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The fog - Locating the fungus [2017/08/23]

6 months 1 day ago #577 by Damian
Damian created the topic: The fog - Locating the fungus [2017/08/23]
[23:31] Gaulos trudged up to the Glade, carrying with him a sack full of components,walking carefully in the thick fog.

[23:33] Damian (lycan.tyran) walked around, adjusting his armor and shaking his head tiredly. He was so done with this fog and everything going on around it!! Nymeria was dead, he had no idea how and why. But whatever it was, it had to go with this insane weather. When he heard someone walk up he stopped. But when he noticed it was Gaulos he quickly made his was over and attempted to lean into him for a hug of sorts with a whimper, but no explanation.

[23:34] Gaulos pulled Damian in close and ran his fingers through his hair, dropping the sack. "Hello you. Why so much heaviness?" He wasn't aware that anybody died, but could tell something was wrong.

[23:39] Damian (lycan.tyran) just stood there for a moment, murmuring "We lost Nymeria..." He moved back to look up at Gaulos' face, but instead of falling to pieces he just shrugged. He had no time to grieve, he held it back for later. "Whatever is going on there is something in this fog and it is driving people insane, even to the point of killing each other... There is something about shards but this fog... it needs to go and I'm not sure how."

[23:44] Gaulos could not remember who Nymeria was so he did his best to just put on a sympathetic face instead. "That is no good. BUT! I have brought some of my divinatory implements just for such a purpose and I was hoping you could help me." He reached down and upended the bag into the grass, wherein there spilled a vast number of seemingly strange and random objects. There were bowls and vials, round glassy things and satchels of this and that marked in runic letters. There were bundles of herbs and engraved sticks. There were chains with crystal weights attached to the ends, and even more things to which there could hardly be ascribed name or definition.

[23:51] Damian (lycan.tyran) was aware Gaulos was not going to be sad about it, but for now it helped him to keep going and keep his mind straight. They needed to fix this! The wolf had already lost it the day before so for now he seemed rather calm. He looked down at all the objects that the bag contained, crouching down to try and pick up one of the bowls and studied it for moment "Erm, I'll help, but if we are going to cook something you know that if I do anything it is bound to fail." He smiled at Gaulos.

[23:59] Gaulos grinned a bit and began arranging the objects around Damian. "No cooking, I am going to revert to my spirit form but I need you to be my anchor so I don't get lost in the fog. Please have a seat." He then took a pouch of salt and let it spill in a fine line as he walked a circle clockwise around Damian, "You'll be using some of these implements and I will guide you. There is a charcoal and parchment there for you to write down any symbols or letters you are given. Anything significant that you hear or see. Is this agreeable to you?"

[00:04] Damian (lycan.tyran) was lightly confused, but trusted that Gaulos knew what he was doing. He took a seat in the grass and watched closely what he was going around him, trying to figure things out but it was just too strange for him. "Okay.... uhm... And what if you get lost? Don't get lost please, I need you." He nodded at the explanation and reached over to pick up the parchment and charcoal. Good thing he practiced his writing skills a little!

[00:09] Gaulos just smiled and sat down behind Damian, he scooted closer and wrapped his arms around his waist. "Hold onto me tight, then!" He closed his eyes and attempted to press his spirit up against Damian's, as he had once done when giving a massage, but this time in a more complete fashion. If Damian was to hear Gaulos as a spirit, he would have to first be open to him and let him in. "If you feel me, will you let me in?" He whispered in his ear.

[00:15] Damian (lycan.tyran) softly whimpered and leaned back into Gaules, trying to him arm onto his arm just to make sure he wouldn't lose him!! He waited to see what happened and tried to breathe and relax, for now also closing his eyes to be better able to focus. He would feel something happening and nodded as Gaulos whispered to him "Yes..." then tried to open himself up, or at least trying to

[00:21] Gaulos more or less vanished at that point, at least seeming to, leaving Damian apparently alone in the Glade. He wasn't alone though. Gaulos was with him and in him, his own spirit tied in close with the threads of the spell he had woven, though these were all delicate and would need to be closely held. There was a deep sinking feeling, as if both were melting down into the soil- sending out feelers in every direction, as if one were the roots and the other was the tree, though which was in which role was almost hard to tell. The ground below them had a thrumming vibrations; it had millions of tiny heartbeats and a deeper sonorous one below them all. "The bowl, pour the water from the flask inside and set it down till the ripples still." He whispered.

