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Capturing Maurel [2017-12-08]

1 month 5 days ago #614 by Damian
Damian created the topic: Capturing Maurel [2017-12-08]
[05:07] Damian (lycan.tyran) was confused and somehow did remember something about him wanting to die really badly. It sort of still lingered, like some uncomfortable gut feeling he could not just shake off. He blinked a few times before he looked down to his arm, seeing the deep cut that was very much there. It wasn't a dream... He quickly tried to cover it up with the fabric from the sling, it bleeding through but that didn't matter! He looked uncomfortably over at Leoric, trying to get up and avoid. Did he really punch the man? "Uhm... very important uhh...." he eyed toward the circle "...rituals. Yes." All of the sudden where was this dragon like creature coming over and he backed away a little, only later seeing the female there. "Oh, hello. Can I help you?"

[05:13] Agni reached out for foolish like soul eater, but it was far to late; it was leaning down greeting the man it found most closes to death happily purring out for a free meal. The youth forced herself to move, she chuckled a bit, trying her best not to run her blade into little pest's skill. Speaking through her teeth the woman began to slowly walk up to the three of them. "Sorry, he can be a bit selfish sometimes, Its a pleasure to meet you and yes...but first...well I don't want to speak this but you two look like dead-men walking. What happened?" The woman tried to fake as much as she could
[05:17] Amaris (sunnybluemoon): *speak like this

[05:19] Leoric would look curiously at the alpha . what was he hiding pulling him self up as he would look at the lady with the danger noodle but wont say much to her . he would just fold his arms and look around

[05:20] Damian (lycan.tyran) leaned very much out of the way at the creature had way too much interest in him for his liking. "I... I..." he stammered, thinking of how the hell to explain what just happened. He scratched he back of his head and shook it "I'm not sure... And nice to meet you too, just... sorry for the terrible timing." He nodded, aware that he probably looked like crap. But now was not the time to worry over it, he had other things too do and he was still up and walking. "Can I ask for some assistance? I need to trap this demon." He looked to Leoric "Maurel... I have him chained up and we need to deal with him to end it."

[05:24] Agni was just taking a guess, she could see the man in front of her who smelled like burned wet dog that that wasn't normal. Seeing how the soul eater was happily trying to stay as close as it could to him, he didn't have much time. The youth sighed lightly began she covered up her lips; such a terrible habit to smile at other's misfortune but she really couldn't help. Agni nodded her eyes still pretedning to care as she pulled her grin back down. "Yes, sure How can we help?" The woman tried to call back her pet yet it still tried to rub itself on the man

[05:26] Faune trots up to everyone and stares wondering whats going on before walking over to her brother.

[05:29] Leoric would nod at the alpha "ok how can i help " he replies thinking it was the demon who broke his moms bow and ruined her face they were going to end so a bright energy emits his body and takes shape of two danger noodles on his back .

[05:30] Damian (lycan.tyran) tried hold his arm up to get that pesky dragon to stop rubbing onto him. Maybe he liked the scent of roasted meat, he thought to himself. "One moment please..." he said, turning away before he heard Faune approaching. He gave Leoric a glare, mouthing 'don't say a word' to him, since the last thing he needed was for his sister to know what actually happened. He walked off, heading to the hollow tree... if they followed, that was great, if not... he would try to find the demon and grab it by a leg or something, trying to start dragging it to the circle.

[05:33] Maurel was being dragged by Damian still out cold, but as he was dragged closer to the circle he could sense the magic surging through it. he hated it and slowly started to stir. opening his eyes and looked around not saying anything just yet.

[05:34] Agni cocked her brow at the other, he didn't talk much and that was alway a plus she wouldn't have to work as hard, he didn't seem to notice her, weary the woman would follow the man knowing the pesky little one would as well. Glaring at her pet the woman wondered what any of this was about but she didn't voice it, just waiting for something to happen to waved at the other woman softly, still trying to force her cock grin into a concerned frown.

