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A strange light [2017-12-02]

2 months 3 weeks ago - 2 months 3 weeks ago #613 by Damian
Damian created the topic: A strange light [2017-12-02]

[01:33] Faune trots back home when she seen her brother. A smirk crossed her face as she was gonna try to sneak up and pounce him. Though coming closer she frowns seeing him "DAMIAN!" running up to him "The Hell Happened now?"

[01:36] Damian (lycan.tyran) was actually walking over to the circle, still trying to memorize some elven words and runes that he was taught about. The burns all over his body caused him plenty of pain with every step he took and with everything that touched his skin. The friction of the fabric against his burns, the moving around as he walked, feeling how his inflexible scars were pulling on his flesh. One of his eyes was damaged in the flames as well, so he could only really see on one side, but yet the wolf kept on going… He stopped when he heard his sister though, holding his hands up as if he wanted to defend himself "D-don't! Don't touch!"

[01:45] Faune wrinkled her nose "Oh stop it, i aint gonna touch it you big baby... You gonna tell me what happpen or not?" she asked with a frown " Did you put anything on that? has blue man been around?"

[01:49] Damian (lycan.tyran) lowered his hands with a sigh of relieve and then just continued to walk over to the circle where he needed to be "Maurel." was the short reply she would get until he stopped and turned towards her. "He was here, saying he now claims the Glade. He set me on fire." He nodded "Something was put on there, yes."

[01:51] Faune blinked and sighed as she folllowed him "Took him long enough and Mor isent even here to trap him or whatever she was gonna do...... What was put on there? What did he do?" she looked at the stones. Did he break them for good?"

[01:56] Damian (lycan.tyran) shook his head "No. The demon said he owns the Glade. Not the blue man. Not sure if you were getting that." He sighed and growled a bit, walking off again to get to the stone to with the hole in it. "And Feredir took care of me. I nearly died and Maurel just left me for dead. I'm very much done with all of this and I want to charge the stones up right now." He looked around, seeing how the flowers were whithering because of what was done to the place. "The elf gave me the tools to do so... Will you help?"

[02:02] Faune blink "I meant the demon... Are you ok? You should probably go lay down I think the demon might have did more then just burn and break you..." clearly getting more concern as her brother was not making sense, and who was Feredir? She trotted up to her brother and took his hand "Damian your acting weird, are you really sure you are ok?" giving him the big sad pupper eyes showing deep concern for her brother "I can help... What you need?"

[02:07] Damian (lycan.tyran) shook his head "Morrigan, broke her promise. The Glade is in danger and we have no protection whatsoever. I'm fine, I just need to fix this." He let himself go down on his knees before the stone, taking a moment to breathe as he tried to focus. "I need to you watch my back. Whatever happens, make sure no one disturbs the procedure. I'm going to ask Gaia to bless the circle again. If I manage, you're going to get your promotion, a higher rank."

[02:12] Faune huffed and nodded "I knew this was a bad isea in the 1st place...." she sighed as she heard him "be carful.." she said softly. Hearing of higher rank she did not seem to care this time about her. Her brother was hurt really bad again was this really the time to bring up ranks.. The girl let that pass though she she nodded and drew a bow an arrow " Ready.."

[02:16] Damian (lycan.tyran) looked back over at Faune and gave her a single nod before he tried to focus again. He knew what he had to do, what he had to say, but still... he had never done it before so he was not even sure if he could do it. Feredir seemed to believe it though. For a moment he held onto the strange little vial that was hanging from his neck. There was a light shining in it and it had purpose, but is was not something the wolf was ready to explain just yet. He needed to breathe and he looked up at the hole in the rock. It was dark, the moon was out and close to being full again, but no light filtered through the stone like it had for so long. It was the light that protected them from the dark and they needed it back. He shook his head a bit, barely able to believe he was going to do this and wondering if he would even succeed. He brought his arms up, placing first his fingertips against the cold stone and then flattening his palms against them. He closed his eyes, tried to breathe, focus and most of all… remember what was taught to him. He knew that in a way he was connected with Gaia, he heard the stories about his race. They were her claws and fangs, the creatures that were supposed to protect everything she had created from all who wanted to destroy it, the demons and darkness… He just hoped that it helped.

[02:22] Faune walked back and forth idly as she watched her brother do things... SHe was not sure what he as doing, just doing something... She glanced out into the forest as she preped her bow just in case trying to listen to what was about, but it seem to be nothing but usual forest sounds. The girl had questions, but she knew the time was not right plus now she was on alert.

[02:29] Damian (lycan.tyran) was finally calm enough and when he felt like he was ready he began to pray to the Goddess; Gaia. “Gaia… can you hear my calling…?” he murmured softly, still feeling very out of place and odd, since he had never prayed to or worshiped anyone, at least not really. He fell quiet, brows knitted and he tried to find the confidence to do this. They believed he could, so there had to be a reason for that. Feredir had made him the guardian of the circle from the start and he literally had been defending it with his life… she must have seen that. He listened to his sister pacing back and forth, guarding the place. He didn't speak to her for now though, he wanted this to be done soon so she would also have a place to hide from the demons, as well as the rest of the pack. This time he spoke up in Elven, the words he had learned over the years and from what he had been studying for days now <Hear me mother of Life, Her who is found in her children, Her who is found in their hearts… Hear me as I pray to You, as I am asking for Your guidance.> The light in the vial started to glow a little brighter, not that he noticed, since well… his eyes were closed.

[02:35] Faune listen to her brother as she continued to scan the forest. Hearing him speak another language though made her look at him confused... When did he know this... Girl was gonna have tto ask him questions when this was all over.... She did not even notice the light in the vial as she kept guard.

