You are not required to rent property in order to role-play in Revenland! Please respect the privacy of rentals by not entering a player's home unless you have obtained their OOC permission beforehand.

 ► Furnishings of rentals should keep with the period-accurate theme of the sim.

 ► Please try to avoid objects that lag or chat publicly.

 ► Homes may be used as In-Character stores or group headquarters.

 ► Rentals may not be used for Out-of-Character stores or clubs.

 ► Renters may add tenants to their rental; both tenants and renters have the ability to rez prims for that rental.

If wishing to increase or decrease the rental's prim limit, please contact littlenixie Resident. The minimum prim limit 20 prims, and the maximum is 60 (this may be less if the sim is low on prims).