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Making a Group? READ ME

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Zod's Disciple created the topic: Making a Group? READ ME
While there are pre-made sim groups in Revenland, there are times when a person may wish to make a group of their own. For example: a vampire clan, a noble House, a guild of tailors, a band of freedom-fighters, and so forth.

1. Before you make a group, first ask yourself if what you want is already present in one of the pre-made sim groups.

Pre-Made Sim Groups:
Redfoem Village: Includes both a market town and a castle. Primarily xenophobic against non-humans and magic users, who were exiled from the village. While inhabitants are supposed to be human, some take the form of human or disguise themselves to appear it (ex. vampires, werewolves, glamoured fae, shape-shifters, etc.)
Broken Arrow Gang: A group of bandits that dwell in Revenland Forest. They tend to mostly be interested in plunder rather than politics, and are composed of a variety of species.
V'nelrend, the Undercity: A protective community living underground that consists of various races, from dwarves to drow. A dangerous place for humans, as there are many who are bitter about their exile from Redfoem Village.

2. Is there already a listed player-created group similar to the one you want to make? Consider first if you'd like to join theirs, since there isn't always enough role-players to go around. Only make a separate group if you're positive, have members, and plan to be active.

3. Create your Second Life group, though avoid using Revenland as a prefix to the group name or any role. However, it is fine to use prefixes such as Undercity and Redfoem.

4. Make sure to invite your members to the group; you must have at least four members of different accounts (not alts!)

5. Fill out the following form and paste it into a new topic in the Player Groups forum.

Group Name:

(Optional) Faction: (Forest/Undercity/Village)

Leader (Character Name/Username):

Co-Leader (Character Name/Username):

Members (Character Name/Username):
(list at least four)

Group Description:

Group Manifesto:

Method of Recruiting:
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