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Related by Blood

5 months 1 week ago #583 by Meridiana
Meridiana created the topic: Related by Blood
Group Name: Related by Blood

Faction: Undercity

Leader: Gabriel (Whitefr0st Resident)

Co-Leader: Ysabel (JadeLychester Resident)

(list at least four)

Gabriel (Whitefr0st Resident)
Ysabel (JadeLychester Resident)
Julian (TheKindredWithin Resident)
Meri (Meridiana Dragonash)
Antonio (Antonio Wellesley)

Group Description:

This is a group led by a vampiric court (inspired by White Wolf's vampire the Masquerade), and is open for any kind of vampire lore as long as it has balanced characters. We do long-term storylines full of intrigues and plots.

Group Manifesto:

We are the puppeteers in the shadows. Instead of being rulers, we aim to be the ruling hand behind those in public power. Our information networks blanket the night. Preferring to walk among the human population, pretending to be of their kind, we make friends in useful places, blackmail when necessary, or even use darker means. We have public faces, and we have private faces, and cloaks and daggers aplenty.

Method of Recruiting:

When someone who has useful skills or connections comes into our awareness, the vampiric court may give orders to recruit them. We actively seek vampire players, but being a non-vampire is not an automatic exclusion. Vampire characters, however, do have the potential to become court members. Recruiting is done on an entirely IC basis, and only after three complete scenes of at least an hour in length, each with a different member of the court. The character in question may or may not know s/he is being actively recruited until receiving a written invitation to appear as a guest of honor. ((OOC, interested parties should contact one of the group leads so these scenes can be arranged. This rp also serves to help players decide if the group is a good fit for them, and for us to decide if they are a good fit for the group.))

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