[02:39] Damian (lycan.tyran) continued to speak in Elven <Hear my voice as we need Your guidance and touch to bless and shield us with the light of the cursed lovers... the moon and the sun... the Light of your children… Your stars.> By now, the wolf could feel the life energy from the vial flow through his body, it going through his arms to the stone and through his legs to the earth below him. It was barely noticeable, but the slowly some of the withered flowers around him were perking up again and restoring some color. More and more moonlight began to filter through the gap in the stone again, first only lightly, but intensifying as it hit the water in the well. By now the wolf was in some sort of trance, no longer hearing what was going on around them. If they were to be attacked, he would never see it coming, but slowly the ground and the area was being purified again.. He was pouring his heart into this and spoke up in common as well “Please, I beg of you… Keep us safe from harm… shield us… show us the love You have for Your children and Your creations…”

[02:44] Faune tilts her head as she watched her brother. then the flowers around him perked up like they were waking up from a winter. The girl paused as she needed to watch this now, but she kept her eyes twoards the forest, only glancing down at what was happening.

[02:45] Lyari Cormyth would appear in his usual way in a cloud of green smoke as he sensed something happening near the stones, a flow of gaia's energy. he frowned seeing Damian? was he casting magic? the demon did not know the man was capable of something like that. he gritted his teeth as he stepped forward "Well well.. what are we doing?"

[02:56] Damian (lycan.tyran) was getting more tired as the prayer started to drain him, sucking up the energy that was not even that much to begin with. He was still tired and recovering, but this was what mattered most at this very moment. <Hear my pleading Mother, guide their Light to us and touch this stone with Your heart and spirit. Bless us, shield us and protect us from the darkness and chaos. Show me your warmth and share it with your children…> At the end of that sentence, the light shining through the rock suddenly intensified. The water in the well reflecting the moonlight cleared up and from there the magical blessing spread through the ground towards the edges of the circle. The barrier was starting to form again and even though the wolf himself was not really that aware of the demon being there, the magic shield was already starting to pull up as the blessing was close to being completed. He would be able to feel that same pureness again, something what would probably make a demonic one like him very uncomfortable as it got stronger and more intense. Right now Damian was just trusting on his sister to stop whoever wanted to interfere.

[03:03] Faune "you can do it..." she whispered to her brother as she continued to scann the area.. The air in the circle felt weird as that comforting feeling started to show itself... SHe looked back to her brother amazed that he could do this. SHe really wanted to see whatelse he could do later or what else she did not know about him... Though catching smoke from the corner on her eye she looked to see the elf... Her eyes flickered feral as she replaced arrows with a blessed arrow which she only had three mixed in with her other arrows SHe just pulled back on the bow string and stared at The elf not gonna shoot just yet if she had to and she was not gonna talk to him as he was annoying to talk to and he was a perv...

[03:04] Lyari Cormyth could sense the barrier began to form again so would not enter the circle as he did not want to be stuck inside if it completed. though it did not mean he would simply allow it. he growled as he started to summon a fireball in his hand "Well that was not a very clever move.. Maurel should have finished you when he had the chance.. guess that job will be passed to me now.." with that he would toss the fireball towards Damian. ignoring Faune as she was not the one casting. he would prepare himself to be shot at though, but for now he just wanted to stop the man's focus on his magic.

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[03:05] Revenland Dice v1.4: Damian (Lycan Tyran) rolls a 1d100: 40

[03:08] Captain Zideous Arionnias would be on his way urgently to meet with Damian, having rode in on his horse, opting to leave it to graze at the foot of the hill, hopping off, he would hold a rolled up scroll within his hand, walking up to the top of the hill. "Have to find that man..much to discuss.." the Inquisitor muttered, still moving upward over the hill, just stepping over it as he would come into view.

[03:12] Damian (lycan.tyran) was again so deep in his prayers that he did not notice the fireball coming into his direction until it hit him right in the back. The wolf was already suffering from fresh burns and so that caused excruciating pain. He cried out loudly, his voice echoing through the trees of the Glade. He let go of the rock and fell sideways where he curled up from the pain for moment. The blessing was almost done and it only needed a little more, but the interruption caused the light to start dimming again. It had been building up for quite some time so it was slow, but the wolf knew he had to continue. He tried to sit himself up again, trying to kneel before the stone with the tears rolling down his cheeks, begging in elven <Please... Gaia... we need you. NOW.>

[03:17] Faune glared the man down as she snarled "Hey fuck face!" she snarled at the elf a she got inbetween the two making herself a target. If the elf wanted Damian would have to get threw a girl that was 9000% done with this shit... SHe would quickly Aim the arrow and shoot. Ether to hit him or annoy him enough to focus on her. She could sense another comming up but she could not pay attention.

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[03:23] Lyari Cormyth just began to laugh "You think powering up these stones will make a difference?" he still would not enter the circle even when he saw the light dim, he was smarter then that. he needed to stop the casting, he smirked as the fireball hi right in the man's back, she then saw a familiar arrow fly through the sky again, aimed at him. he sighed as he again would catch it out of air with his tail this time as his hands started to charge with electricity "Hmm still with the arrows? i thought you perhaps learned your lesson from last time.." he said with a grin and simply flicked the arrow back in her direction. yes he too noticed someone joining them but for now he focused on the two inside the circle. to stop there ritual or whatever you wanted to call it.

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[03:24] Revenland Dice v1.4: Minxie Cheltenham (Minxie Ying) rolls a 1d100: 23

[03:29] Captain Zideous Arionnias looked on in horror as he saw the were's back burned from the impact of a fireball. The Inquisitor stuffed the scroll back into his coat, and would draw immediately a pistol from his chest belt, and the pistol from his rear holster. As the girl would be struck with her own arrow, raising the first pistol to take aim and fire. If the half demon managed to see him before his shot, he would see both of those pistols ignite in flames, burning with the flames of Gaia itself. If not, he would hear in either case the thunderous boom of the pistol discharging a flaming bullet.

