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The Society of Dare -WIP-

1 year 4 months ago - 1 year 4 months ago #236 by Abdul-Jabbar Al-Khayr
Abdul-Jabbar Al-Khayr created the topic: The Society of Dare -WIP-
Group Name: The Society of Dare

(Optional) Faction: Village

Leader (Character Name/Username): Abdul-Jabbar Al-Khayr (Gun.Stratten)

Co-Leader (Character Name/Username):

Members (Character Name/Username):
(list at least four)

Group Description: A Collective of mercenaries comprised of disenfranchised former soldiers and Slaves whom have not the life experience to survive happily in any other way then to sell their swords and capabilities.

Group Manifesto:

Method of Recruiting:

Name: Abdul-Jabbar Al-Khayr
Race: Mostly Human
Reputation: Former Slave Pit Gladiator and Mercenary for Hire.
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