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RP 102 Class

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Zod's Disciple created the topic: RP 102 Class
[15:14] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): Welcome everyone and thank you for coming! We'll be going over quite a few different things today but one to start with is realism. I think it's something we don't need to delve too deep on. We have tried to make our world Medieval WITH fantasy instead of many concepts that are Fantasy in a medieval era. Which means we're low fantasy, not full of glowing plants or floating cities.

We simply ask for players to also be realistic with their characters. If you're human, avoid rp'ing naruto style and doing 30 backflips upward, until you reached the top of the castle. It's not within the capabilities of any nonhuman I can think of. Let alone human.

As well as a nonhuman, you have powers humans don't so try to rp your weaknesses as weaknesses. If your weakness is silver, don't shrug it off once it's used on you. Then it isn't really a weakness anymore and you have an unbalanced character.

[15:14] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): ((I'll be rolling into each category to try and keep it quick so you all can return to rp))

[15:15] Violet Reymont (wwvioletww): FFS

[15:15] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): If anyone ever has a question during the class. Simply type ? so we know to pause so you can type the question before we move to the next section

[15:15] Violet Reymont (wwvioletww): I got the scary start with my own mate

[15:15] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): ;o

[15:16] Big Hat Tokamak (kazgarsepsis): Realism extends beyond that as well. Assume that npcs and other pcs have at least a nominal level of intelligence. For instance, they will lock doors, avoid obvious dangers, adapt to change, etc.

[15:16] Violet Reymont (wwvioletww): well my camera was right into a dragon;s mouth... *moves and takes a seat*

[15:17] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): Yes, just because someone doesn't have a character guarding something doesn't mean it isn't guarded. That would 1. be very boring for the player to have to sit at a gate all day and 2. not acknowledging that being a dragon/orc/ogre right in front of the gate will get you in trouble.

[15:19] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): Second, we'll go over a little in combat very briefly. But we will have a combat/dice specific class in the future to thoroughly go into detail and answer all questions or concerns. We are primarily dice unless all in the fight have agreed upon freeform. Dice gives more opportunities and surprise. Which can leave for an exciting story and battle.

But try to be fair within your dice rolls. It'd be silly to roll for throwing a muffin and if you win a roll to tel that person to take 1 HP off their total Hit Points. unless that muffin exploded and had acid inside, it's not going to hurt. You can still roll for throwing a pillow or muffin but be fair and realize if you want to do HP damage to at least throw a rock or something that can hurt.

[15:20] Violet Reymont (wwvioletww): lol

[15:21] Raphael Crow (night.neiro): hey hey that muffin can do damage what if some one is allergic to that said muffin o.o

[15:21] Violet Reymont (wwvioletww): ((i like the exploding muffin idea but I am not a villain I am afraid lol))

[15:21] Carya Magic: Now I'm going to be suspicious of you if you make a baker. XD

[15:21] ღTomoko 黒木 智子 Kurokiღ (masteryuji): (poison cooking is a skill right?)

[15:22] Violet Reymont (wwvioletww): ahahaha))

[15:22] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): Also, for those that do lose a scenerio like that, remember you can rp being damaged how you wish to let it make sense. For example, if someone rps trying to stab you in the heart and wins, it is of course a lethal attack for many.

And it might be fitting for their character to try and kill you. But if they win roll, it doesn't mean you HAVE to take the hit in the heart. You can have your character dodge, block etc and be stabbed in the shoulder, arm, and so forth instead. That way you still take the HP, still take a hit that would be damaging, but it isn't something that would instantly kill you.

Same with if you lost a roll that wouldn't really do damage logically. For example, the muffin. (Damn you, muffin!) If you did want to get an HP off for it. Instead of letting the muffin hurt you. You might slip on the muffin and hit your head.

[15:22] Violet Reymont (wwvioletww): ((well then they have to eat the muffin to be poisoned))

[15:22] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): Any questions so far? And LMFAO "Here have this muffin." "Is that a glass muffin." "No...yes..."
[15:23] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): this class is 101 so it'll be a brief outline of the basic concepts and rules in RP but let me know if I am moving too quickly

[15:24] Violet Reymont (wwvioletww): no....after muffins it is cakes? Oh wait it aint a cooking class

[15:24] Violet Reymont (wwvioletww): *smiles innocently*

[15:24] Carya Magic: Well, I'd like to offer the suggestion that combatants talk in IMs a little beforehand, if it's possible. I get it isn't always, especially in larger combats. But sometimes having an idea of what a person's goal is if they win can make someone less angry if they lose. 'I'm not going to kill you, I just want to knock you out and take your purse.' isn't so bad as someone fighting you out of the blue.

[15:24] Scary Tarri (kiba.noonan): that's my purse, i don't know you!

[15:25] Big Hat Tokamak (kazgarsepsis): Excellent point Carya, working together to make a scene work is crucial. Even if you are IC adversaries, you don not need to be ooc adversaries

[15:25] ღTomoko 黒木 智子 Kurokiღ (masteryuji): xDD

[15:25] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): Very true! And it's good too to IM people and realize that even if they are a jerk or 'bad guy' ic and they can be a very nice person oocly. Nothing wrong with being friends OOCly with your IC nemesis

[15:25] Carya Magic: Yeah!

[15:26] Scary Tarri (kiba.noonan): taryn's a jerk and i hate him <3

[15:26] Big Hat Tokamak (kazgarsepsis): Conflict is excellent ICly. OOCly, it should be mitigated

[15:26] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): Even if someone is evil and it makes sense for their char to want to kill you, just because they won a roll to stab you in the throat doesn't mean you HAVE to rp being stabbed in the throat too. Your character could be halfway through trying to dodge and get stabbed in the shoulder. That way it isn't lethal...[[it got brighter in here, who turned the lights on?! hissss]

[15:26] Violet Reymont (wwvioletww): That is correct. Carya is right. Plus talking in IM with your opponent lightens the mood and the anxiety a combat causes anyways. Well I just lost one and i an burned but I am still in good mood. was a good fight.

[15:27] littlenixie: Also, reaching 0/3 HP in a fight doesn't mean your character is dead unless you're wanting to kill off your character. Typically it just means your character is defeated and too tired to cast spells or take off running or keep fighting.

[15:28] Big Hat Tokamak (kazgarsepsis): Incapacitated is a good way to put it

[15:28] Carya Magic: Right! I feel like it kinda reminds whoever you are fighting that you're both people behind the screen, and aren't REALLY trying to hurt each other. I mean everyone knows that logically but it's easy for fights to get tense if you tend to really immerse yourself in RP. That's also a good point, littlenixie.

[15:28] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): Make sure you also read the combat rules. Rather you're doing dice combat or freeform and don't go from 0 HP to 3 HP in 2 hours. We have the rules of healing naturally and through RP on the website that corresponds to dice and freeform.
[15:28] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): Exactly Carya!

[15:28] littlenixie: We are in the process of appending this to the in-world packet.

[15:28] Teela (xxteelaxx): an unconscious or captured character would be easy to kill. is there a rule to avoid that?

[15:29] littlenixie: There is!

[15:29] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): RP limits! we'll get to that in a bit

[15:29] littlenixie: It is a rule that a person cannot kill your character without your OOC consent.
[15:29] littlenixie: Inbocca can get more on it.

[15:29] Teela (xxteelaxx): I know. but being unconscious would make it hard to dodge

[15:30] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): True but you have RP limits, if you do not consent to death and you two can come up with a scenerio to prevent it.
[15:30] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): Everyone I've met are very understanding since they have the same limits and work around it

[15:31] littlenixie: Nobody should ever be forced to kill their character based on the role-play. Compromise OOCly in IMs on a solution. Only you the player can decide if you want your character to die. If someone is forcing you into a corner, please contact a staff member for help.

[15:31] Violet Reymont (wwvioletww): well my attacker did not kill me...He ran off...Guess I made an ugly corpse

[15:31] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): I also rp a loooot of npcs, so evil characters can get their kill fill with me :P

[15:32] Violet Reymont (wwvioletww): lol

[15:32] Big Hat Tokamak (kazgarsepsis): OOC Consent MUST be given for many actions; including but not limited to, killing, enslavement, imprisonment, mutilation, rape, defacement, and dismemberment. If someone attempts to force this on your character against your wishes, then you are under no obligation to consider that post or rp valid. Further, we would ask that you report this to the admin team

[15:32] Teela (xxteelaxx): ok

[15:32] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): Yup, as rpers and it uses the imagination to figure out a way for them to live. I know the bandit king once had his bandits coming with a pot of boiling water toward scotty's char but it was so heavy that they dropped it. So he stuck to his character on what he'd do but had some other variable stop his plans.