[03:29] Revenland Dice v1.4: Captain Zideous Arionnias (Zidane Radek) rolls a 1d100: 99
[03:31] Revenland Dice v1.4: Ƭнσяη ƁєƖƖιc (ThornHelios Resident) rolls a 1d100: 79

[03:34] Damian (lycan.tyran)’s back was still burning but he was still too stubborn to give up. He placed his hands on the stone again and kept on speaking in a mix of elven tongue and common, pleading to his Goddess and begging for her protection. The Fairies that had been hiding in the nearby area came rushing over as they felt the serenity of the circle, wanting to be safe at last from the evil that had been in the Glade. The light filtering through he stone became brighter again, slowly getting back to the power it was at when he left off. He needed a moment to do this and so he really hoped he would not be hit again, since that would suck. Again the elven words <See what they are doing, protect us from their evil, shield us from their corruption. I ask for Your blessing, the light from the moon, the sun and the stars… Please mother… Show us Your warmth.> The sound of the pistol spooked him only shortly, but he didn't stop.

[03:40] Faune blinked as she felt her arrow go right into her gut. SHe would twitch an snarl in pain. "Enough of this. I dont care if Em wants you alive, you will die!" Though hearing the gunshot made her freeze and glance to see the man from before. The girl was lucky he was here... She would not stop as she wanted no chance for the elf to get to her brother. Letting go of her side as she got another regular arrow and shot it towards the elf.

[03:40] Revenland Dice v1.4: Minxie Cheltenham (Minxie Ying) rolls a 1d100: 89
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[03:43] Lyari Cormyth growled as he did not see the man firing his pistols. he got shot right in his chest. and it burned, he would sink down onto one knee while trying to dig out the bullet with his sharp claws and let it drop to the ground "Ugh... damn that holy magic.." he hissed as he hated it with a passion. he would laugh as he understood every single word spoken by the man, since after all he was a elf himself. "Yes cry to your goddess.. damn her and her and everything connected to her!" he truly hated Gaia as she always ruined his plans. "Her dead will come.. just like yours.." he eyed as the barrier become stronger again and he knew he had to take Damian out. though with the other two interfering made it quite hard. he glared at the large man who fired his pistols. the arrow hitting him as right in his side, he ignored the pain for now as his body surrounded itself with electricity and eventually becoming one with it. he then shot himself into the direction of the Captain. to strike him. to then materialize right next him so he could move on to close combat.

[03:44] Revenland Dice v1.4: Ƭнσяη ƁєƖƖιc (ThornHelios Resident) rolls a 1d100: 100
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[03:50] Captain Zideous Arionnias (zidane.radek) was knocked back by the impact, knocked down onto his ass as he would tumble a few feet from the strike, groaning as the burning flames of Gaia's blessing burned upon his weaponry. "You...!" he growled out, bringing his pistol up, to discharge both bullets from the double barrel pistol into his chest, that thunderous boom of the pistol heard as he would try and double tap the demon into the stone behind him with enough force, both bullets flaming toward him.

[03:50] Revenland Dice v1.4: Captain Zideous Arionnias (Zidane Radek) rolls a 1d100: 20
[03:50] Revenland Dice v1.4: Ƭнσяη ƁєƖƖιc (ThornHelios Resident) rolls a 1d100: 35

[03:50] Damian (lycan.tyran) noticed the struggle going on around him and he was half tempted to help, but he knew not one would be helped it he did not finish right now and so he focused only on that standing stone before him. He kept his prayers going, the light becoming brighter again until finally all of the sudden, a short, bright flash lit up the area momentarily. After that things seemed to calm down and everything seemed to fade. The area felt warmer, more serene and all that remained was the light that was shining onto the water in the well and the barrier surrounding the circle up at full strength once again. The vial’s light dimmer again and the wolf detached himself from the rock falling backward into the grass and flowers, exhausted and in terrible pain. He did however pat the grass down until he found a rock and eyed over at the demon that struck his sister and was now after the Captain.

[03:53] Faune flinched and squinted her eyes as she felt thel ight getting brighter and brighter. It was hard for her to stand up straight as she felt the pain from the wound get more rough. Though seeing her brother she wanted to rush over but wanted this elf to be gone. She would try one last time to use her blessed arrow aiming it at the elf and trying to shoot him one more time.

[03:53] Revenland Dice v1.4: Minxie Cheltenham (Minxie Ying) rolls a 1d100: 90
[03:53] Revenland Dice v1.4: Ƭнσяη ƁєƖƖιc (ThornHelios Resident) rolls a 1d100: 93

[04:02] Lyari Cormyth chuckled in a wicked way as he saw the pistols aimed at his chest, the elf was quick though. lighting still surrounding him. making him even quicker. he jumped backwards avoiding both the gun shots and the arrow. he focused his electricity more creating a large whip that he would attempt to strike that holy man with. "You.. follower of gaia? i wonder how she would feel about me killing her children"

[04:02] Revenland Dice v1.4: Ƭнσяη ƁєƖƖιc (ThornHelios Resident) rolls a 1d100: 69
[04:02] Revenland Dice v1.4: Captain Zideous Arionnias (Zidane Radek) rolls a 1d100: 38

[04:05] Captain Zideous Arionnias (zidane.radek) would toss the other pistol away, throwing his arms up to block as the whip struck across his torso. He would growl out in pain as the whip electrocuted him, gritting his teeth as he fought through the pain. As he spoke, he pulled a pistol from his belt, aiming it up toward him as he growled out in frustration, attempting to fire both barrels into him from the dirt, that pistol burning with Gaia's flame once more, with the same being of the bullets.

[04:05] Revenland Dice v1.4: Captain Zideous Arionnias (Zidane Radek) rolls a 1d100: 87
[04:06] Revenland Dice v1.4: Ƭнσяη ƁєƖƖιc (ThornHelios Resident) rolls a 1d100: 87

[04:07] Revenland Dice v1.4: Captain Zideous Arionnias (Zidane Radek) rolls a 1d100: 54
[04:07] Revenland Dice v1.4: Ƭнσяη ƁєƖƖιc (ThornHelios Resident) rolls a 1d100: 71

[04:07] Damian (lycan.tyran) forced himself to stand up and stumbled over to where the demon elf was fighting the Captain. He gritted his teeth and with the pain shooting through his entire body, he pulled his arm back and then with all his might, he attempted to fling that fist sized rock that he picked up right at the demon's skull.

