OOC Terms, Abbreviations, & Acronyms

AFK Shorthand term for 'away from keyboard'.
Char Shorthand term for 'character'.
IC Stands for 'In Character.' Anything belonging within the character's world.
OOC Stands for 'Out of Character.' Has to do with the players and the real world.
(( )) Used around Out-of-Character speech to separate it from role-play.
Godmoding RP No-No #1: Godmoding is being all-powerful, practically invincible. A godmoder tends to try to avoid anything bad happening to their character while having a power, tool, or ability to solve any situation that they find themselves up against.
Metagaming RP No-No #2: Taking something OOC to IC, or IC to OOC. Also known as CRP (Cross-Role-Play).

OOC to IC example: Somebody insults you OOC, so your character hits theirs. This is not acceptable.

IC to OOC example: Somebody insults your character IC, so you insult their player. Don't do it.
Powergaming RP No-No #3: A powergamer tries to force moves on others, rather than attempting them. They tend to assume anything they do is successful. They always avoid hits and/or try to force their own hits on others without giving the person a chance to react, dodge, or parry. Often seen as unsporting, un-fun, and unsociable.


Local Chat is for role-play; please try to keep OOC (Out of Character) chat to a minimum. Kindly refrain from the use of gestures.

Group chat is OOC (Out of Character). Please keep your chat PG-13 and drama-free. A post with the intent of drawing role-players is welcome, though merely saying you are desiring role-play is preferred. Please do not use the group chat to call for help In Character.


Please try not to afk in the open, to avoid role-play incidents. If you have to, try to use an AFK tag to let others know or move to the welcome lobby.