[15:32] littlenixie: It helps when players are communicative and polite to work toward solutions.

[15:33] Carya Magic: It might be good for villainous characters to come up with reasons why they wouldn't just flat out murder everyone they fight. Because realistically, a lot of the characters they fight are going to be played by folks who have 'no death' limitations.

[15:33] Scary Tarri (kiba.noonan): people make me kill them :C

[15:33] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): yup! and even if you did something that gives them a reason to really want to kill you. Use imagination to bring into that rp on why their plans would be stopped. Maybe an npc walks by and they have to flee to not be caught

[15:34] littlenixie: We don't condone people teleporting into fights to help people, so if your character is cornered, you can work with that player on how your character can get survive. My character's strategy tends to start crying for her life. XD

[15:34] Carya Magic high-fives littlenixie. "WOO! Crying ftw!"

[15:34] Violet Reymont (wwvioletww): char is so not going to cry

[15:34] littlenixie: With the snot and tears smearing her face and bloodshot eyes and blotched skin. XD

[15:34] Violet Reymont (wwvioletww): she is either with her shield or on it

[15:35] Big Hat Tokamak (kazgarsepsis): There are many ways to avoid dying out right.

[15:35] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): Remember, just because YOU have limits, your character is not aware of those limits. Don't make them fearless of death just because you know oocly you'll never consent to death

[15:35] Carya Magic: Oh gosh that's an important point.
[15:35] Carya Magic: Only stupid people willingly provoke obviously dangerous scary people.
[15:35] Carya Magic: At least to murderous rage.

[15:35] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): We call it 'hiding behind limit'

[15:35] littlenixie: I think I surprised someone when my character was sobbing and pissed herself because she honestly thought she was about to die. I knew they wouldn't kill my character, but my character doesn't know that.

[15:35] Scary Tarri (kiba.noonan): ^ how they make me kill them

[15:35] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): and we'll explain it further

[15:35] Violet Reymont (wwvioletww): Fearless no but there are characters that are like <if i die ...I die...I will go down fighting>
[15:36] Violet Reymont (wwvioletww): Just sayin

[15:36] Carya Magic: At least then they are consenting to being killed!
[15:36] Carya Magic: It's different if you are like, 'no you can't kill me I say so OOCly' and then go around pantsing demons.

[15:36] Violet Reymont (wwvioletww): i mean the character's personality.

[15:36] littlenixie: Exactly, Carya. XD

[15:36] Violet Reymont (wwvioletww): will not go around tease

[15:36] littlenixie: It can be difficult with stubborn characters, Violet, who run into danger on purpose but have a no-kill limit.

[15:36] Violet Reymont (wwvioletww): usually they come to me

[15:36] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): Very true violet but even many people who have the if i die i die are not suicidal. If someone has a knife to their throat and they laugh and spit in their face. That's more suicidal and insane on wanting to die than not caring if you die.

[15:37] Violet Reymont (wwvioletww): Not my point.
[15:38] Violet Reymont (wwvioletww): I am just saying that there are characters that will not show fear easily Does not mean they will go ask for trouble nor that they will mock at the seriousness of a situation.

[15:38] littlenixie: Yep, I've seen those.

[15:38] Carya Magic: Right, exactly. Or 'I'll die before I abandon my friend'. We're talking more of people who do things to deliberately antagonize villainous characters to the point where logically, there's no way that villain would let them live, and where the character would KNOW their actions would lead to their death. But because the player doesn't consent to death, the villain has to just... Take it, kinda.

[15:38] Scary Tarri (kiba.noonan): i'll abandon my friend before i DIE. ;)

[15:38] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): yup! but since they aren't mocking and they aren't really hiding behind limits either

[15:39] Violet Reymont (wwvioletww): I am talking of characters and I do see some in this room as well that are what i say brave and courageous and won't let their fear conquer them when they need to be strong. Again not going asking for trouble

[15:39] littlenixie: I don't see anything wrong with that. The hero types.

[15:39] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): When you're character is tough or a warrior, that's fine. They're fighting for a reason. And I don't see those characters ever rp something that taunts death while they hide behind limits.
[15:39] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): We know violet :) it's good to go through the many different characters

[15:39] Big Hat Tokamak (kazgarsepsis): For instance, if a character defiled the corpses of someone's parents, mutilated their children, and broke out of jail 3 times, and then got captured again, and spent another 2 hours mocking someone, but the player denied the other parties a chance to kill their character, that would be a huge dick move

[15:40] Carya Magic: Right! That's a whole different thing. We're not saying everyone has to act scared. Just that most people should have a healthy sense of self preservation, and if your character is doing something they know for a fact would get them killed, it's kinda lame to do it anyway and rely on your non-consenting to death to save you.

[15:40] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): XD yes^

[15:40] littlenixie: I just happen to play a coward. XD

[15:40] Scary Tarri (kiba.noonan): same, but i'll pretend i don't
[15:40] Scary Tarri (kiba.noonan): ;j

[15:40] littlenixie: You definitely don't have to do what she does. XD lol

[15:40] Carya Magic: My character isn't a coward exactly, but she's a non combatant.

[15:41] Violet Reymont (wwvioletww): Your char is irresistibly sweet and caring Carya and we need those too

[15:41] Carya Magic: Aww, thank you Violent. *Blush*

[15:41] Scary Tarri (kiba.noonan): i was non-combatant then i became a leader and everyone wants my blood

[15:41] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): Yes! all spectrums of the grayscale in characters are all equally as awesome

[15:41] Scary Tarri (kiba.noonan): 8)

[15:41] littlenixie: There's lots of different personalities and styles. Like BH said, it's just when it gets to the point of being unrealistic that it can become not as fun.

[15:42] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): alright, I'm moving to the next topic :D

[15:42] Violet Reymont (wwvioletww): I dont Scary Tarri but you need to not go after mine muahahah

[15:42] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): Next we will go into something that technically still falls under realism but also refers to character races or character personalities. But it's quick and simple.

God or demi god characters are not allowed. But if someone ICLY calls themselves a god because they're delusional or narcissistic is different and allowed.

Characters lying for misdirection/lies/deceiving is perfectly fine, as long as OOCly they aren't pushing these ideas (like how the process happens in electing a mayor, how to be accepted into the undercity, etc)

[15:43] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): pretty much if someone says icly they're a god but isn't. Don't freak out and go OMG OP RAAAAAAAR
[15:43] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): they may be rp'ing a dilusional character
[15:43] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): Like a tailor's daughter saying she's a princess

[15:43] Violet Reymont (wwvioletww): and suggest they see a shrink?

[15:43] littlenixie: Now if OOCly they say their character is a god, just point them toward us. XD We have anti-god rules.

[15:43] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): yes

[15:43] Violet Reymont (wwvioletww): oh wait medieval ages

[15:43] Carya Magic: Right. But if OOCly they say, 'well I don't care lol my character is a god nothing can hurt/stop them' it might be a red flag not to RP with them again. XD

[15:43] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): Then let us know Carya

[15:43] Violet Reymont (wwvioletww): they will see a Priest...OMG!! NO...Don't send them to me!!!

[15:44] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): because if they do say it OOCly and it's against the rules to have that race, we'll have to talk to them about nerfing their char

[15:44] littlenixie: We've also had people who played powerful races or gods that were bound on this mortal plane, and that generally could be alright, but I've seen some people still go a bit too OP about it.

[15:44] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): but themjust saying it ICly that they're this or that is something else

[15:44] Carya Magic nods. "It's easy for that to happen."

[15:44] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): Same goes with if they say "This is how you join the undercity" and its a lie to get you captured
[15:44] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): but if they tell you that lie oocly
[15:45] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): then it's a problem

[15:45] Violet Reymont (wwvioletww): Well according to most religions even Gods can be hurt. None is invincible

[15:45] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): We like to keep the idea of gods in faith. Since if a god of a specific religion actually showed up and everyone would go converting to that specific religion
[15:46] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): Another thing is the lore. Our sim isn't much like others in that all races get along. It's a double edged blade. Both sides think the others wrong. It brings more flavor than black and white good and evil. Instead there are more gray areas. Those who seek revenge, avenge their parents, or simply beleive they're doing the right thing.

Don't take IC actions into OOC. If say, a human hates your nonhuman, don't take it personally. Many of the human players are aware that their character is xenophobic. But remember that many of these humans (and nonhumans) were raised to hate the opposite side.