[05:35] Faune she glanced to the big man for a moment before catching her brother, giving him a look. Though she did not say anything as she just followed and watched

[05:38] Leoric just chews on his bottom lip listening to the alpha not caring any about his glares cause he knew that the alpha was an addict now . yes the young man got him today . ignoring the little brat , he just walks behind damian . and damn he was so disappointed to see maurel , he wanted jezebeth

[05:46] Damian (lycan.tyran) pulled the demon along tiredly, dropping him in the grass as he moved towards the circle a bit like some sort of zombie. Too much was going on, too much had happened and he was at the point of breaking. At least Maurel was still out cold, he did not have to deal with whatever else he had to say for now. "Watch him. Make sure he does not escape of we will have a very big problem." He walked into the circle, to the alter where he had hidden a burlaps sack. He rummaged through it and pulled out the shard, slowly heading back but stopping before the stone that had the light filtering through it. "This might take me a little bit.. I'm relying on you all now."

[05:49] Agni frowned peeking over the giant, wondering just what these odd smelling folks were up to, knowing she couldn't leave without the eater; she would stuck and there wasn't much she could do about it tell the man either died or he got better, both didn't seem likely as he was walking bleeding as if nothing happened. The frown was turning into an annoyed pouted, but suddenly Agni was staring down at a something new, she didn't know what this people end goal was but seeing the stones and the person on the ground tried up, her frown turned happy very quickly. "Ohh... so your one of those packs." She teased under her breath softly

[05:50] Maurel was already having his eyes opened and looked to each and every soul around "Well that ruined my morning... waking up to your ugly folks.." he said sighing, his body still aching from the night before, his head hurting as if his skull had fractured, Oh wait.. it did.. he rubbed his head and tried to sit up groaning.

[05:51] Faune did wanted to know what was going on, though what it lookedl ike was they were ridding the demon for good... Though she wont not do anything unless her brother ask her to.

[05:52] Leoric saw the demon waking up and would move towards her head side , he was ready to punch the demon if the situation called for . "alpha what happened to the other one " he asked cause he wanted to end jezebeth not this demon

[05:59] Damian (lycan.tyran) heard Maurel waking up and this only made him more stressed and annoyed. He looked at the new woman and huffed "How do you even know we are a pack? Who are you anyway...?" He looked towards Faune tried to beckon her over to where he was, safely inside of the circle. "You might want to prepare a bow..." he mumbled as he got the shard out of the cloth it was wrapped in. He answered Leoric "I'm not sure. Dropped her off at the gates of Redfoem for the Captain to deal with. I have not seem Emily yet either... I hope all it well." He placed the shard in his hand and pressed it against the stone, his palm flat against it to hold it there. He glared toward the demon, grunting "You better be thinking of some last words and quick... because you are going to take a loooooong nap when I'm done with you."

[06:06] Maurel started to laugh hearing Damian "Really? you think you think you have the power? and gaia will listen to a mud.. you are a beast with no magical potential.. It's cute to see you try though.. so carry on.." he said mockingly as he had seen the way the alpha reacted around magic. and he never seen the man used any. finally he looked towards the other two "Oh my poor Jezebeth.. all alone in a dungeon.. well i guess i will hve to go and visit then.." he would gather his strength and pulled himself from the ground. "Now please hurry this play along.. i have places to be.."