[04:07] Revenland Dice v1.4: Damian (Lycan Tyran) rolls a 1d100: 87
[04:07] Revenland Dice v1.4: Ƭнσяη ƁєƖƖιc (ThornHelios Resident) rolls a 1d100: 96

[04:09] Faune huffed as she dropped her bow and grabbed her knife out of her boot. Watching her brother she growled "Dam Get back in!" she called oout before charging to the elf and attempt to stabb him in the gut

[04:09] Revenland Dice v1.4: Minxie Cheltenham (Minxie Ying) rolls a 1d100: 25
[04:09] Revenland Dice v1.4: Ƭнσяη ƁєƖƖιc (ThornHelios Resident) rolls a 1d100: 42

[04:11] Jezebeth would land to the cold ground after her short flight, then starts walking towards the cabin with her usual fast and determined steps. Though it was unavoidable not to notice the commotion by the circle. Her several irised eyes would grow with surprise seeing the crowd and their situation there "What..." she started but the shot sound shut her up. It didn't matter how mad or cross she was with Lyari, she knew eventually she would need him. Only the need, nothing else. "Stop it, you giant!" she yelled and rushed towards the captain, meanwhile getting a fireball ready in her hand

[04:16] Lyari Cormyth seemed to be charged with who knows what power, first he gracefully dodged the bullets. then dug to avoid, the fist and jumping backwards to avoid the stabbing. yes it seemed he was on a roll. like he knew he was on his last life. there was a reason that some called him the dodgy elf. and he surely lived up to his title. he chuckles while finally grabbing hold of the arrow Faune shot at him earlier to pull it out. dripping with his own blood now. he smirked but felt that the damage done to him began to take a toll on his magic. so again he would use the weapons given to him like he done before. since he was so resourceful. moving close to Faune again to stab her with her own arrow.

[04:16] Revenland Dice v1.4: Ƭнσяη ƁєƖƖιc (ThornHelios Resident) rolls a 1d100: 79
[04:16] Revenland Dice v1.4: Minxie Cheltenham (Minxie Ying) rolls a 1d100: 43

[04:20] Captain Zideous Arionnias (zidane.radek) groaned as he just dodged the bullets, taking the opportunity to bring himself to his feet, tossing the spent pistol and drawing his rapier, he would bring the rapier back, igniting it Gaia's fire, as he would thrust it forward to stab it into the demon's back, looking to see the demon rushing toward him. "Fuckin' hell..!" he cursed, wounded and hurting bad, as he threw his force into that stab, as he went or Faune.

[04:19] Revenland Dice v1.4: Captain Zideous Arionnias (Zidane Radek) rolls a 1d100: 57
[04:20] Revenland Dice v1.4: Ƭнσяη ƁєƖƖιc (ThornHelios Resident) rolls a 1d100: 56

[04:25] Damian (lycan.tyran) yelled "GET INTO THE CIRCLE" knowing that non of their magic would make it through the barrier anymore. But when Lyari attacked his sister again, the wolf would quickly try to grab her and pull her back into safety. By now he also noticed Jezebeth so he called out for his friend "ARI!!!"

[04:28] Lia Swahn (efilyth): Versutia strolled up the slope leading to the glade, one bottle whisky in one hand and her bow in the other, swaying to and fro. Certain mayhem might have attracting her attention. It was difficult not to with all the fighting going on, and where trouble was she would soon follow. Her cheeks red and her eyes unsteady she took a large gulp from her flask, rubbed her mouth with her sleeve and then took an almighty deep breath. ‘’CAN YOU KEEP IT DOWN?! PEOPLE ARE TRYING TO GET DRUNK IN PEACE!’’

[04:28] Faune was charging up to him, and seeing him come back at her she tried to dodge but failed as she stabbed her in the upper chest. SHe did not know what hit her as she felt herself being yanked back by her brother back into the circle. She would fall on her back and huff as she seemed stunned.... She felt dizzy as it went so fast... She would just lay there and feel along her body until she fel the arrow. Taking a deep breath as she thought he got something from inside and would take her a few to relize she was ok.
[04:31] Minxie Cheltenham (minxie.ying): ok internally, just bleeding***

[04:34] Jezebeth noticed maybe Lyari didn't really need her help at all, dogding the knives and shots, but oh well, she needed to take her anger from someone anyways. Seeing the captain not retrieving at all she would not find it rude to use her already made fire on him while she tried to get closer to her brother "You okay down there lil brother?" she called out not helping her usual mocking way

[04:34] Revenland Dice v1.4: Peggy Whitmore (peggy215 Resident) rolls a 1d100: 66
[04:35] Revenland Dice v1.4: Captain Zideous Arionnias (Zidane Radek) rolls a 1d100: 47

[04:37] Lyari Cormyth felt the rapier in his back, he did not notice Jezebeth had joined them just yet, as he was kinda in the middle of a epic battle. he yelled out in pain as he felt that fire burning him as the rapier went right through. yeah perhaps fighting three of them was not the best idea. he felt on his knees and grunted as pain faded and his body began to numb "Well that sucks.." he said in a dry tone. he faintly heard the drunk one joining, seeing two of them flee to the circle. but everything seem to go in slow motion. was he gonna die today? he wondered.. though he could sense Jez presence faintly. was she gonna save him this time? lot's of question went through his mind as he felt himself losing consequence. but then heard Jezebeth and grinned weakly. trying to stay awake "Oh.. doing.. great.." he would give her a weak thumbs up and watched her shoot off a fireball.

[04:41] Captain Zideous Arionnias (zidane.radek) would pull the rapier free as he took a step back, weakly, barely able to hold himself up. He would look over in time just to see Damian tugging his sister away into the circle, as the bright flash let him know, that they had succeeded in their task. For a brief moment, he felt satisfaction, as his blade burned brightly, along with his pistol. It would be short-lived however, as that fireball struck him down, sending him tumbling into the stone, the warding of his armor protecting him, but the impact of the spell leaving him winded, as he landed into the dirt within the circle, dropping his weapons and gasping for breath, down for the moment.

