heard some of those mushrooms actually. Maybe not the same, but seems like we have an infe-’’ she abruptly gulped on her words as she turned to Keric with a beaming smile. ‘’Icy peaks! Keric, long time no seen. How have you been?’’ she would have approached him for a hug, but her hands were quite occupied so she sufficed in giving him a genuine smile. She then turned to Nathaniel. ‘’Oh yes, Augur. Aid me in getting these jars and herbs to the../Packhouse was it?/’’ she raised her voice in her last statement, simply wanting it confirmed by Damian, before turning to walk out with the jars she had already collected. But as Damian gave Nathaniel another task, she turned and nodded. ‘’Or move the beds to the treehouse, that would work too.’’ she tittered, and then continued her walk out.

[16:10] Seonais seeing the skies light up, that could only mean one thing...Keric. She'd seen him come and go a couple times to know the entrance of the djinn. As he sticks his face into the building and questions her on the mushrooms, lips curl into a smirk. "No, I wasn't eating any mushrooms, but keep it up and I might just feed some to you." chuckling then at the image of Keric drugged up. The damage could be severe, but still, the idea amuses her. "Hello to you too, by the way." her eyes then tear from Keric and back out to survey the scene. Hearing a possible explanation for killer mushrooms, she takes note but shrugs to him. "No idea. I've never seen anything like them before." but her interest still remains on the man. Just his posturing and body language seems a Damian, being Damian, still offers the man some aid and an introduction. It was like she had told him earlier about leadership. It's the way he carries himself that makes people want to follow him, he doesn't use force, but respect. Seeing the bandage replaced and Aurora starting to collect jars, she was about to offer the aid, but with Keric around and Nathaniel doing his magic, she was sure to just be in the way. "Thank you." she says to Aurora before heading out towards Damian. She didn't like the idea of him alone when the man was giving her a bad feeling.

[16:12] Nathaniel seemed to twist like a spinning top with people calling out to him. "Beds into..." He frowned as he poked his head out of the infirmary to look at the treehouse. It was a small gap than the archways, making it a harder job to guide the beds. "I'll uh- no problem!" He called out confidently. "Help with jars?" He asked, jogging after Aurora. "I can get to the beds uh, in a second. Here- let me- ugh- hang-... I've got... This," He said as he stepped closer to Aurora, fumbling clumsily with the bottles she had in her arms, trying to relieve her of some without any falling to the ground. "Carefulcarefulcareful!"

[16:13] Keric frowned as, from his viewpoint, he noticed the bottle vanish. Fortunately, he couldn't recall it being something terribly important or difficult to replace either via gathering, trading, or conjuration. "Careful...." He cautioned, but otherwise he wouldn't make a big deal out of it. Hearing Damian, he leaned back out of the doorway and frowned at him. "Seriously? Knowing who I am and what I can do, and you task me with getting rid of a thatch roof?" All it would take would be a gust of wind from the inside, hardly a challenge for him. Though his eyes brightened at the mention of the statue. "Statue's mine!" Aurora could HAVE the walls, but the statue, that was now Keric's. Besides, he called it. Calling things was one of the most ancient and revered laws of the universe, older than laws of physics and arcana. He grinned at Aurora, "Well enough, thanks. Busy, but doing well. I'd been starting to wonder where you'd gone off to." To the elf, he chuckled. "You can feed me all the mushrooms you want, but the only thing you'd accomplish is wasting perfectly good hallucinogens." He teased, though it was true. He lacked the physiology for that kind of thing. She might as well be throwing the mushrooms into a furnace. He chuckled and made his way towards the aforementioned statue so as to begin getting rid of it.

[16:15] Minxie Cheltenham (minxie.ying) frowned at Damians options. She would turn and look at the ground thinking it over. Damian did help her with alot, more then Lachlan. She took more of a liking an seen him more as a guardian and protector, which she never had nor was use to at all. She always had to do things for herself... She would use her fist to smack her head for a moment as this was a hard choice. She let out a choice an turned back to damian, waiting for him to finish speaking "I said ill try...I never had to deal with rules" she wrinkled her nose "Ill be in the group...I wont goto lachlan anymore..."

