Revenland is a medieval/fantasy-themed roleplay sim that began in America Online and is now located in Second Life.

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A pair of unicorns

A land divided. Humanity has cast out the inhuman elements from their town and farmlands, banishing all who threatened their purity. Magi have been put to the sword, and the Non-humans rally in the forests, all too ready to take bloody vengeance. Blood has been spilled on both sides, a storm gathers on the horizon. Where do you stand?

Setting Notes

In the past there was a rift between humans and other species, as well as the magical arts. Certain territories (Redfoem, Ter'li Fields) are human-controlled, meaning any who do not look or act human or display magical abilities will be run off, tortured, perhaps even killed (this is up to you). However, don't expect to stroll into these territories and have nothing bad happen if your character does not seem to fit in with the townspeople.

Like-wise, humans might be ill-received in certain other territories on land, such as in the Undercity.

"But I don't play a human, how do I get in?"

There are a few ways to pass oneself off as something they are not. Some characters can glamour or shapeshift themselves to appear human, while some alchemists make transformation potions to sell to others.

Just be wary walking around looking like a human outside the village, or you may be mistaken for one. Not everyone takes kindly to a species that cast them out of the village they both once shared.

Quick Run-Down

There are teleports to most of these locations in the welcome lobby.

  • Redfoem Village:  The human village, home to merchants, traders, and peasants.
  • Ter'li Fields: Vast fields south of Redfoem Village.
  • Revenland Forest: Home to the Broken Arrow Gang of bandits (made up of non-humans and humans alike), faeries, hunters, and other outcasts.
  • Honeyseek Falls: You may find more than fish at these waterfalls.
  • Undercity: Known as V'nelrend to the underground dwellers that live here.
  • Lost City of Lava: Location of Mount Saint Helen, a volcano that destroyed the city below it.