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Sim Faction: The Undercity of V'nelrend

1 year 9 months ago - 1 year 8 months ago #166 by Zod's Disciple
Zod's Disciple created the topic: Sim Faction: The Undercity of V'nelrend
Group Name: Undercity of V'nelrend

Warlord: Xalithra Vinitail (Xalithra Resident)

Group Description: An underground shelter, black market, and den of villainy. Many varying creature dwell here, from peaceful to cruel. As many were exiled or persecuted by the people of Redfoem, many share the goal of undermining and usurping the lawful authority of Redfoem Village by any means necessary.

Method of Recruiting: Join the Undercity of V'nelrend group (secondlife:///app/group/f3b524a0-0a2f-0289-1ebd-7842422e0e5e/about)


The natural cave that the city of V’nelrend now occupies was a logical starting place for a mine system, from which the builders of Redfoem hoped to cut stone for walls, as well as coal and ferrous ore for forging. A few surveying trips into the cave were uneventful, but no sooner did the first pickaxe strike stone then rumors began to circulate that the cave was haunted. A few expeditions were sabotaged with disastrous results, and after several months of trying with little ore to show for it, the project was abandoned.

As it happens, the cave was inhabited by a few odd Drow and Duergar exiles, a couple of trolls, and a small clan of Kobolds who were descended from those who once served the Great Wyrm whose skull resides in the cavern. They lived in relative harmony, scaring of any intruders who dared disturb their solitude, until the Redfoem revolution sent non-human refugees in droves to seek sanctuary within the cave. Chaos and infighting persisted for years, and competition was fierce for food, resources, and space.

The conflict persisted until recently, when the arrival of a small and atypical house of surface Drow managed to impose order upon the cavern. A ruling council was founded. Dwarves were put to work carving homes into the stone, rangers trained to hunt and forage, a forge was built. Each denizen of the cavern had a role to fill, a job to perform, a potential to reach… a place to sleep and food in their bellies. Eventually a semblance of civilization was attained in this small sanctuary, and the undercity was dubbed V’nelrend.

Now the undercity operates as a well-oiled machine. The sounds of swords being hammered upon anvils echo faintly into the woodland at all hours of the day and night, and heavily armored guards stand ready to repel human incursion. Rumors abound of magic and forbidden knowledge to be found in the cavern’s shadowy depths… but only if you’re brave enough or foolish enough to risk the wrath of those who dwell within.
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