[16:17] Talon rolled his head forward in a nod, taking another step forwards to clear the gap as he extended his hand to accept the man's handshake," Talon." he said as their hands met. The medallion around his neck began to hum against his chest, now that Damian was closer, to which Talon's gaze focused in a bit more on the man's face, amber eyes set into inspection mode," I appreciate it, Damian." he said, offering a half-assed grin as he pulled his hand back to his side. His attention drew over to Seonais, now that she had come out. Talon's eyes settled on her for a moment, she'd likely notice that they definitely weren't human.. more cat-like than anything," Care to describe those mushrooms? You can get wounds treated properly if you know what it was, exactly, that attacked you."

[16:25] Damian (lycan.tyran) took his hand back again and called after Aurora "Roraaa! No wait, yes, pack house is good..." He was starting to get confused. Didn't he rather have them in the tree house?? He glanced over to Seonias as she came over "And? How are you feeling? Still hurting or is it better?" He'd let Nathaniel run around but held back on the orders. It was a good way to see if this one was trustworthy though. He frowned some as Keric didn't seem happy with the task given "I can't really reach the roof! Can I? And you can do all the heavy lifting when the walls are down, I want to stack them up for later. And uhm... yes statue... have fun." A hand came up to rub his temple. What a day.... Glancing back over to Faune he murmured "Well... only if you are sure but you might want to think on that. Devan is in the pack too. I know he attacked but he could not help it, someone was controlling him and he is nice." He'd sigh, then look at the strange man again. "No problem..." He knew something was off, but he seemed harmless and he was given the benefit of the doubt "So... what do you do besides hunting old woman?"

[16:27] Lia Swahn (efilyth): Aurora wanted badly to swap Nathaniel straight across the back of his head, shaking her head. ‘’No Augur, nonono..’’ she was by that point more scared of him making her drop the jars, rather than dropping them herself. ‘’It is quite alright, ghergo ir. Go and see to the beds, I will take care of the jars.’’ she sighed desperately as she backed away from him, though she gave him a kind smile. She then nodded to Keric. ‘’I was visiting my homeland, needed to..Well, rethink, one could say. And upon my return a lot of things happened which held my attention.’’ she explained, with her last statement she gave Bell a knowing look, before rounding him and made way towards the…Treehouse instead, because surely that would have been better. ‘’Fine, you can have the statue!’’ she called after Keric as she went. And so she did to and fro a couple of times, soon the medica was emptied from all its possessions and the things that remained was the basin and herbalist table, together with some barrels. ‘’Somebody who could aid me with moving the table? I fear that is out of my reach, alone at least.’’

[16:29] Seonais hearing the sounds in the infirmary, she was right to get out of the way, but it's Keric's 'calling' of the statue that makes her laugh softly. Turning back to look at him, she smirks "So I guess I shouldn't feed you mushroom soup then?" she didn't think he would truly be affected by such things, but the imagination was a beautiful thing and she'd continue playing with the images in her head. Coming to stand by Damian, she wasn't crowding his space, but just acting more like a buffer of sorts. As the men's hands lock, she hears a humming coming from the medallion and looks to Talon questioningly. That when she'd notice the feline like eyes of him. Her curiosity is piqued and she steps a bit closer to him to get a better viewpoint of the trinket. "Oh, the mushrooms, yes. Overly large, sharp teeth, didn't seem poisonous, just hungry..." shaking her head at that because it just sounded weird. Of course, being new and fairly sheltered before arriving here, she is a bit ignorant to many things. Turning back, she looks to Damian and smiles. "It's a little better. Still sore, but it's more a dull ache and throbbing if anything." and poor Aurora, she seems to have her hands full with more than just jars, as Seonais looks back inside to Nathaniel.

[16:36] Keric smirked when he heard Seonais even as he came over to the statue. He shook his hands to limber up his fingers for a moment. His hands suddenly ignited with peridot flame, sparking and shimmering as he called upon his power. He adjusted his stance and extended his hands, blasting the statue with the raw magic he channeled. His power seeped into the stonework of the crone statue, infusing it with the complex spell he wove. The entire courtyard behind the infirmary was radiant with emerald light, the pillars casting extended shadows radially into the surrounding glade. With a sudden flash of light, the statue began to move, each motion producing sound like stone grinding together. She stood upright from her hunched stature and slowly turned to regard her new master, the one responsible for turning her into a simulacrum; a golem of sorts. Hands still glowing with magic, Keric tilted his head to look over his handiwork. "Creepy old cow." With a simple gesture of his fingers, she obeyed the silent command and moved away from the wall a few paces before turning around to face it.