[00:29] Damian (lycan.tyran) thought this was all weird and tried to keep himself from getting anxious. He just didn't like magic but he did however trust Gaulos. As the man went invisible, he just mostly seemed to sit there by himself, but he could feel he was nearby for some reason. His eyes opened as he was giving direction and he took the bowl and the flask. He set it before him onto the ground and poured the water in there, then waited for it to stop stop rippling.

[00:30] Ashaya howls up into the glade, which translated in feral <Don't shoot, Im friendly> She padded up into the glad and saw a figure there and tipped her head to him

[00:34] Gaulos was able to transfer some of the images to Damian via the light on the water. If he had wanted to say something snarky to the wolf about no one having any weapons to shoot with, he refrained due to the necessity of not having a voice with which to do it at the moment. He tried to hold onto Damian's focus, to show him a series of shapes which to write down on the paper, but he doubted that Damian could effectively focus on them both however he may try.

[00:38] Damian (lycan.tyran) heard the howl and was momentarily distracted indeed. That was Nymeria's granddaughter and his heart sank, he felt bad for her. "Ash... the shards..." he murmured, but then fell silent again. He needed to focus! But he also needed those shards!! He tried his best to redirect his attention to the bowl, then noted the shapes or symbols and he knew what to do. He took the parchment and started to draw them the best he could with the charcoal.

[00:42] Ashaya pads over to Damian and smells him. <Alpha. I can smell it. Are you Damian Black?> She sais in feral. <I am Ashaya, Nym's granddaughter. I am come to take her place as best I can.> She sat on her haunches and folded her ears back and laid down, relaxed and waiting for him to respond. She didn't quite understand the sneaky sneaky writing he was doing, but she didn't question it.

[00:50] Gaulos wasn't anywhere the eye could see, and to all appearances Damian was alone, but his spirit was strong in that area. It had sort of a strange feeling to it, it was wild, but not in the way a wolf was wild. It was alien and detached and was no more concerned about freedom and survival, life and life than the wind in the branches or the gathering storm. He felt suddenly hot and angry at what seemed to him like a careless interruption- which no doubt Damian would sense. A sudden acid boiling in the gut that threatened to blossom into rage and reaction. Damian wasn't the only one having trouble holding focus- Gaulos tried to pull back toward the task at hand, feeling out the pulsating nodes of corruption that had taken root in the earth and were incubating some fetid perversion of life... but those locations were unfocused and indistinct as it were.

[00:55] Damian (lycan.tyran) eyes briefly over to Ashaya "I know, we have met before. I heard you took the shards after Nymeria passed... Do you have them?" The wolf felt the change in Gaulos' spirit and his teeth gritted when he tried to get back into focus again. "Caaaalm... I'm focusing..." he whispered as he looked at the bowl filled with water and waited for more shapes to appear. He took a moment to close his eyes, then took a deep breath, then again went back to what was expected of him.

[01:01] Ashaya felt the strange presence, and knew they were not alone. Ah, so that was it. She knew why he was writing, but not who was helping. She replied to Damian <Yes, they are in an enchanted lockbox in my grandmother's, now my, home.> She huffed and looked into the fog and growled at it. She hated the Fog.

[01:10] Gaulos seemed to have found part of what was causing the miasma- and a picture floated into clarity of some sort of squishy fungus incubating what seemed like eggs of some sort. This was all converted into shapes and patterns for Damian to transcribe. If one looked closely- what was appearing was map of sorts, along the ley lines of the land, with Damian at the center- which showed various sources, not just one. It wasn't terribly intuitive but perhaps Gaulos could explain better once he precipitated back out of the aether. He proceeded to do that next, pulling himself out of his attachment to Damian and slowly re-establishing himself in the physical reality.

[01:15] Damian (lycan.tyran) was very much focused now and looked closely to whatever was appearing in the water. Again he scribbled it down with the charcoal, trying to be as accurate as he possible could be even though he was no artist and only recently learned how to write. He still didn't understand it, but for now it was okay. As he felt something change again he put the charcoal down and just ended up staring at the paper, waiting for Gaulos to come back really. He murmured low to Ash"I need you to bring them to me when you can, unless you know what to do with them yourself. but I think we need all the shards in one place."