[04:43] Damian (lycan.tyran) growled low and once his sister was safe, he would dash out of the circle again to help the Captain, but he was too late. At least the man was in the circle as well now. "VERSUTIA, HELP US!!" he shouted at the fox, being hopeful she would help him. By now his claws and fangs had grown out and he dove right over at Jezebeth. He tried to launch himself over at her, craning his neck around to try and sink his canines into her neck, attempting to rip a chunk out of her flesh.

[04:43] Revenland Dice v1.4: Damian (Lycan Tyran) rolls a 1d100: 68
[04:43] Revenland Dice v1.4: Peggy Whitmore (peggy215 Resident) rolls a 1d100: 81

[04:45] Lia Swahn (efilyth): Versutia felt her eyes roll back in her head. Was it caused by Damian or the intoxication could be anyone’s guess, but taking another deep breath she swayed back in place. ‘’DON’T SCREAM AT ME!’’ she roared back, her fangs showing, her body temperature rising even for someone as drunk as she was. ‘’Oi, lizard!’’ she called over to the demon with green wings, rolling her shoulder as she leaned back to work her aim. ‘’Seem the alpha don’t like you very much - perhaps it’s time to /leave/!’’ Then, with an accuracy odd for someone with such skew balance, she flung the whisky bottle in the air. She watched it soar through the sky in vigorous speed towards Jezebeth’s head, amazed by her own strength as her jaw dropped. She might be a drunk fool, but she was not a weak one.

[04:45] Revenland Dice v1.4: Lia Swahn (Efilyth Resident) rolls a 1d100: 64
[04:46] Revenland Dice v1.4: Peggy Whitmore (peggy215 Resident) rolls a 1d100: 46

[04:48] Minxie Cheltenham (minxie.ying) huffed as she relized yea she was just bleeding, nothing in heart or lungs.. She would just snar as she yanked the arrow out of her... Everything was a blurr, everything was loud, everything gave her a head-ache.. " She knew the blue was her brother cause that was the one she saw as she fell, but seeing him run off he she held her hand out not sure where he went and not sure what the hell was going on as she already lost a good amount of blood from her gut wound.... "owe..." she whimpered as she held her head.

[04:48] Faune huffed as she relized yea she was just bleeding, nothing in heart or lungs.. She would just snar as she yanked the arrow out of her... Everything was a blurr, everything was loud, everything gave her a head-ache.. " She knew the blue was her brother cause that was the one she saw as she fell, but seeing him run off he she held her hand out not sure where he went and not sure what the hell was going on as she already lost a good amount of blood from her gut wound.... "owe..." she whimpered as she held her head.

[04:58] Jezebeth saw the thumbs up from somewhere on the ground, but she could clearly see it was not all okay. The green flames of her own spell blinded herself for a moment before she was preparing the second, "That's what you get trying to be hero on your own" it was true that some part of her feeling satisfied seeing her brother finally down. When the flames revealed the captain that fell into the circle she grunted. Not the affect she desired. She wanted him to -burn-! She was attepting to make another attack towards him hoping to get thfrough his shiny armor -forgetting completely that her fire wont work through the circle- she suddenly saw a wild Damian jumping towards her. Within a moment she let her fire die and tried the push the man off using her own claws, hoping to tig them through his chest meanwhile "Oi, what happened to your face? I'm impressed Lyari! Cooked dog smells better than a wet dog!" If she managed she would throw him towards the closest stone just like she did to morrigan a few days back hoping break one or two bones in the process, then came the pain on the head. She turned around holding her head to see who was responsible, and hissed to the woman with her sharp teeth "stay out of this you fox! Or there will be more cooked furries around!"

[04:58] Revenland Dice v1.4: Peggy Whitmore (peggy215 Resident) rolls a 1d100: 11
[04:59] Revenland Dice v1.4: Damian (Lycan Tyran) rolls a 1d100: 13

[05:09] Lyari Cormyth was unable to fight anymore and grunted as he saw they already began to swarm around Jezebeth. though shortly after that his vision began to blur, yes he had been trying to keep himself awake but the damage done finally took it's toll as yeah, he really wasn't fine. he fell to the ground with a soft thud for a little nap.

[05:13] Captain Zideous Arionnias (zidane.radek) gasped for breath still, laying on the grass within the circle as the circle's power kept him going. For now, he would lay within the circle, his fingers clutching into the grass as he'd shift slightly, vision blurry with his mind wandering.

[05:13] Damian (lycan.tyran) was shoved away and barely managed to avoid getting clawed and stepped aside to not get thrown. The wolf ignored the words, he no longer cared, he just wanted them all dead. He turned and dashed over to the demon again after she got hit with the bottle, this time attempting to use his claws as daggers, hoping to stab them in an upward motion into her gut.

[05:13] Revenland Dice v1.4: Damian (Lycan Tyran) rolls a 1d100: 12
[05:14] Revenland Dice v1.4: Peggy Whitmore (peggy215 Resident) rolls a 1d100: 37

[05:14] Lia Swahn (efilyth): A wide grin spread across her lips as she saw the bottle hit its mark, scattering into a thousand little glass pieces that fell down the demon’s bleeding head. Letting out a hoarse laughter, Versutia raised her fists and began bouncing to and fro, much like a boxer in their ring. ‘’Now where is the fu-ahugh..’’ she trailed off when suddenly the ground began rotating around her feet, quickly putting an halt to her jumping as her head began whirling like a spinning top. Then, in the most unlady-like fashion, she bent over and hurled up in a nearby bush. Some would argue, it was booze killed the beast.