[16:38] Nathaniel nodded and backed away from Aurora, holding up his hands and tittering. "Right right, you've got this, uh, I'll do the uh... Hm. The beds, yes." He gave Aurora a small grin before heading toward the bed. That was when his staff rang like a bell and sent tingles up his arm. "Oh!" He spun around wildly. "I uh- I'm really sorry uh... Everyone, but I need to... Hm." He pointed off into the distance. "I need to... /Attend/! To something." He'd placed a few enchantments around where he'd set up his little camp, and something had just entered the area if his staff was telling the truth. It could be a simple rabbit hopping around, but it was worth investigating. "Aurora I'll uh- I'll see you soon. Keep an eye out for me! Haha. Ha. Anyway." He gave her a warm smile and a small bow before trundling off down the hill.

[16:39] Minxie Cheltenham (minxie.ying) stared at him "I said ill join! ya gonna accept me or not?!" at least before the girl changed her mind. she sighed as she glanced seeing more people seem to come. The girl did not like this many people one bit. She would grab Damian by the arm and tug on him some "What do i have to do to get in?" she asked

[16:39] Talon gave the elf a slow nod as she described what attacked her," Mmm.. doesn't sound like any species I know of.. I'd have to see one to give you anything concrete. Perhaps it was just hexed flora, either way.. if the bite was poisonous, you'd know by now I'd think." he said, glancing back to Damian then. He held his tongue for a moment, thinking the question over and how he should answer, given the presence of.. various beings," People place prices on the heads of dangerous creatures.. I hunt said creatures. That 'old woman' isn't an old woman." he explained, glancing over towards the building just as bursts of light came flooding around the corners, casting shadows and shimmers through the glade," Hmph.. interesting place.."

[16:41] Rae trotted up the hill towards the glade, bored. Her ears perked at the commotion and the unusually large gathering. She trotted up closer to glance between the faces, several of them new. With a foxish grin, she sat back on her haunches and curled her tails around her to watch Keric manipulate the statue with magic . "What'd I miss? Are you all redecorating?" She asked, peering over at Damian and waving with a tail.

[16:47] Damian (lycan.tyran) stood there a little lost and backed up some, listening to all the noises coming from the infirmary where people were busy. Good thing he did not see what Keric was doing yet, just the light so he know it was something, but if he knew that would probably freak him out. He nodded to the man and mumbled "Creatures? Only if you get paid? What, is she a witch or something?" He grew slightly more wary since the entire Glade was filled with 'creatures'. He let Seonais talk to the man for a moment and he looked over as his arm was grabbed. "Nothing sis, you are in the pack. Welcome." He smiled and looked to Rae, lifting an arm to wave at her "Yes, redecorating, the place has to go..."

[16:48] Lia Swahn (efilyth): Aurora sighed as she stepped out of the medica, seeing how the table was still standing firmly, she gave up on emptying it and instead nodded towards Nathaniel. ‘’Oh, better make haste then, Augur. I shall see you around.’’ she smiled and curtsied, before turning to watch the medica with mild amusement, as it was practically beaming. ‘’With closer inspection Keric, I think I shall leave breaking down the building to you. Seems like you can handle it well enough.’’ she called over, and then backed away to sit down next to Rae, whom had appeared from the slope. ‘’Afternoon, kaldra.’’ she smiled as she looked up to the large fox, and then nodded to the medica. ‘’Of sorts, we’re moving the medica over to the treehouse.’’

[16:51] Seonais nods to Talon as she looks at her arm. "Yes, I suspected that." then the flashes of green light catch her attention. Keric was up to something, just what, she didn't know. The glade was becoming quite busy and she'd make sure to stay out of the way. Hearing Faune, as if begging, she looks to Damian for his reply and when he gives it, she smiles to both. But, Talon, he was new and she, being curious, puts her attention back on him. That's when she sees Iida arriving. Nodding, she greets "Welcome..." then returns her gaze to the medallion and Talon. "So, you hunt? what else do you hunt?"