[06:10] Agni looked at the worked over horned being, still not sure what they were but seeing how there was blood, rocks and questionably aged people forming a circle she could guessed it some getting about that game to cut her loses, not one to join in on a family sacrifice. Yes, it was giving her a warm a fuzzy nostalgic feeling of home but she didn't have time for this. Eying the giant than the man with his hold on her little pet Agni moved back away from the group a bit, as if she was trying to get a better view of everyone but really she was just trying to figure out where to make her exit. Hungry eyes set on the man, folding her arms Angi teased him as she was cursing herself for being so dumb as to talk under her breath. "Well, you see I do my research, I need some help and well you aren't the most inconspicuous lot. Was easy to find out who are the die hearts around these parts. You wouldn't believe what a little coin does." Grinning softly now the youth leaned on her hip "Not enough about that, I see your busy bounding...and well i don't want to be the odd man out. You said you could use some help and I am happy to but you haven't told me what you need and I am not the type to sit back and watch a poor soul be given to the be on without a tissue or wine." Agni stopped as she heard the pack's captive she giggled a bit "Maybe this isn't the time for 20 questions..." the woman teased out to the whole group this time as the soul eater played about the man trying to worm its way closer to his beaten soul

[06:11] Faune followed her brother in the circle as she watched the demon waking up.

[06:15] Leoric scratched his head , redfoem . captain .emily he had no clue what he was talking about but guess that demon was taken care of now it was this ones turn . he tries to place his right hand on his shoulder so he could grip him . "not going any where today butt wings "

[06:15] Revenland Dice v1.4: ɢᴀʙʀɪᴇʟ ɢʀᴇʏsᴋᴜʟʟ (Mista Longfall) rolls a 1d100: 70
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[06:18] Damian (lycan.tyran) growled low as the demon had a really big mouth and it did hurt his confidence a bit, at least what was left of that. He pulled out the necklace, a tiny vial that was hanging from it. The light within reacted to the power of the circle and began to glow brighter. "You know nothing about me..." he mumbled, closing his eyes since he was now just going to block whatever was going on out there out, he needed to focus. The vial contained small fragment of a life force that belonged to someone that was important to the circle, his power helping the wolf to get in touch with Gaia. He was in a way already connected to her, simple because of his race. The soul eater was ignored and so was the lady for now. He did not understand what she was doing here, but he would ask later. He started to speak up in elven <Hear me mother of Life, Her who is found in her children, Her who is found in their hearts… Hear me as I pray to You.> He went quiet for a moment, some disturbing thought making their way into his mind again, but he shook them off for now and continued in common "Hear my prayer as I ask of You to trap this evil... to protect Your children from more harm. Trap this creature like You have before, contain his evil in this shard to never get out again."

[06:26] Maurel would frown at the man who tried to hold him down "Look.. but don't touch.. thank you kindly.." he said while grabbing his hand, yes the demon was weakened but would still take no shit from anyone. he would attempt to bend the hand backwards, maybe snapping that wrist to break it. showing he still was not done here. he then focused on Damian who began to speak elven? well that was new. it confused the demon slightly and maybe even threw him off a little "Oh well seems you learned elven.. big deal.." he said mocking though there was certainly some concern. he could not reach the man with his magic as the barrier protected him "You are still one weak alpha.. i will burn this place down... kill everyone you love... make them feel the same pain.. let their skins scorch!" he tried to wake the fear in the man. make him doubt himself. and make him unworthy to gaia.

[06:26] Revenland Dice v1.4: Rᴇɴᴇ Wʀᴀɪᴛʜ (Tom Blitzstein) rolls a 1d100: 94
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[06:37] Leoric was not paying much attention as he hears his own wrist snap . "ahhhh" he screams in pain . pulling his arm back as he helds his broken hand against his chest , his eyes freeze on the cocky demon as he charges up another thunder punch and throws it at the demons head .

[06:37] Revenland Dice v1.4: ɢᴀʙʀɪᴇʟ ɢʀᴇʏsᴋᴜʟʟ (Mista Longfall) rolls a 1d100: 9
[06:38] Revenland Dice v1.4: Rᴇɴᴇ Wʀᴀɪᴛʜ (Tom Blitzstein) rolls a 1d100: 34

