The origins of Revenland can be traced back to a small primitive fishing village inhabited by simple folk who accepted and coexisted with the land's other inhabitants, a small community of the fae. As the years passed and sea travel became more common, the village, Redfoem Valley, became a stopping point for traders. With this new influx of trade came more inhabitants.

Then the first catastrophe struck when a huge hurricane devastated the town. Some muttered that the fae-folk had brought the storm with their magic, to drive out those they viewed as invaders. A portion of the survivors moved to higher ground at the base of Mount Saint Joy, forming a village that eventually became Mountainside City. Those that stayed behind worked to rebuild their market town, which once more began to thrive with trade. Years passed and Redfoem Valley became a small city, fortified against pirates and other raiders.

Both cities fared well, Mountainside with its mining operations and Redfoem with its fishing and crops. Then one winter, the slumbering volcano of Mount Saint Joy awoke. In a single night the city of Mountainside was consumed. After that, the devastated area was renamed the Lost City of Lava, a barren place filled with shadows and horror.

Though the origins of the monarchy are lost to time, the names and deeds of the rulers have been preserved. First in the line of Kings and Queens was Queen Myst Garronad, a fair fae queen who began the electoral process for the monarchy.

Second in line was Runic, a Silver Dragon, wise and just. And with him reigned Queen Tielar Silverblade-Slicks, a kindly demigod, ironically wed to one of the chief bandits of the realm. The laws of the realm were reinforced during this period.

Third to reign was Queen Cassandra Silvarstar, whose rule was peaceful and passed without incident, yet the growth of guilds continued.

The long reign of the lycanthropic Queen Krys Hyrdor was punctuated with strife and chaos, as well as the deaths of many lords, ladies, and guildmasters. Known to be fickle, she brought Revenland to war with Loc Navari, and was victorious. Her armies suffered many pyrrhic victories, and although they pillaged the land, it left the kingdom in disarray and weakened.

The revolution of Father Brennos Wu Gong ushered in an era of law and reform. He attempted to abolish the Monarchy, refused the title of King, and empowered the judiciary system to act. The majority of his reign was a campaign against a murderous cult of demons who were eventually eradicated. Despite this, the dark rites, tax hikes, and scorched earth policies that characterized his reign, painted him as a monster in the eyes of the people.

After the interregnum period, King Corvin Slicks, the brave son of the legendary bandit B.A. Slicks, brought order to a land torn by war, witch hunts, and terror. Queen Raina Askevon brought the blessing of the fae once more to the realm, and during their reign the land recovered. Yet still, rumblings of war were on the horizon.

Queen Dawn Verglas, the first human monarch of Revenland ruled without incident, reflecting the waning power of the monarchy.

After Verglas, the lycanthrope Queen Krys Hyrdor returned to the throne, and brought with her paranoia and suspicion. Ready to expand the power of the monarch, she drove many from the lands in her bid for power. She antagonized the Thade, but abandoned the crown due as the people revolted against her.

This triggered the second reign of Corvin Slicks, aided by drunken King Tim Bonney. The realm was in decline now, and not even Corvin could stop it. It was only a matter of time before the wicked King Argon of Zarrdan took the crown and declared full war on Thade and the War of the Spider Queen. Now King Argon was a true monster, rumored to be a demon wearing the skin of a man. He burned orphanages, issued conscription orders to starving peasants, razed churches and temples, and ultimately drove the land into chaos. The people attempted to revolt, but their rebellions were crushed under the heel of Zarrdan. The survivors of the battles sent to die for his amusement in bloody games. Argon's armies were composed of elven archers, demon footsoldiers, minotaur cavalry, and all supported by a cabal of sorcerers. And these advisors further poisoned the mind of the mad King. These troops instilled the fear and hatred of the non-humans in the people of Revenland, their council bringing untold misery to them.

The Hon Philip Belfrey, hearing of the plight of Redfoem Village, brought his father's military and eventually overthrew the tyrant Argon. He wrote the laws exiling non-humans from Redfoem, knowing all too well the oppression they had wrought upon them. When Philip disappeared, his father, Baron Basil Belfrey, took his place as ruling lord. His rule has been blessed with relative peace, but the non-humans have grown aggressive in recent years, and as the Baron's mind has started to slip, so too has his power. The threats of old rear their heads once more, the once quiet volcano now spits smoke into the night, and the rustle of bandit's blades echo in the forest.

As monarchs came and went, the power of guilds grew, different groups vying for supremacy among each other, independent from the crown, whose power waxed and waned over time. Bandits, raiders, criminals all rallied to the banner of B.A. Slicks, becoming one of the preeminent powers in the land. Spreading debauchery, mirth, and violence, the charismatic bandit king's tendrils stretched out from the forest until his death. Though guilds rose and fell, it was in the guilds that people lived more than under the crown.