[16:57] Keric grinned when he heard Rae. "Hey there. After a fashion..." With another wave of his hand, he directed his power towards the wall she'd been standing by. He didn't care if she was a witch at one point. Right now she was a statue, and happened to be his pawn for the moment. "Moving everything up to the treehouse," He said, conversationally to Rae. "Though I sincerely doubt that it will do much to keep people from just wandering up here and helping themselves." He let out a long sigh. He was biased, he knew. But he'd spent centuries in sprawling kingdoms, beautiful and grand provinces and caliphates... all of them had walls and defenses. Beginning from the top of the wall, the stone bricks began to fly out and into the statue's outstretched arms. When she'd been loaded up with as many as she could carry without crumbling herself, she turned and began bearing them up the hill, heading southeast in the general direction of the lake. Some minutes later, she reached the edge and opened her arms, dropping the bricks off the side of the cliff and into the water. Maybe the merfolk could do something with the 'gift', if any mer were still around these days. Wordlessly, the statue turned around and began making its way back towards the infirmary, where a second load of bricks floated in the air, ready for her. And so it would continue until the wall was no more.

[16:58] Minxie Cheltenham (minxie.ying) wrinkles her nose and tilts her head "That is all?" she asked as she finally let go "sis? you called me sis.." showing off a shy smile for a moment before glancing over to see the foxie women "RAE!" she chirped out as she ran over to her to hug the floof leg.

[17:02] Talon gave Damian a subtle nod," I'm part of an order of slayers. We travel, seeking out contracts on beings that encroach on human settlements. This particular 'woman'.. a bog hag, kidnapped the girl from her family's farmstead. Only.. it traveled a ways to do it, which I find curious. Her father saw the girl carried off through the woods, didn't have the courage to pursue.. so I was contacted." he explained, glancing over to the elf then," Mmm, touchy question to answer here.." he mumbled, glancing over to Damian for a moment and then around the glade before his eyes settled back on Seonais," It appears that many different beings inhabit your forest here.. most being sentient. If I said I went around killing dryads, werebeasts, and fae.. chances are you'd run me out of here. I'm picky with the contracts that I accept.."

[17:08] Rae tilted her head and grinned. "Oh? I'm glad I came then, I never liked the building much. The treehouse will be better" She glanced down at Aurora. "Oh, dragoness. Good to see you gain. I don't know what 'kaldra' means, but my name is Rae." She glanced over at the unfamiliar elf. "Saluti." Following the statue with her eyes and a chuckle. She turned to adress Faune. "Hm? Oh, ciao little one. How've you been?" She leaned down to bop the girl's forehead with her nose before getting to her feet, careful not to step on anyone. "Well, you can't leave me out of the fun." She padded over to the shrine area and huffed as she rose up to place her front paws on the vine covered structure. Lifting up again, she brought her weight down and the arches began to crumble.

[17:14] Damian (lycan.tyran) waved at Nathaniel as he walked off, the looked to Aurora to ask "Pack material?" He didn't know yet and had to get to know him anyway, which usually took a while, but he wanted to know if he could trust him. He saw the wall Keric was working on starting to be stacked down. It was odd but he still had no idea about the statue "Maybe we can use the stone to build something else! Or sell it even!" Yep, he had no idea where the first load of stone went. He smirked to Faune "Yes, that was all. What did you expect? Some ritual?" He too was interested in to hear what the Talon had to say about Seonais question. But when he heard the answer, some of the color drained away from his face. "Uhm..." he mumbled as he backed up, moving closer to the elf "Well, all I would ask is for you to leave my pack be, no matter what people will pay you. We are here to guard this area and we're not bad." His head tilted slightly "How much would you ask if someone wants you yo hunts a murderous werewolf down?" He eyed over in Keric's direction, briefly, knowing he knew who he was talking about. He smiled at Rae "Have fun with it, just try to leave some of the stone intact so we can build something later. I have some ideas." He'd let them have their fun and again, he sat down on the ground.

[17:17] Lia Swahn (efilyth): Aurora smiled towards the fox. ‘’Rae, yes I know. Will keep that in mind.’’ she chuckled, and then she then got up from the ground and looked towards Damian. ‘’Aye, could be. He’s a nice man, his heart is in the right place..Though his brain?’’ she grinned viciously. ‘’I don’t know about that.’’ she laughed, and stretched out into a yawn, blinking over to the exit and made to move in that direction. ‘’I think I’ll take my leave, I have some business to attend to as well.’’ she didn't, but she was feeling the afternoon leisure deprive her from being productive, and so she sought out to find a nice spot to rest.

