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Exile Watch: Non Human Kids Group

1 year 7 months ago #213 by Dritz Chidak
Dritz Chidak created the topic: Exile Watch: Non Human Kids Group
Group Name: Exile Watch

(Optional) Faction: (Subfaction) Undercity

Leader (Character Name/Username): Dritz Chidak/lancewright

Co-Leader (Character Name/Username): Takari Kagamine

Members (Character Name/Username):

Cyn (Annalise101): XIahea
Jay (little.quandry): Garak Silversmith
Lish Bellic: Milly

(list at least four)

Group Description:

The Exile Watch is a group of estranged kids looking for an escape from the war. Not connected with any one faction, it harbors all kids of all races and factions, and attempts to help heal those who have been victimized by the ongoing conflicts of Revenland.

Group Manifesto:

"We watch out for each other, like brother and sister. Might not always get along but... anything to help those trapped in Redfoem. Bad people live there.... bad... people."

Method of Recruiting:

Being kids... and trying to scope out those who have been hurt by Redfoem.

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