[05:17] "AaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAARGH!" Like a bat out of hell Octavian Marcus came charging in like a hurricane, his axe whirling about him. He swung it as hard as he could- at Damian. Then he realised his mistake. "Oh! Oh, sh- you're no'- ha ha!" He grinned foolishly. His cheeks were rosy and he swayed to and fro; just like his usual companion, Versutia, Octavian was fissed as a part- uh, pissed as a fart. Meaning he was extremely drunk. He wobbled and grinned at Versutia. "That's the wrong one isn't it? Sorry, friend... Who should I be going for? I heard *hic* I heard trouble."

[05:17] Revenland Dice v1.4: Fletch (GavinIV Resident) rolls a 1d100: 31
[05:18] Revenland Dice v1.4: Damian (Lycan Tyran) rolls a 1d100: 88

[05:27] Jezebeth was now mostly focused on Damian since he was the one fool enough to attack her. Otherwise she was of course wanting to try her chance on everyone within the circle. "Dammit Lyari" she muttering seeing him off, but he could wait, right? She lost her balance a bit as her attemp to throw her opponent away turned empty, but knowing he would attack again she flung open her wings to shove the man away before he could attack. Turning around herself again she smirked to him -or tried with her deformed skin- "I see you start to aim for kill now. Good, it was about time you needed to grow up" She got distracted only a moment when a man with axe apperared and would hiss at him too, but seeing he was out of it she would turn to her opponent and would do the same then, making an angry cat like expression to reveal her teeth to bite off his neck this time.

[05:27] Revenland Dice v1.4: Peggy Whitmore (peggy215 Resident) rolls a 1d100: 10
[05:31] Revenland Dice v1.4: Damian (Lycan Tyran) rolls a 1d100: 46

[05:34] Damian (lycan.tyran)'s claws missed Jezebeth but thankfully he heard the screaming and saw that axe coming "WHAT THE FUCK?! ATTACK THE DEMON YOU IMBECILE!!" He growled in annoyance and he should have figured that the fox and her friend were going to be useless, especially in that condition. He dodged Jezebeth's attack, cussing under his breath and pulled his dagger out of his boot, then attempted to stab the demon in the stomach, twisting the blade if he managed to get it in there.

[05:34] Revenland Dice v1.4: Damian (Lycan Tyran) rolls a 1d100: 41
[05:34] Revenland Dice v1.4: Peggy Whitmore (peggy215 Resident) rolls a 1d100: 31

[05:37] Lia Swahn (efilyth): Versutia’s ears flickered and she brought her head out from the bush just in time to hear the roar, that of Octavian as he ran in with his axe in tow. ‘’No - TAVIAN, for fucks sake...’’ she groaned and turned to defile the bush again, only when sure there was nothing left to leave her stomach did she lean out completely. Swiping her sleeve at her mouth she stepped backwards, fixing her unsteady gaze on her companion. ‘’Use you - Ugh, that’s vile.. Use your /nose/, Toctavian!’’ she slurred between clenched fangs, which was bad advice at best since as far as smell went.. Well, it was not his strongest forté. ‘’Alright, alright, alright.. Where were we?’’ Versutia turn her eyes just in time to see the demon-femme go for a bite out of Damian, letting out a low growl she pressed her feet into the ground and shot forward. True, her balance was a bit off, but in fairness to Versutia she was your average drunkard. Slurring out words by lunch and passed out by three, this was the lifestyle she had chosen. She managed somehow though, miraculously, to round the female in an attempt to send her clenched fist straight for her jaw and hopefully end her with a finishing blow. If she managed, the girl would learn the hard way it was while drunk Versutia was most lethal. She could not control her strength at all, and uncontrolled strength (while very capricious) was not to mess with.

[05:37] Revenland Dice v1.4: Lia Swahn (Efilyth Resident) rolls a 1d100: 65
[05:38] Revenland Dice v1.4: Peggy Whitmore (peggy215 Resident) rolls a 1d100: 78

[05:43] Adam Fletcher grinned stupidly, looking at Damian with unfocused eyes. "The demo- ooooh, this one?" He swung his axe at the demon that went for Damian, while falling backwards- he'd argue it was all deliberate, his own brand of axe-wielding martial arts. Or something. He staggered backwards until finally he fell on his back, chuckling like a moron. "Sutie where are you, the world's jumping and spinning!"

[05:43] Revenland Dice v1.4: Fletch (GavinIV Resident) rolls a 1d100: 11
[05:44] Revenland Dice v1.4: Peggy Whitmore (peggy215 Resident) rolls a 1d100: 99

[05:50] Jezebeth would let out a not very human like cry when the dagger found it's target. It more more of a rageful cry than a painful one. she couldn't help but feel grateful that her brother was out, but his silence was starting to worry her a bit. she decided not to comment anymore, as her rage was building up again she know she was tempted to make stupid mistakes, and lose control of her powers again. She hold the dagger with her both hands to make it put there, guessing taking it off could cause more bleeding. She felt the movement near her and watched the drunk fox fly in front of her in a superman-like manner, her fist on the air, missing her head completely. Then came the axe, missing as well. She snorted annoyed and turned to Damian with glowing green eyes "Will be back, thaks for the dagger" with that she streched her wings and took off towards Lyari, grabbing him by the chest and try to take him away too. Luckily her demonic strength was allowing her to do so, yet she still commented under her breath "stop eating too much, you big mouth"

[05:52] Revenland Dice v1.4: Peggy Whitmore (peggy215 Resident) rolls a 1d100: 14
[05:53] Revenland Dice v1.4: Damian (Lycan Tyran) rolls a 1d100: 40

[05:56] Damian (lycan.tyran) had a good grip on his dagger and refused to let that woman go. The drunkards missed again but he was not willing to just let them get away with it. His hand came up, balling into a fist and with the demon still stuck on his dagger, he attempted to punch her right in the face, hoping to knock her out as he tried to take his dagger back. If he was lucky, they were not going anywhere....