[17:22] Seonais hears the commotion in the background but doesn't see the statue transporting debris. If she had, she'd most likely go investigate it. Hearing creaking and cracking, she peers over to see the kitsune pushing on the walls and bites her bottom lips. "I hope no one is too close" saying more to herself than anyone. Looking back to Talon, she nods but sees Damian's reaction as he comes nearer to her. Reaching out, as if protecting him, she lifts a brow to Talon awaiting an answer to Damian's question. Thankful Cain isn't here just yet, since protecting two would be more challenging in her state, she starts to position herself more between the men. She was seeming more like a mother to those around her, and mothers wouldn't hesitate to kill to protect her children. "Yes, it wouldn't be wise to bother us up here, regardless of the contract offered." nodding then as Damian sort of addresses Keric while asking about getting rid of a nuisance. Her eyes remain on Talon though when Damian's attention is taken a moment due to the construction going on.

[17:25] Talon gave a slow, absent-minded nod," Mmm.. 'pack'.. had a feeling." he said as his eyes drifted off towards the ground for a moment, finally snapping back to Damian," I'd have to have a valid reason to come here on a contract. You seem like reasonable.. people. Like I said, I'm picky.." he'd add, taking a step back for a moment as he pondered the werewolf inquiry," Eh.. werewolves can be risky, shit can go sideways fast and chances are they end up hunting me. Did it attack someone, or is this a precautionary job?"

[17:26] Keric glanced over, having heard Aurora's statement about him breaking down the infirmary, and smirked. "Uh-huh." He said dryly. "No, no, I get it. You just relax there in the grass, hang out while I-" Then Rae joined him, "While we do all the hard work." He teased. Though really, he didn't mind. He had some excess magic he needed to burn off anyway, so this was as good an excuse as any. When the wall he'd been working on was finally deconstructed and dumped into the harbor, he had the statue walk off the edge of the cliff as well. She plunked into the harbor. The bricks she'd thrown in hadn't been of much use anyway, since most were cracked and on the verge of crumbling. About the only real thing holding that wall together had been moss. With space adequately cleared, now the rest of the building, whose structural integrity was much more sound, could be broken down and stacked neatly for later use, in accordance with Damian's wishes of saving the stone. As Rae began to break pillars and arches, he moved so as not to get hit by any debris. There was no sensible way to store the arches anyway, so might as well break them. If Damian would ever let him have a catapult, HINT HINT, then they'd have plenty of ammunition to lob at the bandits. He could hear talk about the mage who had just left, and called out, perhaps too loudly, "ONLY IF I TUTOR HIM FIRST! Guy's a magical catastrophe waiting to happen, no way he's coming into the pack like that until he learns a few things!" Making a bottle vanish by accident was one thing, but who knew what else could happen? The Pack was already having a hard enough time as it was, there was little sense in taking unnecessary risks. He grinned when he heard Damian. "And a bonus for bringing us his stupid little sword!" He added. Bricks were now flowing through the air, suspended on green mist, and forming a tidy little stacked pile where the statue had once stood. It was almost resembling a pyramid at this point, or perhaps the world's largest game of Mah Jong.

[17:28] Minxie Cheltenham (minxie.ying) giggles as she was booped. "I been good." saying as she let up from the hug as she watched them take the building down. She ganced back to damian and tilted her head as he continued t talk to the man "hm?" she trotted back over to him "Why are you not helping them take stuff down?" she asked damian "Are you sick again?" she asked worried."

[17:35] Rae focused on tearing down the what was left of this segment of archways, pawing down loose bricks and pulling at the vines and moss with her teeth, gekkering excitedly all the while. She didn't know the mage they were talking about, but we was pretty sure she knew what werewolf. She chuckled at Keric. "Yes, I want his toy for a toothpick after I eat him. Ridiculous creature." She put in. She paused when Faune said something about Damian being sick and trotted over to stand behind the strange man to stare at Damian. She blew a puff of hot hair from her nose. "Are you not eating properly again? I can bring you more apples."