[06:40] Damian (lycan.tyran) fell to his knees, already exhausted and this taking from his energy as well. The vial's light glowed brighter at his words, as if they were confirmed and in response, the beam of light filtering through the rock became more intense. The well reflected that light and the power spread through the ground, back up at the standing stone and into the shard, that began to warm up in the palm of his hand. The words of the demon did reach him and for a moment, doubt set in and the thoughts from earlier came back again; was he really that weak? Worthless? A waste of space? But them demon started to threaten -his- home, -his- family and that was a mistake. All of the sudden, that fear switched over to rage, his wolf that was in touch with Gaia the most, awakening. His eyes opened and got this predatory glow to them, but he only focused more and spoke out louder <Hear me as I beg to You, hear my pleading as I ask for Your protection. Make sure the creature of the dark will not be able to harm Your people!> A bright flash as something responded, the well lit up and again, some holy power spread through the soil and to the outer walls of the barrier, something that the demon could probably very well feel as it was uncomfortably strong and serene.

[06:41] Agni felt a bit hurt not getting a rise out of the man but maybe the lack of blood was to blame for his absence whatever the case; she watched as her soul eater sit itself around the man; like a dog would to its master, waiting to play for another day. She would followed watching and noting anything worthy of her time, when she heard the man's wrist break she shivered; the sound was almost gut wrenching just a sudden crack breaking the stillness. Agni disgusted by the sight rolled her eyes "You might want to hurry, your guest isn't as patient as I am." While teasing the woman would rise her hand moving towards the demon, if her luck was as it was before with trolls a small roll would hit the demon in the head knocking some sense into them while the man kept on

[06:41] Revenland Dice v1.4: Amaris (sunnybluemoon Resident) rolls a 1d100: 35
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[06:45] Maurel let out a sigh of satisfaction as he hears the wrist snap, it was like music to his ears. then another sound joined. one he did not like so much. the crackling of thunder. he remembered the sound from the other night and decided he rather did not want to get fried by the man. he barely dodged the punch of thunder and growled now at the pan. his fist charging with flames as he would try to fire punch the man back. he could sense the energy coming from the circle, was the man actually doing it? the demon figured it was time to get out as he did not put this in his calculations.

[06:45] Revenland Dice v1.4: Rᴇɴᴇ Wʀᴀɪᴛʜ (Tom Blitzstein) rolls a 1d100: 24
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[06:51] Leoric missed and as his other hand was not working like it used to so he twists he body moving it away from the flame punch . not having much room to zap him .he tries to sink his fangs in the demons neck , wanting to take a bite of it .

[06:51] Revenland Dice v1.4: ɢᴀʙʀɪᴇʟ ɢʀᴇʏsᴋᴜʟʟ (Mista Longfall) rolls a 1d100: 85
[06:54] Revenland Dice v1.4: Rᴇɴᴇ Wʀᴀɪᴛʜ (Tom Blitzstein) rolls a 1d100: 43

[07:02] Damian (lycan.tyran) added some more words to his prayer, wanting to fuel the circle again while he was at it <Hear my pleading Mother of all, guide the Light of the sun, the moon and the stars to us and touch this stone with Your heart and spirit. Bless us, shield us and protect us from the darkness and chaos. Show me your warmth and share it with your children…> His gaze started to get a golden touch to it and as the circle was getting at it's full power again, having responded to the prayer. The wolf got up from the ground and began to walk over towards where the fighting was going on, having only one goal; to trap this demon for good. He was tired, panting and hurting. Every step was a hell to him but those glaring eyes locked onto Maurel so hard. He didn't speak much, growls rolled from his throat as his hand clenched onto that shard that was by now glowing and ready for action. "Hold him."

[07:04] Maurel missed his punched and growled as he was still weak, then he felt those teeth sink in his neck, sadly these were no romantic love bits. he tried to break free from the grip. hissing as he felt his blood run down "You beast! release me! i will kill you all!" he glared in the direction of the circle and snickered "Sure imprison me.. i escaped once.. and i will do so again.. you might be long gone by then.. but i will remember this moment.. and your bloodline will suffer.. i will make them burn.. and when they ask me why.. i will tell them! i will tell them to thank their ancestors for locking me up!" he was panicking now as the circle's power grew. and there was no way out. "Let me go! Or there will be so much suffering! i am warning you!"