[05:56] Revenland Dice v1.4: Damian (Lycan Tyran) rolls a 1d100: 17
[05:57] Revenland Dice v1.4: Peggy Whitmore (peggy215 Resident) rolls a 1d100: 47

[05:58] Peggy Whitmore (peggy215): ((cropping out the taking lyari part from earlier post then))
[05:58] Gaulos (zirsnveblis) made his way over to the scene in his usual slow amble. Damian was fighting someone but what else was new? Bodies on the ground... sure why not... He shouldered his spear and surveyed the situation. "Okay.... what kind of asshattery is going on today?"

[05:59] Lia Swahn (efilyth): Versutia was right in the face of Jezebeth, so when Octavian swung his axe she had to press her feet down and lunge back not to end up with his axe buried in her shoulder. ‘’You complete fool, look where you throwing that thing!’’ she barked at him, shaking her head so violently her ears flopped like a bouncing rabbit. She of course blamed him for her missing the attack, then, her head went utterly still and her ears perked. The sound of the demon’s wings slashing through air caused her to snap her eyes back to the woman. ‘’Damian, the demon’s trying to escape.’’ she said in a hushed tone, as if he hadn’t noticed, while working to get one of her arrows up from her belt. It was difficult, mind you, and it took some time to finally nock the arrow in position. Damian had already went for his punch when she finally aimed her bow at the femme, trying to keep her unsteady gaze at Jezebeth. ‘’Ah, sod it.’’ Versutia muttered under her breath, letting the arrow soar through the sky with only a small hope it would hit her target.

[05:59] Revenland Dice v1.4: Lia Swahn (Efilyth Resident) rolls a 1d100: 65
[05:59] Revenland Dice v1.4: Peggy Whitmore (peggy215 Resident) rolls a 1d100: 14

[06:03] Adam Fletcher tittered and rolled about in the grass, like a turtle trying to right itself, until he was on his stomach, able to watch what was going on. "Ooooooh- that looks like a goodun, Sutie," He murmured, his eyes following the arrow as well as they could (which wasn't very well at all). "I think we've earned ourselves a drink, team!" He declared, trying (and failing) to climb to his feet- he fell over several times, and even bonked his head on a stone.

[06:09] Jezebeth has tried to fly as she planned earlier, her oversized wings opened again, but the man was gripping his dagger bad, nor she was letting go. It was now more of a stubbornness fight for her than a survival. She was inches high from ground though, and would slap the man's punch again with her already flapping wing, since her hands were full. She would smirk again, only to reveal her teeth more from her skinless cheek "Let it go". it was a simple deman, and her flaming eyes were fixed to his one good eye, naturally ignoring the drunk two. Then a sharp pain came to her neck, as the arrow just went through from one side to appear in the other. She might be strong and all with her powers, but in the end her body was still a human. She would instantly fall down, her wings spreading on the ground like a green sheat after one or two weak flaps

[06:16] Damian (lycan.tyran) liked his dagger very much, so no he did not let go! When the demon suddenly seemed to get hit with something and came down, the wolf was able to pull that knife back but in doing so he lost his balance and fell back against the ground. He let out a yelp and laid there for a moment, before he sat up and looked over to Jezebeth now she was down. "Don't let them escape... I'm going to take them to town... The dungeons... see what the inquisitors can do with them." He saw something familiar and blue in the background and smiled a Gaulos, raising his hand to wave at him before he fell back into the grass.

[06:18] Lia Swahn (efilyth): Versutia gazed after her arrow but it was not until the demon’s wing folded and she fell back to the ground she realized she had hit her mark. ‘’I’d say, Octavian.’’ she agreed with him, lowering her hand and swayed on the spot. She could at least hold herself upright, but taking one step would surely end her in the same position as her companion, so she remained stationed while she eyed the demon intently. ‘’So-uuhm.. What now? We eat her?’’ she asked after a moment's consideration, the earth rocking beneath her and her mind drifting in and out of consciousness. Looking past Damian she then turned her head back to a familiar voice. ‘’Oi, Gaulos! Fancy - uugh, *hic*.. Fancy seeing you there!’’ she laughed, oddly enough seeing how the two always quarreled with one other. Now though, now her cheeks were rosen red and she had no ill towards the man. ‘’Dungeons?’’ she had turned her attention to Damian, wide-eagled on the grass. ‘’Really, Damian. Now is not the time to..*Hic*.. Slack.’’

[06:19] Gaulos (zirsnveblis) frowned a bit, "Hi Damian.... you look terrible. That sounds like work.... Can we just decapitate them and lock their heads in a trunk?" He strolled leisurely over to the male demon. "I got this one." Attempting the tip of his wooden spear on the fallen male. "Don't escape." Good job, Gaulos. He waved to Versutia. "Are you drunk?"

[06:22] Octavian Marcus had tried to get to his feet more than enough times. He decided just to lay there and use one of the demon's wings as a makeshift blanket. "Good night," He said, closing his eyes. "I'll *hic* go to the shops tomorrow..."

[06:24] Jezebeth was k.o, bleeding from her stomach and neck. Not really able to have a nice conversation sadly

[06:26] [Asura]: Another demon walked in from outside the glade,through his usual everyday route. Usually another demon is the last thing you want to see in this kind of situation,but at least it was just Asura this time. He waved and looked around,seeing what is going around.

[06:27] Damian (lycan.tyran) nodded as he laid there "Well, unless someone has a better idea since I don't want to leave them around here, but I don't want them to get away with what they have done either. And I believe it is a nice gift for the Captain" He leaned up, glaring at Gaulos since that was not exactly nice "Hmm... I know. Thanks for letting me know, I love you too." he murmured to him and he nodded "He seems to be out, but we should keep him there. And as for this one..." He sat himself up and tried to kick her in the shin "We'll chain her up or something, although she seems sort of out of it too." He smiled at Versutia "Thank you..." before he got up and stumbled over to the circle where the Captain and Faune were laying unconscious too. "Well.. this sucks." He did not notice Asura just yet. ‘’Damn right, I am!’’ Versutia answered Gaulos briskly, following him with her gaze while he approached Damian. ''No worries, pup!'' That’s when she noticed Octavian passing out under the cover of the demon’s wing and she swayed forward, attempting to send a harsh kick to his leg. ‘’Getup!’’ she barked. ‘’We not done yet.. We… Where the fuck did that whisky go?’’
Taking a deep breath she staggered back before abruptly turning around and moved to the edge of the glade. ‘’Tavian!’’ she called. ‘’Come on, let’s do another round of daggers!’’ she called slurringly, which was their infamous game which consisted of throwing dagger about the tavern. Great fun.

