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Moonlit Hill Pack

6 months 1 week ago - 2 days 21 hours ago #377 by Damian
Damian created the topic: Moonlit Hill Pack
Group Name:
Moonlit Hill Pack

(Optional) Faction:

Damian Black - Lycan Tyran

Keric - fen1x hurricane
Letty - portia swords

Dare / Feredir - jukke
Hollie Crescent - pearljolie
Rae - feri14
Auren Blake - gothicprincex
Onoma - thermosroot
Sebastian - sebastian200
Narcississma Foxx - feylexia
Daniel - aric roux
Ashaya / Nymeria † - JamieAndMyInnerWolf
Aurora - efilyth
Aloraine - balroth artemesia
Gaulos - zirsnveblis
Lulu † - marigoldburns
Oberon - nerd murfin
Ossian Holzen - wauren
Cain - nichollas courrois
Wilney - kusivai
Azul - forgelight
Devan - anotherfurry
Seonais - rosaline spiritor
Faune - minxie ying
Aishling / Taina - lunasglow
Zohar - joeltyrone
Nymeria - darkamaris
Futaba - messengerraven
Nakota - nicholasshepard
Azan - franky fairport
Aidan - umrae radikal

Official Allies:
Kiera -xalithra

Group Description:
A close pack of wolves, shifters and others with a territory on a hill in the Glade... Very protective over their territory, family and friends.

Group Manifesto:
The pack guards the part of the Glade they consider their territory and the stone circle, protecting it from the 'bad guys'. They have been fighting demons, necromancers, and other monsters, basically everyone and everything that wants to do harm to them or their home. They also work together with the Seekers of the Glade. Usually.

Method of Recruiting:
Only through roleplay.

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