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Exercitum Damnatorum Pack

1 month 1 week ago #616 by Balar Rek
Balar Rek created the topic: Exercitum Damnatorum Pack
Group Name: Exercitum Damnatorum

Faction: Forest

Leader: Balar Rek / Darkreaper123

Co-Leader: Oberon / nerd.murfin

Balar Rek / darkreaper123
Oberon / nerd.murfin
Chepi Wesa / nikilaspots
Jayden Rek / gingerboot

Group Description: A group of outcast Were-beast that have come together as a family and found their home in each other. Now calling the world of Revenland their home.

Group Manifesto: We live by the way of the wolf and by way of the Were. Always loyal to the pack and those in it. Fighting for each other. Whether it be hand and hand or paw and paw. We will always stand at each other's size. Our soul purpose is to survive and thrive. We won't pick fights but we won't hesitate to finish one.

Method of Recruiting: Let them come to us

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