[17:36] Cain would return from his hunt and, staying close to the edge of the heavy wood and far form the sight of everyone, he'd wander back to where he sensed Seonais and the alpha. Coming up upon them, he'd smell something different coming from Seonais's wound and he was happy. She was going to heal fine form what he could tell by the scent, it no longer had the odd scent. Coming up to the trunk of the tree, he'd drop his weight down on the grass. After a good meal and a good run, a good nap sounded like a good idea until he heard the sounds of rubble and activity and he'd roll over on his side and lift the muscle above his left eye. He was coming in right in the middle of a conversation and he would perk up his ears to hear what was being spoke of.

[17:43] Damian (lycan.tyran) nodded at Aurora's answer "We will see. And alright, rest well and be safe!" he would wave at her, but refused to get up by now. He was closely monitoring the progress though. They could probably finish it today. He felt safer near Seonais and with Keric and Rae not too far from them as well, there was little chance this guy would try anything. Unless he felt like being roasted to charcoal... His eyes rolls at Keric's loud yelling "OKAAAAY!!" He was probably right since he was always right, so yeah, Dam listened. The catapult thing may be something they needed to talk about. Now with a war coming closer... He nodded to Talon "Well... we do have enemies and some want me dead, might even ask you... But yeah, we are not really the bad guys." He sighed and tried to explain "That werewolf attacked me and now wants me dead so he can take over my pack." He frowned but after a minute the wolf yawned quite loudly and rubbed one hand over his tired face. He glanced up at Faune when she walked over and was quick to shake his head "Not, not really, just a little tired that's all." And then Rae came over to mom him... "I'm fiiiine. I ate some, ask Keric." He could have been eating more, one meal a day was not really enough. But he was stressing! Seeing Cain return and crash down to nap he thought that was a good idea... Soon, very soon he would crawl into his den.

[17:48] Seonais keeping focus on Talon, she sees Cain approaching from a distance and tries to get him to come closer to her instead of heading right for Damian. But then Faune and Rae come over and Seonais begins to relax. When they inquire about Damian's health, she looks to him and starts to notice him looking different. Reaching towards Cain, she offers to stroke his head and neck while waiting for a few answers all around. Hearing Damian again mention the other wanting to take over the pack, she growls low. "It won't happen. He kills you, we kill him. I'm not a wolf, so I don't have the instinct to naturally follow." yeah, she was making it clear that Damian is protected and the non wolves of the pack wouldn't tolerate a new alpha, especially one forcing his way in. "Hard to lead a pack when the pack doesn't follow, right?" seeing Cain come to rest now, she slinks to the forest floor and begins to nuzzle the top of his head.

[17:53] Keric paused, nearly getting hit in the head by one of his own flying bricks in the process as his concentration was interrupted. "Damian's sick again?!" It was a domino effect through the Pack. Oh Zod, what if it was due to what Keric cooked for him earlier? No, that was impossible. In fact, it was a silly notion. He walked through the infirmary, occasionally ducking his head as more bricks flew over him, to stand in the doorway and rejoin the group. "It's true, actually. He did eat. I didn't even have to force it down his throat." Not that he ever had, though he had come close to trying on a few occasions. He grinned when Seonais spoke, reinforcing what he'd already told Damian. Keric was amused because he and the elf hadn't actually discussed the topic together, yet they were clearly conveying the same thing. "Someone taking over the pack would essentially be signing their own death warrant." More bricks continued flying behind him, as the pile steadily grew. He was half-tempted to stack them into the shape of a throne on a large dais, and make Damian sit up there with a laurel-wreath crown.

[17:54] Minxie Cheltenham (minxie.ying) stepped closer to damian and kicked him lighty in the thigh with her boot "I dont think Lachlan cares about the pack. The lands and i know he wants you dead, you have pissed him off before, but i doubt he wants your pack..." she said to him as she kicked him again "Goto bed damian, please?" she glanced to the girl and gave her a unsure look as an answer "Uhm...ok... Though i think if he wants a pack, he would want mostly wolves would he not?" Glancing back at everyone "He says hes tired, im not sure whats wrong.." she said softly.