Someone raised to be racist will not have a change of heart from one good deed from a nonhuman. There's good and evil on both sides, which can just continue to fuel that hatred. Realize this is a character in a storyline with your character in that same 'book', don't take it to heart when their character doesn't like you or accept you just because of the race of yours.

[15:48] littlenixie: There is something I'd like to bring up.
[15:49] littlenixie: Several times I have seen players argue over the actions of other people's characters, as in why they behaved a certain way, or why they didn't accept someone from another faction as a friend for doing something nice.
[15:49] littlenixie: We are all playing characters who have a lifetime of experience and history. So people likely have their reasons for behaving a certain way.
[15:49] littlenixie: It may not make sense to other players at the time, unless they know our character's history.
[15:50] littlenixie: If someone complains, I'm not saying you have to tell them your character's reasons or backstory. Just that if someone does something you didn't expect, go with it. RP is unpredictable.
[15:51] littlenixie: Okay that's it. XD

[15:51] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): It's one thing if someone argued with you oocly, never met your character and then rpd constantly wanting to attack them or kill them but I've never seen that happen before and just keep logs if something like that occured.

[15:51] littlenixie: Like I've seen a non-human do something nice for a human and then OOCly be upset that they weren't instantly friends.

[15:52] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): RL historyalone shows how long hate can delve on for

[15:52] Violet Reymont (wwvioletww): No shit

[15:52] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): that also brings up
[15:52] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): One of the very most important things in roleplay. your character does NOT have to be like you. If they are similar to your personality, that's your choice. But they do not represent you as a person.

Some roleplayers find it easy to create themselves through the character, though this can be dangerous. Why? Because if someone rp's not liking your character and you may take it personally as them not liking you.

[15:52] ღTomoko 黒木 智子 Kurokiღ (masteryuji): x.x

[15:53] Raphael Crow (night.neiro): dont even have to look at history just turn the news on and you see the hate still

[15:53] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): ^

[15:53] littlenixie: At least we're in a better more enlightened period than Revenland is. XD

[15:53] ღTomoko 黒木 智子 Kurokiღ (masteryuji): i dislike the news alot

[15:53] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): So someone that grew up being told stories of how horrible nonhumans or humans are AND experienced those same stereotypes will likely not flick a switch and love all humans/nonhumans from one kind act

[15:53] Scary Tarri (kiba.noonan): RIP USA
[15:53] Scary Tarri (kiba.noonan): <3

[15:54] Violet Reymont (wwvioletww): That is also correct. And it is important to mention that we do not all RP the same which is a reason that makes RP even more interesting. We are not obliged to RP like someone else ot the other to RP like us

[15:54] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): very good point ,Violet!

[15:54] littlenixie: Yes!
[15:54] littlenixie: Said it better than I could.

[15:54] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): OOC does not equal IC and vise versa. A VERY VERY important rule to remember!

Just because someone rps a jerk doesn't make them one. Your nemesis IC can be your best friend OOC. And really, it's a good thing to have a positive relationship with your IC enemies. To be friendly to other players. So that separation is larger and IC disputes are resolved efficiently.

[15:55] Violet Reymont (wwvioletww): I am not an English native speaker for example but I do try hard and I do not like being told I should rp this way or that. After all rp comes out of our heart and not all hearts are the same.

[15:55] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): This is the magic of Roleplay. You are not writing a book and know what to expect! You are not predicting each character in the book. Because these characters are written by different authors, and thus have different reactions to your very own characters.

[15:55] littlenixie: You speak the language really well!

[15:55] Raphael Crow (night.neiro): ohh i got one of those scotty mcbride we be frienamies XD

[15:55] littlenixie: I wouldn't have known.

[15:55] ღTomoko 黒木 智子 Kurokiღ (masteryuji): what if you have trouble keeping up with the story?

[15:55] littlenixie: Frenemies are awesome ICly.

[15:55] littlenixie: In what way, Tomoko?

[15:56] ღTomoko 黒木 智子 Kurokiღ (masteryuji): like you get stuck with what to write

[15:56] Violet Reymont (wwvioletww): and being friends with your enemy is a very good idea. One of my best friends is alway my always villain and I love him to bits.

[15:56] Violet Reymont (wwvioletww): You never know where a good friend might be

[15:56] littlenixie: I need a good enemy.

[15:56] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): Get stuck on what to write as in on what to write in your post or in response to the lore?

[15:56] Raphael Crow (night.neiro): nixie anger the dragon youll get a good enemy lol

[15:56] Scary Tarri (kiba.noonan): i'm a good enemy
[15:56] Scary Tarri (kiba.noonan): i think

[15:57] littlenixie: XD #smalllesbians

[15:57] ღTomoko 黒木 智子 Kurokiღ (masteryuji): in the post

[15:57] Violet Reymont (wwvioletww): Oh and as a writer let me say that even writers do not know their book's ending till they write it

[15:57] littlenixie: I sometimes I have to delete what I'm writing several times. Some posts are just hard to work with.
[15:58] littlenixie: That's why Stephen King's end in lightbright spiders and hands of god.

[15:58] Violet Reymont (wwvioletww): I never wrote a story whose ending did not change at least three times till it was written. So if the writers are many different people then everything is unpredictable

[15:58] Carya Magic: We all have moments where it's hard to know what to write next, Tomoko. I've found that OOCly letting people know you're kinda stumped can actually help. Most people are really understanding about it, and may even be able to help.

[15:58] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): I've had character that i had a set path on for a story, RP with amazing people and the character actually goes down a path I like MUCH better than my original idea

[15:58] ღTomoko 黒木 智子 Kurokiღ (masteryuji): >.< ok

[15:59] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): Tomoko, try to put yourself in your character's shoes in times where it gets hard to figure out the post. I like to look at my cahracter psychologically. How their past and current situations will have them acting in the present time

[15:59] Violet Reymont (wwvioletww): Carya's point is good. Talking in IM with the person is always some help. Two minds always think better than one alone

[15:59] Teela (xxteelaxx) suddenly gets up and waves at all "I'm sorry, I have to leave. but I just wanted to say, as I'm quite new here hello to all of you. it's a lovely place with a lovely community and I'm glad I found this sim. thank you all"

[15:59] littlenixie: Sometimes I have to close my eyes and make the room quiet when I'm stuck on a post.

[15:59] Carya Magic: It's nice to meet you, Teela! Hope we get to RP together sometime!

[15:59] littlenixie: Glad we could have you with us, Teela!

[15:59] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): On if the character is scared easily, easily offended, extremely tolerable, etc can all change how they react to someone shouting for example

[15:59] Violet Reymont (wwvioletww): It is pleasure to have you here Teela. Have a good night

[16:00] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): ty for joining teela!

[16:00] Violet Reymont (wwvioletww): Can I suggest something?

[16:00] littlenixie: Sure!

[16:01] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): of course

[16:02] Violet Reymont (wwvioletww): Well this is more of a writing trick I do have. I write 5 virtues or flaws or whatever for each of my characters so when I am in a situation I do not know how they will react I take a look at this 5 words. For example
[16:03] Violet Reymont (wwvioletww): Amara is not reckless. She will think twice before she acts which is supposed to match her knowledge and age. So in times I do not know how she should react I do just that. Read the posts three and four times to end in an action she would probably do.
[16:04] Violet Reymont (wwvioletww): I mean if you have like 5 words of your char's personality in a note or in your mind you can look at them to get a clue on how to play their next movement
[16:04] Violet Reymont (wwvioletww): I mean an optimistic will not be depressed deeply if he gets robbed
[16:04] Violet Reymont (wwvioletww): i hope I make sense

[16:04] littlenixie: When I'm utterly stuck, my char poots. XD

[16:04] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): definitely! write down traits, little things that bring more flavor. I even write down bithdays and favorite food so I can remember, and even backstory even if brief enough to keep around. Especially younger or older character can be harder because the less like YOU the character is the less you can see yourself in them and know how to post. So have a little notecard even about your character with virtues and flaws or pet peeves, etc

[16:06] Violet Reymont (wwvioletww): It does help me with my writing and it does help me with RP to just have a reminder of what your char is like.

[16:07] Carya Magic: Yep. And in your case, Tomoko, you're playing a kid. You'll probably be influenced by the personalities of people your character likes or just thinks are cool. He might try to emulate them. He doesn't have a lot of world experience so a lot of things will be new to him. Kids tend to react strongly to things, whether it's with excitement or fear or whatever. Kids also tend to be honest; sometimes brutally so, blurting whatever comes to their mind. Just some ideas.