[07:07] Agni rolling her eyes at missing a target only a few feet away sighed, maybe it was wearing off but before she could try again the giant bite into the demon and than the other started to glow, curiosity peeked Angi stood by at the ready

[07:08] Faune watched her brother worried as he fell to his knees. Though as he got up she backed away and looked at the demon... She would not say anything as she did not wanna jinx anything.... Though she was silently cheering her brother on.

[07:13] Leoric heard the man and would try to place his left hand on the demon shoulder , and try to pull it down on the ground . having no clue what damian would do but he was enjoying the taste of his friend demon

[07:20] Damian (lycan.tyran) held that shard up and gave that demon another glare, possibly even the last one for a while. "Shut the hell up. You will never see the light of day again and all that you have build up will perish... Jezebeth will be ended, Lyari and Emily will be free. You caused more than enough chaos, harm and destruction." He would try to close in on the demon as he was being held, hovering over him to whisper into his ear "You... suck...." Immediately after he would try to stab that shard into the demon's shoulder just hoping, praying that it would work...

[07:22] Maurel would try to break free from the man's grip and just laughed, more in panic then in enjoyment. "Boo hoo.. Trust me dear.. i be free again soon enough.. my minions will not abandon me.. they will release me and then.. there will be hell to pay.. So do as you must.. this is not the end.." he then got stabbed in the shoulders and grunted as it burned, not only that. the crystal began to grow like a infection on his skin. and it was quick. if the man would not let go of him quick enough he might be captured by the crystal's power as well and be stuck with the demon for eternity, or until the demon would find a way out.

[07:25] Agni watched as the demon was dealt with,it didn't set right with her but it wasn't her place; nothing made much sense what they were doing but surely they were in their right. The woman's heart was racing her palms sweating from the excitement of it all.

[07:28] Faune eyes widen as she stepped closer "Is he gone?" she asked as she looked to the three. SHE WANTED TO MAKE SURE!

[07:28] Leoric damian stabbed the demon with the shard so he lets go of it dropping on his back as he saw the end of the demon his father tired to stop but failed . his left hand moving to hold his right wrist "Boo hoo your screwed "

[07:29] Damian (lycan.tyran) did not like the sight of it when he saw how something was spreading and he quickly backed away. "STEP BACK!!" he warned the others, as he retreated into the safety of the circle where he just more or less collapsed and ended up laying between the blooming flowers. He just watched what would happen from there, silent and hopeful.

[07:38] Maurel laughed hearing all of them, he gave Damian a wink "You won this one.. but as i said before.. i be back.." almost his entire body was now covered in blue crystal forming one large one. only his head was still free "Bye for now.." again that insane laughter was heard until his head too was swallowed by the crystal. his body completely stuck with that wicked laugh showing. yes he was going for a long sleep but this only gave him time to think of his revenge once he returned.

[07:43] Agni didn't think, her body just moved running be hide the rocks, she peeked from be hide their might watching the horror play out, she turned back after the form took over the demon's body and caught her breath, her soul eater finally returning to her. The woman petted it for insurance as she would either sneak away in all the madness to report what she saw

[07:44] Faune epped as her brother backed into her. sitting next to her brother "Are you gonna be ok?" she asked. Looking back up to see the demon get covered in crystal she smiled bright as she grabbed her brother and hugged him "Best birthday gift ever.." she hummed. Yea it was not over over yet, but seeing the green demon goto sleep was the best!

[07:46] Leoric would just lay back watching the show . not saying much . as it was over he would look at the alpha "nice work old man ," and after that he just lays on the ground thinking to take a nap

[07:50] Damian (lycan.tyran) just watched as the demon's face finally got covered too and there was silence. The wolf's eyes closed and as his sister was nearby he tried to grab her arm and squeezed it for a moment. He didn't say anything anymore, he just laid there, looking up a his sister with this barely visible smile on his face. He nodded, thinking it was over. He looked to the other to, quietly saying "Thank you..."