[17:56] Talon heard the massive fox trotting up behind him.. normally he would've spun around but nothing in the glade seemed immediately hostile, and he was heavily outmatched anyways. Talon gave Damian a bit of a glare," Eh, so long as you aren't running around mauling peasants.. you won't run in to me. As for your werewolf problem.. sounds like something you'll have to take care of yourself. An alpha and a beta duking it out, hardly something a slayer opts to meddle in out of his own free will." he said, pausing for a moment," Mmm.. tell ya' what. You keep a lookout for the hag and the child, and I'll do the same for your werewolf.. give me a description, local haunts.. details I'd need to identify it. "

[18:05] Rae eyed Damian, unconvinced, though Keric corroborated his story, and wasn't surprised when Faune mentioned he was tired. "Hmm, well, if I find out you aren't eating enough, I'll shove food down your throat myself. Get some sleep." She grumbled, glancing at the unfamiliar wolf and elf with a grin. "Si, he's asking to get eaten if he hangs around." She looked down at the unfamiliar man in front of her again as he spoke and leaned her snout down to sniff at him. "Ciao."

[18:07] Cain would growl low, his muscles trembling under his fur now as he eyes the one who seemed to be out for a hunt, or had he misunderstood - either way it didn't matter, the growl would have come anyways because the idea of a new alpha didn't sit well with Cain. It took Cain awhile to stop pissing all over the alpha's marked spots but he had sense the alpha state Damian possessed, but Cain wasn't likely to allow another to reign over him as a leader. If another came in it would be a rough go. Rolling closer to Seonais, he'd rest his weight on her, then would bump his head on her shoulder before sticking his face in her hair. Flowers. He liked that scent. The affection was clear but his attention stayed on the guy talking about babies and hags. He would snort, then would raise his head attentively. To Damian he'd say <Sleep. When you rise things will be more clear and tolerable.>

[18:12] Damian (lycan.tyran) looked down at the grass some but smiled after hearing Seonais'. Keric had said the same thing and finally some of his fear left him. They were not going to replace him or abandon him and that werewolf was going to be in trouble. He did feel kind of weird with everyone gathering around to make sure he was alright. "I eh..." He then got kicked by Faune "Yes, I think I'm going to do just that! I just need some sleep, that is all!" He was kind of dead tired, so it would probably help. He got himself up from the ground and slowly made his way over to the pack house. He nodded to Talon "I'm not mauling anyone who doesn't deserve it. So no. And it's probably nothing we can't handle but an extra set of eyes out there would be helpful, so sure, we have a deal. He big and half of his hair is burned off for eh... a better description ask Keric, Rae or Seonais." Rolled his eyes as Rae told him to eat and go to sleep. He was tempted to call her 'mom' again to mock her, but stuck to "Yes Rae." And then looked to Cain with a bit of a sigh "Okay Cain." Yes, seriously everyone was telling the big bad Alpha what to do and he accepted it. He began to walk off and waved to the group "Laters!" Then entered the pack house, shutting the door and crashed on his favorite rug to sleep.

[18:15] Seonais seeing Keric and now the flying bricks, she instinctively ducks when one nearly collides with his head. She'd look to him and flash a bit of a smile before turning to Faune. "He might just want the wolves, but as it stands, we're all part of this family. We vowed to protect it. Separating us, breaking up the family, wouldn't be what Damian would want." her eyes go to Damian then, as if looking for him to agree. Her closeness to Cain, she places a more protective arm on him after hearing his growl. "...and where this one is truly my family," indicating Cain " best believe I will kill anyone who would dare put Cain in danger just to satisfy their ego." Listening to all the chatter about Damian not eating and being tired, she'd start going through the food storage to see what is there, what is needed, and hell...yeah, that motherly instinct kicks in again. She hadn't felt this protective of family in awhile. "If I have to start cooking meals regularly...." though, she's sure Damian would be more agreeable to raw meat instead...then she feels the bump to her shoulder and leans in to place a kiss upon Cain's head as he starts nuzzling and sniffing her. She isn't shy about the affection they share, despite the differences, they had mated. As Damian hesitates to go rest, she looks to him "Harder to lead if you're not taking care of yourself." and then he rises to bid his farewells. "Have a good sleep, Damian." she calls out after him.

[18:26] Keric nodded. "Rest well, Damian, see you later." He continued leaning against the pillar while his magic continued working behind him. Brick by brick, the stack continued to grow. As it was, his attention was half divided anyway. "Nobody really cares what Lachlan wants anyway. He's not the one we were talking about. Oddly enough, wolves are actually a minority within the pack." He added with a chuckle. "We've got a little bit of everything, but only a small handful of wolves. Not that there's anything wrong with that. But anyone who tried to take over or break up our family would be making a very grave mistake indeed." He had little else to say on the matter, since it was a closed issue. He turned back to focus on the task at hand, steadily breaking down the infirmary.