[16:07] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): Anymore questions? Don't wanna slap another big text if not XD

[16:07] littlenixie poots.

[16:07] Violet Reymont (wwvioletww): lol

[16:07] Scary Tarri (kiba.noonan) puts "lachlan" down as a pet peeve.

[16:08] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): Yup! The most fun in rp'ing a kid is they're still developing. Adults still have character development but kids tend to be more absorbent of their environment. They tend to copy theirparent's habits for example

[16:08] That Bloody Pikey (rafiel.sporaciao) picks nose and flings a booger at Tarri

[16:08] Violet Reymont (wwvioletww): and Tomoko I think you play a kid pretty well.
[16:10] Violet Reymont (wwvioletww): the basic thing about children is that enthusiasm, excitement, fear, almost everything have more powerful reactions than they do on an adult.

[16:10] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): Don't hide behind your limits.
Limits are great, and should definitely be respected. But do NOT hide behind your limits.

Your character isn't aware of these limits. So don't go laughing, spitting in someone's face, and telling them to kill you while they have a knife to your throat.

That would realistically get you killed and it isn't fun for people to go that far against their character's personality just to respect your limit. Especially when YOU are putting your character into the position of being killed.

If you have limits against torture or death, don't put your character in situations that will encourage that. (In other words In Character Actions=In Character Consequences. Don't want the consequence, avoid the action) Such as Don't want to be attacked or captured? Don't go into the human village as a very obvious nonhuman.

[16:10] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): As violet said, something that an adult might brush off or just be annoyed from and a kid might pout or cry over. Depending on the age of the child too
[16:11] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): just wanted to throw the hide limit thing here, even though we discussed it, so it's in a little more detail

[16:11] Violet Reymont (wwvioletww): yes very good point

[16:11] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): Example:
Person A is an obvious nonhuman/wanted criminal, etc and continues to go -by themselves- into Redfoem to attack humans. Yet always seems to escape before guards can get there. Or they may even rp being injured but run away to do it again tomorrow. Even though the character is being injured, there isn't a full exercise of the consequences for those actions. It's like being caught murdering tons of people and being slapped on the wrist in Real Life. It just isn't realistic.

[16:11] Scary Tarri (kiba.noonan): torri shoulder checked a kid the other day :L rekt.

[16:11] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): Don’t expect to be able to do whatever you want at all times. If you roleplay, there are other people playing, too. If your character does something, other characters WILL react. If you constantly ignore consequences for your character's actions, you will lose people to RP with rather quickly. No one wants to play with someone "untouchable"

[16:11] Violet Reymont (wwvioletww): I have seen non humans enter the human village and think it is just fine to walk around looking huge with tails and claws and what not

[16:12] Carya Magic: Yep. Remembering the setting in general is SUPER important.

[16:12] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): yea, it's one thing if you look human but having tails hanging out is obvious and don't get angry when you get dogpiled by guards
[16:12] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): Also accept the consequences. Don't rp somehow sneaking into the castle without anyone seeing. Killing guards. then slipping out unharmed

[16:13] littlenixie: And something I want to mention is that factions are typically protected. It's not so easy to just roll up into the castle. You might as well be trying to waltz into the White House. Other factions have guards too, so they're never completely empty, even if you don't see people there. Like the bandits have lookouts, the village has guards. These are typically represented by NPCs and a chat disclaimer.

[16:13] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): that's like someone sneaking into the whitehouse, killing people, and coming out without anyone ever knowing
[16:13] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): lol nixie, whitehouse reference :P

[16:13] littlenixie: Beat chu to it. XD

[16:13] Carya Magic: Even if it were possible, you'd have to talk to Admins to work it out with them, 'cause at that point it's a Sim plotline.

[16:14] littlenixie: I've seen someone try to scale the castle. It may not sound that hard, since this is text and fantasy and all, but I want you to consider someone IRL trying to scale a castle. ...Dangerous, no?

[16:14] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): We're more than happy to DM someone trying to break into the castle but realize something that fortified isn't easy for ONE person
[16:14] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): even if you entered, you'd have to escape

[16:14] Raphael Crow (night.neiro) is happy he has wings lol

[16:14] littlenixie: They have archers! XD

[16:15] Violet Reymont (wwvioletww): is happy she looks human
[16:15] Violet Reymont (wwvioletww): lol

[16:15] Raphael Crow (night.neiro): i knows "sad panda

[16:15] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): Things aren't supposed to be easy. If every faction could be infiltrated and have people killed by a single person and the faction would realistically be destroyed in a week.

[16:15] Carya Magic: Honestly it would be hard for a group, too. It would have to be small enough to slip in unnoticed but big enough to not get raarstomped immediately. Definitely not something you can just decide to do at 12 am when the sim's quiet.

[16:15] littlenixie: Things like this, it's good for strategy over outright brawn. Nothing is impossible, then. Like having a faerie glamour itself after a castle servant and spying in the castle. But having to beware of things like iron, and trying to stay inconspicuous.
[16:16] littlenixie: Actually been RPing this, lol

[16:16] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): Exactly Carya, purposely trying to infiltrate a faction when no one is there is practically cheating and disregarding npcs. Besides, it's more fun for both sides to know ahead of time to rp it out.

[16:16] Violet Reymont (wwvioletww): nods

[16:17] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): Things are meant to be difficult so that it forces characters to cooperate if they want to break in or infiltrate/attack

[16:17] Carya Magic: Almost like this is a collaborative storytelling effort and not just someone's sole fiction. ^_~

[16:17] littlenixie: Basically that is RP in a nutshell.

[16:17] Astrid Ingvarsdottir (yonisai): ((Im about to tp in a friend of mine, that I am going to start rp´ing with here at Revenland, we are still working on our backstories))

[16:18] littlenixie: No worries!

[16:18] Scary Tarri (kiba.noonan): hairy beardyman
[16:18] Scary Tarri (kiba.noonan): HE'S GOT A WABBAJACK

[16:19] Space Amulet: laughs

[16:19] Astrid Ingvarsdottir (yonisai): hehe
[16:19] Astrid Ingvarsdottir (yonisai): brb RL

[16:19] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): Every race is equal no matter if you're a dragon, human, orc, or elf. No one is the main character and remember the other player's character is important to them like yours is to you. No one would want to rp a human if they just get destroyed by nothing but a nonhuman flicking their superhuman finger at them. I've been in those sims, it's no fun and no one rps humans there because of it. Even people who come here and want to rp human are so used to those sims that they a little cautious at first

[16:19] Space Amulet: HI5s best tool ever

[16:19] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): But a human might outsmart a dragon with a trap, or use a weapon like a ballista that can badly injure it
[16:20] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): np astrid,! thank you for coming

[16:20] Scary Tarri (kiba.noonan): (gotta afk, brb!)

[16:20] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): now if you look at the board and cam that little poster

[16:20] Raphael Crow (night.neiro): not hard to out wit a dragon just poke at a dragons pride and boom instant rage monster normally that wont see a trap infront of him or her even if there was a sign

[16:21] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): we'll go into the rules of what not to do in RP: Powerplay (Powergaming), godmoding, metagaming, and reconning
[16:21] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): yup raph! and even with scales, there are weak spots on any creature. they don't have scales everywhere!
[16:21] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo) points at raph's inside of knee, elbows, eyes, and butt.
[16:21] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): XD

[16:21] Raphael Crow (night.neiro): yep cus dragon scales are like plate armor in truth any blade can get under them

[16:22] Wabbajack where have you brought me this time

[16:22] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): yup!

[16:22] Space Amulet: puts finger to lips "sshhhh RP class"

[16:22] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): XD

[16:23] Astrid Ingvarsdottir (yonisai): (back))

[16:23] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): I'll start with powerplay, and it's one reason we have dice to avoid, welcome back astrid!

[16:25] Raphael Crow (night.neiro): before we get into powerplay might if i ask one question

[16:25] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): of course

[16:26] Raphael Crow (night.neiro): ok for way one person is fighting 5 or more people cus there is some cases that dos happin if the person thats outnumbered allowed to have a small handicap of health?

[16:26] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): handicap?
[16:26] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): like extra hp?

[16:27] Space Amulet: why would you get handy cap if you IC was put into a position of being out numbered

[16:27] Carya Magic: Why should they? You're not stronger when you're fighting more people. Best advice would be not to fight a group, it's a bad idea.

