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Supremacy of the Void

7 months 3 weeks ago - 7 months 3 weeks ago #563 by Keric
Keric created the topic: Supremacy of the Void
Group Name: Supremacy of the Void

Faction: Unaffiliated

Leader (Character Name/Username): Belmont Teque / eziothesecond.resident

Co-Leader (Character Name/Username): Thakras / fen1x.hurricane

Members (Character Name/Username):
Doxa / kusovai.resident
Anarii / feri14.resident
Gunk / forgelight.resident
(We have one more additional person who has expressed interest in joining, but the appropriate RP has not occurred yet to bring them into the fold and they have not given a definite yes/no OOCly yet.)

Group Description: A group of individuals who see past the veil, whose world is lit by the un-glow of the Void. Those who join would see Revenland improved and enlightened by the purest force in all the universe: The Void.

Group Manifesto:
"From the Void, all things stem. And unto the Void, all things shall return.
We are the darkness between the stars; we are the space between candle and flame.
We are the spell yet to be cast; we are the memory of tomorrow.
We will have order. We will give form and structure to chaos. We will rule the unruly.
We will not be denied our true purpose."

Method of Recruiting: IC "brainwashing", forced servitude, coercion, recruitment of likeminded individuals.

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