[18:28] Minxie Cheltenham (minxie.ying) frowns as she looks back to the man "Damian would not do that!" she growled at him. Though something he said clicked. The man speaking of Damian dealing with it, did make sense, he should Was that not what leaders did?" she sighed and nodded to him "night..." she said softly before looking around at everyone and started to rock back and forth not really sure what to say now. She watched as the guy with the glowy hands seem to make the building dissapear "wow.... I did not know people could do that..."

[18:38] Talon gave Damian a simple wave as he departed. His attention turned to the other individuals, specifically the wolf sat next to Seonais.. 'pack' was a fitting term for this crew. When the girl snapped over at him, Talon's eyes shot over towards her," Hm, why wouldn't he deal with it? The werewolf attacked him, and if these claims of it trying to to take over are true.. it's in his nature to protect his territory, I reckon." he said in response. He turned his head then and looked up towards the rather large fox standing directly behind him.. he didn't say anything, just kind of stared up at it for a moment.

[18:41] Rae shuffled to the side to let Damian pass and grinned at him. "Good boy." She teased before turning bac to the others. "If you're one for cooking, I'm sure he could use it." She remarked to Seonais. Feeling eyes, she looked down and returned the look, eyes swirling curiously. "Staring is rude." She pointed out before turning away to go back to helping Keric, kicking down bricks and tearing at vines with her teeth.

[18:42] Cain would see the alpha rise and head to sleep so he saw no reason to remain as a wolf. It only appeared as one when Damian was around in case such was needed but now he wanted to scour the land and see who was around and what words were drifting about. He never considered that maybe he was just nosey but it never hurt to know what was happening. Rising, he'd give Seonais one last nuzzle before he walked off. When he ws in a clearing, he'd begin to run the would shift into the eagle, his wings spreading as he flew off, circling over the near by areas until he spied movement in the trees. Diving, he'd sailed to a perch close by in order to pick up on words and intentions.

[18:44] Seonais hearing Keric, she smiles a bit. Seems the djinn and elf can actually agree on some things, the pack being the biggest matter. The infirmary seems to vanish behind Keric and she's quite impressed with his work. Remembering him mention something about tutoring Nathaniel, she considers asking him to teach her a few things too. With killer mushrooms on the loose and all....then Faune's voice brings her out of that thought while she listens to the girl. A soft snicker "If those peasants are a threat, he just might..." she'd heard a bit of the lore in this place. Humans weren't too welcoming to people who are 'different'. Nodding agreeing with Talon then, "Of course he would deal with it, and it would be his fight. I'm simply warning those who might think to issue a challenge that it might not be worth it in the end if the people aren't willing to follow a new alpha." then nods to Rae "I have never minded cooking..." and a laughter erupts seeing Rae look down to meet Talon's eyes and her words...oh, Seonais is laughing. Feeling Cain break away, she frowns a bit but then she'd hear the paws pound the earth briefly then the flapping of wings. She knows then Cain was keeping a protective watch from the skies.

[18:51] Heavy boots crush grass underfoot as a heavily armored warrior approaches the gathering, a massive zweihander clutched loosely in his left hand. He had arrived atop a mighty black stallion, but the horse was quickly dismissed, and the warrior approaches them on foot. "Blessings be upon you," he announces, his voice, though loud, carrying warmth and kindness.

[18:53] Keric carefully guided the bricks through the air as several of them were freed from the vines by Rae. Though he was still invested in the conversation going on nearby. "About the only thing we do to peasants is throw water on them because they smell bad. That's the worst it gets around here. We're not in the business of harming innocents. In fact, our only real agenda is to defend ourselves and be left the hell alone. Visitors are welcome, but getting attacked tends to become rather old." He said to nobody specifically, though audibly enough for all to hear. He had no qualms about someone else taking over cooking duty. He didn't mind it but he had other ways he'd rather spend his time. Like breaking down buildings. The stone pile continued to grow, though it was going faster now that the general structure had been taken down. It wouldn't be long now before it was entirely gone. He worked in relative silence, his face lit by the emerald glow of his magic coursing through the air. All in all, it might have been a very pretty light show for those nearby. Hearing armored footsteps approaching, he looked over to regard the latest visitor quietly.

[To be continued.....]

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