[07:58] Faune snuggled her brother tight "and thank you for the birthday present.." she said softly... Though looking back to the crystal "soo where are we gonna hide him?"

[08:00] Neldor was weakened from Maurel's fight. his head was hurting as if something had crushed his skull. he had felt the circle's energy and made haste to see what was happening. though when Maurel was struck by the shard in his shoulder the fae could feel it. screaming in pain as he tumbled down making a harsh landing just a couple of meters away from the large crystal where Maurel was trapped.

[08:06] Leoric would tear some of his cape part (ignore the color ) and would tie broken wrist , he was going to get that checked later and then he saw some one fall on the ground . he pulls him self up watching the screaming person "oa who are you "

[08:08] Damian (lycan.tyran) thought it over for a bit as he took a moment to snug with Faune. "Redfoem...." He sat himself up and looked over to Leoric, getting his lazy ass up from the ground. "Mind to lend me you hand? I assume that Maurel gained a few pounds...." He walked over to the crystallized demon, pulling out a ribbon... something that Maurel left with Damian when he thought he was dead. With a groan he crouched down, reaching over to tie that beautiful ribbon around his waist, making a little bow "There... nice gift for the Captain and a peace offering to the city." He looked toward Neldor, seeing the similar injuries that he had caused on Maurel, only now realizing what he did... "Are you... okay?" He looked to Faune, get some of the salve from the infirmary and some bandages, we need to get rid of this thing, and fast. He would nod to Leoric, hoping he would help him carry the demon out and to the city.

[08:10] Faune blinks as she hears screaming then frowns seeing neldor.... "right...hes still alive..." she huffed and nodded as she walked off to get some salve and bandages..

[08:14] Neldor would grunt as he held his hand over the wound on his shoulders. though when he saw Maurel inside of the crystal he knew they succeeded. he smiled and nodded "Yes.. I am fine.. thank you.." the pain was ignored now as he circled the crystal and then saw Damian tie a ribbon around it and chuckled "Well it better be hidden where no one can find it.. we do not wanna deal with his rage when he breaks out.." he said with a nod before turning to Leo "I am Neldor.. and you are?" he then turned his focus to the girl and just nodded as he indeed was still alive.

[08:16] Leoric would see the demons twin "leoric" as he had nothing else to do . so he decides to help the old man .he would move towards the crystal placing his left hand on it "ready when you are"

[08:18] Damian (lycan.tyran) lifted Maurel up, hopefully with the help of Leoric since it was not easy to do one handed. He nodded to Neldor "Taking care of it... you, try to get better, I will be checking on you when I can. Feel free to stay here." The to his sister. "I'm sorry Faune, I'll be back soon." He then would move, carrying the demon away from the territory.

[08:31] Damian (lycan.tyran) carried the crystallized demon over to the gates of Redfoem, together with Leoric. The demon was covered from head to toe in this crystal, trapped with that eerie laugh still on his face. The wolf was so kind to put a nice green ribbon around the statues waist, something Maurel used to do to the bodies he left behind, this specific ribbon being left with Damian as he was left for dead. This was pay back. The gates opened and one of the guards moved towards them, followed by several curious other. There, Dam would try to hand the demon over, looking to one of the guards who happened to have something to write and some parchment on him! How convenient. He let him write down a message:

"Dear Castellan Arionnias, my friend,
I'm leaving you Maurel as a gift and I trust on you to find a secure place to hide him for preferably eternity. I trust on your knowledge and your way around the city. I can't think of any place saver than behind these walls.

With that, the demon was carried away after Damian told them to store him in the dungeon for now and after a deep sigh he watched them walk off, said his goodbye's to Leoric and walked back home since he was severely injured and needed time to recover.

[08:34] Leoric would just watch them , would say his goodbyes to damian as he plans to go home , and treat to his wounds

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