Revenland is a medieval+fantasy role-play sim. It is rated Moderate and allows violence, strong language, and adult situations; however, it is not a Gorean or sex-themed sim. Players are expected to have a fluent and comprehensible grasp on the English language. No applications are needed to join.

▪ Newcomers, Visitors, & Observers ▪

Accounts of any age are welcome. If browsing the sim, please wear the Revenland Observer Tag found in the welcome lobby and use IMs as to not interrupt ongoing role-play.

▪ Character Creation ▪

What race or species you play is up to you. Animals (feral and sentient) are allowed. Custom races/species are allowed but we ask that you use common sense and keep it realistic and not overpowered. Take a look below for examples. If you are concerned about your character, please contact one of the staff listed in the welcome lobby (but make sure to read the list below, first).


  • Characters, clothing, weapons, items, and technology set after the 15th century
  • Anime, cartoonish avatars, or furries
  • Unrealistic avatars, fur colors, proportions (such as giant anti-gravity missile breasts and oversized weapons)
  • Unrealistic hybrids (ex. an angel/demon/elf/dragon character)
  • Mind-reading. Any mind-altering/controlling (ie. any mind-altering spell listed in the D&D Enchantment school) can be used only with consent
  • Overpowered abilities, excessive amount of abilities, gods, part-gods, or god-like abilities
  • Overpowered species (unless played fairly or with their powers bound, or you will be asked not to play it)
  • Nonsensical or griefing avatars (such as excessive use of loud/neon/blinking colors)
  • Macro-avatars taller than 9 meters
  • Script-heavy avatars (let's keep the lag low)
  • Copyrighted characters (unless they are yours)

If you are unsure if your character is balanced, please contact a staff member to ask.

▪ Weapons ▪

Weapons are to be of 15th century design or earlier, and realistic in appearance (no oversized weapons disproportionate to your avatar). The only guns allowed are hand cannons and matchlocks. To keep things fair and realistic, these must stay slow to reload with low firing accuracy and have the risk of backfiring on its user. If using gun powder, it must be unusable in humid or wet situations.

▪ Children & Teenagers ▪

You must know the Linden Labs Term of Service toward underaged avatars and abide by those rules. Any in violation of the following will be reported directly to Linden Labs.

  • No sexual age play
  • No sexual acts toward or around children
  • No underage nudity

▪ Sexual Scenes & Nudity ▪

  • Lower nudity and sexual scenes are only allowed in the forest tavern, village bath-house, inn rooms, and private residences.
  • Sexual role-play in private areas (inn rooms, homes) are preferred to be in private IM if there is role-play in action nearby.
  • Children avatars are not allowed to be present in sexual scenes or in the vicinity of adults with lower genitalia exposed.
  • Adult scenes are not to be enacted for the sole purpose of driving off a child avatar in the vicinity.

▪ Slavery ▪

Revenland is not a Gorean sim, and its focus is not sex. Slavery typically involves labor rather than sexual fantasies. Capture role-play is allowed only with consent. Slaves can be of any age, but their players must be 18 years or older. Slavery allowance in town may vary depending on the local village authority.

▪ NPCs ▪

Information regarding sim and personal NPCs.

▪ Combat ▪

Information regarding Combat Rules.

▪ Flying ▪

Flying is permitted within reason and common sense (ie. races with wings or magic spells).

▪ Death ▪

Only the player can decide to kill off their own character. Bullying others into killing their character, or cornering their character through role-play in a way that puts them only in a position to die, is not allowed. If you feel you have been put in this situation, please try to work out an alternative with the other player in IMs. If all else fails, contact a staff member and do not resume the role-play.

▪ Rental Homes ▪

It is not required to rent property in order to role-play in Revenland. Please respect the privacy of rentals by not entering or camming into a player's home unless you have obtained their OOC permission beforehand. To learn more about rentals, please read Rental Homes.

The times cannot progress when the rules are set in stone, so these rules may change over time. Updated 04/08/17.