[16:27] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): yes, you can always flee

[16:27] Raphael Crow (night.neiro): yah like 1 health per persone thats are2 so if i was facing 5 ppl i would have 6 health so its a bit more fair kinda deal

[16:28] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): If you see 5 people and know you're alone but still fight then that's a risk your character put themselves in. Fighting more or less characters doesn't change your character's strength
[16:28] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): Best thing would be to flee and come back with your own men or find an opening to spy and wait for the group to disperse

[16:28] Carya Magic: Right. 1 person would logically be at a disadvantage, so it wouldn't make sense for it to be fair.

[16:28] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): as long as you dont flee and come back, tp'ing 5 people in in the same post

[16:29] Raphael Crow (night.neiro): well i meen the health handicap wouldnt make you stronger it would just give you a chance to fight or even flee

[16:29] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): It would still knock them out faster
[16:29] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): which makes them weaker

[16:29] Space Amulet: no it takes away form the feeling of stpry if put into a situation would be better to think not fight
[16:30] Space Amulet: story*

[16:30] Raphael Crow (night.neiro): not really say i have 6 health and im up against 5 ppl they all have 3 health each and i would have to fight agaisnt all there dice
[16:30] Raphael Crow (night.neiro): it gives me atlest one chace to run away shoujld my dice hate me agaisnt there 5

[16:32] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): As carya said, 1 person would usually be at a disadvantage against 5 people. Having 6 HP, even if you were still knocked out and you'd take out say 3 people before going down. We have no control knowing if someone will stay and fight or flee so we can't give handicaps. There's also many people where if you IM them and ask if you can flee and they'll be fine with it. I know people are good that if they capture your character and they let your character escape while they're sleeping so you're not stuck in a cage for days on end and don't rely on when they're online for rp

[16:33] Big Hat Tokamak (kazgarsepsis): Personally, I find capturing people is boring because then you have to babysit them

[16:33] Astrid Ingvarsdottir (yonisai) coughs

[16:33] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): but if your character is starting a fight with 5 people or in a territory of enemmies then the player should accept hte consequences that their character will probably be jumped

[16:33] Carya Magic: Griefing?

[16:34] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): griefing? ;o

[16:34] Kita (kita.winkler): looks that way =/

[16:34] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo) facepalms

[16:34] Space Amulet: yeah who ever is doing the particles its not cool

[16:34] Raphael Crow (night.neiro): i got the name its coming from kithylin.perth

[16:35] Raphael Crow (night.neiro): wrong one lol

[16:35] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): sanglecrow

[16:35] Big Hat Tokamak (kazgarsepsis): He has been ejected

[16:35] Astrid Ingvarsdottir (yonisai): yup that was also the one I tracked it down the

[16:35] Carya Magic: That's better. ^_^

[16:35] littlenixie: Working on it too.

[16:35] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): it's hard being popular :P

[16:35] Raphael Crow (night.neiro): hes back

[16:36] Astrid Ingvarsdottir (yonisai): Ahh, what people don´t do to get attention

[16:36] littlenixie: There, they can't come back anymore.

[16:36] Carya Magic: Thank you nixie!

[16:38] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): alright, now that that is taken care of
[16:38] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): XD

[16:38] Violet Reymont (wwvioletww): But may I say something here?

[16:38] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): of course

[16:38] Big Hat Tokamak (kazgarsepsis): No, you must do it two feet to the left.

[16:39] Violet Reymont (wwvioletww): cause we do speak or realism. Imagine three or four humans against let's say...a fire dragon..

[16:39] Raphael Crow (night.neiro): i wont mind that at all she would be in mah lap lol

[16:39] Violet Reymont (wwvioletww): I am not saying the dragon has to win
[16:39] Violet Reymont (wwvioletww): I am just saying if dice is a jerk which sometimes is... it is not realistic for a dragon to go down without taking at least one
[16:39] Violet Reymont (wwvioletww): I hope I do make sense

[16:39] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): yes, that's where realism and rp does clash. because if the dragon had more hp than a human than no one would want to rp humans and want to rp dragons. Making dragons OP

[16:40] Violet Reymont (wwvioletww): Dragon is an exaple
[16:40] Violet Reymont (wwvioletww): example*
[16:40] Violet Reymont (wwvioletww): but you get my point

[16:40] Carya Magic: Forgive me if I'm overstepping my bounds here, I'm a nobody and not staff. XD But I think the problem here is that yes, logically that fire dragon should hold his own. But if they give a handicap to the fire dragon, they have to give it to anyone who decides to 1 v 5 people and thinks they are a badass. 'Well my character is the greatest swordsman to ever live! I should get a handicap against these town guards!' It can get out of hand fast.

[16:40] Raphael Crow (night.neiro): well i know dragons here are rare cus im the only one active XD

[16:41] Big Hat Tokamak (kazgarsepsis): We must take into account balance and realism. Do we allow the more powerful party a statistical advantage for the sake of realism? Or do we simply say all parties are equivalent? From a practical perspective, it is far easier to rule that all parties are equivalent giving no bias to any in particular. From a balance perspective, this is also the case.

[16:41] littlenixie: I need to afk for 20 min, unexpected rl, but Inbocca has got it.

[16:41] Wabbajack i should get my own health i cant rely on you liveing long

[16:42] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): most people rp humans realistically. Using brains to try and outsmart the dragon or hiding under the dragon to stab underneath, or using ballistas that are more meant for dragon's hide. And I do understand your point Violet. That's the one issue with realism in RP. It's easy to have a dragon in a book because there's usually only one and the book can have a group of people fighting it. But in RP and there might be 9 people rping dragons or other things that would realistically be unrealistic for one human to take on. And I agree Carya, very good point.

[16:43] Violet Reymont (wwvioletww): I had my characters in the past fight a Dragon. I am not picking any sides, I am just pointing out that dice is good and bad at the same time cause yes it might help with no OP and all but it also might take away the realism of someone's character.

[16:43] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): and raphael, you'd be surprised how many dragons join but are angry they can't eat 20 people without the change of being injured and leave the sim. So it's good in the 3 HP rule to rule out people who ONLY rp a dragon in order to be overpowered comapred to people who RP a dragon for story and character development like raph
[16:44] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): we have npcs for tougher enemies because the npcs are also killable. Say a npc dragon would likely be very powerful but it is for an event/storyline and killable. If we had dragons permitted to always have more hp and there will be people who abuse it. We've had it happen on many occassions even with the 3 hp rules

[16:45] Raphael Crow (night.neiro): yah like i havent been in any fights XD kinda happy even though its kinda a record for me to have not foght in over a month lol

[16:45] Carya Magic: I mean there's also always the option of talking to people when realism is really starkly needed. For example... If you were in that 1 v 5 and said 'I'm flying away.' and no one had ranged weapons, you might get the group to agree that it's a fair escape.

[16:45] Violet Reymont (wwvioletww): shhh dont provoke the villains. They will come knocking on our door lol

[16:46] Space Amulet: grins

[16:46] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): XD

[16:46] Raphael Crow (night.neiro): psst villains come fight meh

[16:46] Violet Reymont (wwvioletww): pokes Raph on the head

[16:46] Raphael Crow (night.neiro): lol

[16:47] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): as carya said, a lot of people are reasonable and will try and make it make sense. I have a merchant character who would likely get his ass handed to him by a child fighter and I'd rp it out as such

[16:47] Violet Reymont (wwvioletww): lol

[16:48] Carya Magic: Right! I would logically agree I do no damage if my nymph tried to punch you in the shoulder, Raph. It kinda goes back to the muffin thing. There's a little bit of lee-way when you talk to other characters and think about things realistically. It's just that a blanket handicap in certain situations is a bad idea.

[16:48] Big Hat Tokamak (kazgarsepsis): Dice exist in part to force people who are not reasonable into compliance

[16:49] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): But we've already had some issues with dragons wanting to swoop down into the middle of town, bite someone and fly off within one post to try and avoid consequences. How did they know exactly where the person they were looking for was? They have to hover a bit to look for them and even just flying over town being a huge dragon will get the alarms an guards pooping their pants and shooting at them. so sadly more hp to dragons and there will be people out there to abuse it.

[16:49] Raphael Crow (night.neiro) nods.."just had to ask cus alot of rp sims have the handicap and i wanted to kow if this one had it or not

[16:49] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): no problem rraph!
[16:50] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): it's always good to ask and make sure

[16:50] ღTomoko 黒木 智子 Kurokiღ (masteryuji): bak srry

[16:50] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): wb!

