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The Brewmasters Caravan

5 months 2 weeks ago #580 by larus100
larus100 created the topic: The Brewmasters Caravan
Group Name:
The Brewmasters Caravan

(Optional) Faction: (Forest/Undercity/Village)
independent traders

Leader (Character Name/Username):
Larus 100 AKA the brewmasters son

Co-Leader (Character Name/Username):
astridnaess AKA Seraphine Petiot

Members (Character Name/Username):
(list at least four)
Seraphine Petiot
larus 100
lillth macha crow
Jamie Ookami-McEireann
John Jaycee

Group Description:
a splinter group off an old venerable trading clan, the renegade rarely speaks of his history. but keeps his redheaded companion close at all times. the Brewmaster caravan travels across the know world peddling rare spices, beverages and magical atrifacts and potions to anyone with the coin to pay for it.

Group Manifesto:
we are a gypsy caravan style group with a lycan edge. we welcome all people to our caravan in ether an employed station (2 copper coins plus meals) or as a resident trader or student. all levels of rp experience welcome as we hope to cultivate rp with newcomers and offer them a neutral platform to get to grips with revenland

Method of Recruiting:
word of mouth. often caravan drivers would be asking for anyone willing to work for us. soldiers, traders, students and the like. almost anyone would be useful to such a dangerous and profitable venture

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