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The Phantom Brotherhood

7 months 4 weeks ago - 5 months 4 days ago #561 by leonshadow
leonshadow created the topic: The Phantom Brotherhood
Group Name: Phantom Brotherhood

Leader (Character Name/Username): King (codenamed)
Username: leonshadow Resident

Co-Leader (Character Name/Username): None (yet)

Members (Character Name/Username): Mirae (nathyrria), Prism Red (yurick.foxclaw), anotherfurry resident, Amaris (sunnybluemoon), Mikachu (burningheatiidx), Zuzu (hikorizuzu)
(list at least four)

Group Description: The Phantom Brotherhood is made up of a loose collaboration of oppressed individuals or misfits or anonymous tipsters that are angry at the society, so anyone can join no matter their origin or skill, so long they support the cause and are capable of doing so. All Phantoms must have a mask or otherwise disguise that hide their own identity and never reveal it when acting as members of the Phantom Brotherhood. As such, a codename is required. ( For instance, the faction's leader CN is King, as is evident.)
The Phantom Brotherhood being rogues, don't exactly follow a hierarchy nor have ranks nor a set hiding spot (though that may change if the faction gets big!) All heists, attempts to take down targets and other missions will be coordinated by King and his close confidants, however, all members of the faction must decide unanimously on whether the mission is a YES or NO. ( There will be polls every month or whenever a target appears)

Group Manifesto: We are many, yet we are few. We are shunned, yet we are united. We fight alone in the sun, yet as one Brotherhood in the dark. We are the Phantoms in the corner, the flash in your vision. We are the true executors of justice, the hands that wield the hammer of freedom. And we will come for you. We are the Phantom Brotherhood. We do not forgive. We will eliminate evil.

Method of Recruiting: RP Recruitment *(passing the Calling Card Trial)
* A Notecard detailing the character's past and skills is also strongly reccomended, so the calling Card is suited to the character.
Some heads up:
1. Be smart and don't show yourself. Phantom Brotherhood lives and strikes from the dark. It is not required to be sneaky/rogue-like however You're expected to live a double life even from people you're close with. Your phantom persona should be a different you.

2. Justice! Inspired by noble thieves of literature like Arséne and Robin Hood and P5's Phantom Thieves, the aim of the faction is to act as antiheroic rogues aiming to change Redfoam's ban of nonhumans as well as reform society for both humans and non-humans alike. What makes P.B different from other factions is that we aim to strike at political individuals or otherwise powerful figures of any race- in order to overall 'influence the chestboard' instead of focusing on raids and wartime like the Bandits. Making P.B ..relatively 'peaceful'

3. Alignment: Phantom Brotherhood is by default a Chaotic Good faction. All races are allowed, and any characters which have any alignment that is Lawful or Chaotic Evil will not fit with the faction's theme. Thus they will be rejected. (There may be an exception to characters that are played really good.)
Phantoms are only recruited via RP. The potential recruit will receive what is called a 'Calling Card' - a trial they must successfully complete within a period of time.

4. Phantom Brotherhood has a head, a leader, but no ranks,hierarchy. The only 'special' rank will be the Phantom Leader's Inner Ring, but in early stages of the faction, practically everyone is in King's Inner Ring. There will be ranks, however, if/when the faction is big enough.

5. Missions of the P.B. are proposed and and chosen from King and the Inner Ring, HOWEVER the faction's entire player base elect what will happen or not. Meaning,you, the players actively decide the course of our faction. During mission selection, and other important decisions there will be a poll to decide whether YES or NO.

6. Every person acts on their own if they are caught. Only under king's orders can this be overruled. Or by vast majority.
Additionally, any one who tries to rig the decisions for their on interests or working with Phantom Thieves without fully committing themselves (such as finding proof that they are in it for their own personal gain and other similar reasons will be hunted down without an exception. Traitors will be executed without mercy. Given P.B. is shrouded in mystery for everyone but a Phantom himself, and the Democratic way of managing it, any Phantom could destroy the integrity and lives of all members.

7.More rules may be added in later times.
Lastly, the Factions will have its own logo, which will be completed once I'm done with it. Have fun!
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