[16:50] Carya Magic: Sooo much better to ask than assume.

[16:50] Violet Reymont (wwvioletww): me and Raph in all honesty prefer freeform anyways
[16:50] Violet Reymont (wwvioletww): we just oblige with dice
[16:50] Violet Reymont (wwvioletww): if our opponent asks for it

[16:50] Raphael Crow (night.neiro): yah but i dont shy from dice dice normally love me lol

[16:50] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): that's fine, as long as the other rpers in the fight agree to use freeform. We're primarily dice unless players agree otherwide

[16:51] Violet Reymont (wwvioletww): dice hates me...damn and I almost had him

[16:51] Carya Magic: And with some people you can get away with that if you ask. Honestly I'm fine free-forming with most people if that's what they want. But I'm also cool with dice because it works better in other situations.

[16:51] Big Hat Tokamak (kazgarsepsis): Freeform is acceptable assuming all parties consent, but I've seen too many fights that go on for hours because nobody accepts getting hit

[16:51] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): dice hates us all XD

[16:51] Violet Reymont (wwvioletww): lies lies
[16:51] Violet Reymont (wwvioletww): i never win... ask Raph

[16:51] Raphael Crow (night.neiro): she really dosnt her first dice here the attacker rolled a 16 she rolled a 8

[16:52] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): oh I know the feeling. I've had people rolla 2
[16:52] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): and i roll 1

[16:52] Violet Reymont (wwvioletww): lol

[16:52] Carya Magic: Sometimes dice get in the way. If you roll to breathe it means you can fail at breathing. So free-form has its place, too. XD

[16:52] Violet Reymont (wwvioletww): i have never won in dice combat in the past year... I swear *raises hand*

[16:53] ღTomoko 黒木 智子 Kurokiღ (masteryuji): owo

[16:53] Violet Reymont (wwvioletww): well one of the good things with freeform is you can make rp last a bit longer

[16:53] Raphael Crow (night.neiro) pats his loves shoulder.."dont worry thats why you got me around to fight :P

[16:53] ღTomoko 黒木 智子 Kurokiღ (masteryuji): need a luck charm?

[16:53] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): yes, very true. dice can be fun for perception or even throwing a muffin at someone you're angry at but say someone throws a muffin or mashed potatoes at you. They lose the dice roll but you'd think it'd be funnier for the muffin to hit your character. You can rp taking the hit if you wanted

[16:53] Violet Reymont (wwvioletww): yeah but I aint looking charming atm lol

[16:54] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): true violet, that's why it's good to ask people in IMs. some people like a quick fight while some might enjoy rping fighting for hours
[16:54] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): alright, on to powerplay?
[16:54] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): I'll try to make the 4 rules of rp quick so you can all get back

[16:54] Raphael Crow (night.neiro): hey i been hit by a muffin once and i tell yah it was funny they hit me in the face and i slippped on a banana all around the tavern then hit a beem XD

[16:54] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): I'm sure you all already know much of the big 3 at least
[16:54] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): lol raph xD
[16:54] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): it's good for comedy rp
[16:55] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): alrighty so
[16:55] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): Being all powerful, these are usually the people who in freeform will dodge every single attack and arrow but be upset if you don't take every blow of their attacks.

Or even FORCING the attacks on you. Such as "Person A slams you into the ground. Person A takes your weapon." etc. They didn't roll or attempt this at all. Who's to say person B didn't block, or even stab them with said weapon they're trying to steal.

[16:55] Space Amulet: "can i eat the muffle after it is thrown "

[16:55] Violet Reymont (wwvioletww): you don't know what's in it though

[16:56] ღTomoko 黒木 智子 Kurokiღ (masteryuji): flees r in it

[16:56] Space Amulet: "so kick so extra dirt on it and enjoy the crunch"

[16:56] Violet Reymont (wwvioletww): lol

[16:57] Carya Magic: Yep. God-mode or God-modding. Taking control of another person's character for any reason. Sometimes it's not even in combat, but in RP. 'You notice his rippling muscles and find them very attractive.'
[16:57] Carya Magic: Bish don't tell me what I find attractive!

[16:57] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): Godmodding is just ever SO happen to have the item you need. Say your character finds a npc and needs certain ingredients. Then goes "Oh, I happen to have all these rare ingredient in my bag" Why not rp looking for the ingredients? Adds to roleplay. can force a human to go into the forest or force a nonhuman to go in the village for supplies they cant get in the forest. Rp'ing your character suddenly having a crossbow ONLY when a flying thing attacks them or suddenly have an item someone says they need is godmodding.

[16:57] Violet Reymont (wwvioletww): lol carya

[16:57] ღTomoko 黒木 智子 Kurokiღ (masteryuji): xDDD

[16:57] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): yes carya, you can say your character might be generally charming but what if that woman likes nerdy guys? what if they think buldgey muscles are gross?
[16:58] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): what if a guy with a perfect smile just looks creepy to them and they like some dorky little smirk?

[16:58] ღTomoko 黒木 智子 Kurokiღ (masteryuji): that happens only in anime

[16:58] Violet Reymont (wwvioletww): and rl i assure you

[16:58] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): people have different perspectives on what they find attractive, so leave that decision to the player that knows every detail of their character
[16:59] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): Your character can ACT conceded and thinking they're hot shit, doesn't mean they are. And leaves for funny rp

[16:59] Carya Magic: Or even 'her overwhelming aura of menace causes everyone around her to tremble in fear'. Yeah so. Basically I'm just saying, there's never a good reason to describe what another character is doing, even if that's thinking or feeling. Combat isn't the only time doing it is wrong.
[17:00] Carya Magic: You can get away with having invisible NPCs serve you coffee or flirt, but not everyone, not other characters.

[17:00] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): You just reminded me of something carya, if someone DOES go into an opposing faction's base and there's faction members and especially the faction leader there? PLEASE let them rp out their npcs
[17:01] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): That's one of the biggest powerplay issues we've had I think just because it seems harmless but its controlling another faction's base

[17:01] Wabbajack like hobo clowns holding someone down while you tickle them and lick off there tears

[17:01] Carya Magic nods.

[17:01] ღTomoko 黒木 智子 Kurokiღ (masteryuji): ......

[17:01] Violet Reymont (wwvioletww): creepy

[17:02] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): Saying things like "As she moved into the camp and say all the npcs were drunk and passed out, she had no issue stealing from the food tent." or "He creates a distraction for the guards in teh undercity, waiting for them to chase after the sound before entering"

[17:02] ღTomoko 黒木 智子 Kurokiღ (masteryuji): good thing i haven run into one of those lol

[17:02] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): LMFAO space amulet

[17:02] Space Amulet: glances up again "yeah trust me will never get used to it"

[17:04] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): NPCs are also only in factions. So for example, the bandit leader can't rp having npcs with him just so he has a higher chance of fighting. Though people CAN split the 3 HP among npcs. We have one human rper with 2 guards with him. He and each guard has 1 HP each. Equaling to 3 HP. and only one of the three men can attack per PO. So it's no different than 1 person with 3 HP. Something like that is fine.
[17:05] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): People even like rping with him cause it's sort of cool to rp fighting 3 men with 1 hp. Makes your character feel all tough and cool ;p
[17:05] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): even if it's the same hp and balanced
[17:05] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): your char can go "Took down 3 guys, wassup Carya. check out these muscles." ;)
[17:06] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): retconning is minor is rarely ever an issue in rp but because it rarely happens and people don't know much about it
[17:06] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): Reconning is someone taking back events to usually avoid consequences

[17:07] Carya Magic: XD

[17:08] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): say someeoone set fire to a building in the town because they were angry, and even bragged and told people they did it. Only to realize that it gets them banished/arrested from the village. Then the player says, "Can we rp that that never happened?" because they didn't realize they'd be penalized for it. They're essentially trying to 'erase' IC events after finding out what the consequences are and not being happy with it,
[17:09] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): Retconning, it rarely happens but let an admin know jsut like you would with godmodding or metag and powergaming

[17:09] Carya Magic: Oh! Sometimes Admins will do a retcon on purpose if someone did something super messed up or world effecting while they were offline and couldn't say no, kinda voiding the RP.