[01:20] Ashaya nods and runs to go get them, coming back with a small box and uttering in draconic after she sets it down <open> THe box unlocked and she nudged the lid open, taking out the sards quickly and shutting the box before anyone else could see what was inside <seal> She uttered in draconic at the box, and it sealed. she looked at Damian and in feral, <Here you go Alpha.> She ran her box back and then returned, sitting down and laying down again, folding her ears back, relaxed once more

[01:23] Gaulos was back by the time Ashaya returned, laying tiredly in the grass. "Ehhhhh" He groaned, and motioned for the picture Damian had drawn, "I guess that's the reason I don't do this much... can I see the sketch?" He hoped what he'd transmitted to Damian was coherent enough that he could decipher it again once he was back to himself. He looked up at the wolf when she returned but couldn't understand her now that he was no longer attached to Damian. "what's this?"

[01:28] Damian (lycan.tyran) watched Ashaya as she returned with a box and rolled his shoulders some. He took the shards if he was allowed to have them and nodded "Thank you." Whatever the problem was, the solution seemed a little closer and he was glad the shards were at least safe." He glanced back over to Gaulos and scooted over to him, smiling since he was happy he didn't lose him in the fog! He offered him the sketch so he could maybe make sense of it, since he sure as hell didn't "These shards have to do with something with the fog.. I'm not entirely sure but I will ask Voltaire or Morrigan about it. Or... Ash, do you know more maybe?"

[01:33] Ashaya nods and replies, nudging the shards to damian <Nymeria had written in her journal. They show a dark hallway. Perhaps the place we need to find, or maybe a portal to where we need to go. And do not ask Voltaire if he is still not in his right mind. Not a good idea.> She looked to how close the two were and concluded. Either married, dating, or mated.

[01:37] Gaulos laid his head in Damian's lap when he scooted closer and squinted at the map tiredly, "I saw nodes of a strange blight- a fungus incubating eggs of some sort. They are connected to the fog and probably must be destroyed." He pointed out the larger circles, then smaller irregular shapes interspersed throughout the stave, "These are probably the shards, but some of them are moving and will be hard to pin down. " He sighed and rubbed his curly head against Damian's thigh, they hadn't used most of the things he had brought, but the whole process had been harder than he expected, he'd need to rest before trying such a thing again. He nodded to the wolf, unsure if he had met her before or not.

[01:42] Damian (lycan.tyran) sighed "Voltaire is back to normal... and Ashaya? I'm so very sorry I wasn't there to stop this all." He felt the guilt of not being able to protect Nymeria and his pack when he really needed to. He tried to pet Gaulos' hair when he laid his head on his lap and looked at the sketch he had made to see where he pointed and how he explained it. He nodded along "Then that is what we need to do... Maybe we can figure out where it is, but later, when you have gotten some rest. You're tired..." He leaned down and attempted to place a kiss on Gaulos' head, then smiled softly "Did I do alright..?"

[01:46] Ashaya smiles sadly and emits a wave of emotional warmth,, tinged with sadness and acceptance <You are my alpha damian, as you were hers. You are forgiven, for you have done nothing wrong> She began to shift back, and clothing swirled into the air, coveing parts as they became elven again.

[01:49] Gaulos smiled at the kiss, "Yes, you did fine." And reached out to touch his face. He glanced sideways at Ashaya as she shifted, watching the process. "I'll go mushroom hunting later, in the meantime, I'll rest in the pack house." He sighed and move to roll to his feet and push up into a standing position so he could collect his things and dismiss the circle and the remaining energy he had drawn up.

[01:53] Damian (lycan.tyran) looked at Ashaya as she shifted and gave a single nod. He had no problem with her becoming part of the pack now that Nymeria was gone... he figured that is what she would have wanted. He smiled a bit at Gaulos and watched him gather his stuff. "Just don't go alone.... not until we figure out what these shards are too... What portal..." He attempted to paw at his leg as he sat there still "Get some sleep. I'll be nearby to keep watch."

[02:03] Ashaya shifts back into elven form, gray eyes dusted like the cosmos staring back at Damian in the darkness "I am not going off anywhere alone, I am yet new here. And I am not strong enough to fight this on my own. And it is possible, the shards form a portal. I have made such devices before. An identical mirror to this one sits in teh dark hallway it shows, and they are linked. If it is in fact a portal." She lit her pipe and began smoking her tobacco, intermittently smoking her pipe.

[02:05] Gaulos hoped that what Damian had said was more suggestion than an order because he might want to go later and Damian might not be there! He nodded and made his way to the packhouse.

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