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Hidden Shadows Herd: Horse Herd Group

1 year 3 months ago #264 by Saora
Saora created the topic: Hidden Shadows Herd: Horse Herd Group
Group Name: Hidden Shadows Herd

(Optional) Faction: (Forest/Undercity/Village) Forest

Leader (Character Name/Username):
Character name: Saora
Username: đεşŧïŋγ ℓεε Kἶʂოεէ (destinylm)

Co-Leader (Character Name/Username): none

Members (Character Name/Username):
(list at least four)
Character name: Serenity Celeste Jewels
Username:ღKeiko Argos ღ (keikomoondragon)

Character name: Fauna Willow Jewels
Username: Ƒαυηα Wιllow JєωєƖѕ (adelaidewjewels)

Character name: Aella
Username: Morphy (intanna)

Character name: Sonata
Username: Cyn (annalise101)

(Possible 5th)
Character name: Ghost
Username: 尺ムﻮє (absinthe.rage)

Group Description: A herd of different species of mythical/regular horses, formed together in a herd to better protect the equines threatened by Redfoem, as many non-humans are. Not just horses but the group can also be joined by the allies that the herd deems trustworthy.

Group Manifesto: This group aims to come together in a herd, an alliance between horses, by doing so, no one horse will be on its own to defend theirself in case of an attack of any threat. It also allows orphaned or lost beings be granted a second family.

Method of Recruiting: Enrollment is done ICly

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