[17:09] Raphael Crow (night.neiro): awww but they dont know punishment adds to character

[17:10] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): yea, retconning can be used by admins if say someone waited until no humans were online and rp'd setting huts ablaze

[17:10] Wabbajack yeah can a take back being picked up by this guy its a punishment

[17:11] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): But a player trying to retcon for the sole purpose of avoiding consequences and well you should have known that stabbing a villager in broad daylight would lead to SOME form of trouble. Consequences are already deluded enough in RP as is (Such as a char being arrested is usually only arrested for 2 days when in RL and you'd be arrested for possibly your entire life))

[17:11] Raphael Crow (night.neiro): like if i stabbed scary tarri i would expect guards and people hunting mah ass down for some kinda of punishment for attempted murder

[17:11] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): yup!

[17:12] Carya Magic: Right! And you couldn't just say, 'oh, uh, well I didn't do it then nevermind' XD
[17:12] Carya Magic: That stab went in, there's no unstabbing.

[17:12] Raphael Crow (night.neiro): and ooc id be like bring it on lol

[17:12] ღTomoko 黒木 智子 Kurokiღ (masteryuji): lol

[17:13] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): Now Lastly metagaming, this is the biggest offense on every sim. But it's usually from newer rpers who are not yet aware of the definition or why it's bad. Taking OOC knowledge ICly. Most people know metagaming as the biggest offense where people read your titler and automatically know your name or race. But it can also delve into someone trying to hide from your character and you use the minimap to find them. When did you character get a minimap with dots to find their enemies? It's one thing if you guys wanted to meet up to RP. But if your friend is in trouble, how would you know and suddenly run in to save them? First, you'd have to know somehow they're in trouble.
[17:13] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): Second you would have to know exactly where they are

[17:13] Space Amulet: ((BRB))

[17:14] Wabbajack save me while he is gone

[17:14] ღTomoko 黒木 智子 Kurokiღ (masteryuji): 8D

[17:14] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo) stabs wabbajack
[17:14] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): >:D
[17:14] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): space can't save you now!
[17:16] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): metagaming can also be when people IM you and ask how your character would react if they did something. And you tell them they'd likely fight them. Then the person goes "Oh nevermind then" and doesn't rp it. They're trying to figure out consequences first to determine their actions. Their character does NOT know what would happen. Do what fits your character. And if someone does this to you. First, let an admin know. Second, anytime they ask after and tell them to find out in RP to avoid them using that ooc information
[17:16] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): here's the poster to see better

[17:16] Carya Magic: Yep. Metagaming can also take the form of using an alt's knowledge (my elf was in the elf city and heard they were going to have a meeting with the fae in this part of the woods, and now my demon knows exactly when and where to show up and kill them) or even just things you overhear while OOC (two people talking in the OOC landing area about that great robbery they committed, and your character goes and tells the guards IC).

[17:16] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo):
[17:17] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): Oh yes, thank you thank you thank you carya!!!!
[17:17] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): One other thing i
[17:17] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): Say, having a human char and then having a demon character. Then rping your human character telling your demon everything

[17:17] Raphael Crow (night.neiro): ohh hell i just sa a kobold come join me lizard cusin serve me and be rewarded with gold lol j/k

[17:18] Violet Reymont (wwvioletww): oh lords yes

[17:18] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): don't pass info from one character of yours to another of yours. It's just trying to use a loophole to find info out XD

[17:18] Violet Reymont (wwvioletww): this of alts talking to each other

[17:18] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): It's okay to say something like, "Oh, the dragon with blue eyes? I've seen her around." which means your character knows your OTHER character exists
[17:18] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): but don't use them to pass info

[17:19] ღTomoko 黒木 智子 Kurokiღ (masteryuji): i couldnt pull that off anyway x.x too much writing

[17:19] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): many people don't write it tomoko

[17:19] Carya Magic: Aw.

[17:19] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): they'll just go "James told me."
[17:19] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): isn't james your alt?
[17:19] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): yea
[17:19] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo):
[17:19] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): XD

[17:19] ღTomoko 黒木 智子 Kurokiღ (masteryuji): lool

[17:19] Carya Magic: Right. But even if it's written out in beautiful and intricate detail... It's still playing by yourself, and it's metagaming/cheating.

[17:20] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): we try to be considerate in people who metagame, especially with things like overhearing a whisper and being a new rper. We will IM and let them know in a kind manner. It's when it's a repeating offense do we go 'yo bro, nono."

[17:20] Violet Reymont (wwvioletww): Also, my apologies if this is random but alt spotting apart from being against TOS is also metagaming. Attacking a demon and then the alt elf of said demon is a big uh oh

[17:20] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): just like that "Yo bro, nono." repeat after me class
[17:20] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): exactly!

[17:20] Carya Magic: Definitely a good point, Violet.

[17:20] Violet Reymont (wwvioletww): first off it shows ooc dislike and it is stressful on the player and have seen it way too many times

[17:21] Space Amulet: ((BACK))

[17:21] ღTomoko 黒木 智子 Kurokiღ (masteryuji): wb

[17:21] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): Even without alts, if you get in an argument with a player ooc and ALL OF A SUDDEN their character hates you? let us know. They're bringing ooc into ic

[17:21] Carya Magic: Honestly the reverse can also be bad. 'We're besties so my elf looks the other way when your demon commits a robbery just 'cause I like you OOC' is a kind of metagaming too.

[17:22] Violet Reymont (wwvioletww): we can all be good friends and enjoy rp together. There is no room for disliking and the rest. It just ruins the rp for everyone and alt spotting is a way of showing said dislike. You cannot be in a sim and hunted down by people no mattwer the char you are on

[17:22] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): We call it mixing IC and OOC. which is also against the rules
[17:22] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): no emotions ICly should delve OOCly. It can also scare people. Many people rping a relationship just rp it. If you start going "Hey what's your address let's meet up" oocly, then you just freaked someone out unless you two were already consenting to becoming more oocly
[17:22] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): I've one last thing to say
[17:23] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): about consent
[17:23] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): If you don't want to consent to something. Don't. If that person edges it onto you or gets angry about you not consenting. Keep the Logs and IM an admin
[17:25] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): Also, just because you consent about something doesn't mean you can't undo the consent. For example: You consent to a collar that controls you but either the person isn't very active to do this storyline or you just don't want to (Or maybe you never really wanted to consent and they were pushy about it) then youcan rp finding someone to remove the collar or removing it yourself. You don't have to jump through hoops to find a way out of the collar unless YOU choose to.

[17:25] Carya Magic: That is so good to know and important.

[17:25] Violet Reymont (wwvioletww): Also, none should judge buy someone's race and push them into actions. For example a healer does not mean they will choose to heal everyone like for example a demon. They might, but they are not obliged to. A succubus does not mean she will sleep with everything that moves and a Vampire does not mean they will feed on you just because you provoke them to

[17:25] Carya Magic: Yeah! Don't OOCLy say, 'uh, you're a nymph. nymphs do the sex to all the people, you are RPing wrong if you don't do the sex to me now'.

[17:26] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): yes, your character might get angry and go "BUT YOU'RE A HEALER AHHHHH WHYYY" but you OOCly need to understand that the healer might be a priest that would not want to heal a demon
[17:26] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): yes!

[17:26] Violet Reymont (wwvioletww): nods

[17:26] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): no one knows their character better than the player of that character, don't tell them how to roleplay their race or character
[17:26] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): We went through all the basics though, any questions?

[17:27] Violet Reymont (wwvioletww): yes, plus it is offensive to tell someone they do not rp their char properl;y cause of it

[17:27] Scary Tarri (kiba.noonan): are you my real dad?

[17:27] Violet Reymont (wwvioletww): lmao

[17:27] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): You guys were very interactive and brought up so many good points, which I want to thank you all for.
[17:27] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo) stares at Torri, "Shit....she knows." and rusn to jump out the nearest window

[17:27] Violet Reymont (wwvioletww): It was a really interesting class Inboc and thank you as well

[17:28] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): Yes violet, we are all here to have fun

[17:28] Violet Reymont (wwvioletww): nods

[17:28] Carya Magic: It's been fun meeting everyone and getting to know them a little bit!

[17:28] ღTomoko 黒木 智子 Kurokiღ (masteryuji): :o

[17:28] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): telling someone "Ugh you parapost?" or "Wow, your drow is nice? Do you know what a drow is?" You don't know their character's storyline and it's just being rude oocly

[17:28] Carya Magic: Yep, and sadly it's something I've seen a lot of.
[17:28] Carya Magic: OH! OH!

[17:28] Violet Reymont (wwvioletww): nods

[17:29] Carya Magic: One more thing I want to bring up.

[17:29] Astrid Ingvarsdottir (yonisai): I agree, is was a good class, even thought basic, a lot of nice things came up, and again I cannot tell you how much I am looking forward to start rp here.