[06:33] At the suggestion of daggers Octavian perked up immediately. He shuffled out from under the wing and clambered to his feet (with the help of Damian, of course). He grinned toothily and wobbled after Versutia, trying not to trip over any blades of grass.

[06:33] Gaulos (zirsnveblis) considered simply impaling the man but then he wouldn't have his stick for other things. Like healing or stabbing other people as needed. He glanced over his shoulder at the other demon but seemed to remember that that one was fairly amicable. "Eh well that's useless." He commented upon Versutia's drunkenness. He leaned down and attempted to grab the demonic elf by the foot and drag him over to where Damian was to better keep an eye on him. "I'm not going by myself I hate the city." At least that was how he felt at the moment. ((you all keep skipping me lol, I posted in after Damian))

[06:39] Jezebeth 's green smoke gathering her always has died out as well, but the deformation on her skin didn't seem to get better. She naturally wasn't able to reackt to the kick as she contimued bleeding out

[06:44] [Asura]: Asura waves to Damian,him and Jezebeth being the only people he recognizes here,mostly. Butr immediately he became worried-- If Jez was hurt,was Emily hurt too? "What did i walk in to?"

[06:46] Damian (lycan.tyran) watched the drunk people leave but was sort of happy they did. They were a mess and only would cause difficulty. He watched how Gaulos brought the demon over, smiling since he was happy he was there. "No one is going alone... We'll get them there, I just... need a moment." He finally looked over to Asura and answered "Hell... we really needed you. You can glamour right? I think the Captain wants these fools in the dungeons."

[06:49] Gaulos (zirsnveblis) rummaged in his pocket for one of the healing potions he always kept on hand when coming to Revenland and tossed it lightly to Damian, "That one you can just go ahead and drink. We'll have to fix your face later." He groaned at the mention of glamour.... making him apply effort to his life today.... "Or we could all just take a nap..."

[06:50] Silver returned back to the forest after healing , damn he missed this place . he could feel energy of the glade was back ., upon reaching he saw the captain injured in the circle he he rushes towards him , he was out . then he saw damian and runs towards him "what happened here "

[06:54] Jezebeth was still out bleeding, no change there ((don't wait for me next time maybe?))

[06:59] [Asura]: The demon blinks and shrugs. "Don't ask me! If it's magic related,i'll probably fail. All i do is guard things and maybe hunt. Think of my as a fancy human with wings." He'd laugh. "So...Mind tellong me why there's two demons on the ground,and what happened to you this time?"

[07:03] Damian (lycan.tyran) caught the potion that was tossed into his direction and lowered head in shame. He opened the little vial and drank from it as he was told. "Sure..." he mumbled as he was done and got up from the ground with a grunt and a sigh. "I would love to nap..." He spotted Silver and was surprised, so went quiet for a moment "Uhm, demons attacked while the circle was being activated. You are close with the Captain, right? Would you help getting them to the dungeons so he can torment them later? I think he will be very pleased." He eyed over at Asura "Fine. A few days ago Maurel set me on fire and I nearly died and today I was attacked again, but we won."

[07:07] Gaulos (zirsnveblis) looked this new man over.... he wasn't sure if he believed he could carry both demons back to the village but if he could.... more power to him. And less work for Gaulos. "Eh Maurel is a stupid name anyway. Reminds me of a mushroom." He tried to help Damian up, "Lets go get you rested and healed up then?" He nodded in agreement, "what he said."

[07:12] Silver yes he was taken in by the captain . and why wont he help them , the elf who blasted him with lightning was there . and his dear sister jezebeth .he wanted to kick her so bad but he resists that urge "Ok ! " he begins chanting his words as his hands begin to glow bright and he would aim them at the demon . temperature drops around him as he blasts the demon with his ice magic wanting to freeze her .

[07:18] [Asura]: "..." The demon smiles. He found it funny,how Damian could just talk about being set on fire like it's nothing. It's cute...But he also wants to hug him. But he can't because that would probably hurt. "Maurel sounds like a girl name." He'd laugh.

[07:19] Damian (lycan.tyran) leaned into Gaulos, or at least tried to so he would not fall over instead. "I..." he sighed as he looked around the mess of bodies "Don't we need to... like... help them?" He backed up more when Silver started to freeze bodies and gave him a single nod of approval. "I'm sure you will be rewarded for this. We will take care of the Captain and heal him up." He grinned, looking over at Asura "Well, he sort of looks like a girl too."

[07:21] Gaulos (zirsnveblis) tried to Draw Damian away toward the pack house, "Yes if we see that little fae that supposedly will kill Maurel if he dies.... lets cut his head off." Emily may have told that fae that no one wanted to hurt him but Gaulos apparently did. "His noble sacrifice will be remembered forever. Byeeee."

[07:24] Silver nodded after he was done making a ice cocoon around jezebeth , he would bend down and punch a hole in the cocoon so that he can grab it from there , and willl drag it towards thorn . "ahh leave it " he replies as he would bend down and try to grab him from his right foot . "so where does the captain want them , give me directions " he asked damian looking at the colorful creature "and you are "

[07:33] [Asura]: "I'm supposed to be the least manly one. Who does he think he is to steal my spot!" Asura poses in the most overly dramatic way he could. The demon lives in a JoJo world in his mind apparently. "Oh! You can call me Asura. Ain't seen ya before!"

[07:35] Damian (lycan.tyran) allowed himself to be pulled away to the pack house since well, he needed to recover. Before he was out of there he mentioned to Silver "The dungeons, under the castle. Lock them in there or something." He smiled widely "Byeeeee..." He waved at Asura and they were out.
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