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Event/Storyline Guidelines and Format

1 year 8 months ago #185 by inboccaallupo
inboccaallupo created the topic: Event/Storyline Guidelines and Format
When creating your event suggestion or storyline request, please follow this format.

1. ALL types of events must be open to the public (Not exclusive to certain players) This is a freeform sim, so anyone may join the event. Though that doesn't mean they won't face consequences for doing it. (Such as a Redfoem Guard walking into an event located in the Undercity)

2. Fill out this form and post into the Suggestions and Ideas Forum

Player name:

Character name: (Only needed if this is a Storyline event coinciding with your character's backstory or storyline)

Type of event:
Quest(General event such as an ogre attack)
Event(Larger event that may pertain to sim storyline)
Notice(A notice for an RP scene such as graffiti/something released,etc. These types can also be IM'd to an admin for a faster response)
Storyline(These are events that may be related to your character's backstory. An enemy return? A past you're running away from? These events must be open to the public)

Location: (Is there a specific location for this event to start or take place?)

Date of the Event:

Event description:

Characters of event: (Any specific NPCs needed?)

Goal of Event:

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