[17:29] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): especailly with a races you're born into like a drow and nothing is stopping them from being raised in a different environment from most drow which could drastically change their traits and personality
[17:29] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): What's up carya!
[17:29] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): And thank you for joining the class Astrid, we're looking forward to rping with you :D

[17:30] Carya Magic: There's this thing some people do. Where they are like... 'Character looks at the stupid ugly elf who is so incredibly stupid.' They aren't saying 'who character believes is stupid'. They are just stating it like it's objective fact, and the person in question can't even react IC because they didn't actually say anything IC. Please don't do that. That is mean. It is not right. And it's not good RP.

[17:31] Space Amulet: nods "this was a very good desction to be honist i like seeing this level of intaction of things most of us here sceem to know but i am realy looking forward to building a story here lots of potital"

[17:31] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): Yes, just like there's hiding behind limits. There's hiding behind inner monologue

[17:31] Uncle American Pharaoh (yuki.friller): >_> I didn't quite understand Carya? You mean like saying mean observations?

[17:31] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): It's one thing if a giant blob of flesh came up to you and your character grimaced, fell over in their chair and went WHAT THE HELL IS THAT

[17:32] Violet Reymont (wwvioletww): first off, regardless if they use the word believe or not, this is a form of powergaming cause your char has no way of knowing what they think. So emoting insults is bad RP etiquette.

[17:32] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): but for you to go, "Thinks how boring and disgusting and blah" to another character is a dick move

[17:33] Wabbajack can i insult spam cause he is absint minded at times

[17:33] Carya Magic: Right! If your character thinks mine is an insipid little twit, either have them say it out loud or don't type it. She can't read your character's mind so she doesn't know how they feel about her anyway. You can drop hints like your character rolling their eyes when she talks, or performing some other reaction... But just putting thoughts as part of an action is being insulting for no reason.

[17:33] Space Amulet: "realy you know i have no mind to start with"

[17:33] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): yes uncle, she's talkinga bout insulting in inner monologue. One thing to say the character is pissed at another. But for them to go through 5 hrs of posts that say "Jesse looks at the ugly woman." over and over again is bad etiquette because ou know they can't react

[17:33] Violet Reymont (wwvioletww): having your char like *Thinks the girl's hair are pretty and is envy* is fine....but rping like *thinks this Elf is stupid* is not good and mean and you deny the other player a chance to respond cause they are no mind readers

[17:33] littlenixie: Oh, I hate that stuff.
[17:34] littlenixie: Like if my fox is doing stuff and someone else in action keeps typing things like 'watches the stupid fox' or 'wonders how much more moronic this fox can get.'

[17:34] Uncle American Pharaoh (yuki.friller): So if it's nice then it's fine but if you say something a bit mean....then it's bad rp?

[17:34] Raphael Crow (night.neiro): im happy i dont do that stuff i perfer to say whats on my mind and deal with the aftermath later XD

[17:34] Carya Magic: Right! That kind of stuff really makes me mad, nixie.
[17:35] Carya Magic: I would honestly feel obligated to IM the person and tell them to cut it out, even if it wasn't directed at me.

[17:35] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): Yea, there's a big difference between "Person A sighs, obviously bored as they seem to ignore person B's words and check what's under their fingernails." to "Person A smiles and nods, but god why is person B so stupid and ugly. So pathetic, she thinks to herself."

[17:35] Carya Magic: Yeah! Exactly!

[17:35] littlenixie: If someone has something mean to say, it's better for them to speak it. Instead of writing, 'watches the stupid fox run around like an idiot' the person could say, "Man, look at that stupid fox, running around like an idiot." Or rephrase it differently as 'watches the spastic fox run around like a maniac.'
[17:36] littlenixie: Inbocca's example is better. XD

[17:36] Carya Magic: Right! Or react with body language. "grunts impatiently as the fox runs around, narrowing his eyes in annoyance'

[17:36] Scary Tarri (kiba.noonan) watches lachlan, LECHEROUSLY ;j

[17:36] Carya Magic: Such naughty!

[17:36] Scary Tarri (kiba.noonan): SPSPSPSPS

[17:36] Uncle American Pharaoh (yuki.friller): I'd be more inclined to use those things to further express my feelings behind my actions

[17:37] littlenixie: Get it, Uncle?

[17:37] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): Als o to the Special coins, they are tokens you can trade either OOCly trade with or RP trading with either Peyton (The traveling merchant in the vilalge) or Hobz (The traeling merchant in the forest) for IC/OOC items . Aka, rping buying a necklace that you can actually wear. For now it's gatcha items but soon we'll have our own things for them :)

[17:37] ღTomoko 黒木 智子 Kurokiღ (masteryuji): o-o doesnt grunting mean you pooped yourself

[17:37] Uncle American Pharaoh (yuki.friller): I get it, my only problem was the example that made it out to mean that if you say nice things in your head fine, but if it's mean then you're a bad rper

[17:37] Carya Magic: Oh wow! That's so neat!

[17:38] ღTomoko 黒木 智子 Kurokiღ (masteryuji): ooo

[17:38] Carya Magic: Well, I think she more meant you're less likely to offend anyone if you do that.

[17:38] Uncle American Pharaoh (yuki.friller): Sticks and stones >_> If one is bad then both are.
[17:38] Uncle American Pharaoh (yuki.friller): those sorts of things are better used to further express emotions behind actions you're doing.

[17:39] Carya Magic: I mean kind of? When the point is that you're being an OOC jerk then NOT being an OOC jerk is better.

[17:39] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): We'll also likely be taking a poll soon on if people want to hand in logs of rp for tokens instead of admins trying to pay attention to all the activity going on since it's harder for me to see when EU times are active when I'm not in that timezone.
[17:39] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): Like I said Uncle, it's one thing if you rp something inner monologue that can be insulting once
[17:39] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): but when it's every post for 5 hours
[17:40] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): then it seems like oocly insulting

[17:40] Uncle American Pharaoh (yuki.friller): Thats why i get what you mean.

[17:40] Carya Magic: Exactly. Which there's no reason for.

[17:40] littlenixie: I knew someone who had an insulting nickname for one of my characters, and used it in action (not aloud) in every post.
[17:40] littlenixie: So my char was oblivious to it, but I had to see it every round.

[17:40] Carya Magic: That's childish and mean.

[17:40] Uncle American Pharaoh (yuki.friller): But like the example said likes her hair, in every post is just as insulting.

[17:40] littlenixie: It went on for two days.
[17:40] littlenixie: This was back before I had a sim.
[17:40] littlenixie: I was just going to ignore it. XD

[17:41] Carya Magic: Generous of you. And in some sims, Admins honestly may not care. I'm glad this place has more of a desire to foster a friendly OOC community.

[17:41] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): i think everyone got their coinseses

[17:41] Space Amulet: "yes whats it for"

[17:42] Carya Magic: He said earlier but it might have got lost in the other conversation happening simultaneously. XD

[17:42] Wabbajack its shiny why cair what it is for

[17:42] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): [17:37] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): Als o to the Special coins, they are tokens you can trade either OOCly trade with or RP trading with either Peyton (The traveling merchant in the vilalge) or Hobz (The traeling merchant in the forest) for IC/OOC items . Aka, rping buying a necklace that you can actually wear. For now it's gatcha items but soon we'll have our own things for them :)

[17:42] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): My lazy C&P :>

[17:42] littlenixie: So many typoes

[17:42] ღTomoko 黒木 智子 Kurokiღ (masteryuji): cx

[17:42] littlenixie plagues Inbocca.

[17:43] Carya Magic: No no not lazy. Efficient. >_>

[17:43] ღTomoko 黒木 智子 Kurokiღ (masteryuji): lool

[17:43] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): I'M TIRED I'M SORRY Q-Q

[17:43] littlenixie: D'awww
[17:43] littlenixie: I hugs you?
[17:43] littlenixie: I hugs you.
[17:43] littlenixie hugs.

[17:43] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): no...okies

[17:43] littlenixie: :3

[17:43] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): is acceptible
[17:43] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): :P

[17:43] Space Amulet: "oh wicked i like that idea can i make things to contribute"

[17:43] Carya Magic: Well. I need to go eat dinner. Is that all for now?

[17:44] Keiko Slicks (raven.aries): Think so. Nice class, thank you!

[17:44] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): Also, once we have time and we'll add the class to the forums for you all to read :D
[17:44] This is called a Display Name. (inboccaallupo): remember to watch notices, the calendar, and faction notices for events and shenanigans

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